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European Outlook # 28, April 2016


Conspiracy Theorists have unearthed an obscure book by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi entitled Praktischer Idealismus which outlines his plan for Europe to be populated by a mixed race “resembling the Ancient Egyptians” and ruled by the Jews. These ideas were no doubt influenced by his mother, who was Japanese, his first wife who was Jewish, and his Freemasonry which preaches ‘brotherly love’. Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Pan-Europa movement which still exists to promote European unity but his strange ideas about race do not feature on their website.

When Angela Merkel welcomed the refugees from Syria she was upset by pictures of drowning children. Her reaction was typical of a middle-aged, middle-class woman but it does not prove that she is a secret member of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Masonic lodge, or that she is committed to flooding Europe with non-Europeans. Most Germans agreed with her at first but they changed their minds as the numbers grew and the success of the populist AFD party in the regional elections shows their determination to halt the influx. Let's hope that the Russian-brokered ceasefire holds in Syria and that the agreement between Turkey and the EU is effective.

Race-mixing is endorsed by President Barack Obama, who is of mixed race, and by almost every world leader except Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel who believes that the Jews are God’s chosen people. Nigel Farage of Ukip is opposed to racism and welcomes black and brown people to his movement. He may "feel uncomfortable" around Eastern Europeans but he loves his Commonwealth brothers and sisters.

As a multi-millionaire sprung from the loins of the new nobility and raised on the playing fields of Eton Dave Cameron has trouble relating to redundant steel workers from South Wales or the North East but he is so familiar with non-European entrepreneurs that he has filled his cabinet with them.

Britain has an ageing population and a labour shortage. The Euro-sceptics claim that they would stop immigration by quitting the EU but all they would do is replace Poles with Pakistanis. In a country that encourages "enrichment" the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is superfluous. A responsible government would encourage the British birth rate and invest in automation but until we get such a government we will need to import workers. We can either chose fellow Europeans who share our blood and culture or "celebrate diversity" by recruiting Afro-Asians.

Terry Savage

Terry Savage was born in North London on 27th September 1938 and died in Hertfordshire on 2nd January 2011.
He first became involved in politics when he joined Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement in 1953 at the age of 15. After completing his National Service in the army he joined John Bean’s National Labour Party which became the British National Party in 1960 and was absorbed into the National Front in 1967. In 1979 he helped Andrew Fountaine to found the National Front Constitutional Movement which was absorbed into John Tyndall’s British National Party in 1982.

Terry was always an active member who was not afraid to put himself forward.  He first stood for the 1960s BNP in the Islington council election of 1962 and he last stood for Nick Griffin’s BNP in Hertfordshire in the council election of 2010. He was leaflet bashing for his local party until the bitter end.
He was a Euro-sceptic but not a narrow nationalist. He strongly believed in European solidarity and his friends from Italy and Germany came to his funeral.
In the 1960s he worked with veteran campaigners Phil Ridout and Ron Hargrave in the aircraft industry, and he was the editor of an aviation journal when he died.
In the 1970’s Terry wrote a column for my newsletter Nation under the nom de plume Fred Ponsford; the imaginary landlord of “The Pig & Truncheon" public house. One such article was reprinted in Nation Revisited # 88, March 2013.
He edited the National Front Constitutional Movement newspaper Frontline News and later wrote for Identity and the BNP website.
In 1981 Terry gave evidence at the trial of the cartoonist and writer Robert Edwards who edits and publishes European Socialist Action.  Robert has submitted the following brief explanation.
I knew Terry Savage in the 1970’s when he became involved in the National Front Constitutional Movement. He was editor of their Frontline News newspaper and I was a contributor, supplying articles and cartoons. Around 1980, I was arrested for publishing cartoon strips in a comic called The Stormer. Inspector Denis Lawrie of the Obscene Publications Squad was on my case collecting statements from anyone who knew me in political circles. Terry Savage was hauled in and gave the police a statement regarding any knowledge of my activities and especially my cartoon work. At Snaresbrook Crown Court, Terry appeared as a witness for the prosecution, much to my surprise. What surprised me further was his about-turn under cross-examination. God bless him, he defended me and led the prosecution a merry dance. Inspector Lawrie was none too pleased but the Jewish judge sent me down for twelve months nevertheless. My solicitors told me to expect six months before the trial even started as it was a political trial. It was a pleasure and honour to have known Terry Savage. A true man of honour. I will never forget him. Robert Edwards.
As well as being a writer, an artist, and a photographer, Terry was a keen local historian with an extensive knowledge of Hertfordshire.

He was not a religious man but he believed in "Distributism" the equitable economic system pioneered by the Catholic writers GK Chesterton, Cyril Chesterton, and Hilaire Belloc.

As a young man he fenced for his school and the army; in later life he became a bon viveur but his real passion was for conversation and he was famous for his inexhaustible stock of anecdotes.
My favourite Terry Savage story was when he had a business meeting with a Tory MP at the Carlton Club. The MP had arranged for him to be admitted and served at the bar. As he was waiting former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan staggered in, clearly the worst for wear. He bought Terry a drink and asked him “How’s your dear father?” Terry replied that his father was well and was greatly relieved when his client arrived.
I was fortunate to know Terry from 1961 until his death. He could be stubborn, garrulous and opinionated but he was good company. I will always remember his catchphrase: “And another thing.”

Economics for Helen

Economics has replaced religion as the metaphysics of the modern world. Everyone has heard of Economics but few people understand the subject including many who have studied it at university. We are generally content to leave it to the so-called experts who baffle us with talk of “hedge funds”, gilts, and “collateral”. We just have our wages or pensions paid into the bank and hope that our bank managers and tax collectors are not wasting our money.

To throw some light on the subject Hilaire Belloc wrote “Economics for Helen” in 1924. We don’t know who Helen was but we guess that she was a young woman of average intelligence. Belloc cuts through the mumbo-jumbo to reveal what we always suspected – that economics is a simple matter of not spending more than you earn.

Like Karl Marx before him, Belloc predicted that the Capitalist State would either degenerate into the Servile State or become the Distributist State. Successful capitalists funded schools, hospitals and public housing schemes but instead of relying on their generosity he proposed a system that would raise the living standards of the people in line with technology. Critics deride Distributism as the system that promises every family “three acres and a cow” but it is much more than that; it’s a system that guarantees social justice by outlawing usury and unrestrained capitalism. It was based on the encyclical of Pope Leo XIII “Rerum Novarum” which called for a fair distribution of wealth.

Belloc wanted money to be backed by productivity but he never supported the Gold Standard. At the end of the First World War Britain’s national debt stood at £8 billion when  an average week's wages was £1.50. At the gold in the world would not have covered the debt. The British Government was forced to abandon the link with gold and issue Treasury Bonds. Chancellor of the Exchequer Winston Churchill returned us to the Gold Standard in 1925 but we were forced off it again in 1929 by the Great Depression. Vincent Vickers a former Governor of the Bank of England wrote:

“We returned to the Gold Standard in 1925 for the benefit of the City of London, and so ruined our basic industries. It does not follow that what is best for the City of London is best for the country”.

Belloc concludes his book with advice that our present Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, should heed:

“As societies get more and more luxurious, more and more complicated, more and more “civilised” (as we call it), so do these economic imaginaries grow out of all proportion to the real wealth of society. If on top of their growth you suddenly impose high taxation based upon your assessment, you may think you are only taking a fifth or a third or a fourth of the whole community’s real yearly wealth, when in reality you are taking half or more than a half. And this is probably the main reason why so many highly developed societies have broken down towards the end of their brilliance through the demands of their tax gatherers who worked on assessment inflated out of all reality by a mass of economic imaginaries.”

Since the fall of Communism in Russia and China’s conversion to market capitalism the world seemed to be heading towards the Servile State – rule by the banks and the global corporations. But the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 caused a financial nervous breakdown from which we are still recovering. When the global giants of capitalism begin to fail people lose faith in the political system and start looking for a fair way to distribute wealth. They should read “Economics for Helen” which is available from Amazon.

This Is No Time To Become A Small Country – Gordon Beckwell

This article originally appeared in Comrade the magazine of the Friends of Mosley –

I often wonder which of UKIP’s two policies has been most responsible for its rise in popularity. I suspect it’s opposition to immigration that has struck a chord with most people. Although Farage has mopped up the anti-European Union ‘Little England’ brigade too, most British people know that leaving the world’s richest market of over 500-million people and trying to replace it with destitute Third World consumers is economic lunacy. If opinion polls are to be believed, over 60% of the British public believe in staying in the European Union and only 20% are for pulling out ( that was in May 2015, the latest figures are more like 50% for staying in)..

You don’t need a degree from the London School of Economics to know there’s nothing we can make or do in this country that can’t be made or done for one tenth of the price in the cheap labour countries of the world. The result would be 15-million U.K. unemployed within twelve months – unless you think that after kicking the EU in the teeth and quitting they’re going to give us preferential tariff rates. Rather than treat us with the contempt we would deserve and leave the U.K. to sink.

Unfortunately for people who want to see Nigel Farage in Number Ten you can’t have one policy (stopping immigration) without the other (leaving the EU).

It’s also clear that the UKIP leadership doesn’t have the courage to speak out against immigration from Africa, Asia and the rest of the Third World. Instead it reserves its anti-immigration rhetoric for Poles and Romanians knowing it can’t be accused of racism because the Poles and Rumanians are the same race, religious background and general culture as themselves. But it wasn’t the Eastern Europeans who tried to burn down south London a few years back. And they don’t turn large areas of our major cities into foreign enclaves or caliphates – Eastern Europeans have dispersed themselves more evenly rather than swamping whole districts and changing their character completely.

 Way back in the 1950s and 1960s Oswald Mosley and Union Movement campaigned bravely against all immigration. Mosley’s concept of Europe One Nation would have delayed citizens from less developed European states from moving to areas where wages were higher – until the economies of the less prosperous European members had been brought up to the higher level. This would have prevented the mad scramble of hundreds of thousands of Poles and Romanians into the U.K. willing to work for the national minimum wage (or less).

As far as the Third World was concerned there would be zero immigration into Europe. Mosley had developed reforms that would see a gradual increase of living standards in Third World countries. Once the exploitative power of global finance had been brought to heel, Third World production could be used for Third World consumption. All people could enjoy decent living standards in the lands of their birth - and it would avoid the eternal problem that ‘unnatural mixtures lead always to strife.’

Before too long there will be a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of Europe. Apart from the economic factors already described, there is another all-important question British voters must consider. We live in a world of giants such as the U.S., China, India, Russia and the European Union. If we left Europe and became a small country of 60-million people and we had a conflict of interests with one of the giant super-powers, whose interests do you think would prevail? You wouldn’t need to make a wild guess to know that Little Britain would come off worse every time.

Last year our friends in the North had a referendum about whether to leave the United Kingdom with no guarantee they would be able to remain in the European Union. Even the proud Scots saw through the ‘fishy’ Rob Roy nostalgia of Salmond and Sturgeon and voted by a substantial margin of 10% to stay within the UK and the EU. It’s unfortunate that Salmond has been such a bad loser and from the way he talks refuses to accept the democratic decision of the Scottish people. He would do well to remember that just a few centuries ago anybody attempting to destroy the United Kingdom would have answered for it at Tower Hill or Tyburn.

Instead of sheltering behind the ‘moat’ of the English Channel and the North Sea and moaning about the big, bad Europeans the British should take the lead in completely restructuring the EU’s bloated bureaucracy.

Europe should speak with one voice on foreign policy and defence and agree and enforce essential basic economic policies. All other matters of government should be decided at regional level in keeping with local preferences - and regional administrations should receive and control budgets that are fit for purpose. The Euro-bureaucrat Gravy Train would be shunted resolutely into the sidings having reached the end of the line.

The British initiative for reform of the EU should be explained clearly and concisely not only to the British people but to all the people of Europe. Then if the present local MEP incumbents aren’t willing to embrace change, British MEP candidates should stand against them in their own countries as is perfectly permissible under EU law.

Oswald Mosley showed the way more than fifty years ago when he said ‘Britain First in Europe a Nation’.

So let the British redeem themselves for their previous lack of vision based on post-Imperial nostalgia and embrace Europe in an offensive to create a New Model Europe using all those powers of diplomacy, persuasion and charm that once earned us the admiration of the world.

Letter from America - Robert Lyons

I greatly enjoyed this issue of European Outlook and Nation Revisited, “it’s a keeper” as the saying goes. I especially enjoyed reading the John Bean article and about your early background in the movement plus your travels around the world way back in the day. Other than the Trump nightly entertainment not much happening on this end. As either Commander Rockwell or Commander Koehl used to say about US elections it’s between “wheedle-dee and wheedle-dum” because they all stand on the same platform and then try to out Jew each other.

We’re still travelling and will be back in Europe soon. I will sincerely try to make it to London. I’ll let you know. With all that’s happening in Brussels it might take another two hours to get through security at the airport. Looks like Europe will have to take a step back to the old borders, the EU made the same mistake this country did for so many years and that was to allow everyone in, now they’re here and there’s no way to get them out. It started here with court decisions and votes by Congress in the 1950s and from there it was all downhill.

It seems US presidents and those running for president all get their genealogy done for free. In nearly all cases with US presidents they’re all related in some way to British royalty. I remember former president Bush senior got into genealogy after leaving the White House and I found out that he joined the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne under the same line that I did. I was heavily involved with genealogy at one time and still dabble in it from time to time mainly to answer questions from various cousins. I was able to trace one of my lines directly to King John, and from that line was able to join the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne. I was able to do all the documentation on my own. No more cheering for Robin Hood.

The other English order I was able to join was the signers of the Magna Charter but not using King John because he reneged after signing it. I joined on a line from Robert de Ros. Robert de Ros has quite a history, his effigy is in Temple Church in London, he was also a high ranking Knights Templar. The Temple Church has always been one of my favorite places in London and I’ve always loved going there even before I knew I had a connection to the place. He owned a castle up in Yorkshire and married the widow of Robert the Bruce. His widow was royalty back through all the Scottish kings. As the saying goes there’s nothing more boring than hearing about another person’s genealogy, so I won’t bore you any further. I will say that I am a distant cousin of Obama through his white mother’s Duvall side of the family. You never hear Obama bragging about being a descendant of slaves. His father was an African from Kenya and his mother was descended from a long line of Confederate soldiers, slave owners and overseers of slaves. I am also a not so distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. Something interesting to talk about anyway.

Nice hearing from you and I’m looking forward to seeing you in person. All my best. Bob.    

Facing Facts

Global capitalism undoubtedly rules the world, apart from a couple of rouge states like North Korea and Eritrea that are military dictatorships. Certainly the government of the United Kingdom is close to the banks, insurance companies, and legal firms that generate most of our wealth. It is inconceivable that a British government, of any complexion, would seriously challenge the financial and industrial giants whose corporate taxes are the fourth largest source of government revenue after income tax, National Insurance and VAT.

There is currently an outcry over global firms like Google that appear to get off lightly but they are major investors and employers in this country. They pay rents and business rates on their properties and their employees pay their income tax and NI contributions. The tax authorities know what they are doing. The entire global tax system needs to be co-ordinated. The present system was devised years ago before the rise of global capitalism and the Internet. But the governments of the leading nations are looking at the problem and changes will follow.

We are dependent on tax revenues from British and International companies operating in Britain, and there is nothing much we can do about it. We are a medium sized country with an immigrant-swollen population of 63 million people. We import nearly half of our food, gas and oil and we are heavily dependent on the financial services industry. That is our situation now and that would still be our situation if we quit the European Union.

Those who shout the loudest for the UK to leave the EU are right wingers who denounce global capitalism and claim that we would gain our independence by breaking away from the single market. But the facts are that our largest corporations would still be exactly the same; our international investors would still be the same, and we would still trade with our nearest neighbours; just like nearly every country in the world. Belgium and Ireland are much more important to us than India or China, and in or out of the EU that would still be the case.

Before the1983 general election Enoch Powell warned that after being in the Common Market for ten years it was the UK’s last chance to leave. He said that we would become so integrated with Europe that it would be impossible to leave in the future. His right wing supporters must have forgotten his words.

If there really is a conspiracy by an unlikely alliance of Bilderbergers, Jews, Freemasons, and Marxists to destroy the white race, the British nation, and our cherished weights and measures, we will not escape our fate by making a symbolic gesture like quitting the EU. Such a move would not change our proximity to the European mainland, the density of our population, or the insatiable capitalist greed for cheap immigrant labour.

The guarded language used by the Euro-sceptics on radio and TV is altogether different from the views expressed by them in the saloon bar of the Red Lion. There they loudly complain about “bloody foreigners” and call for a self-sufficient Britain with armed forces restored to wartime strength and the cancellation of all laws passed since the war. Given the chance they would bring back National Service, allow smoking in pubs and restaurants, and restore our “beloved” pounds, shillings and pence. Furthermore, they would prosecute homosexuals, put women back in the kitchen, and round up all the black and brown people for deportation. One can hear them loudly cheering.

Nation Revisited

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