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European Outlook # 27, March 2016

What Will They Do?

If Britain votes to quit the European Union, and if the Euro-sceptics are right, immigration will cease overnight, the economy will boom as never before and global warming will come to an end. But if we vote to stay in the EU what will they do?

Ukip have only got one MP at Westminster and he is a Tory defector. Their expected breakthrough at the general election never happened and their leader, Nigel Farage, failed to get elected. They averaged 12.5% throughout the country but they have probably peaked and will start to go downhill.

But if Ukip did badly their fellow travellers barely made an impression.Their vote collapsed and most of them have since abandoned electioneering. We desperately need a modern political party to fight against racial replacement and unrestrained capitalism but Ukip and the far-Right are not what we are looking for.

The referendum could go either way and the "mad, swivel-eyed loons" of the Tory Party, and the "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" of Ukip must make a decision. Will they abandon their redundant policies and fight for Britain in Europe, or carry on as they are?

Some of them are proud of their intransigence but they have dropped many of their ideas over the years. They were 
strongly opposed to decimalisation when it was introduced in 1971 but they have come to accept it. The same goes for capital punishment. They are still demanding the death penalty for murder but few of them seriously think that we will ever bring it back. And what about homosexuality? That used to be a far-Right obsession despite the fact that they had their fair share of them. The truth is that many of the issues that bothered them in the past are no longer important. They have even stopped worrying about the Channel Tunnel; they predicted that rabid dogs and unemployed Italians would pour through it but that fear seems to have gone away.

There is no point in basing an economic policy on a revived Commonwealth when we all know that it’s not going to happen. We will always have family ties with the White Dominions. They fought alongside us two world wars but bankrupt Britain was no use to them after World War Two and they were forced to find other markets. We have a cultural affinity with Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans, just as we have with Americans, but our future is in Europe; whatever the result of the referendum.


Throughout history nations fought for territory. The Greeks fought constantly amongst themselves, the Romans conquered the known world and embraced its people as slaves or citizens, and the Jews developed a tribal religion which forbade mixing with non-Jews.

This pattern was repeated throughout history. The Germans followed the Greeks in perfecting the art of war. The British and French copied the Romans by conscripting conquered Asians and Africans into their armies. And the Jews stuck with their religion despite repeated attempts to exterminate them.

The technological advances of the nineteenth century made slavery obsolete and the rise of Japan and China brought an end to European imperialism. Slaves had to be bought, transported, and looked after but impoverished immigrants only cost a fraction of their worth. The world was flooded with cheap labour as people fled from poverty and persecution.

This resulted in voluntary segregation as Europeans
escaped from areas occupied by Third World immigrants. The phenomenon of “white flight” has inspired  movements such as Western Spring in the UK and the Northwest Front in the USA. Their attempts to set up racially exclusive states are Herculean but so is their enthusiasm.

                                Harold Covington

Dictatorial regimes are transient but race and culture endure. People prefer to live amongst their own kind and they will eventually succeed. Maybe in the future a Western Spring community will blossom in the British countryside, or an independent republic will be established in the Pacific Northwest under the wise and benevolent rule of Harold Covington. Stranger things have happened.

Mental Health

According to the Mail on Sunday (14-02-16) "Hundreds of lives are being needlessly lost to suicide every year because of the Government's failure to get a grip on mental health problems".

In his 1979 book Fascists: a Social Psychological View of the National Front, Michael Billig of Loughborough University concluded that members of the National Front had "authoritarian personalities". One wonders what he would make of some of the critics of Angela Merkel who initially welcomed the Syrian refugees to Europe?

More than one of them has accused her of deliberately flooding Europe with Afro-Asians as part of sinister European Union conspiracy. They use this allegation to promote Britain's exit from the EU but race-mixing is endorsed by all of our established political parties - including Ukip. 

Some of them are undoubtedly paranoid but we shouldn't worry about a diagnosis from Michael Billig who sees hidden meanings in the titles of publications.

Britain First has a patriotic, rather than an overtly racist, ring to it. In fact as a slogan it is politically respectable. The Conservative Party adopted a similar slogan (Put Britain First) for their manifesto in the 1974 general election. However, in the context of extreme right-wing politics the slogan should re-awaken a different echo. It was commonly used by Mosley’s fascists in the 1930s and in fact Britain First was the subheading of his newspaper Action. It would be surprising if this echo from the fascist past had not been noticed by some of the older members of the National Front and the National Party. The result is that the title succeeds in encapsulating a fascist theme in an outwardly respectable symbol.

The same process can be seen in the title Spearhead. Outwardly this has a non-contentious appearance; the magazine’s one word title suggests dynamism, although it has a faintly militaristic and elitist ring. It is not as contentious-sounding as the Salvation Army’s War Cry! There is no mention in any issue why that particular name was selected. In the fiftieth issue there is a mention of the origins of the magazine, but nothing specific: it was founded in late 1964 in support of the GBM and Spearhead was chosen for its name. No indication of the symbolic importance of the name is given and only those with knowledge of the subterranean depths of the extreme right could be expected to catch its particular message”.

Future scientific advances will enable us to feed mankind, and under the benign influence of “Imperium Europa” the nations of the world will prosper; but human nature will never change and professors of psychology will still be churning out meaningless verbiage.

Hanging Together

The parties of the so-called far-Right all oppose Britain's membership of the European Union - except for a pan-European faction that is still active thirty-six years after the death of Oswald Mosley.

Mosley abandoned the pre-war policies of the BUF when the British Empire collapsed but he never stopped fighting against the Money Power and the importation of cheap  Commonwealth labour. His followers in Union Movement saw the emerging European Union as a step in the right direction and we campaigned enthusiastically for Britain to stay in Europe in the 1975 referendum. But our vision went far beyond the narrow nationalism of Dave Cameron. We proposed a European Government with the power to raise wages and conditions within an integrated economy.  

The flag-waving parties denounce each other as "traitors" but their ostentatious patriotism will not save them if the State feels threatened. Winston Churchill used anti-terrorist legislation to silence his enemies in 1940. Defence Regulation 18B was designed to counter the IRA but it was used to lock up Oswald Mosley and his supporters. Churchill also detained "respectable" peace campaigners such as Tory MP Archibald Maule Ramsay, former Labour MP John Beckett, leading pacifist Ben Greene, and former diplomat Sir John Philby.

                                     William Joyce

But the ultimate sanction was reserved for William Joyce who had broadcast from Germany, and John Amery who tried to recruit British prisoners of war to fight on the Russian Front. Both men were hanged for "treason" by a vengeful state that had just tied the pound to the dollar and put our armed forces under American command.

The current war in the Middle East and the refugee invasion has prompted another round of censorship. Under proposals reported in The Independent (14/02/15), the Government intends to ban local councils, public bodies and student unions from boycotting firms involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products, or Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This blatant suppression of free speech is supposed to protect "communities" from anti-Semitism.

Home Secretary Therese May is being urged to clamp down on Muslim extremists but she is just as likely to use her powers against British dissidents. Those of us who love our country may be divided on Europe but if we are dragged into another Zionists war we will certainly hang together. 

The Way We Were

This picture was taken in 1965 when we were four young men trying to put the world to rights. Top left is me, Bill Baillie, a member of John Bean’s BNP which had achieved a record breaking 3,410 votes (9.2%) in the 1964 general election in Southall. We fought the election almost entirely on immigration. In those days Southall was a West London suburb that had started to attract Indians; today it’s virtually an Indian enclave.

Soon after this photo was taken I went to South Africa firmly believing that the apartheid system was a genuine attempt at separate development. I was soon disillusioned. I spent two years in South Africa during which Prime Minister Hendrik Verewoerd was assassinated by a disturbed parliamentary messenger called Dimitri Tsefendas. The citizens of Capetown were relieved to discover that he was a European. If he had been black or “coloured” the aftermath might have been very different. It later emerged that his mother was of mixed race but he was classified as white.

From South Africa I went to Australia and then New Zealand before returning to the UK in 1970. My Commonwealth tour convinced me that a union of Britain with the White Dominions was not a viable proposition. By the late sixties the White Dominions were going their own way and finding alternative markets ahead of Britain’s decision to join the Common Market. I therefore embraced Oswald Mosley’s concept of Europe a Nation and joined Union Movement.

The man at the top right of the photo is Roy Robinson. He was a member of the South London branch of Union Movement who defected in 1961 with Keith Goodall to form the National Union of Fascists. They held meetings in Brixton Market and managed to get one of their members arrested for contravening the Public Order Act by wearing a black shirt. They were eclipsed by Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement which dominated the headlines, first with their paramilitary activities and then because of the rivalry between John Tyndall and Colin Jordan for the affections of Francoise Dior the French heiress and dedicated National Socialist.

Roy was at London University with David Irving so he must be in his eighties if he is still alive. He graduated with a science degree and worked in the emerging computer industry. I lost touch with him years ago.

Bottom left is Fred Weldon, an amazing character who inadvertently left a trail of destruction in his wake. Fred used to take part in League of Empire Loyalist heckling expeditions where the very sight of him incited the Reds to extreme violence. I once ran into him at Kings Cross when he was working for the Official Receiver and carrying a suitcase full of money. We had a few beers in the buffet bar until an altercation developed between Fred and several West Indian railwaymen. That was the last time I saw him.

Bottom right is my school friend Paul Barnes who was also an active BNP member. Paul’s father, Bill Barnes, had been a pre-war fascist and his Godfather was John Beckett the former Labour MP who stole the Speaker’s Mace and went on to become a leading member of the BUF. Both father and son were accomplished street fighters as well as being educated and erudite men. Paul was a retired restaurateur and a connoisseur of fine wines. He died following a motor accident two years ago.

The photo was taken in a photo booth on Putney railway station after a pub crawl through the High Street.

Ever Closer Union

After the Second World War two great visionaries published books outlining their plans for the reconstruction of Europe. Oswald Mosley wrote "The Alternative" and Francis Parker Yockey wrote "Imperium". Yockey thought that the Soviet Union was less of a cultural threat that the United States but Mosley realised that American aid was vital. They both had a point but instead of harnessing their efforts they fell out with each other.

Yockey was chased around the world by American secret agents and eventually died in a federal prison. Mosley was blacklisted by the BBC and obstructed in every way possible. They were hounded for criticising the Jews but neither of them were racists. There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler hated the Jews; his testament "Mein Kampf" was totally anti-Jewish and he subscribed to the Master Race theory, but Mosley and Yockey were culturalists rather than racists. They were persecuted by Zionists who feared their intelligence. 

We live in a changing world. The United States is still a formidable power but Americans have grown tired of perpetual war and Third World invasion. The Russian Federation has dumped Communism for market capitalism. The Middle East is in a state of chaos and the whole world is realigning itself along geopolitical lines. Europe, the mother of both American and Russian civilization is finally coming together.

Despite the spoiling tactics of politicians like Dave Cameron the European Union is moving inexorably towards "ever closer union". Countries that were bombing and shelling each other during the Second World War are now working together. The first objective of European unity has therefore been achieved; the rest will follow.

Roger Clare

Our comrade Roger Clare died at home in Ramsgate on January 29 2016. He was 73. Roger joined Union Movement as a teenager and was a Mosley man all his life. He was a keen cine photographer who gave political film shows at the Central Focus Film Club in North London in the seventies. He was noted for his cheerfulness and sense of humour but the "anti-fascist" writer Bernard O'Mahoney called him: "a long-time Nazi with international ties", and the delusional Gerry Gable accused him of arson but conceded that he was: "a good-looking urbane figure". May he rest in Peace.

The World Council of Churches - Roger Clare
The racial traitors who welcome non-Europeans to our shores always take the other side in our war for survival. Roger Clare’s letter from Wellington, New Zealand, was published in “Spearhead” # 75, in May 1974. The World Council of Churches supported African terrorists when they shot down an Air Rhodesia Viscount in September 1978, killing 48 passengers and crew, and another in February 1979, killing 59 passengers and crew. Their Soviet Strela 2 missiles were bought with funds supplied by the WCC.

The person who points out the intended victim and pays the murderer for carrying out his insidious crime is equally as guilty as the person who actually commits the heinous act. By the same token therefore must the World Council of Churches be considered equally guilty of the acts of terrorism at present being perpetrated in Southern Africa as the terrorists responsible for the acts themselves.
By virtue of the financial assistance to the terrorists gangs, who in an attempt to assume an air of respectability call themselves “freedom fighters” the WCC is paying for murder, rape, arson and other acts of terrorism.
It must be understood that these so-called “liberation” movements are unelected and are in the main not nationals of the countries they wish to “liberate.” Furthermore their presence is not desired by the populace of these countries, irrespective of race or creed, and any support the so-called liberators may have from the indigenous population is maintained only by the threat of reprisal.
As one who was brought up in the Christian faith I find it hard to reconcile the actions of the WCC, for it is obvious that the hierarchy of this movement have long since ceased to preach Christianity and now preach the virtues of a Godless communist society.
There can be no doubt that many Christians have been duped into supporting the WCC in the belief that they are furthering the ends of Christianity. All we can hope is that these well-intentioned people will soon awaken to the reality of the true purpose of the WCC and realize the deadliness of the poisonous reptile they are nurturing and harboring in their midst.
So far as Southern Africa is concerned it is obvious that the WCC is not interested in the welfare of the Coloured African or in improving his standard of living, but is desirous of destroying the white governments that at present govern the countries and the civilization they uphold. 

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