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European Outlook # 29, May 2016

The Truth about Immigration

Dave Cameron is tinkering with our social security system to discourage immigration but if he scrapped benefits altogether immigrants would still be attracted to our shores by our cheap labour economy. They come from all over the world but the newspapers demonstrate their political correctness by objecting to European immigrants and ignoring those from Jamaica, Africa, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The recent wave of 'refugees' entering Europe from Turkey and North Africa are claiming  asylum under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention. But only half of them are genuine refugees from Syria - an ancient civilized nation - the rest are economic migrants from Asia and Africa. Article 33 of the Convention forbids deportation to any country that does not respect human rights but that includes all the countries that are dumping their surplus populations.
UK Immigration controls are ineffectual because we abolished identity cards in the fifties and we have no idea who is in the country. The last Labour government tried to bring back identity cards but their proposal was thrown out by Parliament with the support of the popular press and the misguided 'libertarians' of Ukip and the BNP. 

The trouble is that big business demands cheap labour and the politicians who depend on their donations do as they are told. As a result we have experienced high levels of immigration and political betrayal. We all remember Margaret Thatcher’s brilliantly-timed intervention before the 1979 general election when she said she understood peoples’ fears of “being swamped” by immigration. Dave Cameron is saying similar things nearly forty years later but this time nobody is listening. 

Europe and America are facing the consequences of mass migration driven by poverty and war. A great program of resettlement is possible but it would require international co-operation. We may never return to a world divided into racially exclusive states but migration can be controlled, cultures can be protected, and trade deals and foreign aid can be targeted. Our first priority must be to replace our useless politicians with men and women committed to our survival as a European nation. That's certainly a challenge but the collapse of Communism in Russia proves that anything is possible. To quote President Obama: "can we do it - yes we can."

The Rise and Fall of a “Black Saxon” – W Keller
(From National Freedom, April 1996)

British readers who are not reading the name Sam Njankou Meffire for the first time probably became aware of this case of a ‘German’ policeman-gone-wrong from the January 7 Sunday Times. The article, entitled “Cop with a halo is robber king” is worth reading, as they get most of the facts straight.

The gist of Herr Meffire’s biography is as follows: As the son of a black exchange student from Cameroon and a German girl, Meffire grew up in ‘East’ Germany and gained national attention as the poster-boy for 1993’s biggest ‘tolerance’ campaign, initiated by the newspaper Sachsische Zeitung. As Dresden’s first black policeman, he seemed the ideal candidate for the sort of project they had in mind. At this point in time, it appeared that nothing could stop young Meffire’s sky-rocketing career, with one Hamburg newspaoer even going so far as to style him as "the new German." He had formerly worked as a mason prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, afterwards wandering from job to job, trying his luck variously as a hospital assistant, night-watchman, then later as a night-club bouncer. In early 1991 he decided to leave Germany. Looking for action a la Miami Vice (according to former co-worker Karsten Schlinzig), Meffire set his sights on becoming a police officer, and after a six month training period, he was deemed fit to serve the police force as a ‘special agent’ in 1992. Meffire ended up leaving the police in 1994, and made an unsuccessful attempt to start his own private security service three months later. It was at this point, at the very latest, that Meffire turned to crime.  

The Sunday Times tells of how this most prominent of black ‘Germans’ rose to prominence: “Within weeks Meffire became Germany’s most famous policeman and a regular television chat show guest ... the region’s leading daily newspaper chose him for a campaign against racism and put his face on bill-boards under the headline “Ein Sachse” (meaning someone from Sachsen ), and then won an award for the best German advertisement in 1993."

A National Freedom reader who feels especially charitable might want to send the poor editors of the Sunday Times a good English-German dictionary, or perhaps give them a rudimentary lesson in European history. A correct translation of the phrase, “Ein Sachse” is “A Saxon," a term which truthfully applies to the majority of Dreden’s white inhabitants. “Ein Sachse” does not mean simply “someone from Sacshen” anymore than the term “Afrikaner” means “someone from Africa."

Despite this rather pathetic (intentional?) error in the article, most of the facts in Meffire’s case are presented accurately. Much to the discredit of the so-called German media, only a handful of German newspapers covered the story in as much depth, the rest preferring to concentrate on such issues of importance as Steffi Graf’s tax problems, relegating the Meffire affair to a few lines buried somewhere towards the back of their papers.

One notable exception was the daily Stuttgarter Zeitung (Jan 12), which told much of the story that was withheld from the majority of newspaper readers in Germany. Among other aspects of Meffire’s life described in the article, is the special relationship he had with Saxony’s former Minister of the Interior Heinz Eggert (Christian Democrats), who resigned from his post last year after being accused of sexually harassing several of his male subordinates. But not all of Meffire’s new found friends were corrupt political figures. According to the paper, Meffire began “to use his time off work to visit Dresden’s red-light district on ‘official’ business”, and “in frustration... Meffire made the acquaintance of Felix Fischer, also an Afro-German and the best known underworld crime-boss in Dresden. ‘He’s a brother. He’s also black’, said Meffire.”

After a series of at least three brutal robberies, which fetched over 50,000 German Marks and left several of his victims seriously injured, Meffire suddenly disappeared in February 1995. After another accomplice to the robberies was caught in Berlin and subsequently implicated Meffire, an international warrant was issued for the ex-policeman’s arrest. He was finally caught this past December in the African country of Zaire. After taking up contact with the German Consulate in that country, Meffire requested his own extradition to Germany, which took place in the second week of January this year.

In spite of the minimal amount of publicity surrounding the downfall of the country’s best known ‘black German’, the event signals a decisive defeat to those working for the destruction of Europe under the disguise of a ‘multi-cultural’ agenda. Many free-thinking Germans are now beginning to wonder just where this one-world multi-criminal society is heading; such back-fired attempts as the “Ein Sachse” campaign will undoubtedly straighten out more than a few confused minds. Let us hope that the enemies of European culture continue to recruit allies as useful to them as Sam Njankou Meffire.

The Economic Recovery of Germany

Most historians see National Socialism as entirely evil but a growing revisionist faction seeks to rehabilitate the Nazis. Their conclusions are subjective but the British economists CW Guillebaud made a contemporary study that was entirely objective. In his book The Economic Recovery of Germany he described how the Nazis abolished the old trade unions and replaced them with The German Labour Front (DAF) which awarded higher wages than those in the UK, limited working hours, established paid holidays, and set up a comprehensive system of health and social security. Robert Ley, the leader of the DAF, vowed to create “a true social and productive community."

In the six years between coming to power and the Second World War the National Socialists rescued Germany from economic chaos and put the nation back to work. Hitler suspended reparations under the Treaty of Versailles, with the encouragement of John Maynard Keynes, but he continued to pay back freely-contracted loans and financed reconstruction by issuing tax receipts which circulated as currency and by the sale of interest-bearing bonds. The Nazis conquered unemployment with a combination of rearmament, public works, military conscription, and direction of labour. These methods were similar to FD Roosevelt’s New Deal which restored the American economy. Today every government relies on the bond market and the buying back of state securities, or “quantitative easing," is widely practised.

                                                      Hjamar Schacht

The first Four Year Plan was overseen by Minister of Economics Hjamar Schacht who was a personal friend of Sir Montague Norman the Governor of the Bank of England. Norman was godfather to one of Schacht’s grandchildren and both men were directors of the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements, and members of the Anglo German Society. Schacht was replaced by Herman Goering in 1936 but he remained President of the Reichsbank and his influence continued to benefit Germany. When the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939 Sir Montague Norman authorised the transfer to Germany of the Czech national gold reserves held in the Bank of England’s account at the Bank of International Settlement.

National Socialist economic policies were essentially conventional but the way that they harnessed the spirit of national solidarity and redistributed wealth was entirely revolutionary. Young married couples could buy a house without a deposit and on the birth of every child a percentage of the mortgage was written off. The comradeship of the trenches united Germans of all classes, regions and denominations, and the dynamism of the regime inspired heroic levels of productivity.

Hitler said in 1937: “Germany will enter into no obligations to pay for her imports than she is capable of fulfilling. The German Government thus takes the standpoint of the respectable merchant who keeps his orders in harmony with his power to pay. We laugh at the time when our national economists held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a State Bank; and more especially we laugh at the theory that its value is guaranteed thereby. We have instead come to learn that the value of a currency lies in the productive capacity of a nation."

The National Socialists tried to reform international trade by signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 1939. This envisaged the exchange of German industrial goods for Soviet raw materials, but such deals were transacted with credit notes denominated in Reichsmarks and the arrangement was cut short by the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June1941.

The racial and economic policies of the Third Reich did not survive the war. The great German industrial corporations were never given over to workers' partnership, as originally planned, and foreign volunteers for the German Army were welcomed regardless of nationality. At first they were limited to “Germanic” nations but by the end of the war they included Russians, Turks, Arabs, and Indians. The only policy that they pursued to the bitter end was their treatment of the Jews.   

It’s pointless to speculate about history but if Hitler had reached an accommodation with the Jews and championed their migration to Palestine the Second World War might never have happened. The Zionists in Britain, including Winston Churchill, would have supported him, and the Fuhrer would have achieved his objective of “ethnic cleansing” and been hailed in Israel as a “Righteous Gentile”. Instead, he started a mass round up of the Jews that got completely out of control and ended in disaster. The National Socialists certainly restored German pride and revitalised the economy but they went too far with their rampant nationalism and made the fatal mistake of believing their own propaganda.

Global capitalism can only be controlled by states that can feed and defend themselves. The soldiers of the Third Reich fought bravely but they could not defeat the combined might of the Allies. Hitler failed to unite Europe by force of arms but modern Germany has succeeded without firing a shot. The current refugee crisis and the worldwide recession will be overcome. The Germans took in 13 million refugees after WW2; they absorbed the bankrupt state of East Germany at the fall of the Berlin Wall; they helped to bailout the Greeks and they are encouraging Britain to stay in the EU. A nation that recovered from the most devastating war in history in a generation can achieve anything.

I thank Steven Books for supplying me with copy of The Economic Recovery of Germany by CW Guillebaud. They do not stock this book but it’s available from Amazon.

It Takes All Sorts

Political parties attract all sorts of people. In the 1960’s BNP we had a member known as John the Baptist who had twelve children. And another who kept a guinea pig in a holdall that he carried everywhere. Joe Orton the talented writer of Entertaining Mr Sloane, and Prick up Your Ears was a Union Movement supporter who was murdered by his homosexual lover. Roland Kerr Ritchie was a Colin Jordan fan who had been awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre for his wartime service. He worked in a bank and sometimes attended street corner meetings in his bowler hat and pinstripe suit. And then there was John Bean’s very able bodyguard, Ken Merritt, who upset John Tyndall by wearing a poncho and open toed sandals, like Clint Eastwood in a Sergio Leonne movie.

Drinking was practically compulsory in the old days and it sometimes got in the way of politics. We once held a meeting of the old BNP outside Brixton Library and opposite a pub on a bitterly cold winter's day. It started snowing and one by one we deserted the meeting for the pub and left Bert Mitchell on the platform speaking to nobody and slowly turning into a snowman.

Another time two of us were selling Combat in Croydon in 1962 when a total stranger gave us five pounds. We decided to treat ourselves to lunch. In those days a pint of beer cost about two shillings so we had plenty of money. I don’t remember how much we paid in but it was a lot less than a fiver.

And then there was an enthusiastic local policeman who decided to arrest us for wearing Union Jack armbands. He marched us down to Croydon Police Station and had an argument with the desk sergeant who told him not to be so silly. We were released but advised to ditch the armbands.

Just about every cult and religion has made an appearance over the years. The British Israelites thought that we were the true Jews and that the others were imposters. The Catholics included Protestants in their conspiracy theories, along with Jews and Freemasons, and the Protestants returned the compliment by accusing the Catholics of supporting the IRA and starting the Great Fire of London. I have never met any Druids but there have been plenty of Odinists. The Ku Klu Klan never took off in the UK but the Sunday papers periodically report Klan meetings in the West Midlands. There used to be a Hindu faction centred around Savitri Devi who went in for “Aryan” mysticism and lived on brown rice and lentils.

And one of the most colourful characters was Jack Philby, a distinguished intelligence officer and linguist who became a Muslim, He stood in the 1939 Hythe by-election for the British People's Party and got interned under Defence Regulation 18B for his trouble. He was the father of the Soviet spy Kim Philby. 

Most nationalists are decent folk who want the best for their country but some are the sort of people that the eighties band The Jam sang about, who "smelt of pubs and Wormwood Scrubs and too many right wing meetings." We know them well; football hooligans looking for trouble, retro-fascists dressed up in uniforms, high Tories who are proscribed by the Conservative Party, historical revisionists, financial reformers who want to do away with money, believers in shape-shifting lizard people, and supporters of political parties that regularly get 1% while the winning party gets 40%.

As the up-and coming nationalist party Ukip are keeping up the tradition. Hardly a week goes by without one of their councillors being thrown out. They attract the mentally afflicted like moths around a candle. One of them sported parachute wings and a red beret but the Army had never heard of him. Another blamed the EU for spoiling his toast by limiting the power of his toaster. Many of them are bigots and most of them use offensive language. A photo of Ukip supporters would typically show a group of overweight middle aged, middle class men wearing blazers and regimental ties. But in order to come to power they need to attract teenagers in denims and trainers, young couples with children, and independent women who run their own businesses and are not confined to the kitchen.

There is a desperate need in this country for a patriotic party with realistic policies. But we do not need fantasists who dream of deporting all the black and brown people, or conspiracy theorists who think that the Jews organised their own destruction in order to establish the State of Israel, or members of the Master Race who are living on benefits. We have had enough of head-measurers and romantics.

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