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European Outlook # 53 November 2018

Dave Cameron's Legacy

Both of the main parties are divided over Brexit. The Tories are threatened by the Jacob Rees-Mogg faction and the Labour Party are still dithering. Theresa May's latest plan is still being considered by the EU, and an estimated 700,000 people marched through London calling for another referendum. 

The public is as confused as ever. Londoners are mostly pro-European but the depressed areas of the country are smarting with resentment and brainwashed by the popular press. Two years after the referendum we still don't know where we are going.. 

This political disaster was started by Dave Cameron who tried to unite the Tory Party by picking a fight with the EU. This led to the referendum. followed by two years of argument. Now, we face the prospect of leaving the EU and risking what's left of our manufacturing industry. Our car plants are not likely to survive if their supplies are disrupted by border checks and tariffs.

The referendum was supposed to be about Europe but it turned into a protest against immigration. A nationalist friend recently explained how immigration works. According to him, every foreigner comes here to live on social security and contribute nothing to the country. On arrival, each and every one of them is presented with a council house, a new car, and a large sum of money. Immigration is a plot by the 'unelected' bosses of the European Union to destroy Britain. They hate us because we beat the Spanish Armada, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kaiser Bill, and Adolf Hitler.

I never realised it was so simple. I thought that migration was a worldwide movement of labour in search of employment, an economic problem that could be solved by international agreement. But it turns out that all we need to do is quit the EU and the immigrants will somehow disappear. We will get our country back, and: "there will be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover, and Jimmy will go to sleep in his own little room again."

Moules-Frites et Stella

Some people claim we are being ruled by Belgium. The EU parliament is based in Brussels but it represents 28 sovereign states. When we leave the EU we will still belong to NATO, the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and many other treaties and conventions. We might regain our 'sovereignty' but we will never be completely independent.

When I think of Belgium I remember happy days spent drinking Stella Artois and eating Moules-Frites. Belgium is a brave little country that suffered badly in two world wars, a friendly country that has contributed in full to European civilisation, but some people think of Belgium as an 'evil empire'. Perhaps tyranny, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder?

Nigel Farage doesn't think that Belgium is a proper country because they have two languages. One wonders what he thinks of Wales with English and Welsh, or Ireland with English and Irish, or Switzerland with German, French and Italian, or Spain with Spanish, Catalan and Basque, or Canada with English and French? Those of us blessed with a vision of Europe see beyond languages, but Farage and his narrow-minded followers see only divisions.

Remember the Liberty - NSWPP Cicero IL 6060 USA

On June 6th 1967, the USS Liberty, an unarmed, clearly-marked communications vessel stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, was savagely attacked without warning in an unprovoked assault by Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats. Thirty-four US servicemen died in the attack, and another 171 were wounded. 

'Life' magazine, June 23rd, 1967 stated: "The Israelis had attacked because She had monitored orders proving that Israel had started the war." 'Newsweek' on June 19th, 1967 stated the same thing.

The Liberty's mission was to monitor any fighting between Israel and its Arab neighbours which were then at war. Specifically, the Liberty's task was to report any evidence picked up by its sophisticated electronic gear as to whether or not Israel was planning to use its nuclear arsenal against the Arabs and also to warn Israel of possible Arab resistance. The Israelis were not going to have the United States interfering with their use of atomic weapons no matter what the consequences might be - and so it was ordered that the Liberty be put out of commission.

A group of White House Zionists had gathered to celebrate the initial victory of the Zionist blitzkrieg as its Wehrmacht crushed the unprepared Arab defences. These Zionists were stunned by reports from the USS Liberty, that its monitors had recorded all the Israeli attack orders. This proof of Israeli aggression had to be destroyed and the White House Zionists ordered that the USS Liberty be sunk immediately while the CIA prepared false reports "proving" that it was sunk by Egyptian planes. The US paratroops would land in Cairo, kill Nasser and set up a provisional government for the Israelis. This plan was ruined because the Israelis could not sink the USS Liberty. Despite many hours gruelling attack the heroic Americans fought on surrounded by their dead and saved their ship, but, instead of being rewarded for their heroism, the survivors were placed under oath of secrecy, transferred to other ships and the USS Liberty was renamed the USS Hyman Rickover and the very name of the ship disappeared from history. 

Many American officers demanded that Israel be punished for this vicious attack on an American ship which was in their waters to aid them. A military coup in Washington seemed Imminent as the government tried to cover up the affair and two admirals were placed under arrest. Arthur Goldberg, a Zionist, and American ambassador to the United Nations sent a frantic memo to President Lyndon Johnson; " An investigation of the Liberty affair will mean civil war as the military men and the working people will rise against us."

The Zionist cover-up in Washington succeeded and King Hussein of Jordan said: "We were not defeated by Moshe Dyan on the borders. We were defeated by Goldberg in New York."

Why did not the national press publish the full account of the USS Liberty affair? Because the national press in Britain is under the control of the political Zionists who wish to keep us in the dark concerning their intentions while they destroy us.

Despite the murder of thirty-four American fighting men, the system which governs the USA has continued to give roughly two billion dollars a year in military aid to the very ones who butchered their men in an unprovoked act of blatant, premeditated aggression.

Justice, if there is now any, demands that the Israeli murderers be brought to justice and those members of the US government who have sided with and abetted this outrage by their silence and complicity be punished.

Now read on - from the armed forces Journal International 1980.....

Startling new evidence about the 1967 Israeli attack on the American naval vessel, the USS Liberty, has been brought to light in a just-released Random House book, 'Assault on the Liberty', by James M Ennes Jr.

Ennes was on the bridge of the Liberty during much of the assault. He was commissioned an ensign in 1962, and from 1965 until he retired from the Navy he was assigned to cryptographic duties.

The Liberty which was attacked in international waters off the Sinai Peninsular was initially attacked by Israeli high-performance jets. Those attacks were followed by torpedo boats armed to kill. The attack lasted for two hours, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171 others. When the Liberty failed to sink quickly, Israeli forces machine-gunned her life rafts in troop-carrying helicopters.

Once the US Sixth Fleet rescue aircraft were on their way, the Israelis quickly apologized, claiming that their forces had mistaken the ship for an Egyptian freighter. The US Government quietly accepted the excuse. But Ennes produces strong evidence to support the following new allegations.

* Pre-attack reconnaissance was more intense than the government has admitted: at least 13 orbits of the ship were made by reconnaissance aircraft before the attack, some only 200 feet overhead. (The government claims that only three significant reconnaissance flights were made and that only one aircraft came within five miles of the ship).

* The identification of the ship was known to the Israeli War Room several hours before the attack, and its position plotted on a chart. (An Israeli aircraft was heard before the attack informing its headquarters by radio that the ship flew an American flag. Bowing to the Israeli request to keep circumstances of the attack secret, however, the American government states publicly that the Liberty was not identified until after the attack).

* Three days before the attack, USS Liberty requested the Sixth Fleet to send an armed destroyer to provide protection against attack. (The Sixth Fleet's commander assured the Liberty that she was operating in a safe area, promising immediate support in the "unlikely" event it might be needed and denying the ship's request for special protection).

* Although the Sixth Fleet promised air support within 10 minutes of any request, the US Navy failed to protect the ship during the attack. (The Liberty pleaded over the radio for assistance for more than two hours, but the Sixth Fleet - because of White House intervention - and the Sixth Fleet's unpreparedness, failed to come to her aid).

* Israel's explanation for the attack contradicts known facts and evidence but was accepted without hesitation by the American government. (Israel claims that the Liberty was mistaken for the small Egyptian freighter El Arish, even though Israel and the US were both aware that El Arish was far from the area, Israel also claims that the attack occurred because Israeli motor torpedo boats falsely identified Liberty as an enemy vessel after erroneously tracking the ship by radar at 30 knots - although she was only moving at five knots - and subsequently called in the air strike. The strike, which in fact was called before the torpedo boats were within radar range of the Liberty, was organised by forces ashore).

* A cover-up of the circumstances of the attack was ordered by President Johnson. (The President was concerned with negotiating a peace treaty in the Middle East and could ill afford a confrontation with Israel; he thus accepted Israel's flimsy explanation, failed to investigate the attack properly, and ordered a cover-up of the circumstances that were already known).

* Liberty sailors were forbidden any unsupervised contact with the press, even after the "news lid" was lifted. (Crewmen were not allowed to talk with reporters until after a Court of Inquiry report was published. Even then, however, sailors were permitted to repeat only the official version of the attack and only in the same words the Court had used. The few interviews that were authorized were carefully supervised and rehearsed).

* Testimony to the Court of Inquiry revealed that the attack was probably deliberate, but all such evidence was withheld from the public. (Liberty officers and crewmen told the Court of Inquiry of extensive low-level pre-attack reconnaissance, of the ship's American flag clearly displayed and of a prolonged and carefully orchestrated attack. All such details were ignored or classified Top Secret in order to support the government's contention that the attack was a mistake).

* The American public was given a distorted version of the attack. (The public was told that the air attack lasted five or six minutes: the ship's officers recall and testified that it lasted 20 or 25 minutes. The US claims that the attack ended with the torpedo explosion, while in fact, torpedo boats fired on the ship's life rafts 40 minutes after that explosion - and fired on the crew in the interim. The fact that Israeli forces repeatedly used napalm against the crew was never made known. Moreover, although the government claims that the ship was never in danger of sinking, officers recall that "scuttle ship," "demolish ship" and "prepare to abandon ship" orders were given).

Race Relations

Prosecutions for inciting racial hatred are now so common that they hardly make the news. One of the most famous was the 1992 prosecution of Nick Griffin and Paul Ballard for producing the magazine 'The Rune'. I was recently given two copies of this notorious publication, issues number 10 and 11, but not number 12 which was apparently so offensive that it caused Alex Carlile QC to complain to the police. The two copies that I have seen are undoubtedly anti-Semitic but I am surprised that a hardened criminal lawyer was so sensitive.

In my far-off drinking days, I frequented a South London pub that didn't welcome black customers. The exception was Henry, a popular West Indian philosopher. He blamed the disadvantaged position of the Blacks on Abraham Lincoln. He used to say: "Lincoln abolished slavery and we have been out of work ever since."

If a White man said that he would be prosecuted, and if a Jew had edited 'The Rune' he would probably have escaped prosecution. Blacks are allowed to use the 'N' word. and Jews can flirt with anti-Semitism. Self-hatred is entrenched in this country, indeed it's the guiding principle of the 'Commonwealth'.

e have an entire industry devoted to race relations. Lawyers and social workers specialise in such cases and win massive compensation claims for their clients. This helps to heal wounded feelings but fines and imprisonment do little to turn racial conservatives into model citizens.    

Good race relations depend on mutual respect and education. The government can't force people to like one another, but most of us are fair-minded and even the far-right parties accept coloured members. Race, nationality, culture and identity are interwoven and complex subjects. Attempts to redress racial discrimination with 'affirmative action' are wrong. Jobs should go to those best qualified and promotion should be by merit. Organisations such as 'Black Lives Matter' are inherently racists and should be banned under the Race Relations Act. All lives matter.

Keeping up the Holocaust

London is soon to have a memorial costing millions of pounds as a permanent reminder of the Holocaust; the killing of millions of Jews in World War Two. The Jews are worried that we might forget about it and allow anti-Semitism to make a comeback.

They are right to be worried. The few remaining survivors from the concentration camps are on their last legs, and modern students know little or nothing about history. Also, when my generation learned about the Holocaust we were naturally horrified but today we see pictures of dead and dying people on our televisions all the time. We have been brutalized by current events and the terrible crimes of the past are no longer so horrifying.

Our newspapers are not state-controlled, as they are in Saudi Arabia, but they all support British intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East. It is unpatriotic to question foreign policy when 'our boys' are involved, and when we shoot up wedding parties or bomb hospitals it's dismissed as 'collateral damage'. We see images of dead and wounded women and children who were in the way, and starving refugees who were trying to get out of the way. And when we accept these atrocities as necessary for our defence and security, we are condoning what the Germans, and others, did in the past. It's what governments do.

Jews who were killed over seventy years ago can't compete with Arabs who are being killed at this very moment. Pictures coming out of Syria and Yemen are fresh in our minds but the terrible deeds of the past are fading from memory. Instead of wasting millions of pounds on a memorial we should give the money to the Red Cross to help the millions of people who are being killed all over the world. 

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European Outlook # 52 October 2018

Brexit is Coming.

The UK is due to leave the EU on April Fool's Day 2019. A relentless forty year campaign has succeeded and we are about to turn our backs on Europe. Some of them say that they are not anti-European but they are deceiving themselves. Forget about sovereignty. There can be no such thing as sovereignty unless our country is as self-sufficient as the USA or the Russian Federation. And you can also forget about immigration. If we stop European workers from coming here it will only mean that we import more Asians and Africans to make up the numbers. The real reason why they want to leave Europe is that they are petty nationalists suffering from autism and unable to relate to humanity.

There is still a chance that Brexit will be abandoned but we must work on the assumption that it will go ahead. If we leave the EU we will still be Europeans by race, culture, and geography. And we can always rejoin in the future. The chippy Northerners, and the discontented South Coast pensioners will not live forever. Brexit is an act of self-harm by a nation stupefied by rightwing propaganda. It's a cry for help from the Rustbelt, an act of defiance by the dispossessed, and a cynical gesture by the Establishment. 

Not content with wrecking the British economy the Brexiteers are spreading the false news that some EU states are ready to follow our example. They told us that the AFD would win and take Germany out of the EU. But they didn't win and their website clearly states that they will remain in the EU. Most recently they said that the Sweden Democrats would win and take their country out of the EU. Once again this was nonsense. But what about Italy? Lega is part of the government coalition and when Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was interviewed by Stephen Sakur on the BBC Hardtalk program, he clearly stated that Italy would remain in the EU and the eurozone. Watch it for yourselves -  

Interfering Russians

America has threatened to impose economic sanctions on any state that interferes in their elections. It is alleged that the Russians are opening false Facebook accounts and using cookies to target potential voters. This nonsense has gone viral on both sides of the Atlantic, but nobody has asked why would they do such a thing when there is not a scrap of difference between the parties. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are hostile to Russia,

The anti-Russian campaign cites the repossession of Crimea, the shooting down of a civilian aircraft in Ukraine, and the Salisbury poisonings, to justify their hostility. The British Intelligence Service blames Russia but who would believe the people who fabricated Tony Blair's 'dodgy dossier'. They said that Saddam Hussein had 'weapons of mass destruction' when he was almost defenceless. The real reason for their hatred is that America wants to export oil and gas to Europe in competition to the Russians. Russia is already the largest supplier of energy to Europe and they are building three more pipelines. The proximity of Russian energy to German industry is a marriage made in Heaven. 

American foreign policy is driven by self-interest, which is fair enough, but there is no reason for us to join in. It's in our interest to maintain good relations with our fellow Europeans - including the Russians.

America is against Russia out of commercial rivalry over gas and oil, and because Russia is supporting Syria - a deadly enemy of Israel. But the American energy market and the defence of Israel are nothing to do with us.

When the Soviet Union was a Communist super-power she naturally encouraged her supporters all over the world, but the modern Russian Federation is a parliamentary democracy with a market economy. There is absolutely no evidence that Vladimir Putin is trying to export his political ideology or the Russian Orthodox branch of Christianity.

The election story is just another anti-Russian myth invented by American copywriters and faithfully followed by our slavish politicians and journalists. Russia is Europe's natural ally.

A European Army

One thing guaranteed to induce hysteria in the Tory ranks is any mention of a European Army. They have forgotten that the British Army was supported by Dutch and Prussian troops at the Battle of Waterloo, by the French in the Crimean War, by the French, Belgians, Italians, and Japanese, in the First World War, and by Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Soviet Union, United States, and all parts of the British Empire, in the Second World War.

Not to be outdone the Germans had allies from; Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Italy, Latvia, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Soviet Union, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Since the Second World War the British Army has been engaged in Korea, as part of the United Nations, in Bosnia and Afghanistan as part of NATO, and in Iraq, as part of the American Coalition. 

e have always had allies so there is nothing new about the idea of a European Army. It didn't diminish the British Army by being under the command of General Dwight D Isenhower at Normandy. And the Tory traditionalists don't worry about being part of NATO. Committing our forces to a European Defence Force would make sense militarily and financially. All of the European nations have modest armed forces that would match the super-powers if they stood together.

Letter From America

(I emailed my old comrade Robert Lyons to wish him well as hurricane Florence approached the East Coast, and I commented on Donald Trump). 

Dear Bill, thanks for the good wishes, it appears it will be a rain event for us as the storm heads inland and then turns upward back toward the coast and Maryland on Monday. It's very rare for a storm to impact Maryland directly because of the way the state is situated, hurricanes usually hit the coast below or above the state. The worst destruction I can remember from a hurricane was from Agnes back in the 70s, that was a glancing blow with lots and lots of rain and lots and lots of flooding. Florence may bring some flooding on Monday, we shall see.

I agree with you completely about Trump, all he would have to do is no Tweets and keep his mouth shut and he can't do it, he's on a path to self-destruction for sure. As for a Zionist president, it's only a matter of degree of Jewishness because the Jewish lobby controls who runs for president and who wins as president. It's a matter of degree over which candidate can out Jew the other as Commander Rockwell used to say. Trump is the most totally controlled pro-Jewish president we've ever had and it's the corrupt Jews around him that are hammering the nails into his coffin, I think it all hilarious.

Patriotism - Fr Edward Cahill 1932
Originally published by the St George Educational Trust

Just as one's natural attachment to one's own family traditions and to one's own immediate relatives are the foundation which Nature has supplied for sympathy and benevolence towards one's fellow citizens, so, too, the citizen of each nation, in order to attain to true cosmopolitan virtues and well-ordered zeal for the good of the race, must have as the foundation of these virtues that love and devotion to his own country which the law of nature and right-ordered charity demand. True charity and true piety must begin at home.

In the same way, the higher and most perfect culture of a people, if it be real perfection and not a degradation or deterioration, must develop along the lines of the national characteristics and traditions. A declassed man or woman, who, owing to worldly training or a false ambition for social advancement, has come to disregard or despise his or her own immediate family, forfeits the respect of right-thinking men; and from such a one nothing great or generous may be hoped. The same applies substantially to the more or less degraded citizen who has lost or never possessed the love and appreciation of the nation to which he belongs, and to which he is bound by the closest natural ties. It is in this sense that Chateaubriand, the Catholic apologist and historian writes: "We doubt whether it is possible for a man to possess any real virtue, any real talent or ability, without love of country."

The native language and literature of a country are usually bound up very intimately with the whole national spirit, and with almost every aspect of the national life. This is specially true of a literary language like Greek or Irish, which contains the native history, the national laws and institutions, and enshrines the traditional ideas and aspirations of the people. In such a case, at least, the preservation of the native language may be regarded as essential for the continued existence of the historic nation itself. The truth of Davis's oft-quoted words cannot be seriously questioned:
"A nation should guard its language more than its territories, 'tis a surer barrier and more important frontier than fortress or river."

It would be a mistake, however, to suppose that the virtue of Patriotism can appear only in its war paint, or is confined to the duty of defending or regaining the freedom of one's country or saving the nation from extinction. A person manifestly owes many other services to his country, which, though more ordinary and commonplace, are, at least, in normal circumstances, more practical, and sometimes little less heroic. The spiritual, intellectual and material interests of the nation need the services of each of its members. The object of the civil union with which Patriotism is so closely connected is to assist the members each and all towards the highest development of their faculties, moral, intellectual and physical. Hence, the patriot will do his part to procure for the country the benefit of good laws, to check the spread of vice, above all, to secure that the most worthy are chosen for the public offices; in a word, all the duties already referred to under the heading of Legal and Distributive Justice are also included in those of Patriotism.

In connection with the services of Patriotism, we shall conclude with one remark. The true patriot serves his country as the dutiful and affectionate son shows kindness to his parents, from motives not of interest but of love. Hence, he will not seek or expect payment or reward, save the consciousness of having done his duty; for the proposition may be accepted as substantially true that the man who demands gratitude from his country as his due, rarely gets it, and still more rarely deserves it.

John Bean on Europe

Over lunch with John Bean at Newmarket, we discussed Brexit for the umpteenth time and he insisted that he is a European. All things are relative and compared to his fellow nationalists he is indeed a European. When I first met him he was into the Nordic master race but in 1966 he wrote an article in 'Combat' entitled 'Let's Keep Nordicism in Perspective'. Since then he has been campaigning for a European Confederation of Nation States. He is still opposed to the EU but he has long been a lone voice in the nationalist camp in calling for European solidarity.

His European policy was dumped by the Empire Loyalist leadership when the National Front was founded in 1967. He voted to stay in the Common Market in Harold Wilson's referendum in 1975, a fact which he confessed in an article in 'Spearhead' in 2001, entitled 'A Europe of Nations'. In this article, he explained his concept of Confederation:

"It should have a common immigration policy, which effectively would limit immigration of non-European peoples to students wishing to return to their homelands with their acquired skills, and genuine asylum seekers. There should be free movement of citizens of each state within the Confederation.

All national legislation should be the sole responsibility of each of the sovereign states within the Confederation. However, there should be a common foreign policy for the Confederation's relations with the world at large.

For the defence of the nations of the Confederation, all armed forces would be under the control of their own national governments but allied to each other: as in the manner of the allied armies during the Second World War and, earlier, in the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. Each nations armed forces would work together in aiming for standard specifications to increase the ability for inter-change of weaponry.

The sovereign states of Canada, Australia and New Zealand would be encouraged to become members of the Confederation."

Spearhead's editor, John Tyndall, published Bean's article but he denounced it at length.

In 2003 JB used his website 'Beans Talk' to quote Peter Simple from the Daily Telegraph:

"The civilisation of Europe - the greatest civilisation the world has ever known - still seemed secure. Its ancient cities, so varied in their beauty and splendour, still held glorious treasures of art. Its noble landscapes were still unsullied. Its various peoples keep their own historical traditions. But the death wish fell on Old Europe, and it collapsed in fratricidal war. The Americans arrived to hasten its ruin with their pernicious doctrines of self-determination, equality and perfectability. Mortally wounded, Old Europe staggered on, but could not recover. Now there's talk of a New Europe... of technicians, accountants and businessmen.  It may or may not prosper. What do we care, when Old Europe jas gone forever?" 

JB added, "Perhaps I am an eternal optimist. While there is still a chance, don't give up without a fight."

He is still writing and the BDP website carries an interview he did with Rod Liddle in 2012. He described his editorship of the BNP magazine 'Identity'. 

"I had a few differences of opinion with Nick Griffin in the presentation of the magazine's socio-political content - to which he contributed a regular article. Most of this was concerned with in-depth explanations of the fundamentals of nationalist policies. Where appropriate I pushed this in the direction of European Nationalism via a European Confederation..."

It's not the purpose of this article to argue for European Union. I believe that JB's 'Confederation' would turn into full political and economic union, just as it did in Canada and Switzerland. But his vision of Europe is infinitely better than the negative nationalism that was carved in stone by John Tyndall. 

Brexit and Immigration

Brexit will not stop
immigration. Theresa May promised the Chinese, the Indians, and the Africans, that we will take more of their immigrants in return for trade deals when we leave the EU. I have repeatedly warned that this would happen. The established parties depend on cheap labour and they make no distinction between Norwegians and Nigerians. I have also pointed out that people inevitably follow goods across borders.

European immigrants are easily assimilated, but not so assimilable non-Europeans were pouring into the UK long before we joined the EU, and they will continue to do so long after we have left. Great waves of immigration swept the country from 1948 when the British Immigration Act was passed by a Labour government. First the West Indians, the Windrush generation, then the Uganda Asians, and the Vietnamese boat people. None of them had anything to do with the EU.

Now, the Euro-sceptic 'Heritage & Destiny' magazine is questioning our future:

"Some H&D readers were always sceptical about Brexit, fearing that immigration policy would actually get worse after we left the European Union. UKIP spokesmen regularly argued that they would prefer immigrants from India (and by implication English-speaking countries in Africa) to those from Eastern Europe. 

Ukip, of course, is now semi-extinct, so that party's views on race and immigration are irrelevant, but there is a real possibility that post-Brexit Britain will have a Labour government. Today we found out what that might mean. Diane Abbot - who has been such a disaster as Shadow Home Secretary that she was hidden away for most of the 2017 election campaign - today announced Labour's immigration policy, and many H&D readers might now be thinking we would be better off in the EU than making this open door disaster." 

We never had a problem with Poles mugging old ladies, looting shops, torching neighbourhoods, or planting bombs on our trains and buses. The Eastern Europeans were generally hard-working people who respected British society. But Ukip ran a shameful campaign against them which tipped the balance in the referendum. Remember, they said that we were about to get 80 million Turks. Now, the Poles and Lithuanians have stopped coming only to be replaced by Africans and Asians. 

There was never any reason why Britain could not stop non-European immigration. The Brexiteers were conned by Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin and now we must suffer the consequences.


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Saturday, 30 June 2018

European Outlook # 51 July 2018

The Holocaust.

Ken Livingstone has been hounded out of the Labour Party by accusations of anti-Semitism, but he is not the first victim of hysteria. David Irving has been vilified, bankrupted and jailed for 'Holocaust Denial'. Disputing the figure of six million dead is illegal in many countries but the Internet abounds with disbelieving websites. Irving concedes that an unknown number of Jews were killed by the Nazis, Richard Harewood in 'Did Six Million Really Die?' puts it at 300,000, and a contested Red Cross report records 271,501 deaths.

The BBC website describes one of the camps.

"Bergen-Belsen was the only concentration camp taken by the British and the soldiers were unprepared for what they found there. In fact, most of the details did not appear in the media until a couple of days after the liberation when the first medical team arrived.

Mass graves were dug to hold up to 5,000 corpses at a time. The former army guards from the SS were deliberately made to use their bare hands to bury the prisoners, many of whom had died of contagious diseases.

The mass evacuation of the camp began on 21st April. Prisoners with any hope of survival were moved to an emergency hospital.

British medical students responded to an appeal from the Ministry of Health to go to Germany and help in the treatment of prisoners.

Photographs and a film taken at the camp and published in the media brought home the full horror of life in Belsen. German civilians living near the camp were taken to see what had gone on inside.

The last hut in the camp was burned to the ground on 21st May 1945. Today the camp is a landscaped park.

Brig General Glyn-Hughes, who was put in charge of cleaning up the camp, said it took a staff of 68 a fortnight to stamp out typhus in the camp. But prisoners too sick to respond to treatment continued to die. Historians at as many as 28,000 of the 38,500 prisoners in the camp when it was liberated, subsequently died.

The camp commandant, Joseph Kramer, was found guilty at Luneberg of war crimes and hanged in December 1945."

Nazi apologists claim that the Holocaust never happened but British soldiers testified that thousands of Jews died in Belsen. The exact body count and the causes of death are debatable but there's no doubt that terrible crimes against humanity were committed. 

The Holocaust happened over seventy years ago and there's nothing that we can do about it now, but Palestinians are currently being killed by the Israeli Defence Force. Of course, we must never forget what happened to the Jews but Instead of focusing on past atrocities we should turn our attention to crimes that can be prevented.

Tommy Robinson

Since the Second World War nine Acts of Parliament have been passed concerning immigration; British Nationality Act 1948, Commonwealth Immigration Act 1968, Immigration Act 1971, Immigration Act 1988, Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, UK Border Act 2007, Border, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009. According to the Office of National Statistics, the non-white population of the UK stands at 9.1 million. 

At long last, the government is making it harder for people to get into the UK, but whole areas of the country have already been colonised by aliens who show little interest in assimilation. This situation has been made worse by a political culture that ignores the sexual exploitation of young women by gangs of predominately Pakistani men.

When Tommy Robinson was sent to prison for reporting on this, a
campaign to free him was immediately launched. Half a million signatures were quickly collected on Facebook, and an impressive demonstration in London was addressed by the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and Anne-Marie Waters, the 'For Britain' candidate in the Lewisham East by-election who finished in seventh place with 266 votes - 1.2%. 

Many of us think that Tommy Robinson deliberately courted arrest, and we are suspicious of Anne-Marie Waters and Geert Wilders. They rely on a blind hatred of Islam which attracts the worst elements of the far-right. Julian Leppert posted the following message on Facebook on Sunday, June 10: 

During my own time within it (2001-2011) the British National Party worked very hard to finally bury those negative stereotypes from the 80s (skinheads, football hooligans etc), and present a smart, professional image for British nationalism that wouldn't alienate the wider public to our cause. Then Tommy came along with his EDL marches and brought all those horrible images of yobby pissed-up geezers looking for a punch-up right back into the public consciousness, providing validation to the left, and propaganda ammunition for the anti-British media to discredit the patriotic movement with. The EDL may have gone, but Tommy's fans are still out doing our enemies job for them quite splendidly in his name, as seen in London yesterday. In the scheme of things, is the cult of Tommy a help or a hindrance? 

This Land is Our Land - Don Andrews

Nationalist Party Of Canada - 

Yes, the “land” was here before Europeans arrived. In fact, it was here before aboriginals first crossed the Bering Strait. But the “land” is not the nation. The “land” is not “Canada”. And one can’t credibly deny that the British and French were the primary founders of the nation called “Canada”. It should also be noted that the newcomers from “non-traditional” sources who arrived in the wake of the pivotal shift to Official multiculturalism more than four decades ago most probably did so because they found this “nation” of Canada superior to the countries they left. That is to say, it appears that those accursed “White settlers” and their descendants didn’t do such a bad job of building this nation after all.

Yet it is the Multicultural project to transform this nation, the nation that immigrants have found so attractive, into something resembling the nations of those immigrants have fled. And it looks like they are halfway there. In 1981 there were 6 ethnic enclaves in Canada. By 2010 there were 260. Obviously, Canada is in the midst of a vast experiment in social engineering. The question we need to ask, as lab rats, is, “Is this really a good thing?” “Diversity”, we are constantly told is a strength. In a masterpiece of Orwellian double-speak, the Multicultural lobby assures us that there is “unity in diversity”. A look at the rest of the world, however, would not confirm this belief.

You don’t believe me? Then ask the people of what used to be Yugoslavia. Ask the people of Syria or Iraq. Ask Ukrainians. Ask Russians. Ask Ruandans, Ask Sri Lankans. Ask just about every people in the world. You don’t even have to look far. Take a look at America’s experiment with “integration” right now. Look how it descended into tribalism. Look beyond soap operas and movies and the make-belief world that the American media presents. Look at America at the ground level. Look at cities, towns, neighbourhoods and college campuses. You will see clusters of African-Americans over here, clusters of Hispanics over there, and clusters of “whites” sitting or standing alone in the corner. This is not a function of mandated “apartheid”, but voluntary segregation. For many parts of America Martin Luther King’s dream has not come to pass. In fact, America is growing further apart, and “Coming Apart”, as Charles Murray’s book of that title suggests. In the words of Coloradan writer Mike Folkerth, “The United States is the most fractured society on earth – the most fractured culture.”

The make-belief world that the media presents and the unrelenting torment of state propaganda will not conceal these facts. The spin machine will not ultimately succeed in perpetuating the “Diversity illusion”, as British author Ed West calls it, no more than the Communist state of Yugoslavia succeeded in convincing its citizens and the world at large that its ethnic blocs were living in blissful harmony.
Multiculturalists, of course, insist that Canada is unique. That Canada can make multiculturalism work: that so far it is a roaring success, and is a model for the world to follow. That those who say otherwise are a delusional fringe without credibility, people who need to be excluded from public forums, ostracized or even punished for spreading “hateful” messages. Rather than acknowledge the inherent division that exists between incompatible ethnic groups, they accuse those who point out this division as divisive!

The Communist establishment in the Soviet bloc said similar things about dissidents: that they were insane; that they should be detained in prison or confined to mental asylums. They were tiny anti-social elements who disputed what was obvious: that the socialist state was a Workers’ Paradise where all ethnic groups got along.

But suddenly in the late 80s and early 90s, the truth came out. The command economy had been a failure, socialism wasn’t working and ethnic nationalism was alive and well.


Our politicians have lost touch with reality. Being unable to grasp the great changes that have taken place they have retreated into a world of fantasy.  

The Tories are still singing "Britannia Rules the Waves" but they were only able to send a frigate to counter a perceived Russian threat in the Middle East. They want to have their own space program when we leave the EU, but they are having to increase taxes to pay for the National Health Service. And they talk about spending untold billions designing and building a satellite navigation system that the Americans and the Europeans have already perfected. 

The Labour Party wants to spend more on the NHS, the police, education, social services, and everything else but they don't say where the money will come from. They promise that increased public spending will revive the economy and produce plenty for all. But their record in government tells a different story. Every Labour government without exception has resulted in economic disaster. Their dream of prosperity is never realised.

The Lib-Dems, the Greens, and Ukip are up against an unfair 'first past the post' system that is rigged in favour of the Old Gang. We urgently need proportional representation but when we had a referendum on voting reform the far right parties campaigned against it!

he public imagines that parliamentary democracy is 'government by the people' but it's really government by big business. Our elected MPs take their orders from the unelected bosses of international corporations. The political parties depend upon their donations and they would not bite the hand that feeds them.

We must face the fact that we are no longer a world power. Now that the British Empire has gone we are a medium-sized country that imports half of its food and fuel. We have an immigrant-swollen population of 66.5 million, and a National Debt of £1.7 trillion. We can't afford a high seas fleet or our so-called 'independent' nuclear deterrent. According to CND, upgrading the Trident missile system will cost £100 billion. The logical thing to do is to trade with our neighbours and co-operate with them on defence and security. Instead, the Old Gang are wallowing in nostalgia and dreaming of past glories. 

Hard Copy Publications

Every political movement used to have its own newspaper or magazine. Some of them were professionally printed and others were typewritten and duplicated. But none of them ever made any money. There are still a few hard copy publications left but most of them have gone over to the Internet.

aper, printing and postage are prohibitively expensive and the violent thugs of the anti-fascist movement would threaten anyone daring to sell newspapers or magazines.

he Internet is available to us provided that we choose our words carefully and keep within the law, but nothing is achieved by going to prison.

This is not just a problem for small political parties, 'The Independent' has switched to the Internet and other newspapers are likely to follow. All of them are losing circulation but their online versions are forging ahead. The days of mass circulation newspapers are numbered but the rise of the Internet enables us to reach people without standing on street corners in the rain trying to sell papers to a disinterested public.

In the old days we were lucky to sell twenty or thirty copies but now we get hundreds of visitors to our websites without getting wet or being assaulted by anti-fascists. Those hard copy publishers still in business must be congratulated for their staying power but the future is with the Internet. 'European Outlook' and 'Nation Revisited' will, therefore, cease hard copy publication with this issue. Most families nowadays have got laptops, tablets or smartphones, and those without can use Internet cafes or public libraries. If you're not sure how to log on ask your grandchildren.

The Brexit Dividend

Tory government has promised a Brexit Dividend of £20 billion for the National Health Service. But Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies said: "There is literally, arithmetically, no money." In reality, it will come from higher taxes but workers on minimum wages don't pay much income tax, and some of them are so poorly paid that they qualify for state benefits.

Our police, firefighters, teachers and medical staff cannot afford to live in the cities they serve because of unaffordable rents and mortgages. And the long-promised construction of social housing is not happening fast enough.

Immigration is down - at least from Europe -  but the resulting shortage of workers has highlighted skills shortages throughout the economy. Theresa May abandoned her cap on immigration because we can't stop importing Indian doctors or Polish plumbers until we train enough of our own people. 

We will soon have two massive aircraft carriers equipped with unbelievably expensive American aircraft but we lack the support ships, sailors, marines, technicians, and pilots to make them viable.

All of these failings are the result of a short-term mentality linked to a five-year parliamentary cycle. Politicians are almost incapable of thinking ahead because they don't expect to be in power in five years time. Instead of planning for the future they blunder on and hope for the best. 

This irresponsible behaviour is compounded by the practice of shuffling ministers. The Minister of Health suddenly becomes the Minister of Defence, or the Home Secretary takes on the duties of the Minister for Education. It would make more sense if the Minister for Heath was a medical man, the Minister for Defence an ex-serviceman, and so on. What Mosley used to call "Government by experts."

We went decimal way back in 1971 but we are still using pints and miles alongside litres and kilometres. The 'Daily Mail' perpetuates an obsolete temperature scale and avoirdupois weights and measures while industry and the military are fully metric.      

Britain was saved in the Second World War by great men like Robert Watson-Watt, the father of Radar, Barnes Wallis who designed the Wellington bomber and the bouncing bomb, Reginald Mitchell who designed the Spitfire, Sydney Camm who designed the Hurricane, and Alan Turing, the brilliant codebreaker who pioneered computers. Winston Churchill was an accomplished actor and Clement Attlee was a good administrator but it was our scientists and engineers that won the war. We hope that history repeats itself because our politicians are practically useless.

If we rounded up a gang drunks and derelicts sleeping in doorways, and gave each of them a hot meal, a bath and a new suit of clothes, they would surely make better Cabinet ministers than blustering - "fuck business" - Boris Johnson, dithering David Davies, catatonic Chris Grayling, or ghastly Gavin Williamson. We have never had such a pathetic troop of clowns in charge of us.

Jez Turner

Our comrade Jez Turner is serving 12 months in prison for criticising the Jews. He went to a boarding school and served in the British Army, so he is well used to spartan conditions. I can report that he is in good spirits and making use of the prison library and chapel. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

You can write to Jez at the following address:

Jeremy Bedford Turner A5544EE
PO Box 5
HMP Wandsworth
Heathfield Road
London SW18 3HU


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