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European Outlook # 74 May 2022

Fallen Empires

The troubles in the Middle East can be traced back to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Under the Caliphate, Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Arabs, and Jews were all subjects of the Sultan. Equality was guaranteed in return for loyalty, but any revolt against the empire, such as the Armenian rebellion,  was put down with extreme violence.

The war in Ukraine results from the demise of the Soviet Union but its roots go much deeper. Before the First World War, Ukraine was divided between the Austo-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire. The Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine was founded by Vladimir Lenin during the Russian Civil War.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar were all part of the British Empire. Today, Kashmir is disputed between India and Pakistan, the persecuted Rohingya people of Myanmar are fleeing to Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka is recovering from bitter fighting between Sinhalese and Tamils. All these nations were ruthlessly kept in check under the Britsh Raj. The Indian Mutiny of 1857 cost the lives of 6,000 Britons and 800,000 Indians.

Empires were harsh masters but they provided centuries of stability. Since they were broken up their constituent nations have fallen prey to nationalism, racism, and bigotry. New empires are emerging in the form of the European Union, the Russian Federation, China, India. and the United States. If they can agree on their respective spheres of influence we could have world peace, but if one empire wants to dominate the rest it could lead to war: nuclear war.

With good will, political, racial, and religious differencies can be overcome. The real problem is America's addiction to 'exceptionalism', the belief that they should run the world. If that can be controlled humanity might have a chance.


I have recently fallen foul of 'Community Standards' on three different social media platforms. I thought that a hostile blog inspector was reading my posts, but I am told that an algorythm is to blame. I am being monitored by mathematical methods.

There has been an increase in censorship of late, and the government is planning even stricter rules. Former prime minister Gordon Brown's dictum: "British Jobs for British Workers," will almost certainly become illegal, and so will "Britain for the British." Anyone advocating an end to non-European immigration is liable to be arrested, charged with 'hate crime', and confined to a prison dominated by violent aliens.

I have always maintained that we can express our opinions without breaking the law, just by being careful, but it's getting harder. Any mention of the high crime rate in 'enriched' areas is likely to aggravate the algorythm, and any enquiry into the Holocaust is met with screams of 'antisemitism.'

Being barred from social media is an inconvenience but some naive youngsters have recieved long prison sentences just for belonging to a student group called National Action. This is the first time that a political party has been proscribed since Oswald Mosley's BUF in 1940. The state pulled the same trick then by using anti-terrorist laws to ban a political party. Defence Regulation 18B was designed to stop the IRA, and the Counter-Terrorism Act is supposed to stop the current wave of terrorists with Middle East connections.

This savage censorship goes against the tide of liberalism. Things that used to be unspoken are now disgussed, but race and nation are practically tabboo subjects. Even old films shown on the Talking Pictures TV channel carry a warning if they are thought to contain racist or offensive language. 

The war in Ukraine has prompted the government to ban Russian Television. We are not allowed to hear the other side of the argument. According to mainstream media, President Putin is mad, old, dictatorial and warlike, but President Zelinsky (pictured) is young, handsome, courageous, and peaceful. Isn't democracy wonderful? 

Spies and Traitors

Nick Griffin, the former leader of the British National Party, no longer has a professional website, a trashy newspaper, and a glossy magazine but he is still trying to make an impression on social media.  He is abused by disappointed former supporters who blame him for the collapse of the BNP; instead of admitting that it was eclipsed, first by UKIP, and then by the lunatic fringe of the Tory Party.

There's very little difference between the narrow nationalist policies of the various factions of the far-right. They all want to stop free movement of labour within Europe, they all support Brexit, and they all wave Union Jacks at every opportunity. A simple-minded populism that appeals to the brainwashed masses.

Nick Griffin is accused, amongst other things, of being a state agent. This is par for the course, almost every nationalist leader has been suspected of treachery, but even agents provocatuers can be good writers, speakers, and organisers. William Joyce was an informer for the British Army in Ireland who almost certainly worked for MI5 when he defected to Germany to broadcast Nazi propaganda, but nobody doubts his courage and sincerity.

The so-called far-right in the UK has been riddled with government agents since the British Fascists was founded by Miss Rotha Lintorn-Orman in 1923. Charles Maxwell Knight (pictured), was a MI5 officer who was appointed BF Director of Intelligence in 1924, to protect them from infiltrators! Every subsequent fascist movement has been similarly spied on, and some of them were actually founded by MI5. Nationalist leaders are protected by caeserism, but political movements essentially founded on paranoia are bound to be suspicious, and hero worship can easily turn to hatred.

When Oswald Mosley announced that Jews were welcome to join Union Movement some of his members were upset. One old Blackshirt told me that he never expected a long line of Jews at 302 Vauxhall Bridge Road seeking membership, but  he was afraid that it would let in spies. 

Rufus of the 'News From Atlantis' blog summed up the situation in 2019:

"I broke with the organised supremacists years ago. I spoke out against National Action before they were banned. Taking a step back allowed me to see the mess of the totally compromised far-right, with its mixture of paid state agents (including undercover police), mentally unstable alcoholics/drug addicts, low life losers, hobbyists and dangerous cranks. The few good people involved risk their personal safety, and their liberty by associating with people who are only ever a pint away from inviting police attention through acts of provocation and/or outright stupidity. We dont need to put ourselves at risk. We can stand strong with friends, with family, looking out for each other, helping each other in real terms - giving physical and emotional support to others when in need. The likes of NA, EDL, Tommy Robinson, Daily Stormer, racist Gab users, apologists for Brenton Tarrant are a gift to those who seek absolute control. Avoid them like the plague that they are. Build our communities, look after each other. The struggle is now really a struggle for survival. The cranks have never been any help, and will always be a weapon against us. Make connections online to be sure, but make a difference in the real world - the only one that matters."

Will Wright wrote on the Anglo Celtic blog:

"National Action – has been declared to be a terrorist group, by Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. This was because they applauded the assassination of the Searchlight/Hope Not Hate-supporting Labour MP, Jo Cox by a mentally unwell man. Masked men giving stiff right arm salutes is not the right path for nationalists. The Establishment is looking for any excuse to ban nationalist groups. Islamic terrorist supporters are crying out for ‘even-handedness’ – they want nationalist groups banned. It is idiocy to give the Government that excuse. In any case, terrorism cannot succeed. Only a mass movement and a political party can effect the necessary change to our country. NA is a dangerous dead end and authentic nationalists should avoid it like the plague."

Crime and Corruption

Some years ago an Englishman serving in the Hong Kong Police was found guilty of corruption on the simple evidence of his bank account. The authorities knew how much he earned, what he was spending, and how much he was saving. If the same test was applied to local government officers, senior police officers, and members of parliament, we would need to build a dozen more prisons to accomodate them.

With breathtaking hypocrisy we Brits accuse foreigners of corruption but we seldom acknowledge our own shortcomings. Prime minister Tony Blair was questioned three times by the police in 2006-7 about the Cash-for-Honours scandal, but he wasn't charged.  All governments have been suspected of taking bribes but Boris Johnson's regime is riddled with corruption. He dishes out peerages and lucrative contracts to his mates without a trace of embarrassment; he accepted massive donations from Russian oligarchs, and he lied to parliament about parties at No 10 during the Covid lockdown.

Public opinion is made by the mass media which generally turns a blind eye to corruption. Could it be that the proprietors of the popular press and television channels are part of the web of criminality covering the establishment?

The UK is run by a small group of extremely wealthy landowners who send their children to the same exclusive schools and mix in the same circles. They are often related, well connected, and unbelievably greedy. Marriages are made for money and conventional morality is unknown to them. The leading families can be traced back to the Normans who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066. They used brute force to steal everything they could lay their hands on, and their descendands are still robbing us a thousand years later.

When crime or corruption is suspected in the UK a court of inquiry is set up to look into it. This usually consists of law makers and enforcers that crawled out of the same swamp as the subjects of their enquiries. It's therefore unsurprising when they find that nothing nefarious has taken place.

More drastic measures have been used by authoritarian regimes. According to Human Rights Watch, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq disposed of 250,000 people suspected of corruption when he came to power in 1979.
Somewhere, between our soft approach and Saddam's tough justice, lies the correct level of judicial action to achieve a decent society.   

Five Questions

Back in 2011, I asked my readers five questions; Who are you? What do you believe in? If you could direct government policy what would you do? What are you proud of and what do you regret? How would you like to be remembered?

I received replies from;
John Bean, NR # 76, Feb 2011
Robert Edwards, NR # 77, Mar 2011
Bill Baillie, NR # 78, Apr 2011
Michael Woodbridge, NR # 96, Sep 2012
Eddy Morrison, NR # 97, Nov 2012
Robert Best, NR # 98, Dec 2012
Arlette Baldacchino, NR # 99, Jan 2013
Alexander Morana, NR # 100, Feb 2013
Rufus, NR # 101, Mar 2013
Pete Williamson, NR  # 103, May 2013
Claire Khaw, NR # 106, Aug 2013
Jane Edwards, NR 107, Sep 2013
Vic Sarson, NR # 109, Nov 2013
Jez Turner, EO # 13, Jan 2015
Michael Walsh, EO # 32, Aug 2016
Seth Tryssen, NR 146, Dec 2018
Ahmed, NR # 166, Aug 2020

To add your name to this impressive list please reply to  

Birth of a Nation

DW Griffiths' epic film The Birth of a Nation was premiered in Los Angeles in 1915. It was the world's first full length feature film, lasting over three hours, and using new techniques such as close ups, moving cameras, and long shots. DW Griffiths who was the son of a Confederate colonel was an unapolagectic racist. His film glorified the Ku Klux Klan, the 'Invisible Empire', that was shown rescuing a town from maurading blacks.

I watched this historic film, all three and a quarter hours of it, with a growing sense of unease. It's the only film I have ever seen that is positively pro white. I expected the plot to suddenly change to show the Klan as thugs and murderers, but it never happened. The carpetbagger politician was shown as a corrupt coward, his mulatto accomplice was a power mad drunk, and the rioting blacks were savages, as opposed to the  plantation servants who were brave and loyal.  

Birth of a Nation is a silent film (the first Talkie was made in 1927) and some of its captions are memorable. When Union veterans combine with Southerners to fight the blacks, the caption reads: "North and South stand together to defend their Aryan heritage."

If DW Griffiths made this film today he would be hounded out of Hollywood, charged with a catalogue of federal offences, and locked up in a Supermax prison for life. The wonder is that it was made in 1915, just thirty years before I was born.

European Outlook
All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We seek reform by legal means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."




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European Outlook # 73 April 2022


Blogging is a way of communicating ideas that was not available years ago. We had leaflets and newsletters of course but they were expensive to produce and hard to distribute. We had to trudge from door to door putting leaflets through letterboxes, or stand on street corners, sometimes in the rain, trying to sell papers. Today it's so much easier, 'Nation Revisited' and 'European Outlook' reach readers all over the world, with very little physical effort.

I salute those dedicated souls who still publish hard copy magazines. Printing and postage is so costly that even commercial titles like 'The Independent' are now online. It must be a constant struggle to produce magazines like; 'Heritage and Destiny', 'Candour', and 'The League Sentinel'. You might wonder why an old Remainer like me reads Brexit-supporting periodicals? The answer is that they are broad-minded enough to print my letters and articles.

When I started 'Nation Revisited' in 2005 I used to print and post 20 or so hard copies for people who were not computer savvy. Unfortunately, they have all passed away.

With the coming of the Internet there is no danger of being soaked to the skin or punched on the nose, but I have to tread the tightrope of censorship. I have upset the 'Community Standards' of most of the social media platforms, but time spent on the naughty step is a small price to pay for getting my message across. And it's a pleasure to receive e-mails and comments from readers. I realise that I can't compete with the mainstream media, but as long as I am able to use a computer keyboard I will continue to campaign against our rotten government of crooks and liars.

'Nation Revisited' is posted on the first of every month, 'European Outlook' is posted less often; whenever I have got enough copy.

Bernard Franklin

I learned of the death of Bernard Franklin from 'Heritage and Destiny'. He was a former deputy chairman of the National Front and the editor of the online magazine 'The Flame'.

I used to meet him at Friends of Mosley socials. I dont know his age but he sent me an e-mail in 2019 in which he described himself as an old age pensioner. He was a fearless opponent of the Money Power. May he rest in peace.

"Since the early 1950s every aspect of our once great country has been destroyed. Only old age pensioners in their seventies, like myself, are aware of the changes that have been made. When we are gone there will be no one left to explain what we have lost to the younger generations. I feel that we need to urge OAPs to become vocal, but that is hard work. Still I am going to urge more of my generation to explain the situation to their children and grandchildren. My daughter and her husband both work but are unable to keep up with the bills. In the 1950s wives didn't work, the families were able to survive and pay all the bills on their husband's wage. In the 1950s and 60s virtually everyone could afford a mortgage so long as you were a regular saver. In 1958 a terraced house in the suburbs of London would have sold for £10,000 , today it would be £500,000. Not that the house would be worth any more, that is how our fraudulent governments have reduced the value of money by just creating it out of thin air. Parliament is run by our enemies and has been throughout my life. The time is long overdue to find our own BRITISH candidates who have the knowledge and skills to run the country. You need no qualifications or knowledge to become a prime or cabinet minister. You only have to be subservient to the political mafia that really rules our country... nay the world. Bernard Franklin

Interview with Piers Mellor for the Archeofuturist Front

Q1. Greetings Bill! How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

A1. I was born in 1945, the last year of the War. I have lived through the demise of the British Empire, the coloured invasion, and the transformation of Britain from an imperial power to a European country. These changes have been traumatic and it's not surprising that some people take refuge in the past.

I issue two blogs,

We have left the EU but any changes will be superficial. Most countries do the majority of their external trade with their near neighbours and we are no exception. There has been much talk about trade deals with China and India but Belgium and Ireland are more important to us as trade partners.
However, European unity is more than trade. We are Europeans by race, culture, history and geography. We should stick together and never repeat the madness of two world wars.

Q2. You have been involved in politics of a "radical right-wing" nature since before most of our members and supporters were born. What advice would you give to young readers at an equivalent juncture to you at the time of your involvement with Union Movement (UM) and League of Empire Loyalists (LEL)?

A2. When I first got involved with politics a small party could either engage in stunts like the League of Empire Loyalists or hold marches and meetings like Union Movement. Today we have the Internet which gives us much greater scope.

Q3. How did popular attitudes in the 1950s and 60s differ from today - were the masses more receptive to "radical-right" ideas before the advent of political correctness, or did hostility to anything redolent of "fascism" after WW11 overide this?

A3. The 50s were a time of austerity and hardship in which radical parties of left and right attracted an audience. By the mid-60s conditions started to improve and people were more interested in buying cars and taking holidays than storming the barricades. Antifascist propaganda and political correctness played their part but I believe that radical movements can only succeed in times of desperation.

Q4. What do you think of the state of "radical" and "dissident" politics in Britain today? Are there any organizations you consider close to your own views, or that you see as worth supporting tactically?

A4. The National Front and the BNP clung to pre-war policies like Imperial Preference, but WW11 changed the world completely. They also promoted a crude form of racism that offended the general public. Most people were against coloured immigration but they didn't like overt discrimination. The existing far-right movements are far too nationalistic. I recognise their patriotism but I cannot support any of them. But then I am not familiar with the Archeofuturist Front.

Q5. You are a critic of the Brexit process. Archeofuturist Front opposes petty-nationalism but also opposes the present EU setup, which we see as an instrument of globalization. Do you think that the concept of a pan-European autarkic power bloc as promoted after WW11 by such figures as Mosley, Francis Parker Yockey, and Jean Thiriart is still achievable If so, how do you see it being realized in the present climate?

A5. The great thinkers of European Unity could not have predicted the speed of globalism under the Pax Americana. But far from being an instrument of globalism the EU is a force for geopolitical unity. Our spat with the EU is a temporary setback but European Unity is inevitable. In the words of Oswald Mosley: "Tribes struggled up to nations, and nations became mighty empires."

Q6. For the past 18 months, Britain and Europe, and most of the rest of the world has effectively been under medical martial law. What are your thoughts on Covid-19 and the international response to it - a genuine global health emergency, or a grossly disproportionate reaction to a not especially lethal flu-type virus? Or something more sinister, like the "Great Reset" theories were hearing from various quarters?

A6. The Covid pandemic is a real medical emergency requiring international action. Most conspiracy theories are false; the obvious answer is usually the right one.

Q7. What do you think about the recent withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan - does it herald a genuinely less interventionist role for USA on the world stage in years to come, or simply a recalibration? Do you think tensions between USA, China and Russia could boil over into a shooting war? And where does Britain stand in all this?

A7. The Afghans have resisted every invasion from the time of Alexander the Great. They defeated the British, the Soviets, and now the Americans. They practice a distorted version of Islam which bans music, confines women to bondage, and glorifies death and destruction. Perhaps the Chinese will have more luck with them.
I don't think that the Afghanistan situation will lead to war between the great powers. But whatever happens Britain should mind her own business.

Q8. Finally, are there any other thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

A8. Beware of Dogma. When things change our opinions must change too. I started out as an Empire Loyalist but after spending five years in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand I realised that the old white dominions have developed their own nationalism and that our future lies with Europe. Unfortunately, half of the British electorate have yet to learn this lesson.

Coloured immigration has changed our national demographic but we are still 90% white; still the same people who did such great things in the past. Be proud to be British and European and never let the inverted racists distort history.

Economic Warfare

The hate campaign against Germany started as soon as Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, long before he marched into the Rhineland, annexed Austria, and invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland. It started as a boycott of German goods and ended in the bloodbath of WW11.

At the same time the United States imposed economic sanctions on Japan in support of their Chinese allies. In July 1941 the US froze Japanese assets which crippled their overseas trade and led directly to the attack on Pearl Harbor five months later. Cut off from supplies of oil and rubber the Japanese had no choice; they had to secure their resources.

In recent times we have seen the European regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa brought down by sanctions. It was not African guerilla armies that defeated Ian Smith and PW Botha but governments in London and Washington. It's natural for decent people to side with their own kith and kin, but that doesnt apply to our degenerate politicians.

American-led sanctions against Iran forced them to abandon their nuclear ambitions. They did as they were told but they are still being pesecuted. Iranian hospitals are short of vital drugs and their children are going hungry. This inhuman economic war is being waged against Iran because their former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once called for Israel to be "wiped off the map."

Venezuela once had a thriving economy based on oil exports but a combination of populist policies brought in by President Hugo Chavez, unstable oil prices, and brutal sanctions enforced by the United States, have reduced the country to starvation. In 2007 the Chavez government nationalised the American oil giants Exxon Mobile and Conoco Phillips, the US reacted by enforcing sanctions that effectively destroyed the Venezuelan economy.

Sanctions give the lie to the concept of 'free trade'. The US has always used economic warfare to impose their foreign policy. This was clearly demonstrated when they used economic threats to order Britain and France out of Egypt in 1956.

Sanctions sound harmless enough but they are really a form of economic warfare. The sanctions imposed on Russia are being led by an ungrateful Boris Johnson who has forgotten the Russian donations that swayed the Brexit referendum and put him in power. These sanctions are extensive and damaging, not just to Russia but to all countries taking part. We are more likely to influence President Putin by developing mutual trade than by trying to destroy his economy. The future of Europe must be decided by rational discussion; not by confrontation. We can only hope that the current hate campaign doesn't end in a nuclear war.

Robert Lyons

Hello Bill. thank you very much for the latest editions of Nation Revisited and European Outlook, I greatly enjoyed reading both. I especially enjoyed reading what you wrote about John Bean. I spent many hours with John Bean, Colin Jordan, and John Tyndall back in '61, of the three I would have picked John Bean as being the most NS at the time, how wrong I was. I remember Rockwell asked me the same question and I answered the same way not knowing that he planned to visit the next year, as far as I know he never met Bean. Both Tyndall and Jordan held their true feelings and plans close to the vest in '61. In the end you could have knocked me over with a feather the way everything played out.
Thanks again, Bob

European Outlook: As a young Empire Loyalist, I met Robert Lyons in 1961 when he came over from America to represent the National States Rights Party at the old BNP camp in Narford. This event attracted comrades from many movements and nations; Gerhard Raisin from Germany, Max Morf from Switzerland, Giuseppe Torrracca from Italy, and an unofficial delegation from Union Movement. I stayed in contact with them, but with the passing of time most of them have passed away, in fact, there are very few of us left.


Friendly websites and publications are welcome to use articles from Nation Revisited and European Outlook providing that they are attributed as such.

Nation Revisited

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European Outlook

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We seek reform by legal means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."





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European Outlook # 72 March 2022

Language and Thinking: Vic Sarson

Over the years I have assisted in winding up the affairs of deceased persons of the older age groups, of which I am now one. In reading through items of correspondence what always struck me was that despite being ordinary artisans they possessed a wide and deep vocabulary. They may not have used it in their daily social intercourse but could call upon it when needed and use words and phrases with greater precision than is common today, even from people who have been to university. BBC English was once the standard that everone tried to live up to. Now it has become debased and will in a generation or so become a gibberish.

But think about it politically. Language is a thinking tool: people think in terms of the language that they and their contemporaries use and what they recieve from radio and TV. For example, when John Major was still PM someone at Conservative Central Office put out the comment: "John Major is a decent man," and before you knew it those words were rolling off the lips of every other mug in the street.

If peoples' thinking is determined by the language they know - instead of the other way round - and if that language is corrupted and debased, confusing their understanding of anything and everything, then it is easy to control what they think, especially when political correctness' is applied.

Hence we have politicians like Tony Blair, Dave Cameron, Boris Johnson, to name a few. Shallow, vacuous, self-serving opportunists that couldn't hold down an ordinary job in the private sector. All they have to commend them is youthful looks and being photogenic. In this era a Winston Churchill, a Clement  Attlee (pictured) or a Harold Macmillan would stand no chance.

John Bean's Correspondence

Marion Bean has sent me John Bean's political effects. There is nothing from his time in Union Movement but there is correspondence from1956 with AK Chesterton, and a fascinating exchange of letters with his old sparring partner John Tyndall. 

JB wrote to JT on 21 July 1994.

"As I am sure you know, you and I had and still have differencies of opinion on many issues, not least that I believe that Jews were put to death in 42-45 in large numbers and I condemn it. As an individual not alligned to any movement, I feel that by maintaining my moderate stance - as in the BBC2 Timewatch programme - there is still a possibility that I may be able to appear on a future programme  where a producer like Jonathan Stamp wants to discuss the race issue, viz BBC2's new programme "Heretics" where last Tuesday Professor Hans Eyesenck came under fire for maintaining the fact that there were genetic differencies between the races. In consequence, I have written a stiff letter to the editor of "Ariel", pointing out that Rosen's comments on me as a "criminal" are libellous. I have also explained the situation re; the sixties BNP and your BNP and stated that I do not share all your views. The "all" is there particularly in relation to Jews and the holocaust. They probably won't publish it , but if they do I want you to appreciate  it is a statement of fact and not a personal vendetta against John Tyndall.

They probably won't publish it, so that is the end of the matter. I am sure that you will treat this correspondence as private."

JT replied to JB on 1 August 1994:

"You are under a misapprehension about the present BNP concerning the 'holocaust' or indeed on Jews. The party has no policy on any matters relating to foreign countries and belonging to the past. You will not find any public declaration  by the BNP on the 'holocaust' or indeed on Jews. We certainly do sell books through the BNP Book Service dealing with these subjects, as we sell many books written by independent authors and published by groups independent from the BNP, but that is another matter. When asked in interviews about the BNP position on the 'holocaust' I reply that there is no position - except that we believe that there should be free public discussion on the subject, just as on any other subject of historical interest. 

I can quite readily appreciate that it is sometimes desirable, in order to grab an opportunity for a public platform, not to get involved publicly in the 'holocaust' argument. I therefore do not criticise your non-involvement in the issue in the public context. However, I am utterly astounded to hear that you actually believe privately in the 'holocaust' myth. There has in recent years been a rich bibliography of writings which conclusively repudiate the idea that there was any planned and governmentally determined  scheme to exterminate the Jews in Europe at any time during 1933-45 - although few would deny that there were localised atrocities committed on the orders of minor commanders and officials under duress of the brutalising influence of war. This of course happened on both sides.

You will surely have heard of the Institute for Historical Review, based in Los Angeles, which over the past decade or so has turned out a massive wealth of documentary evidence refuting the 'holocaust' theory. I visited and spoke to the heads of this organisation in LA during a speaking tour of the States which I undertook in 1991, and found them to be exremely intelligent and well-informed people. I enclose a recent copy of their most important publication, The Journal of Historical Review, which is one of several ones I recieve regularly from around the world as part of a trade-in for free Spearhead subscriptions. I thoroughly reccomend this as good reading."

The animosity between the two men dated from the split in the original BNP in 1962. John Bean led the moderate faction but John Tyndall sided with Colin Jordan. They also disagreed about Europe, JB believed in European confederation but JT wanted to recover the British Empire. However, their real difference was in temperament, JT was a fantasist who denied the Holocaust and dreamed of deporting all the black and brown people from Britain, but JB was a realist who agreed with Otto von Bismarck that "politics is the art of the possible."

The Ongoing Debate

It's six years since the referendum on Britain's membership of the EU but as Brexit unravels, and more and more people regret their decision, the debate continues. The Treaty Of Rome was signed in 1957 and we eventually joined the old Common Market in 1973 under prime minister Ted Heath, but the idea of a united Europe is much older. Oswald Mosley made the following prophetic speech on 25th June 1936, as recorded by Alexander Raven Thomson in his 1947 booklet 'Mosley: What They Said: What He Is.'

"What, then, is the alternative to the present League of Nations? The only alternative is the union of Europe, as opposed to the division of Europe under the old Balance of Power, which now wears the tattered label 'League of Nations'. The Union of Europe was the determination of the War generation at the end of the War, and the hope that the League of Nations would achieve that ideal alone led to its support.

Meanwhile, with cant of League and Peace, the Financial Democrats divide Europe in their vendetta, which jeopordises the peace of the world, while they neglect the first duty of any Government in the present situation, which is to arm Britain with the utmost speed against any contingency or threat. In the confusion the collapse of British Foreign Policy but one alternative emerges, and that is the Union of Europe, which alone can rest on a bloc of the Great Powers united in common interest and inspired by a new world ideal.

The balance of power has returned, with Britain on the wrong side of the balance. We declare instead for the Union of Europe."

Oswald Mosley published 'The Alternative' in 1947 setting out his policy of 'Europe a Nation' which he first suggested in 1936. He was up against the hostility of a war-weary population indoctrinated with antifascist propaganda and Old Gang politicians that feared his crusade against plutocracy. But his ideas on Europe and social reform survived, and they are still relevant. We have a corrupt Tory government committed to global capitalism and a Labour opposition that's almost as bad, but nothing lasts forever. According to a YouGuv poll of January 2022, 38% of respondents support Brexit but 50% think that it was a mistake.

British Government Hypocrisy

Chagos Islanders in Mauritius. Photo The Independent

The British Government accuses Russia and China of violating human rights but it befriends Saudi Arabia, where an absolute monarch rules by decree and makes war on neighbouring Yemen. This hypocrisy results from lucrative arms sales to the desert kingdom which is a major producer of oil and gas.

But it's not always commercial advantage that motivates British foreign policy. Britain issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917 which led to the creation of the state of Israel. Arthur Balfour, Britain's foreign secretary, hoped that it would give the Jews a country of their own, but he gave no thought to the Palestinians whose land it was. Today, the Palestinians are treated with contempt by the Israelis with the support of most parties at Westminster. Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the Labour Party, was accused of antisemitism and hounded out of his party for supporting the Palestinians.

Diego Garcia is an island in the remote Chagos group in the Indian Ocean that was administered by Mauritius until 1966 when it was leased to the United States for fifty years, in return for a discount of $14 million on missile purchases. The Americans wanted it to build a military base, but first the islanders had to  be deported to Mauritius. The British government estimated the population at 900 but Mauritius put it at 3,000.

At first the British government tried 'hostile environment' tactics to encourage the islanders to leave. People returning from medical treatment abroad were denied entry, families were split up and their pets were killed, and when these measures failed brute force was used.

The deportation of the islanders went ahead with the promise that they could return at some time in the future. The lease expired in 2016 but it has been extended until 2036, and despite a United Nations ruling that the islands be returned to Mauritius the British government has refused to comply.

The mistreatment of 3,000 poor Indian Ocean islanders can't be compared in terms of numbers to the fate of millions of Uyghurs, Ukrainians, or Palestinians, but the principle is the same. We should save our condemnation of other nations until we put our own house in order.

Europe and Russia

The confrontation between Russia and NATO over Ukraine is encouraged by the 'Military-Industrial Complex' in order to sell arms, not just to Ukraine but to all the neighbouring states. If these states can't afford to buy weapons and computer systems, the Americans will be pleased to lend them the money - at a suitable rate of interest.

Instead of Boris Johnson threatening Vladimir Putin he should  worry about things at home. He keeps boasting that we have the fastest growing economy in the G7 group but rising prices and cripplingly high energy costs suggest that all is not well. The Tories blame all our troubles on the Covid pandemic but that won't last forever and sooner or later the calamity of Brexit will be revealed.

It's true that the Russians pursue their enemies all over the world, but so do many other countries including our allies Israel and the United States. American special forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, and Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in Iraq. Mossad killed Canadian scientist Gerald Bull in Brussels, and the British SAS assassinated three IRA terrorist in Gibraltar. These killings were illegal but necessary. They should not allow us to be pushed into war.

The sensible thing to do would be for Britain and the rest of Europe to sign a non-aggression pact with Russia in return for fixed price contracts for gas and oil.

Russia is a major investor in Britain and sanctions will do more harm to us than to them. The Russian Federation stretches from the Baltic to the Pacific and contains unlimited reserves of gas, oil, coal, timber, and all the necessities of a modern economy. Such a formidable nation can't be bullied by the West.

Britain exports goods and services worth £7.6 billion to Russia. The loss of trade would hardly hurt them but it would damage our economy and threaten donations to the Tory Party. The Bank of Russia boasts record reserves of gold and foreign currencies amounting to $630.5 billion. 

There is no compelling reason why Britain should be hostile to a fellow European country like Russia. The days when we ordered the Light Brigade to charge the Russian guns are long gone. The fact is that our continent is shared with the Russian Federation and we must learn to live with them.

European Outlook

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We seek reform by legal means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

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Sunday, 31 October 2021

European Outlook # 71 November 2021


My friend Carl Harley who died last year held strong views. He thought that immigrants to the UK are given priority in housing, jobs and education. He also objected to seeing black and brown faces on television. That was his perspective and it's not surprising that he spent his twilight years shouting abuse at his radio and TV.

Carl campaigned against non-European immigration since the first wave of West Indians landed at Tilbury aboard the Empire Windrush in 1948, first in Union Movement and then in the National Front and finally in the BNP. In his retirement he only spoke to a shrinking group of friends who shared his views. Nobody argued with him so he was convinced that he was right.

I tried to explain to him that there are plenty of disadvantaged immigrants and that the black and brown faces seen on TV only reflect our current population, but he had made his mind up.

The political parties and the mass media are just as dogmatic as Carl, and for much the same reason, because they only talk to themselves. According to the Liberal Consensus we are a proud multiracial country that welcomes immigrants from Asia and Africa. Priti Patel's Immigration controls are designed to close our borders to foreigners, but that excludes people from the Commonwealth, described by its website as: "54 states working together for prosperity, democracy and peace." In reality, apart from the old White Dominion most of the Commonwealth consists of bankrupt dictatorships with booming populations.

Some Britons might be happy with our multiracial status but most of us only accept it because we have no choice in the matter. We need immigrants because we are not having enough children to sustain our economy, that's why we are short of truck drivers, fruit pickers, care workers, doctors, nurses, corn beef inspectors, and construction workers. Unless we reverse this trend, and increase our birth rate, we will have to decide what sort of immigrants we want. Choosing Africans and Asians would be politically correct but a preference for our fellow Europeans would be 'racist' and unacceptable. 

As I predicted before the referendum, many of those who voted to quit Europe because they disliked foreigners are now swamped by Third World immigrants. Government figures show that net immigration to the UK from outside the EU has risen considerably since 2013 (when it was 109,000) to its highest level ever - 282,000.

Boris Johnson's bold statements about taking charge of our borders are so much nonsense. There was never any EU directive preventing Britain from  closing its gates to the Third World. Free movement of labour only applied to Europe. When he made his blustering speech to the Tory faithful at Brighton, Boris failed to mention his recruitment drive to India where he promised the Indians free entry to the UK in return for a trade deal.

The Tories are trying to comply with the public's demand to restrict immigration but they are so wedded to political correctness that they will not stop the Afro-Asian tide. When it comes to immigration Race is the factor that dare not speak its name.

Incoming E-mails 

Dear Bill,

Thanks for another enjoyable blog. I was very pleased to see the Eddy Morrison posthumous article.

I first met Eddy at a 'Support the Springboks' demo at Twickenham in 1969. Although never close political friends, by always seeking a new initiative where the grass was greener Eddy was difficult to follow closely. However, I always admired his enduring optimism and idealism.

By contrast, I can't accept that Nick Griffin's criticism of cranky anti-Semites, which you quote with approval, were anything other than Nick's attempt to gain a spurious respectability. The give-away to Nick's intellectual dishonesty, in my opinion, is the fashion by which he lumped his enemy, John Tyndal, alongside wilder exponents of anti-Jewish sentiment, such as Arnold Leese.

I was at the BNP foundation meeting when, depite sustained pressure, JT resisted vociferous calls for the new BNP to exclude Jews from membership. In contrast to Nick's temporising, I would much prefer Arnold Leese's brutal honesty, provided of course that Leese or those like him never got to use a gas oven for much more than cooking the Sunday roast!

Best regards. Michael Woodbridge

Dear BilI,

I was sorry to learn from your blog of the death of Gordon Strange. He and I worked together during the active decade of the BNP 2001-2010.

Dennis Whiting, Nominating Officer and Chairman of Patria

Thursday, 30 September 2021

European Outlook # 70 October 2021

Arnold Leese

The archivist and historian Stephen Swinfen recently criticized me in the pages of Heritage and Destiny for not showing sufficient respect for Arnold Leese. I never knew Arnold Leese so I can only go by what I have read, and what I was told by former members of his Imperial Fascist League, men such as Phil Ridout, Ron Hargrave and Bill Barnes. They greatly admired him but some of his contemporaries were not so impressed. Stephen wrote:

"I was shocked to see dispariging disrespect for Arnold Leese, described as a "crank", who was in truth an outstanding student of the Royal Veterinary College and practitioner of that profession, a commissioned officer in WW1 and a brave patriot and an absolute legend, forthright in his opinions."

Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists was inspired by Italian Fascism which was based on the State: 

"Everything for the State, nothing against the State, nothing outside the State."

Italy did not introduce racial laws until 1938, and General Francisco Franco defeated the Spanish Red Republic with the help of his Morroccan troops, but German National Socialism was based entitely on Race:

"All that is not Race in the world is dross."

Arnold Leese was attracted to the German model.

After the war those British fascists who had avoided the grisly fate of William Joyce and John Amery, emerged from detention unrepentant. Arnold Leese celebrated the peace by publishing 'The Jewish War of Survival', in which he blamed the Jews for starting the war. He had not modified his views since he wrote in his newspaper 'The Fascist' in 1935:

"It must be admitted that the most certain and permanent way of disposing of the Jews  would be to exterminate them by some humane method such as the lethal chamber. It is quite practicable, but (some will say unfortunately) in our own time it is unlikely that the world will demand the adoption of that drastic procedure." 

This matter-of-fact approach to mass murder prompted Oswald Mosley to describe Arnold Leese's Imperial Fascist League as:

"One of those crank little societies mad about the Jews."

Mosley's post-war Union Movement attacked international finance and opposed mass migration from the Commonwealth but played down anti-Semitism. Nevertheless the incessant propaganda surrounding the Hollocaust stuck to Oswald Mosley just as it did to Colin Jordan, Leese's devoted follower.

John Tyndall, who was heavily influenced by AK Chesterton,  wrote in 'The Eleventh Hour':

"At the other extreme, the works of such authors as Arnold Leese tend to overstate the Jewish role to the point, at times, of absurdity, suggesting for instance that Chinese Communism had Jewish origins because Jews were behind the opium trade which was one of the factors giving rise to the revolutionary conditions in China which led to the Maoist victory in 1949!"  

AK Chesterton escaped detention under Defence Regulation 18B by rejoining his old regiment from WW1. After the war he founded the League of Empire Loyalists which acted as a training school for the far-right. He had been a fierce opponent of the Jews as editor of Mosley's 'Blackshirt' newspaper, but now he took a more cautious line. He wrote in 'The New Unhappy Lords':

"Whether or not One World is the secret final objective of Zionism, World Jewry is the most powerful single force on earth and it follows that all the major policies that have been ruthlessly pursued through the last several decades must have had the stamp of Jewish approval. Indeed, common sense applied to such facts as have come to light must lead to the conclusion that the policies, directed against the most cherished Gentile Values, were incubated by adroit Jewish brains and and fulfilled, or carried to the verge of fulfillment, by the dynamism of the Jewish spirit. At the same time, so many Gentiles are associated with the conspiracy, both directly and through the formation of fronts, there are so many Gentile agents and agencies, and so many Gentile governments which have acquiesced in the conspiracy by falling into line with policies inimical to their own national interests, that it would be ludicrous to offload upon Jewish shoulders responsibility for the destruction or near destruction, of Christendom and the Western World. Nevertheless, it would be equally ludicrous to deny the Jewish part, especially where it is admitted."

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party at the peak of its performance, summed up the situation in his Chairman's Blog in 2007:

"Since the days of ancient Rome it has been good and proper policy to say nothing of the dead unless good, but in the interests of future generations of our kind it is essential that genuine nationalists throughout the English-speaking world understand that - well-intentioned and honourable though they might have been as individual men - the Leese, Rockwell, Tyndall, Pierce stain that polluted our cause for half a century was a political, strategic, tactical, moral and practical disaster." 

Nick Griffin has been accused of all sorts of things but in this case his political analysis is correct.

A Reply To A Righteous Jew On Why Whites Are Different - Sam Dickson


A Jewish friend of mine (yes, there are a few such) wrote and expressed his puzzlement about how and why Whites are so resigned to the destruction of the monuments.

I am pasting my reply below:

Here it is:


Americans of all sorts are descended from people who had lower need for community than the people they left behind in their countries of origin.

We know that personality traits are governed by genetics. Americans are predisposed to "look out for #1", to be individualistic and be less inclined to attach to our communities.

This genetic flaw has been acted on and magnified by an education system and entertainment media that denigrates the past and encourages selfishness and self righteousness - what can be called "lonerism."

As you will know even better than most Christians, even better than most "conservative" Christians, there's a odd bit of trivia found in the now forgotten list of "ten commandments" that says one should honor one's father and one's mother.

The Whites who neither care about nor take action to stop the destruction of the monuments are proud products of our American culture.

They really don't care at all. They do not honor their fathers and their mothers. They have contempt for their parents and even more contempt for generations before their parents.

They derive a cheap thrill - what I call "easy virtue" - by taking what they feel are brave stands on issues that really do matter... the slave trade, the Crusaders sack of Jerusalem and the attendant massacre of Muslims in that city, slavery, segregation, McCarthyism. Their positions on such issues define their moral superiority over others. Taking a stand against such evils not only is the right thing to do but also, to them, it shows how brave they are. They are willing to take such stands regardless of the risk to them. After all, this bravery has been something you must have heard when you were in school as I heard about it when I was there. And we still hear today about how brave such people are.

Little things - being nice to your parents, visiting the sick in the hospitals, being polite and gracious to humble people like waiters and waitresses, refraining from saying untruths about others, fidelity to marriage vows, eschewing the worship of graven images, restraining yourself and not engaging in violence, keeping the Sabbath (and I confess to being one of the worst violaters of the Sabbath) ... little things like these are of almost no importance at all in defining how moral you are. It's the big things that matter.

Modern people find it amusing that anyone ever concerned himself about such silly matters and speak laughingly about previous generations - including their parents - who did. One hears such chatter at cocktail parties, in the classroom, on Okra Winfrey and elsewhere.

But you already understand that I should not impose on your time by commenting at such length about such matters.

To these "moderns" it is puzzling why anyone should care about the obliteration of their people's monuments. They are genuinely puzzled. "How would I get anything out of bothering about that?", they think. "Why do these stupid fools care?" 

Then they get one of "life's little extras" - a frisson of pleasure as they learn from the media or their teachers that their indifference is all part of the goodness and moral virtue and those who do care are simply not as well educated, not as enlightened, not as well informed, not as good as they are. Their indifference is a badge of their moral superiority.

If you have ever watched "Gone With the Wind", you may recall a scene that speaks to our society and the enlightened Whites that inhabit it.

At the dance in Atlanta during the War an appeal is made for a collection to help the Cause. Melanie Hamilton contributes her wedding ring sorrowfully with a last fond look. The soldier collecting the conribution says, "But, Mrs Wilkes, that's your wedding ring." Melanie replies, "It may do my husband more good in Virginia than on my finger."

Melanie represents the discredited, trivial and badly focused past.

The voice of our time's chic, the up-to-date, the enlightend speaks up. She has seen Melanie admired for contributing her wedding ring and she wants to do a little virtue signalling for herself.

Scarlett takes off her ring, tosses it into the collection box and says, "Here. Take my ring too."

And that irritant Rhett Butler, waspishy comments, "I know just how much that meant to you!"

There is a great verse from one of the books in the Apocrypha called "The Book of Sirich" or "Ecclesiasticus." I am grateful to an idolatrous Papist friend of mine for introducing it to me along with many good things that have come to me through this friendship.

"Do not deny kindness to the dead."

I invariably think of this as I watch the monuments come down.


The AUKUS Treaty

The defence pact between Australia, the UK and the US is intended to counter China. But China is Australia's biggest import and export market. China takes 39% of Australia's exports and sends 27% of her imports - figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 2020.

Australia's second and third trade partners are Japan and South Korea; what the Imperial Japanese used to call the Greater South East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. 

This treaty is a massive arms deal that will equip Australia with a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines built in Australia from parts made in the UK and the US. It replaces a provisional deal with France.

This is a golden opportunity for Boris Johnson to piss off France, wave his sabre at China, and ingratiate himself with America.

There has been lots of talk about "freedom and democracy" but the main reason for the deal is to promote the Military Industrial Complex that's so vital to the American economy. China does not want a war with Australia because she is one of her best customers.

President Joe Biden doesn't want a war with China but he needs to maintain a state of tension in order to keep his defence industry going. It's impossible to exagerate the economic importance of the US defence industry. Millions of people are employed in planning, designing, making, transporting and deploying missiles, ships, planes, armoured vehicles, artillery, machine guns, small arms and amunition. And they all pay taxes to the US Government.

The last time that America was at peace was between the First and Second World Wars, the period known as the Great Depression that brought poverty and hardship to the American people. But such times of peace are rare in a world run by corrupt politicians in the pay of big business.

The alternative would be to covert American industry to building houses, schools and hospitals, but that would not be nearly so profitable to the arms dealers and warmongers who control the US economy. 

European Outlook

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. We seek reform by legal means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."

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