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European Outlook # 93 December 2023

The Beauty of Aryanism - Eddy Morrison - reprinted from The White Nationalist Sept 2015

The late Eddy Morrison had his faults but he was an inspiring speaker and a gifted writer who devoted himself to the nationalist cause. But he was not an insular nationalist, he could see beyond the White Cliffs of Dover, and he fought for the survival of our people throughout the world. His use of the word 'Aryan' is shocking to modern ears but there's nothing sinister about it. An 'Aryan' was originally anyone speaking an Indo-European language, but nowadays it's taken to mean a member of the White Race.

In this world of negativity, where everything that we believe to be true is called a falsehood. In a world where the things we love are turned into objects of hate. In a world where history is continually changed to suit the liberal consensus. In a world of "peace lovers" who sit planning and waging war against our own people - in many cases their own people, it is hard to retain and remember that what we fight for is beautiful.

Today, the greatest possible sin is to be a "racialist." This is fast replacing murder as the worst possible crime you can commit! But what does it mean to us to be a racialist? Are we "haters" or are we people in LOVE with their heritage and their traditions, and who dream a dream of a future world where there is a place in the sun for our people - the Aryans.

To be a racialist for us, the Aryan fighters for freedom, is simply to recognise the beauty of individual races, each striving along its own path to its own destiny. The greatest wish for a real racialist is not an infantile "hatred" of other peoples, which is negative and counter-productive, but the wish to BE OURSELVES, different and separate from other races. They have their own histories and their own lifestyles, let them have them. We have ours and we have our own destiny to pursue - all that we ask is that we be allowed to do that and peace and unmolested.

What is Aryanism? It is the recognition that White people the world over are part of a large race - the Aryan Race, which from time immemorial has been one of the great founders of civilisations and cultures. The Aryans have been culture bearers throughout their long history, back into the dawn of man and it is this of which we are most proud. All we ask of this world is that we be allowed to exist, to live and to flourish. All we ask is to be left alone from the machinations of the Globalists with their "One World - One Race" agenda. All we ask is the right to live. But remember - rights can only be rights if they are fought for, and if we give up the struggle to assert our separate identity as a people, then we forfeit the right to demand freedom to pursue our Aryan goal.

Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Our dream is one of truth and beauty. We must not besmirch it by falling into the trap of being the "racists" that the New World Order would think we are - rather let us show them the beauty of Aryanism and the fact that we are fighting for the truest and most beautiful of causes - fuelled by a deep love and concern for our own people. 

Black Crime in America Surging under Biden - Robert Morningstar

Robert Morningstar photo credit

If you have friends in the Afro-American community, it's time to warn them that things have changed under the Chou Bi-Den Administration and racial tolerance is at the lowest ebb since the 1960s.

Yesterday, a Muslim stabbed a gay black man to death in a Brooklyn gas station (the guy was dancing in pink shorts while gassing up his car).

I think it's time to warn black looters, thugs and anti-White provocateurs that some people (like Muslims and Hindus) "have had enough" and that the "Prime Time era" of looting (reparations) and thuggery promoted by the Mockingbird mass media, Black Lives Matter / Antifa era is over.

This is very sad (and painful) to watch, but if politicians like Governor Newsom of California and Mayor Adams of NYC "look the other way" and order police not to intervene to stop shootings, some store owners certainly will.

And who can blame them?

Trouble Ahead

It now seems likely that the Labour Party will win the next UK general election. The Tories have made such a cock-up of things that even the lacklustre Labour Party is seen as a better alternative.

The sacking of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary and the appointment of ex-prime minister Dave Cameron as Foreign Secretary may be the last act of this tired and clueless government.

The new government will be faced with a catalogue of disasters. Our national debt of £2.5 trillion is about the same as our Gross National Product. This is a staggering amount of money, but it doesn't compare to our national debt in 1945 after five years of war. Then it was more than twice our GDP, and we only finished paying it off in 2006.

There are two ways of dealing with debt; we can either stop spending money, which would result in cutbacks to the National Health Service, the police, education, the military etc, or we can go on borrowing.

A demographic crisis is confronting the developed world. In the UK we have labour shortages due to a birth rate below replacement level. This shortage was being met by Polish and other European workers when we were in the EU, but since we quit Europe many of them have gone home and we are relying on Africans and Asians. We must decide what sort of immigrants we want; fellow Europeans who share our race and culture or Africans and Asians who do not.

Ever since the British Nationality Act of 1948 we have been bombarded with multi-racial and multi-cultural propaganda. Governments both Labour and Tory, and the mass media, have brainwashed us into accepting millions of black and brown immigrants. We are told that they are 'enriching' us and we are urged to 'celebrate diversity'. 

They got away with this nonsense because we were relatively wealthy and people could afford to escape from 'enriched' areas when feral youths rioted and burnt the place down. 

Many coloured immigrants contribute to our society but others blatantly live off the state and form criminal gangs that terrorise parts of the country.

Other problems are longstanding; houses are being built all over the country but most of them are far too expensive and mortgages are hard to come by.

Virtually all public service workers are underpaid and looking for more money. 

The police have more or less given up. Only ten percent of crimes are successfully prosecuted and many people don't bother to report thefts and assaults because the police can not, or will not, take action.

This is the unhappy face of the United Kingdom in 2023. But the situation is not beyond recovery. It's not so much policies that are required as a determination to succeed and the confidence to ignore 'international opinion'; notably that of the United States. Imagine the outraged response if a British prime minister announced a total ban on asylum seekers and a positive program to repatriate illegal immigrants.

We need a prime minister to stand up for Britain, but Kier Starmer is not the man. He led the campaign to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn who dared to criticise Israel, and he supports America's proxy war on Russia. Kier Starmer is a self-confessed Zionist and a Tory in all but name who can't be compared to his namesake Kier Hardy, the Labour pioneer who called for "Britain for the British." The Labour Party's greatest asset is shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves, a trained economist with an open mind on Europe who is recommended by Ken Clarke, the best chancellor we ever had.

One-Sided Newspapers

The mendacity of the mainstream mass media is mind boggling. We are led to believe that the Ukrainians are winning the war with Russia despite informed opinion to the contrary by such distinguished figures as Col Douglas McGregor. Ukraine's 'Spring Offensive' was a total failure but it was reported by our newspapers as a great triumph. Such slavish support for American foreign policy was expected from the Daily Mail and the Express, but even the Times and the Telegraph have joined in the deception.

There was a time when the so-called 'quality' newspapers were objective, but they have long since lost their reputation.. During the Second World War newspapers were subject to government censorship. The Daly Worker was banned at the start of WW2 when it saw the war as a "fight amongst thieves," but as soon as the Nazis attacked the Soviet Union it supported the war effort and the ban was lifted. 

We no longer have state censorship but the press conform to a Zionist editorial policy that spews out lies and misinformation. We are expected to believe that carpet bombing civilians in Gaza is justified because Hamas is hiding under schools, mosques, churches and hospitals.

Any criticism of Israeli terror bombing and ethnic cleansing is shouted down as 'anti-Semitism'; even when it comes from fair-minded Jews, such as Miriam Margolyes, Steven Fry, and Harold Pinter.

Israel briefly won the support of the civilised world when she was attacked by Hamas, but the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinians by the IDF has swung public opinion against them.

For years the BBC and the press had a stranglehold on the news. When the Battle of the Bulge ended in 1945 the American government decided that their casualties were far too high to be reported. They got over it by swapping the casualty figures to show that the Germans had lost the most men. Eventually the truth came out but at the time the general public were bamboozled by bullshit.

The situation is dire but at least we have satellite TV channels and websites to counter the established media. The UK government has shut down Russian Television in a flagrant denial of free speech, but You Tube and the Telegram channels are online and al Jazeera and the Hindustan Times are doing a great job reporting the Middle East conflict.

An interesting tit-bit came from Col Douglas McGregor on You Tube. He quoted Max Hastings who recalled that Bibi Netanyahu praised a battalion of North African and Yemenite Jews for taking the Golan Heights in 1973. He said: "they are good soldiers so long as they have white officers."

Meaningless Labels

The terms left and right as applied to political parties comes from the French Revolution of 1789 when supporters of King Louis XVI sat on the right in the National Assembly and supporters of the Revolution sat on the left. But even in those troubled times there were monarchists who favoured social reform and revolutionaries who would have settled for a constitutional monarchy.

Today, the labels 'left' and 'right' are meaningless. Right-wingers are supposed to support the establishment, but Margaret Thatcher, who is still worshipped by the Tory Party, was a revolutionary who wanted to dismantle the Welfare State, and claimed that "there is no such thing as society." This philosophy is not far removed from Anarchism which promotes the Individual over the State. Margaret Thatcher was the unlikely granddaughter of Peter Kropotkin.

The Labour Party was supposed to be socialists until Tony Blair ditched Clause Four and took Britain into an illegal war in Iraq. Following a period of left-wing enthusiasm under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party under Kier Starmer has moved so far to the centre that it's almost indistinguishable from the Tories. They support America's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and Britain's continued membership of NATO.

To the left of the Labour Party there are small groups of old school communists who compete with the far-right to come bottom of the polls. The Communist Party of Great Britain hasn't had an MP since 1950 when Phil Piratin in Mile End and Willie Gallagher in West Fife both lost their seats.

The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are well supported in parts of the country but they lack the financial backing necessary to make an impression on the parliamentary system.

The Tories are a centre-right party with an extremist faction led by Boris Johnson.

The extra-parliamentary far-right call for national independence but most of them support NATO and American hegemony.

It has been suggested that politics is a circle. That if you keep going left you end up on the right. Remembering the regimes of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia this appears to be true. They fought each other in a bitter ideological war that cost the lives of millions, but there was little difference between them. Both regimes sacrificed liberty for efficiency and preached socialism while practising slavery.

I believe in armed neutrality, proportional representation, a reformed House of Lords, closer ties with Europe, tighter immigration controls, the nationalisation of public utilities, strict banking regulations, social security from the cradle to the grave, and fair wages and working conditions. What does that make me?

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European Outlook # 92 November 2023

Repatriation - Kevin Wilshire

European refugees fleeing from Communism in 1945.

I've often found it rather ironic when members of our liberal 'elite' raise their hands in horror at the very thought of repatriating any of our 'uninvited' guests. Why? It was our own liberal democracy that participated in the forced resettlement of millions of Europeans from their ancestral homelands at the end of WW2.

It wasn't just resettlement though; millions were raped, murdered, tortured and deported to the Soviet Union, never to be seen again. Britain participated in the deportations in a sickening attempt to appease Stalin and the whole story has been successfully airbrushed from history by the establishment.
It was our own liberal democracy that set the precedent for forced demographic displacement but with the added ingredient of mass murder. Remember this the next time that they weep and wail about the 'inhumanity' of sending them back.

European Outlook: The war in the Middle East is bound to bring another wave of asylum seekers to our shores. We don't have the facilities for them but that won't worry the bleeding-heart liberals that believe in open borders. The Palestine crisis must be resolved by dialogue, not ethnic cleansing. It's obvious that Israel intends to drive the Palestinians out of Gaza and into Egypt. Britain must not assist them. Kevin Wilshire is right, instead of welcoming more immigrants we should be sending them back.

The Spirit of Charlie Watts

Those wanting to control immigration have half a dozen political parties to choose from. There is hardly any difference between them. They all put emotion before logic and enthusiasm before reality. They want to increase public spending whilst cutting taxation; a trick that no Chancellor has ever managed. They talk about restoring the issue of money to the Crown, but it really doesn’t matter if money is issued by the Bank of England or the Treasury. A nation’s wealth is based on resources and productivity. Countries that can feed and defend themselves enjoy higher standards of living than those that can't.

The last political party to have intelligent policies was Oswald Mosley’s Union Movement. It had a repatriation policy based on a trade deal with the West Indies, an economic policy based on the Wage Price Mechanism which linked wages to rising productivity, and a housing policy that made house building the responsibility of the national government instead of leaving it to corrupt and inefficient local councils. Unfortunately, the great British public clung to the Old Gang parties, and we are now suffering the consequences.

A patriotic political party could still make a difference. The trouble is that the existing ones cling to pre-war policies that no longer make sense. Economic nationalism was viable before WW2 when we had a mighty empire to buy our manufactured goods in exchange for their raw materials. But it will not work in a global market; as Brexit is proving. The UK imports half of its food and fuel and needs dollars to pay for them.

We are a post-industrial European state with commensurate armed forces. We have a thriving scientific base, and we lead the world in banking and insurance, but we are not an imperial power and it’s time that we realised it.

We should never have got involved in America’s colonial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we should keep out of their proxy war in Ukraine. America has not won a significant war since WW2. The Korean War ended in stalemate, Vietnam was a disaster, the Middle East was an unnecessary bloodbath, and Afghanistan was a twenty-year exercise in futility. All that we got out of these wars was dead and crippled soldiers and multitudes of refugees.

But all is not lost. Global capitalism is in crisis, American debt is unsustainable, the BRIC nations are setting up an alternative trading currency, Europe is going into recession, refugees from Africa and Asia are continuing to flee from poverty, the war in Ukraine is threatening the stability of the West, and Israel is once again at war with the Palestinians. In such a chaotic scenario almost anything is possible.

The important thing is to stand up to the mass media and state our case openly. The following quote is from 'Violent London' by Clive Bloom, Sidgwick & Jackson 2003.

"Extreme Mosleyites and suspected Nazi sympathisers were interrogated by MI5 at Latchmere House on Ham Common. After a regime of 'semi-starvation' and psychological pressure, prisoners were meant to crack under interrogation. Some, however, like Charlie Watts, saw themselves as defiant heroes in enemy hands. At the end of the ordeal, Watts had breath enough to spit out 'Hail Mosley - fuck 'em all!'

Charlie Watts (the pre-war Blackshirt, not the Rolling Stones drummer) was born in Croydon, Surrey in 1903 and died in Penzance, Cornwall in 1971. He was district leader of the Westminster branch of the BUF and leader of the London cab drivers section. He was detained under Defence Regulation 18B together with over a thousand fascists. He wrote "It has Happened Here", an account of his brutal treatment in the Ham Common Concentration Camp. This was serialised in the Friends of Mosley magazine 'Comrade' from 1986.

Turkey and Europe

Turkey's admission to the European Union seems as far away as ever because the main European countries are hostile to the idea. Most Britons have never heard of the Battle of Vienna in 1683 when Jan Sobieski the King of Poland led a combined European army against the Turks led by Kara Mustafa. But mainland Europeans have more of a racial memory than us.

Turkey will probably remain outside the EU with privileged access to the single market. Their economy is going through a challenging period but the Turks are an industrious and educated nation with modern defence forces and abundant resources.

The Cyprus situation is a bone of contention between Turkey and the rest of Europe. The Turks invaded Northern Cyprus in 1974 following an EOKA coup led by Nicos Sampson (1935-2001).

The Greek Cypriots, and the rest of the world, have never recognised the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but the reality is that it has been part of Turkey for the last 49 years.

The logical thing would be for the international community to recognise Turkish sovereignty over the north, and accept the age old dream of the Greek Cypriots for union with Greece.

When Britain quit Cyprus in 1960, after a long and bloody colonial war, we retained the so-called Sovereign Bases in the south. We don't known what these military installations cost the British taxpayer, but they employ 3.500 servicemen and 7,000 civilians. In 1960 it was argued that we needed them to protect the Suez Canal and the sea route to India. Today we have no such Imperial concerns; a more likely use for these bases is the protection of Israel, a country much loved by the British establishment.

One of the objections heard in Europe is that Turkey is a Muslim country, but the Turkish Republic has been a secular state since 1922 when Mustafa Kemal abolished the Caliphate. Some Turks are devout but many of them practice Islam like we practice Christianity; going to the Mosque only for weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Another objection is that they are Asians. It's true that most of their country lies east of the Bosporus but that doesn't necessarily make them Asians. Their language derives from central Asia but so does Finnish and Hungarian.

Turkey is in Europe and Asia but most Turks look European. They will never be accepted by the 'Master Race' fraternity that looks down on Latins and Slavs, but they have been easily assimilated in Germany and the UK.

Turkey's President Erdogan (pictured) is accused by the West of being pro-Russian, and by the Russians of being pro-Western, but he is really a Turkish nationalist who puts his own country first. Whatever happens, Turkey will remain a powerful country on the edge of Europe that we have to do business with.

The Rise of the AFD - Robert Lyons from Baltimore

Thank you for the latest issues of Nation Revisited and European Outlook, very interesting reading as always, thanks very much for sending. Always interested in what is considered forbidden speech of censorship of thought in the UK and Europe. What is censored seems to be anything the left doesn't approve of, difficult living that way never knowing what is okay one day and prohibited the next.

Carolyn Yeager wrote about Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) in Germany:

" Not since the NDP has the right shaken the left so much, happy to see it. Already the German government is debating banning the party.

Two local runoff votes in Eastern Germany were won by the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), now the country's most successful far-right party since World War Two.

Robert Sesselmann won the June 25th District Administrator election in Sonneberg, a small district in east Germany's Thuringia state. It was the first time a candidate from the far-right party was elected to head a government. A district administrator does not have much clout, but jubilant AfD leaders are hoping the victory will herald far greater political success."

Keep on fighting old friend, for those of us old cripples on the side line like me who like cheering you on.


What is Nationalism?

Opponents of the European Union see it as a monolithic empire on the lines of Oswald Mosley's 'Europe a Nation'. But it's actually a loose confederation of self-governing nation states tied together by a customs union.

The EU may be a step towards a continental empire but its member states are still nations in their own right. The French are still French, the Germans are still Germans, and the Irish are still Irish. Membership of the EU has not eroded nationality or nationalism.

On a smaller scale, the union of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales into the United Kingdom functions as a federal state but each nation clings to its own culture and traditions.

All of this has been confused by the introduction of non-Europeans. The French encouraged them to assimilate into French culture and become black and brown Frenchmen. In the UK we 'celebrated diversity', by bending over backwards to accommodate alien cultures, languages, and religions. But the results were just the same; both countries have ended up with discontented immigrant enclaves given to rioting and arson.

The breakdown of traditional societies has produced civic-nationalist parties like Ukip. They are fiercely pro-British whilst recognising anybody as British who lives in the UK. On the other hand racial nationalist parties like the National Front go to the other extreme and exclude black and brown people even if they were born in the UK. They dream of an ethnic state for Britons only; but is such a state possible?

Israel was founded as a home for the Jews. Every Jew has a right of entry, but things are not so simple. The Jews who founded the state of Israel were mostly from Russia, Poland and Germany. They are European by culture, but Jews from North Africa and Western Asia are very different, and the latest wave of Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia are different again. Also, the non-Jewish population is over twenty percent, mostly Palestinians, Russians, and African refugees. The ancient dream of a Jewish state has not been realised, and the bitter enmity between Israelis and Palestinians is as bad as ever.

Nationality is a confusing mixture of race, language, culture, religion, territory, and identity. Nepalese Gurkha soldiers were proud to die for the British Empire, but English-speaking Irishmen who were born in the British Empire demanded independence.

I was born in 1945 and although the Empire was on its last legs, I was proud to be British and loved to see a map of the world with all our possessions marked out in red. I never felt particularly English, probably because my family was of Scottish and Irish heritage. The first time that I was aware of English nationalism was when football supporters started waving the Cross of St George and chanting "England, England."

But many people who are happy to be part of a British federation are bitterly opposed to being part of a wider European federation.

And many of those who campaign for immigration controls ignore Race when it suits them. Otto Abeysakera, (the dark man next to Jeffrey Hamm) was a dedicated anti-communist Sinhalese who supported Mosley's Union Movement in the old days. And although he was brown-skinned, we never had any problem accepting him as a friend and comrade in the struggle.

Adolf Hitler, and Benjamin Disraeli, believed that "all is race" but Spengler and Yockey put culture first. I believe that they were right up to a point. The real answer is to treat people as human beings whist maintaining a practical approach to immigration. It's wrong to treat non-Europeans unfairly but it's criminal insanity to have an open door immigration policy.

Majority Rights

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."




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European Outlook # 90, September 2023

Europe: The Great Divide

The 1975 referendum on Britain's membership of the Common Market was divisive. Most of my friends were members of the National Front who wanted out, but with my comrades in Union Movement I campaigned for our continued membership. 

Having lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand I was convinced that it was too late to resurrect the Commonwealth. I therefore rejected the isolationist propaganda of the recently-formed National Front.

During the referendum campaign a group of us from Union Movement walked into a pub in Westminster that was full of National Front supporters. We were wearing badges saying "Keep Britain in Europe" and they were wearing badges saying "Get Britain Out."  Fortunately, we agreed about coloured immigration and the Money Power, so there was no confrontation. 

The  survival of European civilisation is more important than politics, I therefore maintain contact with many old friends who oppose our membership of the EU. I thought that Brexit was an act of self-harm that would lower our standard of living and increase immigration. I was proven right on both points, but I realise that many genuine patriots are simply misguided on the issue.

To illustrate my point I run out the following emails from Brexit supporters who were otherwise politically sound.

Bernard Franklin 10th Feb 2019

Since the early 1950s every aspect of our once great country has been destroyed . Only old age pensioners in their seventies, like myself, are aware of the changes that have been made. When we are gone there will be no one left to explain what we have lost to the younger generations. I feel that we need to urge the OAPs to become vocal, but that is hard work. Still I am going to urge more of my generation to explain the situation to their children and grandchildren. My daughter and her husband both work but are unable to keep up with the bills. In the 1950s wives didn't work. The families were able to survive and pay all the bills on the husband's wage. In the 1950s and 60s virtually everyone could afford a mortgage so long as you were a regular saver. In 1958 a terraced house in the suburbs of London would have sold for £10,000 today it would be £500,000. Not that the house would be worth anymore, that is how fraudulent governments have reduce the value of money by just creating it out of thin air. Parliament is run by our enemies and has been throughout my life. The time is long overdue to find our own BRITISH candidates who have the knowledge and skills to run the country. You need no qualifications or knowledge to become a prime or cabinet minister. You only have to be subservient to a political mafia that really rules our country; nay the world.

Bernard was a good man who is sadly missed. The next email is from Vic Sarson who I have known since 1961.

Vic Sarson 07 July 2019

The seizure by the Royal Navy of a ship that was legitimately carrying a cargo of oil cannot be seen as anything but an act of piracy at best and an act of war at worst.

The EU may well have imposed sanctions in terms of preventing the export of goods etc, to Iran but seizing a merchant ship of that country in the course of legitimate commercial activity is going a very big step too far.

It is clear that the EU is acting upon instructions from Washington which calls into question its ambition to become a United States of Europe with a single so-called 'Independent Foreign Policy'.

The EU it appears has now adopted Washington's attitude that it can impose its will on any nation state anywhere in the world on any pretext; Iraq, Syria, Libya etc, and we continue to live with the consequences. In other words 'Might is Right'.

In the longer term such activities are highly dangerous. The present turmoil in the Middle East is the logical and obvious outcome of actions based on such attitudes and policies. Washington's actions of this sort always have EU backing and support.

While celebrating the end of WW2 and the end of hostilities in Europe, Washington kicked off the first war in Europe since 1945 in obvious mockery of the enormous human cost of that dreadful conflict. In the former Yugoslavia, NATO was supposed to neutralise the military potential of the Serb army that was painted as the villain and primary cause of the conflict. Yet NATO air forces targeted Serbian civilian areas that included shopping malls, schools, nurseries, hospitals, housing, and a civilian radio station, causing many deaths including women and children. It was terror bombing. Where was it different from Hitler's bombing of Warsaw?

The Yugoslav civil war was entirely of Washington's making, aided and abetted by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, not the German people, and wholly supported by the EU that went on to claim the credit for 50 years of peace in Europe for which its contribution was at best secondary and indirect. Its leadership is shown by example to be as vicious, ruthless and reckless as any of the ugliest regimes in today's world while operating under the guise of a 'benefactor'. Politics is about power and getting hands on the levers of power and very little else. There is no difference between the EU and any other similar grouping.

Vatican Most Anti-Immigrant Nation on Earth - Sam Dickson

Remember how Francis excoriated Europeans in general and Italians in particular because of opposition to colonizing Europe with millions of Moslem immigrants from Syria and Libya?

How odd then to read that the Vatican has the most restrictive citizenship laws in the entire world!  How could that be?

I read somewhere that there are 11,000 (hard to believe - 1,100?) rooms in the Vatican.

Given the unprecedented housing needs of these Moslem immigrants and indeed the unprecedented need for diversity to enrich the narrow and narrow-minded existence of Christian Europeans as Francis told us, surely we could pack 100K to 200K Moslem immigrants into the Vatican where Francis could then delight in living in the hate-free, multi-cultural society he has his heart set on.

Of course, for their own protection against possible attack from xenophobic racists and haters among the population of the Vatican, it will be necessary to give every Moslem his own scimitar.

Pleasant dreams Francis! Sleep secure surrounded by all those lovable immigrants I hear about on National Public Radio.

Matthew Boose, Black Grievence Politics is Destroying Civilization - 

Arguably. the greatest indictment of leftism is its preference for the vagrant and the criminal over the law-abiding citizen and victim in politics, there are all kinds of disagreements about the role and scope of the state, but the one thing the state must do is protect the innocent.

Without security, there is anarchy. And where there is anarchy, the state can command neither legitimacy nor respect. Yet racial idolaters on the Left have pushed society to forgo basic expectations of public order and civilized conduct. Demanding anything more than day-to-day chaos would be cruel to "marginalized" people like deranged homeless black men on the subway.

The Left has a warped infatuation with society's most entitled, recalcitrant, and destructive elements. Their latest martyr is a lunatic named Jordan Neely, who was killed while threatening commuters in Manhattan on Monday morning. The man portrayed by sympathetic media as a "Michael Jackson impersonator" was throwing garbage at people and making vaguely threatening statements about his willingness to go to prison for life. A reasonable person would feel afraid in this situation, as passengers doubtless did. A heroic vigilante intervened and put Neely in a chokehold. Two other men helped restrain Neely, who later died.

Seldom has the line between civilization and savagery drawn so clearly as it was in Jordan Neely's subway car. The Left has demonized the vigilante for his "barbaric" supposed "lynching," but this gets it precisely backward. Barbarism is forcing commuters to fear for their lives and property on a Monday morning. It's what you call it when vagrants shove people to their deaths in front of moving trains, and all the state can do is shrug.

In places like New York City, criminals are a protected class. Just days ago, a homeless man stabbed a commuter with an ice pick. Jordan Neely himself had 42 prior arrests and an open warrant for assaulting a 67-year-old woman at the time of his death. He is widely reported to have been a menace to the safety of others, in short, a net negative on society.

Jordan Neely had no business being on the street. Only a deranged society would treat such a man as an equal.

But rather than permit the "injustice" of locking up violent blacks governments in places like New York empower criminals to terrorize innocents. This is called "social justice," and it's happening everywhere.

Roving caravans of "youths" in Chicago regularly riot and loot with impunity. The City wrings its hands over a lack of "resources" in the hood and stages ineffectual "awareness" campaigns . Civilized society is extorted, literally and morally. Philadelphia recently paid off rioters who were tear-gassed while blocking highways during the George Floyd riots.

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how many people get hurt, it will never be enough to satisfy the Left. They will always find a way to justify the criminals and blame the real victims, whose cries for justice are drowned out by the endless wailing of black entitlement. We are often told that the politics of "white grievance" is transforming America into some kind of authoritarian state, but the opposite is true. We are racing into the ghetto.

It is impossible to have civilization when it is a crime to hold members of a protected class unaccountable for their conduct. In Manhattan on Monday, justice momentarily took the reins away from "social justice." The normal course of state-sanctioned disorder was disrupted by a brave onlooker, who very well could have ignored the threat, like most commuters have been conditioned to do. Instead, he chose to act at great risk to his safety, reputation, and freedom. It would be surprising if he is not hanged, drawn and quartered for doing the right thing. He is a fool if he does not expect it.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort a person feels when their behaviour does not align with their values or beliefs. It can also occur when a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people seek psychological consistency between their expectations of life and the existential reality of the world. 

Britain has an aging population and a birth rate below replacement level. As the post-war generation dies off we are not being replaced by British babies. We are postponing this problem by importing workers from abroad, but the right-wing of the Tory party and the various groups of the far-right refuse to accept "the existential reality of the world."

They insist that our native workforce can perform all the functions on which we depend. Home Secretary Suella Braverman says that British workers should be able to pick fruit and drive trucks. Of course they could, if there was enough of them, but the fact is that they simply don't exist. These missing workers were never conceived, they were not born, and they are not available.

It's true that we managed alright before WW2 with British labour, but we only had a population of 47.5 million in 1939, today it's 67.7 million. We have to provide services for 20 million more people with a labour force of only 32.8 million; the rest are studying, retired, disabled, imprisoned, addicted, or workshy.

The fact is that we need immigrants to make our economy work. The only question is where we get them from.  We can choose fellow Europeans who share our race and culture, or we can choose Africans and Asians who do not.

Lefties and self-hating liberals think that selective immigration is "racist" but it makes sense.

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Monday 31 July 2023

European Outlook # 89 August 2023


Enoch Powell's observation that all political careers end in failure is particularly true of British nationalist leaders. Most of them left us their autobiographies, but AK Chesterton and Colin Jordan didn't, and we are waiting for Martin Webster and Nick Griffin.

Oswald Mosley was a rising star in Ramsey MacDonald's government who quit the Labour Party when they rejected his memorandum on unemployment. He founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932 and held some of the largest marches and meetings ever seen in this country. He was detained under Defence Regulation 18B in 1940. He founded Union Movement in1948 and stood for parliament in the 1959 general election in North Kensington. Quote: "Olympia was a decisive battle. I regret having to write in such terms of a legitimate political meeting in our own country, but this was a fact. The most massive and seriously organised attempt ever made in Britain to smash a meeting by violence was heavily defeated. When the attackers had been ejected the meeting continued to a normal conclusion in perfect order. I was able to deliver to the overwhelming majority of the audience the speech they had come to hear. Without the Blackshirts, the meeting would have been a shambles. Why then, in concise repetition of Lloyd George's question, should the defenders rather than the assailants of free speech be blamed? At the time we received from some opponents in all the parties the reply of a vicious political prejudice, and I leave the final answer to history and to the judgement of a new generation." 

Jeffrey Hamm was the National Secretary of Union Movement. His autobiography 'Action Replay' covers his early life in Wales, his internment under Defence Regulation 18B, his service in the British Army, his involvement with The British League of Ex-Servicemen, his part in the creation of Union Movement, the 1959 election in North Kensington, and the violent clashes of the 1960s. He was a brave and dedicated man. Quote: "I have fought the fight to the end, I have run the race to the finish, I have kept the faith."

Several Mosley supporters penned their autobiographies. Richard Reynell Bellamy was a leading British Union official whose autobiography 'We Marched With Mosley' covers the pre-war and the post-war movements. Quote: "There were however the psychological effects of detention that left the deepest scars. It would be almost impossible to indicate without fear of contradiction any single prisoner held under Defence Regulation 18B whose mental and physical health and prospects of life were unaffected in some way by the stress and anxieties of political confinement." 

Another Mosley stalwart was John Charnley who wrote 'Blackshirts and Roses'. He joined the BUF soon after it was founded and was detained under 18B. He joined Union Movement after the war and took part in the 1959 general election in North Kensington. Quote: "In contrast to many Union Movement members and supporters, I never expected Mosley to win, but his recorded vote of just under 3,000 was a shock to us all and the greatest disappointment of my life."

Admiral Sir Barry Domville KBE, CB, CMG was a high ranking naval officer who belonged to the British People's Party and The Link, which campaigned against WW2. His autobiography 'From Admiral to Cabin Boy' was written in Brixton Prison where he was detained under 18B. Quote: "Nationalism must lie at the root of any patriotic endeavour: the herd instinct as opposed to the Zoo instinct of internationalism. Patriotism in its old-fashioned sense meaning love of one's country, is the only sentiment to which people will respond readily in time of stress."    

Arnold Leese published his autobiography 'Out of Step' in 1951. His pre-war Imperial Fascist League was a small party but his influence on the post-war nationalist scene was profound. When Leese died in 1956, Colin Jordan wrote the following tribute in the Britons' publication Free Britain: "The death of Mr Arnold Leese is an irreplaceable loss to the nationalist cause in Britain. In a political field in which there were many comings and goings, he stood his ground from the day he entered it until the day he died. So it seems to me of comparatively minor importance whether you or I agreed  or disagreed with some of his views. Transcending that is the tribute we owe him for his heroic fight for the freedom of our country from Jewish occupation and control. Let us salute a great Englishman and a grand old warrior."  Leese didn't care for Jews but he was very fond of animals, particularly his cat Nandi. Quote: "As I write, he sleeps, soundly, beside me, in his 16th year, not just a Cat, but One of us!"

One of Leese's disciples was John Tyndall. His autobiography 'The Eleventh Hour' covers his brief military career and his policy of 'economic nationalism', which is Mosley's pre-war program without the benefit of Empire. He wanted to deport all the black and brown people in the UK, but he never explained how it could be done. JT was a dramatic speaker who is revered in nationalist circles. Quote: "Any nation or race, faced with evidence of a conspiracy to destroy it, should recognise such a conspiracy as wholly evil from its own point of view, and should thereupon fight back against it with all means in its power."

John Bean, co-founder of the National Front, was frozen out by the Empire Loyalist faction because he favoured a federal Europe and a planned economy. In his autobiography 'Many Shades of Black' he remembers the good times and the bad. JB was a gifted writer who sometimes exaggerated, but 'Many Shades of Black' is nevertheless a damn good read. I knew JB for sixty years, and I endorse the following quote which applies to the far-right in general: "Looking back at those years of strident action I can see that the analytical logic required by the true politician, of whatever hue, was for me never in contention against all the smothering power of idealistic romanticism."

Rodney Legg was a writer who described himself as 'the last Empire Loyalist'. In his autobiography 'Legg Over Dorset' he covers the merger of the LEL with John Bean's BNP to form the National Front. Quote: "Extremist inmates had taken over the asylum with predictably unstable behaviour that soon began to appal Chesterton. He had always struck me as charismatic, handsome and suave. Even as he controlled the course of that meeting from the corridor he maintained something of that, if visibly dented by a sartorial lapse, though that may have been down to the cold weather. From now on, like Frankenstein, he could only despair at the monster he had created."

Michael Walsh-McLaughlin took over British Movement following Colin Jordan's conviction for shoplifting in 1974. His autobiography 'The Rise of the Sunwheel' describes his early life as a seaman and his career as a street orator and rabble rouser. Quote: "I visited Dachau that was and is described as a death camp by the same smart asses who said that Saddam Hussein had nuclear and biological weapons."

David Myatt made his torturous journey from violent protest to religious contentment. He has been a National Socialist, a Catholic monk, a Muslim convert, and an exponent of something called 'Pathei-Mathos. His autobiography 'Myngath' is brutally frank and well worth reading. Quote: "That despite my racism, my Nazi beliefs and ideals, my political activism, I was not personally offensive to or prejudiced or violent toward or hated individuals of other races that I met, including Jews." 

David Myatt's friend Eddy Morrison left us his autobiography 'Memoirs of a Street Soldier'. Eddy meant to update it but he was taken from us before he could do so. Let that be a warning to all of those who have fought the good fight;  you won't live forever so write your story now. Quote: "In the course of my career, I have had three broken marriages, so many lost jobs I cannot keep count, jail sentences and community service: injuries and an effect on my health which has had a crippling effect sometimes on the quality of my life. On the other side of the coin however lies the the many great and long lasting comrades I have met and made in the Struggle. In all the wild and sometimes exciting, sometimes downright dangerous times I have had - looking back and even taking into account my mistakes, I do not think I would change any of them. I have learnt from my mistakes and believe what will happen - will happen."   

My own brief account was serialised in European Outlook # 66 March 2021 and # 67 April 2021. It's only 5,000 words but it covers my involvement in politics and my life in general. I realised over fifty years ago that the far-right was right about coloured immigration and the Money Power but totally wrong about Europe. Quote: "It never occurred to me that our invasion of Egypt was no different to Russia's invasion of Hungary. The Daily Express said that we were defending democracy and the Soviets were destroying it; and I believed them."

My long-running feature 'Five Questions Answered' has so far recorded the thoughts of 25 respondents for posterity. Don't expire without adding your name to the list. The questions are: Who are you? What do you believe in? If you could direct government policy, what would you do? What are you proud of and what do you regret? How would you like to be remembered? 

The End of White Rule in Africa

The white population of southern Africa has been drastically reduced by emigration. It now stands at just over 5 million; 4.6 million in South Africa, 30,000 in Zimbabwe, 100,000 in Namibia, 300,000 in Angola, and 30,000 in Mozambique. The end of white rule started in 1974 with the overthrow of the New State regime in Portugal, and within twenty years it was all over. As the Portuguese left Africa terrorists infiltrated Rhodesia and the Cubans moved into Angola. The white Rhodesians fought magnificently but they lacked manpower, and they were crippled by British and American sanctions. Rhodesia fell in 1978 and South Africa followed in 1994. 

In 1973-75, I issued a duplicated bulletin called 'Nation' that was read by Union Movement and National Front supporters in London. One of my correspondents was Roy Chester (pictured) who sent this prophecy from South Africa:

The 8th June 1974 was a day of National Disaster in South Africa, the Springboks were beaten 12-3 by the British Lions. 

I listened to the commentary in a local bar and, if I had not known what was happening I would have assumed that we were listening to the declaration of a Third World War.

It is the first time that I have heard eighty minutes of silence in a pub. The landlord was kind enough to lend me a portable to listen to the English service, which I did huddled in a corner with the only other Englishman in the pub. When it was all over at least three South Africans came and congratulated me as though I had some direct part in the victory.

I have written the foregoing to illustrate the almost complete lack of interest shown by the general public in the military take-over in Portugal. Over the next ten years in South Africa we are going to see many changes, and I cannot see Rhodesia surviving unless they come to some agreement with the Blacks.

It goes to prove that as soon as a colony becomes an economic liability and not an asset it is dumped and all the high flown phrases about the sanctity of the homeland are forgotten. One cannot blame troops from Portugal for not wanting to fight a war in a land which must seem very remote from Portugal itself. Guinea-Bissau has been written off as militarily indefensible and Mozambique will follow, which will give terrorists a direct jumping ground into the Transvaal. It is more difficult to predict events in Angola where there is a large proportion of whites in the population and where the terrorists have achieved little or no success in the last fourteen years.

Angola and the enclave of Cabinda are by far the richest and most stable of the Portuguese colonies in Africa, and would seem the best bet for UDI. The difficulty here is that the Portuguese colonies have always been tightly controlled from Lisbon, unlike Rhodesia which always had its own government, judiciary, civil service, army and police, and where UDI was an act of defiance to the British government rather than any change in the nature of the governing body.

On the other hand I cannot see anything other than UDI retaining any measure of white control in the territories. The Portuguese obviously hope to placate the Blacks to such an extent that they will still be able to retain their economic domination in Africa. We'll see what happens but whatever it is it won't strengthen the position of white Southern Africa.

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

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Friday 30 June 2023

European Outlook # 88 July 2023


Napoleon And The Unification of Europe - Matthew Zareczny - The Waterloo Association 2005

"I wished to found a European system, a European Code of Laws, a European judiciary: there would be but one people in Europe," declared Napoleon nearly 200 years before Europe finally unifies under the new currency of the European Union.  The dream of a strong Europe in which the French, Spanish, Italians, and Germans coexist peacefully as a single united body is being realized today, but it is a dream that was held by Napoleon, based on his vast knowledge of history, and hoped for by many great men after him. Finally at the end of this century this dream is beginning to become a reality.

The Grand Empire of Napoleon replaced the ailing Holy Roman Empire which was basically a continuation of the ancient Roman Empire.  Napoleon had crowned himself emperor of the French in 1804 and in 1806, he ended the Holy Roman Empire once and for all by replacing it with the Confederation of the Rhine, a French protectorate.  An admirer of Alexander the Great, Napoleon created a new system in Europe that in some ways mimicked the ancient Macedonian Empire.  Just as Alexander was king of Macedon, hegemon of the Corinthian League, great king of Persia, and pharaoh of Egypt, Napoleon was emperor of France, King of Italy, mediator of the Swiss Confederation, and protector of the Confederation of the Rhine.  It is also possible, had he succeeded in Russia, that he would have been protector of a Northern Confederation composed of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (a possible precursor to a new Polish kingdom), Sweden, and Denmark.

Alexander was not the only historical figure Napoleon emulated.  Just like the Bourbons and Habsburgs before him, Napoleon placed his family and marshals on the thrones of other conquered European nations and he himself married an Austrian princess named Marie-Louise in 1810.  His brother Joseph was King of Naples and then King of Spain; his sister Caroline and his marshal Murat were King of Naples; another brother, Louis, was King of Holland; and still another, Jerome, was King of Westphalia.  One of Napoleon's marshals, Bernadotte, became King of Sweden, but he was an opponent of Napoleon facing him on the battlefield at Leipzig in 1813.  All this territory was bound to Napoleon by personal and familial rule cemented by the strength of his Grand Army.  With crushing victories like Mantua (1796-7), Austerlitz (1805), and Wagram (1809), Napoleon became a god of war, the Caesar of his time, and also like Caesar he dreamed of great projects that would carry on his memory for many years to come.  He tried to make Paris the capital of the world and created beautiful monuments and buildings like the Arc de Triomphe and La Madeleine church.  He planned others like the Bastille Elephant Fountain, a palace in Paris for his son, and another palace in what was to become the second city of the French Empire, Rome. 

Like the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian the Great, Napoleon wished to give to his empire a unified code of law which is known as the Napoleonic Code, something which has influenced European law and even the law in Quebec and Louisiana to this day.  To reward his subjects he created the Legion of Honor and like Charlemagne before him Napoleon was mindful to the importance of education and so he created the University of France and the baccalaureate exam.  All of this was to create the memory of greatness that Napoleon wanted for his vast European empire.

Napoleon had wanted to conquer Europe (if not the world) and said,

"Europe thus divided into nationalities freely formed and free internally, peace between States would have become easier: the United States of Europe would become a possibility." 

This idea of "the United States of Europe" was one later picked up by Victor Hugo, Aristide Briand, and Winston Churchill.  After suffering two World Wars which devastated Europe in the early half of this century, the people of Europe and their leaders finally realized the horrors of modern warfare and the absolute necessity to end disputes with the pen and not the sword.  Further while the United States and the Soviet Union gained in importance during the Cold War, the once great European empires crumbled as their colonies gained independence.  It became evident that the only way for the nations of Europe to play a prominent role in world affairs was to unify.  By itself, Germany is an industrial powerhouse and by themselves the United Kingdom and France are militarily capable nations as nuclear powers and politically powerful as members of the United Nations' Security Council. But by themselves they cannot compete with the economic, military, and political dominance of the United States.  With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the only possible counterbalance to the United States is a unified Europe. As many European nations are allies to the United States and are members of NATO, having the two most powerful forces in the world as friends could lead to more peaceful resolutions of the world's problems.  For Europe, its role in world affairs will once again be prominent and many of the old hatreds and rivalries amongst the great European states may finally begin to die.  While Napoleon sought to create such a union through military victories like the Romans before him, perhaps by creating this union through peaceful diplomacy, it will not be swept away by the guns of war.  Although each state of Europe may keep its language and culture, through a common coinage and common interests, there may at last truly be "but one people in Europe."

Far-Right Mythology:

The Protocols of The Elders of Zion

The 'Protocols of The Elders of Zion' was issued in 1903 by the Okhrana, the Imperial Russian Secret Service. It's supposed to reveal a Jewish plot to take over the world, but it was exposed as a forgery by the Times reporter Phillip Graves who traced it to the work of the French satirist Maurice Joly in 1921.

The Protocols was published and distributed by the Britons Publishing Co in the UK, by the Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment in National Socialist Germany, and by the industrialist Henry Ford in America. It's the Bible of the far-right, and just like the Bible, few people have actually read it.  

The Kalergi Plan

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's infamous book 'Practical Idealism' was translated from the German in 2019 by Dimitra Ekmetsis, a former editor of the New Right Network who wrote 'Confessions of a High-Priced Call Girl'. It's published by Omnia Veritas, a far-right  organisation. 

An article on the Fascio website examines the plan.

"Many people misunderstood Kalergi's views, almost on purpose at times. He's become somewhat of a boogeyman for some political voices who cry about the supposed "Kalergi Plan" to create a "race-mixed Europe." Their only evidence, unsurprisingly, is an unsourced  quote attributed to Kalergi where in it, he refers to himself as a Jew, which showcases its falsity as Kalergi was Austrian and Japanese, not Jewish. His wife later on was Jewish.

When Kalergi was talking about the future race of Europe being mixed, this was not him prescribing that mixing ought to occur. Rather it was a prediction he made based on the trajectory he saw Europe would take if Europe didn't unite.

As for the so-called Kalergi Plan, this is simply the concoction of naive, uneducated, or disingenuous White Nationalists, built on two passages taken out of context from one of Kalergi's forgotten and unread books, 'Practical Idealism', which appeared in 1925 on the back of WW1. The person who made up the Kalergi Myth was a QAnon (conspiracy theorist) woman named Dimitra Ekmektsis, in 'Practical Idealism: The Kalergi Plan to Destroy European Peoples'."

The Morganthau Plan

In 1944 the American Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morganthau proposed a plan to punish post-war Germany. It was briefly considered by FD Roosevelt and Winston Churchill but rejected by President Harry Truman (pictured) in 1947. Thousands of German prisoners of war died in Allied captivity, and thousands more were kept as slave labourers long after the war, but this inexcusable cruelty was not part of the Morganthau Plan. 

In a scathing 'Newsweek' article of October 30th 1944, former British Union of Fascist supporter Maj Gen JFC Fuller wrote that the proposal would stiffen German resistance and extend the war:

"It raised the devil and this time the devil became a German. Though Eisenhower said "We come as conquerors not as oppressors," the politicians shouted: "We come as obliterators and hangmen." What would you Americans and we English have done had we stood in Germany's shoes? We should have done what she has done - set our backs to the wall of the Rhine and have fought like the devil."

Thankfully, Maj Gen Fuller's warning was heeded and Henry Morganthau's wicked plan was never implemented. Instead of destroying Germany the Americans introduced the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe.

Far-right conspiracy theories have more to do with religion than politics. Their adherents have 'the gift of faith' and are untroubled by facts. They contend that their beliefs fit what's happening. Like the police, they make the evidence fit the crime.

Urban Legends

When Ron Hargrave applied to join the pre-war Imperial Fascist League he was interviewed by Arnold Leese who promptly measured his head with a tape measure. (Told by Alan Wells).

Making sure I was dressed in casual clothes I rendezvoused with Ken Merritt at New Cross Gate station, where we were to be picked up by Tyndall, Jordan and others in the Party's Landrover. Ken, who was also my unofficial minder, was wearing a sombrero and open-toe sandals. Tyndall and Jordan were not amused. (John Bean, Many Shades of Black). 

I recall meeting him at Manchester's Piccadilly station. We walked out into the forecourt, and without hesitation he stepped into a taxi. A railway policeman remonstrated: "You can't do that sir. There's a long queue for taxis." "Queue, queue?" replied Mosley, "There's too much of that damned nonsense in this country!" And he was away before the astonished policeman could collect his thoughts and think of a suitable reply. (Jeffrey Hamm, Action Replay).

Civil Unrest

The miners' strike of 1984 - 85 started out peacefully enough but it soon turned violent. The miners used 'flying pickets' to enforce the strike, and the police adopted military tactics to confront them. There were many injuries on both sides before the miners ran out of money and were forced back to work. In those days the police wore their traditional uniforms including old-fashioned helmets that fell off as soon as things turned nasty. 

Five years later the Poll Tax Riots saw the introduction of police trained in Israeli Defence Force methods. They were armed with riot shields, batons and pepper sprays and wore flack jackets and crash helmets, but they were still confronted by the rioters.

The riots of 2011 were a predominately black celebration of arson and looting. This time the police withdrew from the areas of conflict and let the rioters burn down Brixton, Croydon and several other town centres. Shopkeepers and property owners looked on helplessly as their homes and businesses were destroyed.

Now, a Public Order Act introduced by former Home Secretary Priti Patel has been passed. This will give the police extra powers to nip demonstrations in the bud. 

The Tories obviously expect the current wave of strikes by railway workers, hospital staff, teachers and several other groups of workers, to lead to violence. They are recruiting more policemen and bringing in new laws, to control things, but on past performance we shouldn't expect too much of the police.

This situation is the result of thirteen years of austerity followed by rampant inflation. Another factor is the support for strikers from the middle class, something that was lacking in the miners' strike. This was anticipated by George Sorel (1847-1922) the revolutionary leader who hoped that the working class would inspire the middle class to join them in insurrection:

"The dangers which threaten the future of the world may be avoided if the proletariat, by their use of violence, manage to re-establish the division into classes , and to restore to the middle class something of its former energy, that is the great aim towards which the whole thought of men must be directed. Proletarian violence carried on as a pure and simple manifestation of the sentiment of the class war, appears thus as a very fine and heroic thing; it is at the service of the immemorial interests of civilisation. Let us salute the revolutionaries as the Greeks saluted the Spartan heroes who defended Thermopylae and helped to preserve the civilisation of the ancient world."

It will be interesting to see how things develop; will the trade unions get their act together, will the middle class support them, and will the police use their increased numbers, better training and equipment, to do their duty?

There have been acts of terrorism by psychopaths such as David Copeland the London Nail Bomber, Thomas Mair the killer of Jo Cox MP, and the fantasist Jack Renshaw who wanted to kill Rosie Cooper MP. But generally speaking the far-right movements are law abiding, and there's no truth in the idea that the government wants to outlaw firearms to prevent a revolution.

The nearest the UK came to a revolution was the great Chartist rally of 1848 at Kennington, South London. Tens of thousands of marchers attempted to deliver a petition to Queen Victoria, but confronted by armed police and troops they sang La Marseillaise and quietly dispersed.

Letter from British Democrat Adrian Romilly published in the Plymouth Evening Herald

Sat. 11.02.23 

The extraordinarily enthusiastic support for the visit by President Zelensky last Wednesday is an alarming demonstration of the Establishment’s backing for the conflict in Ukraine, a conflict that is in reality a war of Eastward NATO expansion in which young  Ukrainians are the canon fodder. The Prime Minister has even gone so far as to say ‘nothing is off the table’ for Ukraine. I find this worrying, will Special Forces be inserted, are they already in Ukraine?  

Imminent NATO expansion threatens even more burdens on member states of which we are, alas, a leading one.  

With the anniversary of the Russian invasion upon us and no resolution of the conflict in sight, the drums of war grow louder. I believe further involvement is not in Britain’s interests. Instead, we should reduce, or better, eliminate our commitment to a conflict in which no vital interests of ours are at stake. Our entanglement in Ukraine is becoming ever more costly and we have plenty on the Home Front on which to spend our money.

Time to pull out from NATO? I think so! It bestows huge and increasingly dangerous burdens on us and, with the old Soviet Union a distant memory, few discernible benefits,

Yours truly, 

A Romilly 

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by legal means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."