Thursday, 30 April 2015

European Outlook # 17, May 2015

Experts Confounded

The events of the last decade have shown that the economic “experts” are as baffled as the rest of us. For years the The Daily Telegraph has been advocating low interest rates to drive down inflation. But now that most of the world has got rock bottom interest rates they are worried about deflation. Savers are getting poor returns and therefore have less money to spend. Devaluation only works as a temporary measure when interest rates are at normal levels; when they are near zero there is nowhere to go.

It's hardly surprising that the banks love low interest rates. They pay depositors 0.5% and charge borrowers 20%. Politicians boast that they are taxing the bankers but it’s your money that they are paying their taxes with. They have now recovered from the financial disaster of 2008 and most of them are back in profit.

The world economy is slowly recovering as wages rise."Skills shortages are driving increases in pay with almost a third of recruiting agencies reporting improved starting salaries." (The Guardian 4 April 2015)

None of the “experts” predicted the sub-prime mortgage crisis or the collapse of oil prices. If they really knew what they are talking about they would be making millions on the stock exchange instead of writing financial columns for failing newspapers.

The Limitations of Power

The United States has the military capacity to destroy the world. Her missiles are unstoppable and her armed forces are formidable. But the Viet Cong defeated the United States because public opinion turned against the war. When the French were defeated at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 the Americans took up the fight. They bombed Vietnam unmercifully but the Viet Cong had the home advantage and an almost unlimited supply of volunteers. By 1975 they marched into Saigon and the myth of American invincibility was ended. The Americans were humiliated by an Asian power just as the Russians had been by the Japanese at Port Arthur and the British at Singapore. The gung-ho Republicans have forgotten about Vietnam but America’s enemies have not.

NATO intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya was a total waste of lives and money. The Taliban still controls much of Afghanistan, Iraq has been partitioned and Libya is in chaos. Our deceitful politicians told us that these wars would protect us from terrorism but the opposite has happened. Europe is being flooded with refugees and terrorist cells are thriving amongst them. Now Syria has been added to the list of states devastated by NATO intervention. We haven’t sent troops to Syria but “humanitarian aid” is helping rebels funded by Saudi Arabia and armed by the USA. 

Europe is slowly responding to the influx of refugees from Africa but individual states are reluctant to adopt a common foreign policy, The British Government sees it as an Italian problem but once the refugees reach Italy there is little to stop them heading north, We were wrong to intervene in the Middle East but we must defend our continent against invasion. 

George Knupffer

George Knupffer was a Russian refugee who founded the Integralist World Association in London in 1965. Long before Quantitative Easing he recommended that countries should print money into circulation instead of borrowing it. This seemed revolutionary at the time but now America, Britain and Japan are all doing it.

Integralism derived from Action Francaise, a movement started by French poet and political activist Charles Maurras; a non-racist movement based on social cohesion and conservatism.

The Integralist movement in Brazil led by Pilinio Salgado claimed one million members in 1938 when they tried to seize power from the military dictatorship of Getulio Vargas. They failed but the movement was revived after the war and is still a force in Brazilian politics.

In Britain Integralism was closely linked to the Catholic writers GK Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. The Integralist Party of the UK was a student-based movement led by Benjamin Noyles from 2009 to 2014. They posted an online magazine called Attack which made use of innovative graphics.

The Integralist Party of America offers an alternative to the crony capitalism of Democrats and Republicans. They promote a Third Way under the direction of Braxton Pearl.

In his book The Struggle for World Power, George Knupffer notes that global capitalism is heavily influenced by the Jews, but he exonerates most of them. He describes how the use of money developed in the medieval period by the goldsmiths who became the bankers of today. He accuses them of abusing their power by operating like the moneylender who were driven out of the temple by Jesus Christ.

He maintains that a debt-free system based on maximum production would be superior to communism or capitalism. And he calls for a return to the order and discipline of traditional Christianity.

The Struggle for World Power is available from


We have only just begun to understand DNA. Most of it is still a mystery but scientists can already correct genetic defects and hereditary diseases like dementia may soon be a thing of the past. At the moment perfectly healthy babies are routinely aborted for the convenience of their mothers, but badly damaged babies are brought into the world. With the aid of pre-natal testing we will be able to save the healthy babies.

This has got nothing to do with the Nazis. They knew nothing about DNA and their theories were therefore unscientific. But we now have the knowledge to produce a Master Race. It would not conform to the Nazi stereotype but it would be free of genetic defects resulting in mental and physical abnormalities.

There are many religious and ethical objections to genetic selection but history shows that what can be done will be done. We will master genetic engineering and the world will never be the same again. Aldous Huxley’s nightmare of a Brave New World does not have to be. Our scientists must be guided by common sense and regulated by law. It would be morally wrong to produce unthinking workers fit only for heavy labour but a race of healthy and intelligent beings would be welcome.

The latest research has revealed that mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and psychopathy are hereditary. And the discovery of the so-called “warrior gene” has opened up the possibility of eradicating violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Such crippling diseases as Multiple Sclerosis can be treated by stem cell therapy, and untreatable conditions can be avoided by selective termination. But there is no question of reviving the so-called “mercy killings” of the 1940’s. Under a civilised government the sick and disabled must be cared for. 

Until now human progress has been limited by evolution but we are now starting to control our own destiny. Perhaps this too is part of evolution? Human development has been moulded by famine, drought, disease and climate change. We have survived the Ice Age, the Dark Ages and the Atomic Age. We have developed technologies to overcome all obstacles and we are now entering the wonderful Age of Genetics.

Heroes of the Reich by Mike Walsh

The first book on the Reich since 1945. Not quite but Heroes of the Reich is ground-breaking in its own way. Early commentators welcome the book’s objectivity. Leaving competing ideologies aside, every conflict produces heroes. The Nazi Reich was no different. Many battle-hardened Nazis are revered today, not for their idealism, but for their courage and tenacity, their daring defiance in the field of battle.

Baron Franz von Werra. The Luftwaffe fighter pilot’s epic escape from British concentration camps was recorded in the movie The One That Got Away. Clemens Forell, captured at Stalingrad, who later escaped from a Far East Siberian Gulag to trek home to Germany. ‘As Far as my Feet Will Carry Me’: his exploits made movies and books.

Less well known Nazi ‘warriors’ include rocket scientist Werner von Braun, opera singer Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Lale Anderson (Lily Marlene), Fritz Stigler, Luftwaffe ace whose gallantry saved an American bomber crew. The French forces, the last defenders of Berlin.

Heroes of the Reich offers over 30 cameos of Axis heroes. In this respect the book is a novel approach. A refreshing departure from the blame game books on the troubled period. The book is paperback and e-book published by Amazon.

Letter from America

I have known Bob Lyons since 1961. He is a well-travelled American who is proud of his European heritage.

18 June 2014

We had a great trip to the Adriatic; the only political note of interest was in Greece, it seems EU elections were taking place in that part of Europe. In parts of Greece we passed through areas where the Communist Party was strong, in other parts Golden Dawn was still making itself heard. Even with the legal issues I heard where Golden Dawn still managed to get 10% of the vote but the communists were getting nearly 30%.

Funny about the guides in Greece, they talk as though the German occupation and the civil war that followed were yesterday. As we go along the tour guide mentions an ambush here and a battle there like it just happened but in a sense it just did because the infrastructure from those long ago battles and ambushes like a blown up bridge or section of railroad or highway that was never rebuilt, just bypassed making travelling in Greece rather slow even on their major highways. The visit to Olympia was fantastic, although mostly ruins today the archaeological museum was terrific.

I just got a note that David Irving is on his “last speaking tour” of the US and will be in Baltimore this Sunday. I registered to attend but they never let you know where he’ll be until the last minute because of security. I’ve attended many of his meetings over the years and have always enjoyed meeting him and listening to him speak, he always speaks on some really interesting topic related to WW11. He’s billed this as his “last speaking tour” of the US because he says that the US isn’t going to renew his 10 year visitors’ visa due to pressure from you know who. That’s sad because I think he has a place in Florida and spends most of the year down there. He enjoys the sand and sun of a beach, I never cared much for it myself, give me the mountains anytime.

16 July 2014

I remember in the 60s taking the ferry over and back between Denmark and Sweden. On one of our trips to the Baltic, it must have been right after the Oresund Bridge was finished, I remember cruising under it and taking photos, it was an amazing sight but we have yet to cross it on the top, we’ve only gone under it.

It’s true, English is a second language in Scandinavia; folks in both Denmark and Sweden speak excellent English. I remember we had this tour guide in some eastern European country who spoke English with an English accent and we asked him where in England he learned his English and he told us he had never been to England but was given a choice of to learn either English or American English, he chose English English and hence spoke just like a cultured Englishman, accent and all, I thought that was pretty amazing.

I once had a good friend who went to Rhodesia back in the bad old days, he enlisted in the Rhodesian Army, initially not in a fighting unit but when he re-enlisted it was in an elite air recon unit, I forget the name of the unit, he did well and was made a sergeant. During a parachute drop in Mozambique he was killed “accidently” by his own men and buried in the military cemetery in what was then Salisbury. Later we learned that he may have actually been assassinated when the Rhodesian authorities learned that he had been a member and officer in the American Nazi Party, his name was Dick Beitermann. When I met up with Dick when he was home on leave he was sporting a handlebar moustache and spoke with a perfect English accent, you would have thought he was an extra in the film Gunga Din. I always wanted to visit his grave but I guess it will never happen.


Colin Todd writes in Candour: “Bill sees the future as a Europe a Nation one. I see it as the White Racial Commonwealth of those of British stock; Britons. Bill thinks this is a dead duck...”

If we had established a White Commonwealth after the Second World War it would not have been a “dead duck”. Unfortunately we were bankrupt and unable to invest in the White Dominions. I always hoped that they would be part of united Europe but the situation has changed dramatically in recent years. South Africa and Rhodesia are black-governed states. Canada is tied to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Australia’s raw materials are earmarked for Asia, and New Zealand is rapidly becoming a Polynesian country,

There are millions of Commonwealth citizens who are proud of their British heritage but the White Dominions have substantial non-British populations. The Afrikaners are the majority of the whites in South Africa. French speakers are a quarter of the population of Canada and Australia has welcomed large numbers of Greeks and Italians. It's a pity that Colin Todd embraces them overseas but not at home in Europe.

The European Union is a work in progress. At the moment it is under American suzerainty but a continental power of half a billion souls must eventually achieve independence. I do not know exactly how the world will develop but we must stand together.

Western Spring emerged from collapse of the BNP following the 2010 general election. They are trying to build a political movement capable of sustained growth that is not reliant on electioneering. They are taking a long-term approach based on grass-roots involvement and professional fund-raising.

Max Musson, the leader of Western Spring, has identified four groups of time wasters and set six prerequisites for attaining power. He seems to have covered all the bases from organisation to propaganda. He has spent many years opposing mass migration and casino capitalism and sees himself as a European Nationalist. But his time in the National Front and the British National Party has convinced him that the European Union is part of an anti-British conspiracy. His plans are ambitious but his enthusiasm cannot be doubted.

The UK General Election

The newspapers are urging us to vote but putting a cross on a ballot paper will not change anything. Whatever the outcome of the election we will still be ruled by global capitalism; our armed forces will still be under NATO command, our economy will still be directed by the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and we will still be subject to the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In or out of the European Union we will still do most of our trade with our near neighbours and we will still import nearly half of our food and fuel. Parliamentary democracy is designed to perpetuate the system; show your contempt by abstaining from voting.