Monday, 1 June 2015

European Outlook # 18, June 2015

European Solidarity

In total 641,000 immigrants came to Britain in 2014 and 323,000 people emigrated. We received 268,000 from the EU and 290,000 from outside the EU; mostly from India and Nigeria.

Dave Cameron has introduced a new Immigration Act to reduce the influx. But our border guards are inadequate and the police are not interested. If they come across illegal immigrants or bogus asylum seekers they simply ask them to report to the immigration department. A token number are deported each year but many of them find their way back.

The last Labour government tried to introduce identity cards but they were bitterly opposed. People who already carry all sorts of identification objected to a simple ID card. The result is that we have no idea who is in the country. The government has just started checking the passports of people going abroad but it would be more useful to know who is coming in.

So much propaganda surrounds immigration that it’s difficult to discuss the subject without being accused of racism. It was not until the arrival of the Poles that immigration became a subject for debate. Gutless newspapers like the Daily Mail never said a word about blacks and Asians pouring into the country for fear of the Race Relations Act, but they attacked the Poles because they are white and therefore fair game. Petty nationalist parties like Ukip and the BNP never showed a scrap of solidarity with our fellow Europeans. They joined in a shameful campaign for the sake of a few votes.

We must promote solidarity instead of division. Free movement of labour benefits everybody providing that national governments set decent wage rates and guarantee employment rights. Ukip prefer English-speaking blacks and Asians but it's the blood of Europe that has made our civilization and it will be the people of Europe who reclaim our destiny.

New Dawn

Britain is a founder member of the United Nations and a signatory to the UN Charter of Human Rights. The UN is anathema to the far-Right but it helps to feed and educate mankind and its charter is the basis of international law. America manipulates the UN to impose trade embargoes on any country that defies them. Iran, North Korea and Burma have all been targeted and the Apartheid regime in South Africa was brought down by economic sanctions. It would be foolish for any country to flout the UN but this means little to the New Dawn Party; a far-Right faction led by Bernadette Jaggers. Their policy 
statement reads:

                                     Bernadette Jaggers

“We recognise that the UK is a Christian nation, as such, we will only allow the promotion of Christian denominations; no other religion will be allowed to be promoted in public.”

They have every right to support Christianity but their restriction of religious freedom violates Article 18 of the UN Charter of Human Rights.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

New Dawn is a tiny party that will never come to power but they should still practice fair play and common sense. The Bevis Marks Synagogue in London was founded in 1699 and the Shah Jehan Mosque at Woking was opened in 1889. New Dawn would be taking away rights of worship that had been enjoyed for hundreds of years.

The National Front was founded in 1967 to stop immigration and keep Britain out of the Common Market. Today there are half a dozen groups with the same agenda but they have all been overtaken by Ukip. Now that the Tories have won the general election we will get an in/out referendum that will almost certainly confirm our membership of the EU. Then they will have to accept reality and we can build a movement committed to European solidarity and common sense.

Letter from America

I have known Bob Lyons since 1961. He is a well-travelled American who is proud of his European heritage.

06 August 2014

I guess the UKIP movement is similar to our Tea Party, sort of kosher conservatives and all Israel supporters. It’s amusing how the liberals are always touting immigration as the way to build our economies and make financial progress but what they’re forgetting is that our nations were built on the backs of the industrious white European immigrants, certainly not the flotsam and jetsam of the Third world that is flooding our borders today and has been since WW11. Certainly no good can come from a multi-racial society, sadly in the end it will merely lower our countries to the abysmal level from which there will be no return.

07 October 2014

When my daughter and her family were here she managed to us a special tour of the US Supreme Court building in Washington, a building I had never been in.  During the tour I told her that back in the old days I was the defendant in two landmark free speech cases decided for our side in the US Supreme Court. Both cases were in the 60s, the first was when Dr Fields and I were arrested representing the National States Rights Party in Fairfield, Alabama and the second was in Princess Anne, Maryland and was also with the NSRP. In both cases we were attempting to speak. Strangely enough when I was going to law school back in the 60s both of these cases came up for study in our Constitutional Law class but nobody connected the defendant Robert Lyons in the two cases with the student Robert Lyons who was in their class although I remember it did give me a chuckle at the time. Needless to say my daughter was really surprised.

04 November 2014

We had an excellent trip to Europe and like in the US once a traveller gets outside of the big cities and into the country the population is still very white so I guess if we have any future it lies outside the populated areas. With each trip back to Europe I see that Europe is becoming more and more one people. On the other hand I can see where Europe is becoming more and more Americanized which I don’t feel is necessarily a good situation in many respects but I guess it was inevitable. As the Disney saying goes: “It’s a small world.” I think the small world is becoming a smaller world; the one worlders are having their day.

21 November 2014

Thankfully we didn’t get the big snow here in Baltimore, only some very cold weather. The worst snow I can ever remember getting here is about 3 feet back in about 2006 or so. The snow was so deep I couldn’t get out of my front door and had to unscrew and remove the storm door and crawl out of it. From there I shovelled and shovelled for days trying to clear the house and cars in order to get out and that’s when it was still working. Since my operations I don’t have the strength to shovel like that now so if we get a storm like that again I don’t know what I am going to do. I can’t imagine what I would do with 6 feet of snow, it makes me nervous thinking about it. Heating bills are always a problem here in winter, we keep our house about 62 Fahrenheit all winter, I can’t imagine what it would be like around the Great Lakes or in Montana where the temps reach far below 0 Fahrenheit, the lowest temps I can recall around these parts is in the teens and single digits Fahrenheit.

I grew up on a farm where there was no central heating; all we had were wood stoves in a huge old Victorian home. In the unheated bedrooms (old fireplaces were sealed up) we had to pile on quilts and in the mornings and nights run from the fire in the living room to the bedrooms and jump into bed. In the 40s we still had the outhouses and they were like iceboxes so most of the older folks had chamber pots under their beds that were emptied in the morning. Young boys simply used the window for relief. Those were the days, now gone forever.

The “Nationalist” Challenge

Dave Cameron has started negotiations with the EU leaders in preparation for an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership. We will be asked if we want to say in the EU or leave it. The “yes” camp is currently in the lead but a lot will depend on the Europhobic press. Those of us who campaigned for a “yes” vote in the 1975 referendum never thought that we would have to do it again. But Dave Cameron has been pushed into holding another referendum by his dissident right-wingers.

The sad thing is that many of those supporting the “nationalist” position have been misled into believing that our nationality is at stake. With the best of motives they are pursuing a policy that would see us isolated and marginalized. Some of them have seen the light but most of them are living in the past.

Is it even worth trying to convince the “nationalists” that they are wrong? Jeffrey Hamm thought that it was. Writing in Action in November 1990 he had this to say:

“I sometimes receive literature published by “nationalist” groups, including one which claims to have put its internal house in order and to be rising phoenix-like from the ashes of former glories.

They rightly condemn the results of the immigration policies of successive British governments – but offer no practical solution to the problem thus created.

Terrorists should suffer capital punishment, they proclaim, ignoring the historical fact that the public hangman has always proved the best recruiting-sergeant for organisations which thrive on martyrdom.

“Grass grows green on the battlefield, but never on the scaffold.”

Well-meaning, patriotic people are led astray by such rhetoric, and it is the duty of “Action” to sign-post the road which all true “nationalists” should follow.

The earliest issues of “Action,” whether those of the New Party of 1931 or the British Union Movement of 1932-40, advocated “nationalist” policies based on the development of the then British Empire.

The Second World War destroyed that mighty Empire and necessitated a radical advance in “nationalist” thinking.

It was necessary to replace the lost Empire with a new viable economic unit, self-contained and insulated against the cut-throat competition of the outside world.

The new “Empire,” we urged, was that of a truly united Europe, embracing not only the mainland of our continent but “Europe” overseas in the form of the old white Commonwealth.

Argue our case in “nationalist” circles, debunking the myth that European unity implies any loss of our British national sovereignty or a dilution of our patriotism.

We would remain as British as the French would be French – or the Germans German, but what are we all?

Let us respect the languages and culture of other continents – but let us never forget that we are not American, Africans or Asians!

We are Europeans, inheritors of a culture which has survived for at least three thousand years, speaking languages derived from Latin and Greek, diverging into a variety of tongues, but still intelligible to the truly European man.

That is our message of hope for the future, to those increasingly disillusioned with the old parties of failure.

John Bean 88

Eighty-eight is not a secret Nazi codeword but the age reached by John Bean on June 7th. He started his political writing career in the pages “National Unity” in 1955. He edited “Combat” in support of the National Labour Party 1958-60, the British National Party 1960-67 and finally the National Front 1967-68. He published “Ten Miles from Anywhere” in 1995 and “Many Shades of Black” in 1999. He ran the “Beanstalk” online blog from 2002-04. He edited the contemporary BNP’s magazine “Identity” from 2004 to 2010. He published “Blood in the Square” in 2015 and currently writes the “Nationalist Notebook” column for the British Democratic Party website.

Happy Birthday John..

Ukip and Union Movement

A day before the general election Robert Blay the Ukip parliamentary candidate for North East Hampshire was dropped by his Europhobic party for threatening to kill his Tory opponent. Ranil Jayawardena, who is of Sri Lankan extraction, has been tipped to become Britain’s first Asian prime minister but Robert Blay is determined to stop him. He was filmed by a Daily Mirror reporter saying: “if this lad turns up to be our prime minister I will personally put a bullet in him. That’s how strong I feel about it.”

There is a world of difference between the homicidal ranting of Ukip and the vision splendid of Mosley’s Union Movement. This rare picture of Oswald Mosley with a group of his followers shows Otto Abeysakera standing to the left of Jeffrey Hamm. I remember him as a well-spoken, educated man devoted to the cause of European Socialism.  He was of Sri Lankan heritage but that was never a problem to his comrades.

Mosley wrote in Union in May 1948: “Race is the first reality of European Unity...This unique stock of men in Europe, has in fact produced the culture, the values and the achievement of the West. This race in their family of Europe, have produced most things that matter on this globe. This achievement has been the result of their character, which in turn was the result of their race.”

But whilst recognizing the importance of race Mosley and his followers were primarily interested in economics. We saw the influx of non-European labour as another capitalist racket. If they couldn’t export the job they would import the labour. We never held the immigrants responsible for the situation and proposed humane repatriation where possible.

I didn’t know Otto when he was active in Union Movement in the fifties and sixties but I used to drink with him in the seventies together with former UM members Carl Harley and Terry Savage. The Register of Births and Deaths shows that a Francis Otto Abeysakera was born in 1925 and died in Wandsworth in 1985. If that is the Otto that I knew I hope that he rests in peace.
Dumbing Down Education

When I asked a friend if he supported the Labour Party’s proposal to reduce student fees he denounced the entire educational system and said that too many people are going to university because education has been “dumbed down.” He went on to suggest that most degrees were of no practical use.

This criticism was made by UK Minister of Education, Margaret Hodge in 2003. She said: “a university degree of slight intellectual substance, which the student earned by simply stacking up numbers on Mickey Mouse courses is not acceptable.”

But 2003 was twelve years ago and commercial pressures since the financial crisis of 2008 have transformed our educational system.  Some years ago I worked at Imperial College at South Kensington. At the time the image of students was one of hippies, dope smokers and layabouts. But the youngsters at IC were hard working students who obviously valued their education. One group were working on a car that ran on a minimal fuel supply. They designed and built the vehicle from scratch and their enthusiasm was obvious. I do not believe that they were there because of a lowering of standards.

In 2014 there were 435,000 foreign students in the UK each paying £22,000 in university fees. We compete with the United States and many other countries for their custom, and they certainly wouldn’t come here if there was anything wrong with the degrees they earned.

We are training the scientists and engineers that we need to compete against the rest of the world but we wouldn’t be so successful if the entrance exams were impassable. Our universities are not “dumbed down;” they are centres of excellence with proud records of achievement.

Higher education is not an elaborate conspiracy but a practical response to the demands of industry. The days of boys going down mines, or into shipbuilding or heavy industry are at an end. Today’s jobs revolve around Information Technology and require a scientific education. Apprenticeships are increasingly available but we still need university graduates capable of running high-tech industries.

There is a serious problem with an illiterate underclass produced by generations of unemployment and handouts. This is a separate issue that is being resolved by linking benefits to training. This will not help the subnormal but most benefit recipients are capable of learning. 

We have survived the Hippy era. Those professors that peddled utopian nonsense in the sixties are now sitting in shit-stained wheelchairs with drug-scrambled brains. A new generation of teachers is motivated by commercial reality and their students are more likely to vote Conservative.

Side Effects

When the Tories are in power the far-Right parties go into decline and the hard-Left starts attacking political meetings and provoking the police. These side effects were seen in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher won a landslide victory by saying that she understood people’s fears of being “swamped.” The National Front collapsed and the Red street army seriously challenged the forces of law and order. The Poll Tax riots of March 1990 in central London left 45 police officers injured and 113 civilians.

This time the Reds have the internet at their disposal and the police are desperate not to be filmed beating up bystanders. Nowadays there are cameras everywhere and pictures of policemen cracking dissident heads open will be broadcast around the world. The Tories are bringing in fresh legislation to protect us against terrorism but it’s not clear what they can do to stop rioters without using armed might.

In the 2015 general election the patriotic parties averaged a pathetic 1%. We were getting better results half a century ago. Oswald Mosley got 7.5% in North Kensington in 1959 for Union Movement. John Bean got 9.1% in Southall in 1964 for the original BNP. Colin Jordan, fresh from prison, got 3% in Birmingham Ladywood in 1969 for British Movement. And Martin Webster got a sensational 16% for the National Front in the 1973 West Bromwich by-election. Yes, I know that Union Movement was never a right wing party but we campaigned against Commonwealth immigration. Now Ukip, a populist party led by a City broker and backed by The Daily Express has taken over. They got one MP elected and won nearly four million votes from people hoping to upset the system. But in the finest tradition of nationalist parties they are threatening to split..

The Tories, free from the restraining influence of the Liberal Democrats, are determined to tear up the Human Rights Act and clamp down on benefits. They have lurched dangerously to the Right and are spoiling for a fight. The police will need their riot shields and batons during the next five years.