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European Outlook # 16, April 2015

Our Changing Culture

Most people have given up drinking and smoking to excess in response to health education. Swearing was restricted to male company and only used for emphasis but now it’s routine for both sexes and regularly heard in films and on television. These are not important changes but they are part of the culture by which we live.

Traditionalists like the old ways of doing things but it can be taken too far. Things can be set in stone – like wigs and gowns for the legal profession, or black hats and coats for the clergy. Wearing a powdered wig does not make a lawyer any craftier and clerical attire won’t save a priest, or a rabbi, from Sin.

Some customs are frankly silly. Lawyers in procession carry a posy of flowers to ward off the plague. An official known as “Black Rod” is armed with a staff to control the geriatric inmates of the House of Lords. The Queen has to ask permission from the Lord Mayor of London to enter the City. All the swans in England belong to the Queen. And a Freeman of the City of London is entitled to drive a flock of sheep over London Bridge.

Other conventions are more recent. We have stopped using offensive names for minorities. Many people see this as “political correctness” but spiteful terms have always been avoided by civilized people. Calling a black man a “Nigger” is not the same as calling a Scotsman “Jock.”

But apart from changing words and phrases we are facing massive changes as non-Europeans continue to flood into Britain. We are now experiencing the same problems as Australia and the USA. 

The Australian Aboriginals have adopted all the white man’s vices but few of his virtues. Some of them have escaped the ghetto - like David Unaipon 1872-1967 the writer and inventor who features on the Australian $50 banknote - but far too many live on state handouts and poison themselves with cheap booze. It is not their fault, and it’s not the fault of white Australia, it’s what happens when Stone Age people are propelled into the twenty-first century. They can be educated but most of them spend their lives in ignorance and poverty.

The blacks in the USA have made impressive advances. They have a black president and a growing middle class but they are handicapped by a negative culture that celebrates crime and under achievement; a lifestyle promoted by Hollywood and the music industry.

People of all races can get along together if they have the space and the economic resources but forced integration is dangerous. The Rotherham child abuse scandal shows what can happen when an ideologically-driven council and a poorly-led police force turn a blind eye to organised crime.

In the UK we encourage immigrants to practice their own culture. We provide armies of interpreters and translate government documents into many different languages but we still suffer riots and terrorist attacks and our cities are divided. In France they encourage immigrants to speak French and embrace French culture but the results are just as disappointing.

In time the condition of the Australian Aboriginals will improve. In the USA the blacks have climbed up the social ladder only to be replaced by desperate Mexicans. In Europe we are trying to assimilate Third World immigrants but if their numbers are not controlled our social services and police forces will be overwhelmed. We will only overcome these challenges if our politicians stop living in a world of make belief.

Race and culture are not “social constructs,” they are the hallmarks of humanity. It is wrong to discriminate against people because of their origins but it is absurd to pretend that differences do not exist. Most people are not racists but they are alarmed by mass migration. The deceit of “political correctness” has failed.

Myths and Half Truths

The far-Right has created a culture of despair based on myths and half truths. According to them we are victims of a Jewish Conspiracy to destroy Britain in particular and the White Race in general. They accuse the Allied war leaders of being Jewish but there is not a scrap of evidence to support the accusation.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, a British aristocrat, and Jennie Jerome who came from an old Protestant family that had been in New York since the days of Peter Stuyvesant.

FD Roosevelt (1882-1945) was the son of James Roosevelt, a member of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant ascendancy. His mother, Ann Delano was an Episcopalian (Anglican) of French Huguenot descent.

Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) was the son of Besarian Jughashvili, named after Besarian, a Greek Orthodox hero. His mother, Ketevan Geladze, was a devout Christian who enrolled her son in the Greek Orthodox priesthood.

The ancestry of prominent people is just one of the things that they have got wrong. Nick Griffin of the British National Party was obsessed with Peak Oil. He predicted that we were running out of oil and that it would get so expensive that we would not be able to run our cars or heat our homes. In fact the world is awash with cheap oil. The price has more than halved, demand has slumped and America is once again a major energy exporter. Remember this was not just one of Griffin’s many ridiculous policies – like sinking refugee boats in the Mediterranean, or building a concentration camp in the British Antarctic Territory. He saw Peak Oil as a vote winner, together with the threat of a Muslim takeover. He tried to exploit the fears of his followers but he has been sacked for presiding over their downfall.

Unfortunately, the pessimism of the far-Right has survived and the remnants of the BNP are still preaching doom and gloom. They say that our armed forces are too small, but the last time we had three million men under arms was when General Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of Allied Forces. Since then British forces have been under NATO command and their task has been to enforce American foreign policy. In 1956 Britain and France conspired with Israel to attack Egypt. But America was not prepared to risk war with Egypt’s Soviet ally so they ordered us to withdraw. We promised never to disobey American orders again and accepted their nuclear protection. The French reacted by developed their “Force de Frappe” and distancing themselves from Washington.

Harold Wilson managed to keep us out of the Vietnam War on the grounds of bankruptcy. And Margaret Thatcher recovered the Falklands with American permission. But apart from those exceptions Britain has been the obedient servant of America for the past seventy years. This is the background of the far-Right’s campaign for a larger army.

There are plenty of things wrong with this country; we have a chasm between rich and poor, we need to build more houses, we need fast broadband coverage throughout the country, we are so crippled by liberalism that we allow Pakistani pimps to run child prostitution rackets in our big cities, our police forces are led by politicized officers, our politicians are mired in corruption, the BBC wastes our money on overpaid presenters, and endless courts of inquiry led by High Court Judges find that no one is to blame.

But for most people things are getting better. Britain’s performance is impressive. Our transportation system is second to none. It’s true that it is massively subsidized but so is ever major transportation system. Our National Health Service is constantly criticized but few countries can match it. We have a thriving motor industry; it is mostly foreign-owned but cars are built in Britain by British workers and the motor companies pay taxes into British coffers. We are world leaders in pharmaceuticals and scientific instruments. And our universities are recognized centres of excellence that attract paying students from all over the world.

Ukip have taken over from the BNP. They accuse the Poles of simultaneously claiming benefits and stealing our jobs. In fact, the Poles are an asset to this country. They are good workers and generally respectable people. It’s a great pity that we didn’t have Polish labour in the fifties and sixties when we were scouring the world for workers. Like us they are Europeans by blood and culture that are easily assimilated. Ukip’s hatred of foreigners is not a political policy but a mental illness. They try to disguise it by fielding ethnic minority candidates but they are only useful idiots for a party founded on petty racism.

This country needs a realistic patriotic party to campaign for Britain in Europe; a party that understands economics and the importance of self-sufficiency. But we can do without neurotic conspiracy freaks that have wasted a century chasing phantoms.

Mosley Remembered by John G. Wood (part two)

Good times and bad times.

Local elections were given a prominent place in all branches and I well remember my first introduction to them. As Branch Leader, I was expected to set an example and after a brief word of encouragement from my regional boss, I was persuaded to stand in my own ward. The encouragement, if I recall, was something like "I've got your nomination papers... Go and get them filled!" Frank Hamley again!

I found this new experience exciting and the night after I had become an official candidate, another member and I went out and I painted my first wall! The fact that we had to paddle across a river to get to the wall didn't dampen our resolve. We were spotted leaving the scene by a police patrol and I found myself riding pillion on a small motor scooter with no lights at two in the morning! We weren't caught, however; I think the police were after bigger fish that night! We had used a rubberised road-marking paint which one of the members had obtained and my companion, on looking at our slogans said to me, "That will still be around for your children to see." Little did we both realize that it would be still visible for my grandchildren to see!

As I have said, it was my first election and when the press approached me, I
gladly gave them an interview baring my very soul in order to put the message across. Silly, very silly! In those days I was naïve enough to trust them! You won't be very surprised when I tell you that what I said to the press was nothing on earth to that which was subsequently printed.

Although I didn't get the most votes in that particular poll, at least I beat the communist candidate and I reckoned that was victory indeed. I stood for election quite a few times after that; older, wiser and completely distrustful of any reporter! My wife also stood as a U.M. candidate several times; on one occasion, she was seven months pregnant! She was the first woman to stand as a nationalist candidate since before the war and the first to stand for either the BUF or UM.

These were good times; what happened next was certainly for me, a very bad time. I had been campaigning for an election while on holiday from work. When I returned, I was summoned into the Managing Director's office who told me that my career prospects in the company were nil and that I had better start looking for another job. I didn't give the man the satisfaction of firing me; I quit. This situation repeated itself later three more times. How could I fight for wrongful dismissal? Go to the Trade Union? I would have been as popular as a pork pie at a Bar Mitzvah!

In 1961, we fielded eleven candidates in the local elections. We booked the City Hall for a pre-election rally where OM spoke in Sheffield for the first time since the war. The great day of the meeting came and we were supported by a coach-load of London members. The meeting was reasonably quiet for Sheffield where anyone to the right of Lenin was considered to be the Devil incarnate! I found myself standing against Councillor Enid Hattersley, the mother of Roy Hattersley, the Labour MP. She was a formidable dragon of a woman and she stalked out as soon as I began my speech at the end of the election count. I didn't do too badly as a matter of fact. I got a very flattering 620 votes (22%) in a straight fight, as only Labour and the UM
were standing.


I remember OM and I were crossing London one day from a meeting at the Great Eastern Hotel adjacent to the railway terminal. We had to get over to the headquarters in Vauxhall Bridge Road. OM strode out into the middle of the taxi-rank, pulled open a door and got in. He shouted Wood! In here! (He never used first name terms with anyone) I went to the cab and was hailed by jeers and mutterings. We had jumped the queue and it was a big one! OM never batted an eyelid. He looked at me and said "That's one fault the English have got. They invented the bloody queue!"

A couple of years later, Jeffrey Hamm told me that OM was in the habit of doing this regularly! That was OM though. Even in his sixties, he had the charisma and panache of a man half his age. Men respected him for it; women adored him!

At one meeting, a member of the Conservative Party asked him "If you saw a little Jewish baby in a pram, would you discriminate against it?" OM replied, "Of course not, I'd wait until he grew up and was putting his hand in my pocket. Then I would expose him for what he was!"

After one meeting in Sheffield, I had the honour of entertaining the Leader at home after inviting him for a meal. Again, my old friend Frank was there with us. This was the first of two visits to my home by the Leader. For many years afterwards, the chair that O.M. used at the table was regarded by fellow members with awe and pride. To be invited to sit on it was an offer reserved for the elite few! That chair is about sixty years old now and the seat has been recovered a couple of times since that memorable day. It is well past its sell-by date and is currently in the spare bedroom at home but it is referred to as O.M.s chair even to this day! That was a very good

A little time later, the leader reciprocated and we were invited to dinner at Cliveden Court, his town flat in Maida Vale. Lady Diana and he made us very welcome and it was an enjoyable evening.

An interesting note here. When John Tyndall came to us for a meal in the 80s after we had been sharing a platform in Sheffield, we brought out the old chair for him to sit on. He wondered why we had given him the oldest chair at the table but after we had explained that the last nationalist leader to sit in that chair had been OM, he said that he felt most honoured!

Very recently, we entertained the Sheffield BNP branch leader and his daughter to dinner. The daughter is well-known on the BNP circuit as a very able and talented speaker even though she is still only 15 years old. My wife, to commemorate the occasion, prepared an almost identical meal to the one she had prepared for OM forty-five years earlier!

Since those days, I have been a member of other parties and supported similar organisations abroad. I have spoken at countless meetings up and down the country and met with many political leaders. I have never, however, found anyone to compare with the greatest of these leaders, O.M. and I know that I never will. It is said that A.K. Chesterton's last words in his biography, Portrait of a Leader, "Hail Mosley; patriot and leader of men," epitomised him. A description of him to me by an old fellow member, Fred Bailey, now deceased unfortunately, said it all in just one word: "Incorruptible!" Let that be his epitaph. JGW.

The Power of the Press

Newspapers are the major cause of misinformation in the UK. Mendacious rags like the Daily Mail are unaccountably popular with some of our readers. It is sad to see brave men, who defied screaming mobs of “anti-fascists” in their youth, tamely swallowing Zionist propaganda.

Melanie Phillips is the Daily Mail’s best writer. She writes interesting articles on a variety of subjects. She is a meticulous researcher and objective reporter but when it comes to Israel she turns into a raving Zionist fanatic. Only Israel suffers according to Melanie.

No doubt some newspaper addicts are ashamed of themselves but lack the willpower to quit. Please take it from an ex-smoker and drinker that you can stop if you really want to. It’s no good trying to cut down on newspapers; that will only prolong the agony. The only answer is to stop altogether. You may feel sick for a time. You may even experience painful withdrawal symptoms but you will survive. And once you have experienced a clear mind you will never go back.

The Daily Mail and The Sun are the most dangerous newspapers because they sell the most. The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph are just as bad but hardly anyone reads them. But a special mention must be made of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard the delusional business editor of The Daily Telegraph.  He wrote the 1997 book “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton” in which he claimed that the FBI was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. He also claimed that Bill Clinton was at the centre of an international drugs and prostitution racket. Former White House press secretary Mike McCurry stated that Evans-Pritchard was the origin of every major Clinton scandal. But instead of seeking psychiatric treatment he is churning out conspiratorial nonsense for his gullible readers.

The newspapers promoted Nigel Farage and Ukip in order to drive the Tories to the Right; but their Frankenstein monster got out of control and they are now trying to stop him. The press barons all wave union jacks and make patriotic noises but they are loyal to America and Israel rather than Britain. Their ultimate objective is for Britain to be absorbed by the United States; a policy that was openly pursued by Conrad Black when he owned The Daily Telegraph.

The good news is that newspaper circulation is declining. The rise of satellite broadcasting and the Internet have completely altered the way we seek information. Newspapers are still dangerous but they become less so every day.

Eclipsed by Ukip

The UK is making a slow recovery but we are still spending nearly £90 billion more than we collect every year and our national debt is heading towards £1.4 trillion. The Old Gang parties have no answers; the far-Left is insignificant and the far-Right is totally fragmented.

People who are fed up with immigration and the EU are putting their faith in Ukip. They might gain a few seats in the coming general election but they will not overturn the system because they are discontented Tories wedded to laissez-faire capitalism. The only change is that Britain will join the rest of Europe in having a representative spread of parties.

Five years ago the BNP had two MEPs, dozens of councillors and a member of the London Assembly but today they are a spent force. The National Front is recovering from a damaging split and the British Democratic Party is still getting started. Their president Andrew Brons states:

“The United Kingdom must withdraw from all international organisations that encroach on our sovereignty, by taking executive legislative or judicial decisions on behalf of Britain. We would therefore withdraw the United Kingdom from membership of the European Union completely. Our membership of all other international organisations must be considered and, if necessary, renegotiated to prevent any undermining of our sovereignty.”

That’s easier said than done. Our armed forces are under NATO command and subject to the Anglo-French Naval Agreement of 2010. Our international trade is regulated by the World Trade Organisation and our economy conforms to the rules of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Our justice system is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention. If we quit all of these bodies our trade would be limited and our currency would be unconvertible. We would be in the same position as North Korea – fiercely independent but bankrupt, starving and isolated. Britain is a nation of 63 million souls that imports half of its fuel and food. We cannot afford to play games with our future.

Ukip and the far-Right are hopelessly out of touch with reality. They still see the UK as a world power able to dictate commercial terms to the rest of the world. Some of them deny being anti-European but their simmering hatred is barely concealed. The more enlightened ones want the UK to quit the EU and join the European Economic Area with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. That would be a cosmetic change that would still require us to pay our dues and obey EU directives without having any influence.

Dave Cameron is trying to trump Ukip by making eurosceptic noises but he doesn't really want to quit the single market. Europe is not the big issue; we desperately need affordable housing, secure jobs, improved health care, free education and a sensible immigration policy. The biggest threat facing Britain is the catastrophic decline of our native birth rate. We can mitigate the growing skills shortage by using automation and training workers but we will still need to import labour. This is available from Europe, Africa or Asia; the choice is ours.

Racial Socialism

Michael Woodbridge proposes a new interpretation of National Socialism that he calls Racial Socialism.

He is a National Socialist who has gone beyond nationalism. He calls himself a “racist” but that term is indelibly linked to hatred and oppression. That may be unfair but words are powerful and emotive. A man who innocently likes children would not call himself a “paedophile” – even though it literally means someone who likes children. Racial Socialism may be a perfectly respectable idea but it conjures up all the wrong images.

He is suspicious of Christianity because it preaches equality but he is attracted to the Church of the Creator, a collectivist cult strangely out of place in Libertarian America. Ben Klassen launched the Church of the Creator with his book Nature's Eternal Religion in 1973. He was an engineer who invented the wall-mounted electric can opener. But when his business failed he killed himself in 1993.  

New religions are seldom successful.  Major Clifford Hugh Douglas founded the Social Credit movement in the UK just after the First World War. It was devoted to economic reform and called for a National Dividend. All went well until John Hargrave became leader of the party in the 1930s. He dressed his followers in green shirts and submerged the movement in political mysticism. They practiced faith healing, prayed to the Sun and chanted “sunlight costs nothing.” The Greenshirts disappeared in the fifties as a new band of mystics emerged. Colin Jordan and John Tyndall were heavily into Muck and Mysticism. But they were rivals for the affections of Francoise Dior. Their short-lived experiment in historical re-enactment ended in farce and we were saved from a pagan revival.

Charlemagne was the Emperor of the West who defeated every invasion and insurrection. In 814, as he lay dying, he said: "Lord Jesus, into Thy hands I commend my spirit." The father of European unity had no religious doubts.

We live in a changing world where nation states have been replaced by empires and great corporations have immense power. We need a movement that combines European solidarity with social justice. But we must not disregards centuries of  belief. Christianity started in the Middle East but it has been a central pillar of European civilization. Our art, architecture, music and literature are essentially Christian expressions that are as much part of our European identity as our race.

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