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European Outlook # 50 June 2018

International trade is important but Mosley's vision of 'Europe a Nation' went far beyond the single market and the customs union. The following article first appeared in the post-war Mosley Newsletter.  

Union of Europe by Oswald Mosley

We were divided and we are conquered. That is the tragic epitaph of two war generations. Those words alone should adorn the grave of the youth of Europe. That was the fate of my generation in 1914 and that was the doom of a new generation of young soldiers in 1939. The youth of Europe shed the blood of their own family, and the jackals of the world grew fat. Those who fought are in the position of the conquered, whatever their country. Those who did not fight, but merely profited, alone are victorious.

What, then, was the truth concerning the National Socialist or Fascist movements, before the war? Our fault was exactly the opposite of that suggested against us. How often in politics is that the fact? How rarely are the people permitted to know anything except the reverse of the truth? It was suggested that we might set the interests of other countries before our own: that was an absurd lie. In reality, we were all too National - too narrowly concentrated upon securing the interests of our own nations. That was the true fault of all real National Socialists or Fascist Movements whether in Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy. So far from being willing to serve each other as 'Fifth Columns' in the event of a clash between states, our political ideology and propaganda were far too Nationalistic even to mould the minds of men in a new sense of European kinship and solidarity which might have avoided disaster by universal consent. So far from fighting for other countries in a war, we none of us argued with sufficient force in favour of that new sense of European Union which modern fact must now make an integral part of a new creed. Our creed was brought to the dust because the Fascist outlook in each land was too National.

How did it happen? How did that creed, which might have brought the Renaissance of Western Man, confine itself within the limits of a too narrow Nationalism? How did the rush of that mighty river of re-birth lose itself in the dry sands of a past that should have been dead?

There are two reasons; the first practical, the second ideological. For all the fiery idealism of our creed, it was ever imbued with the most realistic practical sense. We had, therefore, observed with strong feelings of revulsion the ridiculous structure of that Tower of Babel which the old world erected after the last war. The attempt to solve every problem by bigger and better committees of wider and more diverse nationalities ended in the grotesque failure which our realism foresaw. Their procedure in the face of difficulty was ever to introduce more and more people who were less and less like each other in tradition, though, feeling and instinct. Consequently and inevitably the difficulties became ever more insuperable until the whole attempt broke down in tragic absurdity. That did not appear to be a practical method. So we tried the opposite approach of each nation building in its own area a system suitable to its own tradition, culture and feeling.

The first stage was, therefore, to divide the world into large, self-contained blocks on this realistic basis of natural division. A superstructure of universal friendship and understanding between nations could later have been erected on the solid foundation of these natural and practical areas. In my writing and speeches long before the war, I thus opposed the concept of "Universalism" to that of "Internationalism." It is a practical sense which says, let us begin by cleaning up our own corner when the room is in a mess: afterwards we can discuss the future of the room as a whole. That attitude was anyhow, a very natural reaction from the fantastic performances of the Babel Boys, who confronted chaos with the confused jabber of a multitude of conflicting tongues and diverse instincts within the old 'Internationalism," which began as a woolly ideal and ended as a squalid racket.

But the revulsion from current errors led most protagonists of the new European creed back into what should have been regarded as the obsolete paths of Ultra-Nationalism. On practical grounds it became all too clear that a grotesque medley of skins and cultures could never get anywhere; so the realism of the new men reacted too far to the other extreme of a nationalism which in modern conditions is unnaturally narrow.

Our ideological opposition to the old Internationalism was naturally even stronger than the practical. The principles of that Internationalism appeared to us an absurdity and an outrage - a grotesque violation of every self-evident truth of nature which could only bring degeneration and destruction. The argument that every savage was in every way the brother and equal of a European just plainly was not true; every sense and every instinct, all history and knowledge told us that. Those people were not the same as us; they were obviously and deeply different. So International Brotherhood was just the bunk; it was founded on a blatant negation of the truth. The idea that you could build a world on the premise that all men, or all races, were equal was a dangerous absurdity; yet that was the whole premise of the "democratic" concept which we opposed. In fact, they are obviously not equal in intellect, physique, knowledge, achievement, history or tradition.

Further, the gifts of different races vary as widely as the gifts of different individuals. To affirm that they are just the same is to state so palpable an untruth that you risk the charge of seeking the destruction of the higher in the interest of the lower. This is in fact, the charge against Communism. They seek to break down every European value, founded on truths that have endured the test of ages because their first task in the move to replace the higher by the lower is to tear down the values of the former. Before you put the lower on top you must first prove there is no higher. That argument was also very welcome to the International Money Power which knew that the lower could be corrupted for its own purpose, while the higher type are the natural barriers to corruption and chaos. The easiest way to remove them is to prove that all men and all peoples are the same; spiritual conquest thus precedes the material triumph.

Such was the ideology and such the teachings from which the National Socialists or Fascists creed reacted so naturally and so vehemently. The tragedy was that the revulsion produced too narrow a Nationalism. When you are told that you must kiss Harry the Hottentot on both cheeks as a condition of taking a walk down the street you are apt to confine yourself to the close circle of your own family! Your feeling is all the stronger if you are constantly told it would be a good thing if he came in and ran your house for you and if, on occasion, he is even given the power to do so. The reaction was "human, all too human."

The real idea, which must become the creed of the future, is surely to reject the old Internationalism on the one hand, and on the other hand to transcend an exclusive nationalism which divides natural friends and relatives. Man moved from the village to the nation in the natural process of uniting with his nearest kinsmen as his mind and spirit grew. Now the time is come to move from the nation to the continent, or even beyond it, under the same natural impulse and process of next uniting with those nearest to us in blood, tradition, mind and spirit.

The idea of Kinship is the true Idea; the reaching out of our hands to those who are kindred or of the same kind. The idea of Kinship can bring the Union of Europe where the old Internationalism failed. As a family of the same stock and kind Europe should always have been united in Ideal. Today, the Real, as well as the Ideal, faces Europe with the alternative of Union or disaster. So must come a new union of mind and spirit, not only to avoid destruction but for further purposes of construction. Yet the idea of Kinship carries us far beyond Europe; there are kindred of our same kind in both Americas. Their spiritual life is also ultimately based on nearly three millennia of European history and Culture. In the deep realities and further ideals of this Age, all nature impels them in their final test to feel and think as we do.

We love our countries, but we must extend that love; the ideal and the practical alike now compel it. The extension of Patriotism: that is the necessity and that is the hope. The new Patriotism will extend to embrace all of like kind, but will not destroy the values of its kind by seeking the unnatural mingling of the old Internationalism which is proved to fail. The Universalism of like kind, within a new union of the spiritual and the material, will protect its members and its values but will menace no others. Thus shall we of two war generations no longer be divided. Thus shall our ideals, which were so misused and betrayed, at length be realised in ways our eyes could not then see. The anguish of our Age will not have been in vain if now is born the Idea that shall carry man beyond what is called "Democracy", and even beyond Fascism. From the flames which end an epoch rises the Idea of the Future.

Pride and Prejudice

The 2018 local government elections saw the collapse of Ukip. Their performance was bad enough but the smaller nationalist parties; BNP, National Front, British Democrats and others, didn't win a single council seat between them. The nationalist vote has been hijacked by the Jacob Rees-Mogg faction of the Tory Party.

Oswald Mosley
fought for workers' rights as a minister in the Labour government of Ramsay Macdonald, and as leader of the pre-war British Union and the post-war Union Movement.

The National Front once supported Bill Whitbread's Trade Union Anti-Immigration Movement, and the BNP are allied with 'Solidarity', the independent trade union led by Pat Harrington (pictured).

But the Jacob Rees-Mogg faction of the Tory Party are dedicated reactionaries who crave cheap labour and despise the One Nation Tories who built social housing in the Fifties.

If we leave the EU under the hard-faced Tories, they will scrap what they call 'red tape'; the employment and health and safety regulations that protect us. In pursuit of maximum profits, they would demolish the Welfare State, sell off the National Health Service, and flood the country with cheap labour immigrants.

The Jacob Rees-Mogg faction are enthusiastic flag wavers who delight in singing the national anthem and making a show of patriotism. But what sort of patriot would tolerate dangerous working conditions or sub-standard housing? It's not a class issue: Oswald Mosley and Harold Macmillan were aristocrats but they identified with the working men who fought with them in the trenches of the First World War. Jacob may be sprung from the loins of the nobility but he is supported by middle-class Tories who struggle to pay their mortgages.

National Socialism in its literal sense is a love of a country and its people but Tory Nationalism is an unholy alliance of prejudice, false patriotism, and exploitation. 

Letter from America by Robert Lyons

Our American correspondent Robert Lyons was a youthful member of the National States' Rights Party who attended the 1961 BNP camp in Norfolk.

Trump's target from the beginning has been Iran, the North Korea situation has only been a distraction Trump would like to put out of the way so he and his flunkies can concentrate on neutralizing Iran. Trump's masters have been first Israel, secondly the Sunni states in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, and thirdly his broad-based Evangelical support base here in the US plus the powerful Jewish lobbies and the neocons plus big-name Jewish financial supporters.

There's a large number of Democrats in both the Senate and House who support his anti-Iran stance. The Jewish/Zionist groups are so powerful here it's doubtful any anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist citizen running for office in this country could ever be elected. The Jewish organisations scan every office seeker before elections looking for any sign of deviation of the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, stance. I'm sure it's the same in the UK and probably much worse.

Much of the so-called alt right who still support Trump knowing what he is and where he stands continue to amaze me, those people must bury their heads in the sand to keep from acknowledging the truth of the situation. Trump is beyond a doubt the most Zionist and pro-Jewish president the US has ever had in its history.

"Bibi" Netanyahu's visual display the other day was totally laughable but Trump and his followers sucked it up like it was the unquestioned word of God. Never have the nuclear weapons of Israel ever been mentioned, it's like the forbidden subject that is never to be mentioned if anybody had the guts to they would be declared an anti-Semite and run out of town.

We've seen it all before and it will get much worse. One brave person standing up would be like spitting into the wind during a hurricane. What we were able to do in the 60s and 70s seem amazing compared to what can be done now. Freedom of speech now seems like a distant memory of times gone by. The masses are now totally blind to any and everything.

Municipal Censorship

The Museums and Libraries Association states the following on the censorship of the Internet in public libraries:

"Libraries should make this known to users and provide the opportunity for them to challenge particular instances of blocking or request the adjustment of blocking criteria. And they should recognise that such techniques are imprecise and aim to minimise restrictions and avoid inadvertent blocking of legitimate resources."

It's common practice for libraries throughout the country to impose censorship on their public access computers. Local councillors take it upon themselves to decide what we can see and hear, and what email services we can use.

They claim to be protecting us against pornography and the glorification of violence, but Zionist websites are freely available despite Israel's genocidal treatment of the Palestinians, and you can visit the website of the African National Congress which supports the confiscation of white-owned farms. 

These decisions are made by local councillors according to political prejudices that are invariably left wing. The 'servants of the people' are elected but few voters realise what powers they are giving them. If Parliament tried to censor the Internet in the same way as the local councils they would not get away with it. And if a Tory-controlled council tried to deny access to left-wing websites the lefties would riot in the streets.

Our politicians and journalists condemn China for censoring the Internet but they never mention our public libraries. If we must have an element of censorship it should be regulated by Parliament. There are some disgusting things on the Internet that should be restricted but political opinions must be allowed. We do not need a self-appointed 'Committee of Public Safety' to control our thoughts.

Some Thoughts on Race

Millions of people are flying
around the world in search of pastures new. Nature confined the races of antiquity to their own territories with oceans, deserts and mountains, but we invented ships, planes, roads, and trains to overcome these obstacles, and now we are building rockets to take us into space.

People are defined by language, race, nationality, culture, and religion, but the European nations have absorbed many of their former colonial subjects. This has been exploited by politicians. Tony Linsell wrote in 'An English Nationalism':

"Those who are the most fanatical in claiming that race is unimportant, usually attach the greatest importance to it. They often use the very simplest form of racial classification and see only a Black race and a White race. Unfortunately, this ignores the fact that many of those who are neither Caucasoid or Negroid do not fit easily into the Black-White scheme. This leaves the problem of how to label the others.

Although the terms Black and White are used as synonyms for Negro and Caucasian, many consider it racist to refer to Mongoloids as, for example, Yellow. The term Oriental was once used instead of Mongoloid but that is also considered to have racist overtones, so Asian tends to be used instead even though it is not a good substitute because it involves mixing terms: Blacks and Whites are labelled by appearance while Asians are labelled by place.

Another drawback to using a term such as Asian or African is that it is not sufficiently specific. It is not helpful to name someone an African when what you mean is Black or Negroid because most North African Arabs do not consider themselves as Black and have a greater sense of identity with Asian Arabs than African Negroes. Neither is it helpful to use the term Asian when you mean an Arab. Those people who live in England and are commonly called Asians usually dislike being called Black and do not think of themselves as being part of the Black community even though multi-culturalists and some politicians have tried to impose that label on them so as to create a larger and more powerful political grouping."   

Oswald Mosley was one of the finest thinkers of the twentieth century. He opposed Commonwealth immigration on social and economic grounds but he never subscribed to the racism of the far right. Richard Thurlow described Mosley's attitude in his 1987 book 'Fascism in Britain':

"Mosley's view on race developed significantly from his view in the inter-war period that racial hatred was not a desirable policy for the British Empire. In essence, they were close to the racial views of Italian fascism, and the concept of the nation as a race cradle which developed from the English anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith. Its main assumptions were that race formation was a dynamic historical and political process within the confines of the nation-state and the derived characteristics of the nation-race could be acquired by the interaction of heredity, environment, culture and education over historical time. This was essentially Mosley's position." 

Mosley knew that the best friend of the working man is a manpower shortage and his worse enemy is an abundant supply of cheap labour. Immigration is used to hold down wages and conditions but it's not the immigrants who we should blame but the politicians who recruited them.

The problems of production and distribution can be solved by political and economic reform, and the poverty that drives migration can be eradicated. We have the ability and the technology to build a better world where people can earn a living in their own country. It can and must be done.
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