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European Outlook # 36 December 2016

The Far-Right

The parties of the far-right (alt-right) have been eclipsed by a newly radicalised Tory Party. Alexandre Dumas wrote the heroic story of D'Artagnan who led his Three Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, against the 'evil' Cardinal Richelieu. In the modern version Theresa May leads her Three Brexiteers, Boris, Liam and David against the 'evil' Jean Claude Juncker. Her government now stands for quitting the EU, restricting immigration, deporting undesirables, and increasing defence spending. Only time will tell if she means what she says. 

The far-right are dedicated to leaving the EU and repatriating immigrants. Their first objective is possible because we never adopted the euro or signed up to the Schengen treaty. But
repatriation is another matter. Most of our immigrants are too well established to be sent packing. We can introduce stricter immigration controls but we will probably need some workers from abroad. It's up to us where we get them from.

Housing is one of the most desperate problems facing our country but few of the minor parties mention it. The British Democratic Party's policy is typical: "the present perceived need to build more and more houses on precious green field sites is fuelled by endless large scale immigration. If we can stop immigration and put the process into reverse, the housing crisis would disappear." In the words of the old song: "with a ladder and some glasses you could see the Hackney marshes 'if' it wasn't for the houses in between."

Outside of the EU we would still have a housing crisis, an underfunded National Health Service, an unbalanced economy and an unemployable underclass. We urgently need a patriotic party with practical and affordable policies, but the Batley and Spen by-election showed that the far-right are not serious contenders.

Labour Party - Tracy Brabin - 17,506 - 85.8%
English Democrats - Therese Hirst - 969 - 4.8%
British National Party - David Furness - 548 - 2.7%
Independent - Garry Kitchin - 517 - 2.5%
English Independence Party - Corbyn Anti - 241 - 1.2%
Liberty GB - Jack Buckby - 220 - 1.1%
Independent - Henry Mayhew - 153 - 0.8%
Independent (UKIP member) - Waqas Ali Khan - 118 - 0.6%
National Front - Richard Edmonds - 87 - 0.4%
One Love Party - Ankit Love - 34 - 0.2%

Majority 16,537 -  81.0%
Turnout 20,393 -  25.8%
Labour hold 

Now that the referendum campaign has made immigration control respectable we must turn our attention to the Third World invasion. The arguments used by the popular press against the East Europeans must also apply to the blacks and Asians.

Fog in Channel: Europe cut-off

That famous headline from The Times epitomises the nationalist mindset. When reporting air crashes our newspapers are only interested in British deaths. They only report on foreigners if they do something wrong. Nationality is important and national stereotypes are ingrained. We were brought up on images of cruel Germans, glum Russians, rugged Australians, inscrutable Chinese, and loud-mouthed Americans. Kind Germans, cheerful Russians, studious Australians, transparent Chinese, and quiet Americans, would not be taken seriously.

Even animals are given nationalities. We hear about Irish race horses, and we fought a war with Iceland over British Cod. If the Daily Mail had to report "the cat sat on the mat" it would appear as "Siamese cat sat on Persian carpet."

We also like to credit ourselves with unique virtues. We pride ourselves with being a nation of animal lovers but fox hunting and hare coursing are still practised.

We are convinced that British justice is the best in the world, but over a thousand men and women were detained during the war without charge or trial under Defence Regulation 18B. And during the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland juries were suspended and detention without trial was used extensively.

Our attitude to foreigners has always been appalling. When Winston Churchill appointed Selwyn Lloyd as Foreign Secretary in 1955 Lloyd protested: "But Sir, I have never been abroad except during wartime, I speak no foreign languages, I have never spoken on foreign affairs, and I don't like foreigners." Churchill replied: "young man, these all seem to me to be positive advantages."

One of my favourite lines is from Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, when the great detective Hercule Poirot is asked by an Englishman to give his word, "as a foreigner."

Most people manage to keep their nationalistic urges under control but some poor souls are afflicted with Ukip syndrome and spend their lives denouncing "unelected foreigners."

No More Rebels

The old political division are becoming increasingly meaningless. The Labour Party used to be the party of the working class. It was run by middle class schoolteachers and lawyers but supported by the trade unions. The Tory Party was unashamedly middle class. It was the party of shopkeepers and managers who upheld the monarchy and the Church of England. The Liberals were not so easy to label; they tended to represent isolated areas like the Shetland Islands. Mosley's Union Movement failed to win sufficient support in the fifties and sixties, and so did the National Front in the seventies, and the BNP in modern times. The winning party usually got 40% of the poll, the runners up got 30%, the Liberals got 20%, and the other 10% was shared out between the little parties of left and right. 

In those days the parties knew what they stood for. A lot of arguing went on at conference time but once they got back to Westminster they presented a united front. Enoch Powell was the first Tory in a generation to rock the boat with his opposition to mass migration and the Common Market. He was a classical scholar and a Tory free trader but he was supported by working men who were fed up with immigration. He probably would have got away with it if he had not called for the electorate to vote Labour. Prime Minister Ted Heath could not put up with open rebellion so he sacked him. Powell emerged as a Northern Ireland Unionist but he was never taken seriously again.

Tony Benn was a Labour rebel who championed every left-wing cause from gay rights to colonial freedom. He was a ban-the-bomber, an anti-Common Market campaigner, a boycotter of South Africa and a supporter of the black terrorist Robert Mugabe. He was a renegade who would now be thoroughly at home in the Tory Party.

John Beckett the Independent Labour MP for Peckham
outraged the House of Commons in 1930. With the words:
"Mr Speaker, these proceedings are a disgrace" he picked up the Speaker's mace and removed it from the chamber for the first time since Oliver Cromwell. He lost his seat in the general election of 1931 and joined fellow rebel Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists in 1934. He was detained under Defence Regulation 18B during the war.

There are few rebels in Parliament today. All parties have gravitated to the centre and bad boys like Denis Skinner are regarded as ‘national treasures’. The order of the day is ‘consensus’. They all support non-European immigration, the Zionist regime in Israel, the campaign against Russia, and minority causes like gay rights and drug reform.

The rapid development of computers will soon deliver government by technology. Programs will be written to handle production and distribution and squabbling politicians will be retrained as rat catchers and traffic wardens.  


The Alternative

In the seventies Union Movement and the National Front both opposed global capitalism and open door immigration. UM stood for 'Europe a Nation' but the NF wanted to unite with the White Dominions. 
After the 1975 referendum Union Movement changed into Action Society and concentrated on publishing. The NF grew into a nationwide movement that put up over 300 candidates in the 1979 general election but following disappointing results they collapsed and were replaced by the British National Party. Under Nick Griffin's leadership the BNP won scores of council seats, a seat on the London Assembly, and two seats on the European Parliament. But they did badly in the 2010 general election and split into several hostile factions; just like the NF before them.

A few years ago a more realistic attitude towards Europe began to emerge in the nationalist camp and attempts were made to form a bloc in the European Parliament. But the 2016 referendum campaign showed that they are still clinging to insularity.

Quitting the EU will make our country poorer and do nothing to stop Third World immigration. 'Free trade' always comes at a price. The Indians have demanded that we take in more of their citizens in return for a trade deal. The Aussies abandoned their White Australia policy in order to trade with the Asian market and they now have over a million non-Europeans, mainly from China, India and South East Asia.

The temporary benefits of devaluation will soon pass and we will face the grim reality of racial replacement and unbridled capitalism under an unopposed Tory government. Protectionism will not solve the problems of global capitalism but there is an alternative. The geo-political solutions pioneered by Oswald Mosley are still relevant. They are outlined on the Friends of Mosley website:  

International Trade

Britain tried to institute imperial preference at the Ottowa conference in 1932 but American pressure on Canada put a stop to it. Faced with bankruptcy we signed the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 which tied the pound to the dollar and put our armed forces under American command. In 1947 this agreement was formalized as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and in 1995 it became the World Trade Organization. Any nation engaged in international trade must conform to the rules of the WTO. If we quit the EU we will simply be exchanging one set of rules for another.  

But none of this has registered with the Leavers. Flushed with success in the referendum they are now campaigning to bring back “our ancient weights and measures." But even the reactionary Tories know that we cannot return to the old days. As a trading nation we have to conform to international standards and market our products in terms that the world can understand. It’s no good telling customers that a car will do fifty miles to the gallon when they have no idea what miles and gallons are. And it would be dangerous to sell medicines labelled in ounces to a world that uses grammes.

European Union specifications will still be internationally accepted if the UK leaves the single market. If we make goods for export denominated in imperial measurements or not conforming to EU standards they will be rejected. Customers need to know how things are produced, where the raw materials come from, how the workers are employed, and how much carbon is generated. It’s no good protesting that our products are British and therefore above suspicion. Regulations that the Leavers regard as red tape are there to protect workers and customers The days when we could send shiploads of goods anywhere in the world, accompanied by the Royal Navy, are long gone. 

Brexit supporters are very keen on trading with the Commonwealth but the old dominions have all converted to the metric system. If we want to trade with Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians we must do so in litres, kilos and kilometres. Even the United States is converting and their military and scientific community has already done so.

We have been using the metric system for so long that it would be virtually impossible to go back to avoirdupois. We have not used the old measurements in industry since 1971 when we changed from pounds, shillings and pence. We only kept pints and miles because of newspapers like The Daily Mail; a reactionary rag that is still giving out temperatures in Fahrenheit; which nobody under sixty understands.

The nostalgic nationalists will have to get used to reality. We may be an island but we are still part of Europe and the wider world. We cannot survive with rods, poles and perches, and dreams of Empire.

Searching for Lord Haw Haw by Colin Holmes reviewed for Amazon by Gordon Beckwell

How do you justify a SIXTH biography of arch-traitor William Joyce? Colin Holmes thinks he has the answer - attack all previous biographies as being too 'kind' to Joyce (because their authors fell under the influence of Joyce admirers) or claim they are full of errors. Apart from the fact that all the other biographies roundly condemn Joyce for his high treason and paranoid anti-Semitism just who were these Joyce admirers who allegedly seduced previous authors? Holmes only names one: the late John Warburton of the Friends of Oswald Mosley. But even Holmes admits that during interviews with Warburton, the former Blackshirt showed no admiration for Joyce at all. So we are left to wonder if such seductive admirers really exist.

On the question of factual errors Holmes is as guilty as any. One example must suffice: he claims Joyce's scarred face wasn't the result of an Jewish communist slashing him with a razor (as Joyce always claimed) but a revenge attack by the I.R.A. The trouble with this new 'scoop' is that a police officer present recognised the attacker as an East End Red. Also, if the I.R.A. really wanted belated revenge on Joyce would they really do it at a crowded public meeting where Joyce was accompanied by other stewards? The razor is the weapon of choice of London's East End, a quiet knee-capping was more the I.R.A. style.

But where Holmes really allows his personal hatreds to mar his judgement concerns Oswald Mosley. During the early months of WW2 Mosley made contact with other anti-war groups with a view to coordinating the policy of 'Peace with Honour, Empire Intact and British People Safe'. In Holmes' blinkered view this is seen as 'plotting' to share out the top jobs after a successful German invasion. Holmes doesn't understand that Mosley considered himself as far superior to Hitler in every way (even to the point of arrogance) or as the Blackshirt Leader put it he had "no desire to become the underling of some foreigner - even my worse enemies have never accused me of having small ambitions!

Holmes goes on to claim without evidence that Mosley was as much a traitor as Joyce as he was engaged in treasonable relations with the German Nazis. He cannot see that if this was true then the Government and MI5 who both hated Mosley would have jumped at the chance of trying Mosley as a traitor and hanging him too. They didn't because they couldn't - Mosley was not a traitor and no evidence existed to suggest otherwise.
Holmes' biography of Joyce has more than a hint of desperation about it: he makes spectacular claims without substantiation and allows his own prejudices to blinker him to the normal academic disciplines of modern political history of which ne was formerly a professor.

So we must assert that the Holmes biography is most certainly not the pre-eminent version on Joyce - that accolade falls to Mary Kenny's 'Germany Calling!' who does not find it necessary to rubbish other authors in her book.

Déjà Vu

The recent referendum campaign was strangely similar to the one in 1975. Back then the popular press was all for Europe, this time they changed sides but their obedient readers did as they were told.
The Tory newspapers compared the EU to the USSR and accused Angela Merkel of being a communist because she grew up in East Germany. In the earlier campaign they stressed that the EEC was a bulwark against Communism and the lunatic left agreed with them. The following is from the Common Cause Report of May 1975.

The British Communist Party's view of the Common Market was summarised by Tony Chater in an article in the Morning Star (25 Jan 1975). In this he made the following statements:
"The entire structure of the Common Market is designed to facilitate the profit making activities of the big capitalist firms..."
"The Common Market is much more than a customs union. Behind the common protective wall of tariffs the aim is a major reorganisation of west European capitalism..."
"The EEC is therefore imperialist, anti-working class, and anti-Socialist. It is the economic counterpart in Europe of NATO, buttressing the Cold War divisions and hostility towards the Socialist world..."
"Parliament's power to decide economic and social policies would gradually cease to exist. They would be transferred to the Community's institutions where they would be shielded from popular pressure by the EEC's bureaucratic structure..."
Since then the CPGB have campaigned strongly in favour of a "no" vote in the referendum on June 5th and this line has the support of most Left-wing trade union leaders, who have brought strong pressure to bear on their district and branch staffs and offices to follow suit.
Their counterpart brothers in Europe however take a different view and while being perhaps critical of the EEC as at present constituted, they are nevertheless against their countries withdrawing from it.

In France the Communist Party is more hostile than it used to be towards the EEC, and accuses it of "betraying France's national interests for the sake of monopoly capitalism." French Communists, however, do not suggest a French withdrawal, and generally accept that the EEC is a political and economic reality to which they must adapt.

A Message from Bill White

Bill White is an American National Socialist who is serving a 25 year sentence for a variety of offences. Killers like David Copeland, Anders Breveik, Dylann Roof, and Thomas Mair deserved to be locked up but Bill White has never hurt anyone. 

From the Northwest Front -

After Trump settles into office, and gets his cabinet in order, and, the rest, we may want to start lobbying him to pardon all White nationalist prisoners. I would not be partisan about this - I would, for instance, demand that wrongfully targeted folk like David Duke get pardoned along with folk like Matt Hale. And, we would probably want to throw in all of the alleged "right wing" prisoners of various sorts, militias, sovereigns, and the rest - they have plenty of people in prison - in order to make this as broad based as possible.

This seems to be a project for the near future that people should be thinking about. We should start thinking of how to interact with a government that may, for once, start listening to our concerns. Bill White

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