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European Outlook # 35 November 2016

What now Ukip?

Now that we have “got our country back” Ukip are expecting the Eastern Europeans to go home. They are demanding that Theresa May triggers Article 50 as soon as possible and they want the return of the old blue British passport instead of the "hated" burgundy one. Nothing short of a complete break with Europe will satisfy them. They are parochial patriots with limited horizons.

Ukip want to replace the Labour Party but they have a long way to go. Their only MP is Tory defector Douglas Carswell who refuses to follow the party line. Another ex-Tory Welsh Senator Neil Hamilton doesn't speak to Nigel Farage and their former immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe has resigned following a punch-up in the European Parliament. Diane James quit after a week at the helm and Raheem Kassam is the current frontrunner. They are following in the footsteps of the National Front and the British National Party. The NF put up 303 candidates in the 1979 general election but they disintegrated soon after. The BNP had scores of councillors, a member of the London Assembly and two MEPs but they fell apart after the 2010 general election. It all looks very familiar.

Ukip would not like to be compared to the NF or the BNP but there's not much difference between them. They claim to believe in world trade but their protectionist policies would backfire. They deny being racists but their anti-Polish propaganda is cruel and unnecessary. They advocate an Australian-style immigration policy but Australia is overrun with immigrants, particularly from Asia. Their vision is narrow, their knowledge is limited and their views are emotional.

Nigel Farage has achieved his objective of getting us out of the EU but in doing so he has crippled the Labour Party, threatened the unity of the UK, devalued the pound, and helped to perpetuate Tory rule. 

Accepting Change

People are reluctant to accept change but since the Second World War almost everything has changed. We are no longer a great world empire. The Royal Navy was once the biggest in the world and our merchant fleet brought raw materials from the Empire to the great ports of London and Liverpool.  It all began to fall apart in 1942 when we surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. General Percival had his reasons but his decision was fateful. Our problems came to a head in 1944 when we ran out of money and had to accept the Bretton Woods Agreement which tied the pound to the dollar, scrapped imperial preference, and placed our armed forces under American command.

India was granted independence in 1947, against the wishes of Winston Churchill, and one by one our colonies in Asia and Africa were handed over to local despots while the White Dominions found alternative markets.

British capitalists lost the cheap raw materials of the Empire but they still had access to its cheap labour. From 1948 immigrants began arriving from the West Indies and they were soon followed by Indians and Africans, We now have millions of non-Europeans in the UK but we never had a referendum about it.

Our final humiliation came in 1956 when Britain and France were ordered out of Suez by the Americans. Under the threat of economic sanctions we had to withdraw our forces from Egypt and promise to behave ourselves.

We tried to maintain our military and scientific power but we couldn’t afford to develop atomic weapons and the means to deliver them. We were therefore forced to cancel the Blue Streak rocket program in 1960 and the revolutionary TSR2 bomber in 1965. Instead we bought the American Skybolt system which was the forerunner of Trident.

Oswald Mosley published The Alternative in 1948 proposing a union of Britain and Europe that was not taken up by the main parties for another twenty years. Mosley's pre-war Blackshirt comrade AK Chesterton refused to accept the end of Empire and founded the League of Empire Loyalists in 1954. That was sixty years ago but Ukip are still dreaming of Empire. It is not by chance that Nigel Farage and his gang wear old-fashioned overcoats with velvet collars, trilby hats, and waistcoats; both sartorially and politically they are living in the past.

It is human nature to resist change but sooner or later we have to accept it. We are a small country with a large population that needs to compete in the modern world. We can’t afford to live in the past and we will not survive by waving flags and wallowing in nostalgia. The British people have voted to come out of the European Union but their decision will not make us a world power. There is nothing wrong with being a successful modern country like France or Germany. It's time to stop pretending.

The UK did not achieve “independence” as a result of the referendum. We are tied to America with the agreement of all the political parties – including Ukip. Leaving the EU will be traumatic and difficult but breaking away from America would be even harder.


The row in the Labour Party about anti-Semitism would not have worried Arnold Leese, the leader of the Imperial Fascist League. In 1935 his associate Captain Serecold Skeels published an attack on Oswald Mosley in Der Sturmer the Nazi newspaper edited by Julius Streicher. Skeels accused Oswald Mosley of being an agent of the Jews, and a year later he quit the IFL because he decided that Leese was too liberal. He joined the little known United Empire Fascist Party but he was prevented from standing in the 1936 Cambridge by-election by its leader CG Wodehouse-Temple. 

When Leese was sent to prison for six months in 1936 for libelling the Jews he responded by publishing My Irrelevant Defence; in which he accused the Jews of ritual murder and the government of complicity in the Jack the Ripper atrocities. He reported in his newspaper The Fascist:

It would scarcely be believed that the Metropolitan Police held the clue to the identification of the murderer in their own hands and deliberately threw it away under the personal direction of the then Commissioner of Police, Sir Charles Warren, who acted in the belief that an anti-Semitic riot might take place if a certain damning piece of writing were permitted to remain on the walls.

Writing of the murderer: Some freak of fancy had led him to write upon the wall this sentence: The Jews are not the men to be blamed for nothing.

I have never learned that any photographic record was made of this inscription, and when the City Police came to hear of it, they were horrified that their colleagues in the Metropolitan Force had wiped away what might have been an important piece of circumstantial evidence as to the class to which the murderer belonged.

That the Jack the Ripper murders were ritual I do not allege; but that they were Jewish seems to be established by the above-quoted paragraphs. Yet the clue was passed over and the murderer remained at large. In what other cause would such an important piece of evidence be ignored, and the whole community's interest sacrificed for the sake of a Jew?

 It is significant that Sir Charles Warren was not only District Grand Master in Masonry, 1891-5, but was actually the founder of the first research Lodge – Quatour Coranati. 

Is it the sort of mass hypnotism worked upon people who have already either consciously or unconsciously accepted some sort of mental or spiritual subservience to Jewish influence? Is it cabbalistic?

When Arnold Leese died in 1956 he left his commercial property to Colin Jordan and his intellectual property to his followers. Some members of the Labour Party are critical of Zionism but few of them link the Jews to Jack the Ripper.

Political Baggage

Union Movement was handicapped by Oswald Mosley's pre-war image as leader of the Blackshirts. He created the Blackshirts in 1932 to defend his meetings against organised violence, but he came to regret it. He wrote in his autobiography My Life:

"I should have known that while we could have got away with the simple black shirt, the uniform made us far too military in appearance and would create prejudice. The old soldier in me got the better of the politician."

Thirty years later Colin Jordan and his supporters made the same mistake; this time deliberately. They attracted publicity by dressing up as storm troopers. Few people took them seriously except for the authorities who locked them up. When the subject of immigration was raised it was by renegade Tory MP Enoch Powell who did more to galvanise public opinion with one speech than they did in fifty years. 

Almost every nationalist party has got skeletons in the cupboard. All the newspapers had pictures of John Tyndal in his Spearhead uniform ready for publication in case he ever made a breakthrough. He never came near to it but his BNP colleagues sacked him anyway and replaced him with Nick Griffin, a former editor of the The Rune, an avowedly National Socialist magazine. Griffin in turn became a liability and was replaced with Adam Walker, a former schoolteacher who has never worn jackboots.

In America David Duke is running for the Senate as a Republican in his native Lousiana. His policies are more or less mainstream but his youthful period as Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan is something of a drawback.

But Ukip have no political baggage – as far as we know. They are discontented Tories who think that they can stop immigration by quitting the EU. One wonders how long it will take for their supporters to realise that it's not so simple. Unfortunately, a respectable background is no guarantee of political acumen.

In or out of the European Union this country is run by big business and they will import cheap labour from wherever they can get it. If Poles are not available they will hire Pakistanis; it makes no difference to them. Our alleged sovereignty was mortgaged to the Americans in 1944 at Bretton Woods for $4.3 bn - reckoned to be £30 bn in today’s money. We paid off the loan in 2006 but our armed forces are still under Nato command and so is our ‘independent’ nuclear arsenal. Mosley summed up the situation in his speech on globalisation:

“It is childish nonsense to say that the British Government rules Britain. It is nothing to do with the British Government or the British people. The government of all is the financial government; the power of money and of money alone.”

We Marched with Mosley

The authorised history of the British Union of Fascists by Richard Reynall Bellamy, National Inspector of British Union, Director of Propaganda.

Richard Reynall Bellamy was brought up in the aftermath of the Great War of 1914-1918. For many years afterwards, men with severe disabilities and disfigurements were a common sight on the streets of Britain; the result of injuries sustained in the carnage of the trenches.

Long before the Great Depression of 1931 the pinched faces of hungry children told of widespread poverty in northern industrial towns in what was the richest Empire the world had ever seen. The jobs of their parents had long ago passed to the cheap sweated labour countries of Asia and elsewhere.

Bellamy was not one to grumble in the comfort of an armchair and leave the solution to others. He joined the Blackshirts almost at the start and went out into the British streets to fight for peace and prosperity through Mosley’s policies of a high wage economy , economic autarky, a Corporate State – and no more wars unless Britain was attacked.

This brought him into daily conflict with communists, democratic socialists and capitalist supporters. But he remained true to what he believed in and in 1940 paid for it with imprisonment without charge or trial under the infamous Defence Regulation 18B.

In the course of his political odyssey Bellamy came to know just about every British Blackshirt worth knowing and and attended all the major Leader meetings and many local ones besides.

Towards the end of his life, at Oswald Mosley’s request, he wrote it all down for posterity – providing this unique inside story of the British Union of Fascists.

Black House Publishing Ltd –

Breaking up Empires

The United States has decided that the Kurds are the good guys in the Middle East. They were the first to recognise Kurdish autonomy in Iraq and they are backing the Kurds in the Syrian conflict. Kurdish forces have fought well against the ‘Islamic State’ but they have committed countless war crimes including planting bombs in the streets of Istanbul and Baghdad. It was Kurds in the service of Sultan Mehmed V who butchered 1.5 million Armenians during the First World War. They supplied soldiers and policemen for the Ottoman Empire just as the Irish did for the British Empire. History is of no importance to Washington but the people of the Middle East have long memories.

The Armenians suffered terribly in the last days of the Ottoman Empire but the Christians have also committed atrocities. It was Christian militiamen, under the command of Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon, who massacred 3,500 Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in West Beirut in 1982. They attacked the camps in revenge for the assassination of the Lebanese president Bashir Gemayal.

There are no good guys in the Middle East; Sunni, Shia, Allowite, Kurds, and Christians, are all victims of the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. All of them, together with Albanians, Greeks, Bosnians, Bulgarians, and Jews were subjects of the Ottoman Empire that was overthrown by Kemal Ataturk in1922. It is said that the Ottoman civil service worked a four day week because they had Friday off for the Muslims, Saturday for the Jews and Sunday for the Christians. Race relations were not perfect in Turkey but they had laws against racial and religious discrimination almost fifty years before we did.


    Kemal Ataturk

Empires are a force for stability and their passing is always problematic. The creation and the eventual destruction of Yugoslavia was the result of the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Ukrainian territorial dispute is due to the break-up of the Soviet Union. And the wars throughout the Middle East are the result of the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. Those hoping for the end of the European Union should read their history.

Jeff Wallder

Jeff Wallder writes for Comrade, the magazine of The Friends of Mosley, under the name Gordon Beckwell. His first book Blackshirts on-Sea was published under the nom de plume JA Booker in 1999. Fragments of Tom was published this year. Both books are available from Amazon and my reviews are posted on their website.

Blackshirts on Sea

This is a pictorial history of the Mosley Summer Camps 1933-1938.  The British Union of Fascists was a mass movement in the thirties. When it was founded in 1932 unemployment stood at 2.7 million and few families could afford a holiday. One week’s holiday with pay was not granted by the government until July 1938; although the TUC had campaigned for two weeks. The BUF Summer Camps enabled Mosley supporters and their families to enjoy a short holiday at the seaside. Many of the people shown in the photographs of this book served in the Second World War and some of them laid down their lives for their country. Others were interned, without charge or trial, under the infamous Defence Regulation 18B. Today, the image of fascism is tainted by wartime propaganda but thousands of ordinary men joined the BUF before the war to fight for decent wages and conditions. This well-written book tells some of their stories.

Fragments of Tom

This is the story of a woman called Flo and her son Tom. It starts in the hungry years of the Great Depression and ends in the affluent eighties. It covers a lifetime of hard work and introduces us to the characters that move in and out of her life. That strange synergy that so many of us are familiar with dogs every page. People with no apparent connection to each other are linked in time and space and the love that makes life bearable holds them together. The author’s attention to detail takes us back to the days of listening to Radio Luxembourg and trying the exotic foreign foods that suddenly appeared in the sixties. It is a snapshot of all our lives and a chronicle of the wonderful women who cared for us. Fragments of Tom is a thoroughly good book that’s easy to read.

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