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European Outlook # 37 January 2017

Jez Turner

Candour magazine’s front page carries a report by Jez Turner, organiser of the London Forum. He is a nationalist who writes with passion. To Jez everything about the EU is bad. He sees EU supporters as “traitors, bankers and globalists”, led by “professional charity monger and self-advertising Jew Bob Geldof.” And he calls Eddie Izzard, who ran 43 marathons in 51 days, “infamous transvestite Eddie Izzard the lizard.”

But Jez’s side have got their fair share of oddballs, capitalists and race traitors. The original Referendum Party was led by the billionaire Jimmy Goldsmith, and Brexit is supported by Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Melanie Phillips, Richard Desmond, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson; a fine bunch of patriots.

One of the main arguments of the Brexiteers is that ‘Commonwealth’ immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Caribbean should be given preference over ‘foreigners’ from the European mainland.

We have already seen the pound plunge against the dollar and there has been a rise in non-European immigration. Brexit will make us poorer and blacker and anyone who believes that we have “got our country back” should ponder Theresa May’s recent statement that Israel is “a beacon of democracy.”

Does anyone seriously believe that we will be one iota less globalists outside the EU? We will simply exchange the rules of the single market for those of the World Trade Organization. Our armed forces will still be under Nato command, we will still conform to the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights, and our greedy capitalists will still export jobs and import labour. Jez and his mates are deceiving themselves.

Racism is Racism

The British people voted to leave the EU because populist politicians persuaded them that it would stop immigration. But if we stopped immigration tomorrow we would still have millions of foreigners who came here legally and have no intention of leaving. Most of them will be absorbed into the general population within a couple of generations but some of them have no intention of adapting to our culture.

When a group of political activists tried to register the White People's Party they were refused permission by the Electoral Commission on the grounds of racial discrimination. Instead, they called it the British People's Party which is now absorbed into the National Front. That's fair enough but the law should apply to everyone. Organisations like the Black Police Association and Black Lives Matter should be prosecuted. If the word "white" is offensive the word "black" must be equally offensive,

Racial quotas are discriminatory and should not be allowed. Jobs should go to those best qualified regardless of race or religion. If we want a fair society we must abandon the targets set by misguided politicians. So called 'positive discrimination' is just as bad as 'negative discrimination'. The police, for instance, are not impartial. When a white man was thrown to his death from Hungerford Bridge in London by a gang of blacks, a senior officer stated that the crime could not have been racial because: "the victim was white."

Greg Dyke accused the Football Association of being dominated by elderly white men. But would he have dared to speak out if it was dominated by young black men?

The Policeman's Union is for all officers, black and white, and all lives matter, not just black lives. The Cenotaph in Whitehall commemorates all those who died for the British Empire. The Jews do not need to have their own ceremony and there is no reason for a separate memorial for women.

Promoters of multi-racialism point to slavery and imperialism as excuses for their one-sided policies but our  grandparents were little more than slaves. Britain never imported large numbers of black slaves because white workers were even cheaper. And it was the Royal Navy that stopped the slave trade. There is no excuse for the anti-white racism that is practised against us. Let everyone be treated fairly.

Mosley Speaks

An account of the BUF meeting at Earls Court in July 1939, by John Charnley, from Blackshirt and Roses, Brockingday Publications, London, 1990, pp 84-85.

British Union was now involved in a peace campaign and demands on me increased as we were pressed to make even greater efforts to avert war. In July 1939 our Campaign culminated in the largest indoor political meeting ever held anywhere in the world, at Earls Court, London.

It was, needless to say, the most spectacular political meeting I ever attended. There had been a rehearsal on the afternoon, Sunday July 16th, but it didn't have any particular impact, since the hall was more or less empty except for a small number of stewards. The whole orchestration of the meeting was in the hands of John Hone, which is not generally realised. 

I was positioned in the top gallery, and the atmosphere of the evening, as the time of the meeting approached, was intense. Proceedings opened with a fanfare of trumpets, followed by the pageantry of the British Union Drum Corps leading the massed flags and Honour Standards of hundreds of branches.

It was a huge hall, with a vast audience, most of whom were anti-war even if they were not all pro-Mosley. The people began to stand up and cheer.

The cry "Mosley...Mosley...Mosley...Mosley" echoed down the hall, rising up to the balcony in an every-increasing crescendo of sound.

Then suddenly the whole audience was on its feet. They clapped, they roared, they cheered. And Mosley hadn't even arrived! When the standards stations were taken up at the front of the hall there was absolute silence. The roll of drums and a searchlight drawn down the centre of the hall, and in the far distance you could see the figure in black.

The uniform had been abolished, but there stood Mosley in a dark suit, black shirt and tie. He marched down the centre aisle unescorted, and as he did so the cheers began to rise, developing and expanding until I thought the roof would come down! This was the man upon whom we had pinned our hopes, the man who could save our country and Empire, and lift our people from poverty and demoralisation to ever greater heights!

He made his way towards the most unusual plinth, upon which he was to speak, a sort of boom projecting into the auditorium. The people were shouting and cheering, and just going mad. He raised his hand, and slowly... silence. Then he began. I think it was the finest speech he ever delivered. At many points he had to stop speaking because of the wave of applause.

Mosley's great theme was peace, but he also addressed the other issue which had dominated his 7-year crusade in British Union, notably the power of international finance.

"We have shown over and over again in infinite detail how the money and credit of the British people, created by the exertions of the British people and by no other force on earth, has been used for their own destruction in the equipment of the Orient with its sweated labour to undercut and to destroy the West; in order that usury, international usury, may draw its dividends and its interest by destroying the country of its origin through the equipment of our world-wide competitors against us. We have shown again and again how the British Empire, as well as the British people, the British industrialists and the British worker, has been relentlessly sacrificed to this international power; how the whole of our international trading system, how our conflicting party system and our foreign policy above all, is maintained for one reason and for one reason alone - that the money power of the world may rule the British people and through them may rule mankind."

The Truth about Immigration

The referendum last June was supposed to be about Europe but many people thought it was about immigration. The mass media conflated the issues and the public fell for it. But the truth is that the majority of immigrants to the UK are from outside the EU. The figures for year ending March 2016 are: 180,000 from the EU and 190,000 from outside the EU.

Brexit will have no effect on the number of non-European immigrants coming to the UK. In fact, if we stop European workers from coming here we can expect more immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The capitalists need cheap labour and they don't care where it comes from. 

Some people thought that the economic consequences
of Brexit would be worth it to control immigration. But our membership of the EU only guaranteed free movement of labour within Europe. There was nothing stopping us from controlling non-European immigration but despite promises to limit it to the "tens of thousands" it's still rising.  

Britain has always taken in refugees; Flemings escaping from the Spanish invasion in the 16th century, French Huguenots in the 17th century, Irish victims of the Great Famine of 1850, Italians from the War of Independence, Belgians in the First World War, Poles in the Second World War, and Hungarians in 1956, They were all assimilated within a generation because they were fellow Europeans.  

The Populist Revolution

The results of the euro referendum and the American presidential election are being hailed as a right wing populist revolution that is sweeping the world. This great movement of the people is expected to install Marine le Pen as president of France, and unseat Angela Merkel in Germany. But is it true?

Both events were unexpected by the pundits - including me. The euro referendum was supposed to be about our membership of the EU but it was confused by immigration and influenced by the propaganda of the popular press. The American election was won by Donald Trump, a national celebrity, standing against Hilary Clinton who was generally disliked.

It's not certain that these results are a good sign for the Front National in France or the AFD in Germany. The common theme is immigration and globalism but the French electoral system allows voters to think again, and Angela Merkel has changed her mind about refugees and is now talking about deportation.

Donald Trump is a billionaire property owner and Nigel Farage comes from a privileged background but they have convinced the punters that they are working class. The French, who gave us liberty, fraternity and equality, are not so gullible, and the Germans have learned to be wary of populist politicians.

This may be a case of journalists getting carried away with themselves. It's sometimes difficult to tell if they are reporting public opinion or creating it.

We may be in the middle of a revolution but the chances are that things will stay the same. Mass migration is a feature of global capitalism that can only be addressed by international action to reform world trade. It can't be solved by tearing up treaties or building walls.

Apart from a few countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia and North Korea the world is run by reasonable men and women who can be persuaded to work together for world peace. Problems of production and distribution can be resolved. Scientists and economists are developing systems that will eventually change society. But while we are waiting we shouldn't take too much notice of self-promoting politicians shouting meaningless slogans.

Nearly a Century

Miss Rotha Lintorn Orman founded the British Fascists in 1923. Since that time various patriotic movements have won seats on local councils and other assemblies but never at Westminster.

Oswald Mosley founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932. He was unprepared for the general election of 1935 and the BUF was closed down by the government in 1940 under Defence Regulation 18B. He tried again with Union Movement in 1948 but the grim austerity of the post war period soon turned into the swinging sixties, and his predictions of economic crisis fell on deaf ears.

By the seventies immigration was the main issue and the National Front made an appearance. They fielded over 300 candidates in the 1979 general election but following disastrous results they all but disintegrated. The NF's performance was recently repeated by the BNP. They won council seats all over the country and two seats on the European Parliament but following equally disastrous results in the 2010 general election they too collapsed.

The old British Fascists were described by Arnold Leese as "Tories with knobs on." His own movement, the Imperial Fascist League, was insignificant but it laid the foundations for later movements. The BUF were genuine revolutionaries who found themselves on the wrong side of a world war. Ukip is the current nationalist party but they deserve Arnold Leese's sarcastic description.

Several little parties emerged from the wreckage of the BNP but their performances have been dire. As a result, we are still ruled by unprincipled plutocrats who export jobs and import labour. The so-called left wing parties have been just as useless as their opposite numbers and the Labour Party has aided and abetted the Tories at every step. After nearly a hundred years of campaigning we still need a modern patriotic party with achievable policies.

Uninvited Visitors - Frank Walsh -

I, Mr. Frank Walsh was phoned at about 18.30 on Friday 10 June 2016 from my doctors practice, in London SW19. The doctor asked to visit me at home, as I was not understanding them over a bad telephone line, to explain the results of a blood test for kidney functionality, after recently having stayed in hospital for a Total Heart-Block operation, but I rejected the request, as I was very tired.  The doctor then mentioned about calling the police, to which I said “I will give them no access, as I am too tired.” About 30 minutes later, another doctor rang to say the same thing, and got the same reply, then I fell asleep and was awoke about 10/11pm by loud banging on my flat door, and went to know why and was answered by a said policeman; “Ambulance medics had been ordered by doctors to take me to St George’s Hospital, for tests”. I refused to let them in, telling them, via the letter slot, I was too tired and otherwise felt well. Then a foreign voiced Doctor, supported by police and paramedics forced their way into my (a 90 year old Folk Family Loyalist) flat.  Naturally, I resisted their non-criminal charged invasion though days earlier I maybe had upset the authorities, after release from St George’s Hospital, by refusing to allow a foreign voiced said carer access to my flat, on the grounds that “I am not compatible to some aliens. especially if they were traitors to their own country, by becoming subjects of our historical oft foreign ruled one, and more so if they had been their folk’s imperialist oppressors, by working for them." For like the great majority of my natural instinctive, Folk Family Loyalists (Though “Many of our folk have taken the coward’s way, of being apologetically in shit fear, of differing with aliens). I was wary of being demonised as being a racist by them and detained at “Her Majesty’s Pleasure” until death, under an old feudal dictated law, used by foreign ‘doctors’ many of whom are dicey docs, having bought titles in their homeland’s phony universities, and lust to get rid of their hated Folk Loyalists exposers, as I think they had done (By medically imprisoning, till dead, Nationalist Loyal Lady Jane Birdwood) backed by Traitor May's instigated growing alien staffed police, in the name of Our Folk’s Dead Freedom Fighters, and their enforced alienated laws, made by our Zionist ruler’s to be legislated by their Folk Traitor Puppet Parliaments (therefore illegal).
Whatever, a team of about 7 Wimbledon police and paramedics plus ‘doctor’ smashed open the door and the glass of an intervening door to enter, our rulers' propaganda indoctrinated, castled home, though I had tried to not let them in, and for about an hour they tried, without physical force, to overbearingly make me go with the medics to the hospital, which I adamantly refused to do. Regretfully in my anger, I called the medics flunkies which, on reflection, as I knew they were trying to do their socially good work, I meant they were behaving like flunkies by overbearingly trying to take me against my will, to the hospital. Eventually the police left, after having well cleaned up their broken glass window partitioning door, with the promise of compensation for their done damaged, then the medics left, with what I thought a given understanding, that they would not be returning. After cleaning up the invaders made mess, I went to bed and was awoke about 3am again by the police booting the door open, with about 7 other different police and same medics, with the same demands, and I telling them that unless it was a doctor's excusable dire order to  help a physically or mentally unabled, as doctors are in a said democracy an advisory not a dictatorial social body, and they should respect my right, not to be taken elsewhere against my will, I also tried to tell the police of my surprise at their assisting in an illegal kidnapping of me, then I managed to open the bathroom window and shout out “They are trying to take me away,” but no neighbour replied, which  showed me the social fear of becoming involved, against any authority, for our Folks best in Our Country. After which the police left, again with the promise of doing any caused repairs to my door etc., they had done. Soon followed by the medics, who left their fully positive ticked questionnaire, regarding my mental awareness and asked me if I would be responsible for them leaving without me, to which I gladly said yes. But, as yet 27/7/2016 I have had no repairs “So be our ruler’s promises.” I only think the time and number of police used, was because I am registered by them as a social deviant, so they were used as Hollywood NKVD, Gestapo etc. extras who do not need to keep their word to have the damaged repaired, as they are the regime's Uninvited Visitors. FPW

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