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European Outlook, # 34, October 2016

Conspiracy or Cock-up

According to conspiracy theory the world is controlled by hidden forces and nothing is what it appears to be. But cock-up theory holds that if things can go wrong they will. When Dave Cameron called a referendum on Britain's future the Euro-sceptics predicted that it would be fixed by 'the liberal elite' but it resulted in a victory for the Leave campaign and they have had to put their paranoia on hold. 

Sometimes when cock-up triumphs over conspiracy devotees of the black arts claim it to be a double bluff. This line of reasoning can get so complicated that nobody understands it. The trick is to make the evidence fit the crime.

President JF Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who was killed by a registered Democrat called Jack Ruby. JFK was succeeded by LB Johnson who shared his policies. Oswald's guilt was established by the Warren Commission but the conspiracy theorists blame the Soviets, the Ku-Klux-Klan, the Israelis, the Mafia, or the CIA. Lee Harvey Oswald was a dedicated communist ex-serviceman who had lived in the USSR with his Russian wife. But that, of course, is "what they want you to believe."

Another favourite of the conspiracy theorists is Princess Diana. She was killed in a car crash in Paris but they believe that she was assassinated by the British secret service MI5 for bringing the monarchy into disrepute. Alternatively, she was killed by Mossad, the Israeli secret service, who were worried that she was about to marry a Muslim, or by the French secret service, the DCRI; for no apparent reason. Diana's driver was a drunk who had been drinking on the night of the crash but that doesn't impress the conspiracy theorists.

Sometimes conspiracy theories are contradictory. In his classic study of conspiracy The New Unhappy Lords AK Chesterton tells us that General de Gaulle was a Rothschild nominee charged with uniting Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals as part of a plot to establish a world government. But later he ironically suggests that de Gaulle should have been given an OBE for refusing Harold Wilson's request for Britain to join the Common Market.   

Probably the daftest theory of them all is that Adolf Hitler was helped to power by the Jews who organised the Holocaust to bring about the state of Israel. The Zionists, we are told, deliberately sacrificed millions of their own people to gain the sympathy of the world and excuse their future persecution of the Palestinians. If anybody believes this nonsense they should see a psychiatrist, preferably a Jewish one.

The Myth of Democracy

Democracy is based on the idea that the people know best but the mob often makes the wrong decision. They chose Barabbas over Jesus and they voted for Tony Blair three times in a row.

Elections in the UK are usually decided by about half of the electorate. The first-past-the-post system makes no provision for the second placed candidate. Often there is little between them but the winner takes all. The electorate votes for an individual but the party machine takes over and personalities become irrelevant. The parties are financed by big business, including the trade unions which are powerful commercial entities with massive investments. It is therefore the bosses of the banks, insurance companies and trade unions that run the country. And it's not surprising that they promote roads, railways, airports and other massive developments.

Ultimately all governments depend on the police and the army to stay in power. Britain’s last experiment in dictatorship was the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell. He was a good man who loved his country and its parliamentary system but his inflexible rule became so unpopular that the People actually welcomed the return of a corrupt monarchy.

Since the French Revolution governments all over Europe have extended the franchise and made use of referendums but real power has remained with big business. The great corporations that backed the Nazis; Krupp, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Daimler Benz, and Bayer are still running Germany. And the same is true in Japan with companies such as; Yamaha, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. When General McArthur announced a new constitution for Japan after the war he specifically mentioned these companies and stated his intention to close them down.

But powerful institutions are almost indestructible. During the Russian Revolution millions of people were slaughtered by the Reds: private property was confiscated by the state and the Church was outlawed. By the time of Stalin all power was in the hands of the Party. But when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the Russian Orthodox Church made a spectacular comeback. Over seventy years of atheistic dictatorship had not diminished their power.

Big business is entrenched all over the world. Reform is possible but we will not change things by voting for parties owned by the Money Power. All we can do is organise and educate.

Visions of Europe
When Oswald Mosley wrote The Alternative in 1947 the Red Army occupied half of Europe and the other half was dominated by America. Mosley's policies were based on Western Europe and her colonies in Africa. He never expected the colonial empires to be dismantled by the sixties or the Soviet Union to collapse in the nineties.

In a prophetic speech in Berlin in 1940 Joseph Goebbels outlined his vision of the future:

"I am convinced that just as we look back with some amusement on the narrow-minded conflicts between German provinces in the 1840s and 1850s, our posterity in fifty years will look back with similar amusement on what is going on today in Europe. They will see the 'dramatic battles between nations' of small European states as family squabbles. I am convinced that in fifty years we will no longer think in terms of nations, but of continents, and that entirely different, and perhaps much bigger, problems will concern Europe."
The EU effectively embraces all of Europe west of Russia. The EFTA states belong to the single market and the Schengen Agreement; Albania and the former Yugoslav states have applied for membership. The two problem states are Britain and Turkey - Britain because she doesn't feel European and Turkey because she does. We reluctantly joined the old Common Market in 1973 but following a determined campaign by the popular press we voted to leave in 2016. Turkey made great strides under the leadership of Recep Erdogan but an attempted coup has damaged his country's chances of joining the EU.
The Council of Europe consist of 48 countries including the states of the old Soviet Union. We must remind ourselves that Europe goes all the way to the Urals and that that the geographical centre of our continent is Kiev.

The American-led hostility to Russia will not last forever. The Russians have shown in Crimea and Syria that they will not be intimidated. We need a treaty of friendship between Europe and Russia that recognises her legitimate interests on her western borders.
If the EU fails we must create a new political entity that embraces all the states of Europe including Russia. At present the splitters and quitters are in charge but the destiny of Europe will not be decided by readers of The Sun and the Daily Mail.

Carl Harley - the man who recruited John Bean

I first encountered Carl Harley and John Bean at a National Labour Party meeting in Trafalgar Square in 1959. I was there as a schoolboy, on a bicycle, with my mate Paul Barnes. But I didn’t get to know them properly until the BNP camp held in Norfolk in 1962.

Carl Harley was born in Greenwich on 26 June 1930. He was a member of the Mosley Book Club in 1947 and joined Union Movement on its foundation in 1948.  He did his National Service in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps from 1948 to 1950. When he came out of the army he was appointed organiser of the Lewisham branch of Union Movement, where he signed up a young man called John Bean before going to Manchester to help Jeffrey Hamm.

He fondly remembers his old comrades; Alexander Raven Thomson, Victor Burgess, Peter Lesley-Jones and Pat Dunigan; but he disliked Alf Flockhart. In 1958 he joined John Bean’s National Labour Party which merged with Colin Jordan’s White Defence League in 1960 to form the British National Party. In 1962 Colin Jordan broke away to form the National Socialist Movement. Carl tried to persuade John Tyndall to stay with the BNP but he decided to join Colin Jordan. Thirty-five years later, whilst writing to thank Carl for a donation, JT acknowledged his mistake.

Carl was a founder member of the National Front in 1967. He followed Andrew Fountaine into the NF Constitutional Movement in 1979. The NFCM was absorbed into John Tyndall’s British National Party in 1984. Carl stayed with the BNP until John Tyndall was ousted as leader in 1999.

Today he subscribes to Heritage and Destiny and keeps in touch with old friends all over the world. When I interviewed him for this article he was reading Jewish Supremacism by David Duke.

Carl Harley was not an armchair patriot. He was an organiser of branches, a public speaker, a builder of platforms and scenery, a painter of banners, a printer and distributor of leaflets, a campfire cook, a writer of letters, a security guard, a receptionist and a willing helper. I am glad to call him my friend.

As BNP members pose outside their Princedale Rd headquarters Carl Harley is busy upstairs cleaning the windows.

Arek Jozwik

The BNP joined in Ukip's shameful propaganda against Eastern Europeans during the referendum campaign, despite the fact that they are the same race and religion as us. They cannot be blamed for the death of Arek Jozwik in Harlow but they did nothing to prevent it. Slogans have consequences and weak-minded people should not be encouraged to engage in violence.

Now that we have "got our country back" we might have expected BNP leader Adam Walker to concentrate on the never-ending influx of Asians and Africans but his website is still attacking fellow Europeans:

"ONS figures released in the past fortnight confirmed that 50% of babies born in town are to mothers not born in the UK. The statistics confirm that Boston has experienced an unparalleled influx of Eastern European immigrants who have not contributed towards the NHS which is at breaking point."

The referendum was partly won on the issue of immigration but the unscrupulous employers who depend on cheap labour have no intention of doing without it; if we ban European immigrants they will simply import more Africans and Asians. Far from defending the white race the short-sighted populists of the far-right are helping to destroy it. 

Letter from America – Robert Lyons

Thanks very much for the latest issues of European Outlook and Nation Revisited. The articles are most interesting as always and keep me updated with the political scene in the UK. I continue to admire your dedication to the cause, I know this effort requires lots of time, study, and dedication on your part.

Cynthia and I just returned from two weeks in Switzerland, it was a lovely two weeks and the weather cooperated but the visit was an eye opener and makes us fear for Europe. It seems there have always been Japanese tourists, the Japanese seem to have always had money and flocked to Europe but now there are hordes of all the Third World everywhere. It's no longer just Japanese, now it's Chinese and from every Asian country plus all of the Middle-East with Muslims everywhere but with one difference, it appears the Muslims are living there. We noticed Muslims in every town in Switzerland. It's a tragic affair and it certainly made us fear for the survival of not only Switzerland but all of Europe. Bob

Thanks Robert. In 2013 Switzerland had 1,646,325 European immigrants and 290,620 non-Europeans. Britons who voted to quit the EU should note that Switzerland is not a member of the EU but she is a member of EFTA. The mass migration from the Third World into Europe and North America is a problem requiring international co-operation at the highest level. It will not be solved by populist politicians shouting meaningless slogans. I’m glad you enjoyed Switzerland; a federation of self-governing states, with one flag, one currency, and one federal government. The Swiss speak four languages but they are united by a common patriotism. Their highly-developed country is a model for European unity.

Jewish History, Jewish Religion - Israel Shahak

Published by Pluto Press 1994, available from Amazon.

This interesting and informative book traces the history of the Jews from ancient times and explains much about them. In his foreword Gore Vidal dismisses charges of anti-Semitism that are frequently levelled against critics of the state of Israel.

"Fortunately, the voice of reason is alive and well, and in Israel, of all places. From Jerusalem, Israel Shahak never ceases to analyse not only the dismal politics of Israel today but the Talmud itself, and the effect of the entire rabbinical tradition on a small state that the right-wing rabbinate means to turn into a theocracy for Jews only. I have been reading Shahak for years. He has a satirist's eye for the confusions to be found in any religion that tries to rationalise the irrational. He has a scholar's sharp eye for textual contradictions. he is a joy to read on the great Gentile-hating Dr Maimonides."

Shahak reveals that the Jewish religion is rooted in the Cabbala, an ancient faith that worshiped a family of gods headed by 'Wisdom' and his wife 'Knowledge'. They had two children, a boy called 'Blessed One' and a girl called 'Matronit'. This mystic cult is the inspiration for the Gush Emun movement and a major influence on modern Judaism.

He goes on to explain the history of the Jews throughout the world and to describe their attitude towards the Gentiles. The rabbinical rule book known as The Halakhah states:

“When the Jews are more powerful than the Gentiles we are forbidden to let an idolator among us; even a temporary resident  or itinerant trader shall not be allowed to pass through our land unless he accepts the seven Noahide precepts, for it is written: ‘they shall not dwell in thy land, that is, not even temporarily. If he accepts the seven Noahide precepts, he becomes a resident alien (ger toshav) but it is forbidden to grant the status of resident alien except at times when the Jubilee is held (that is, when the Temple stands and sacrifices are offered). However, during times when Jubilees are not held it is forbidden to accept anyone who is not a full convert to Judaism (ger tzedeq).”

Jewish separatism has helped them survive as a nation but it has also led to their universal persecution. A tribe that refuses to integrate will always be resented; especially if it’s as gifted and determined as the Jews.


Max Musson of Western Spring suggests that electioneering is a waste of time in his article in the Sept/Oct issue of Heritage and Destiny. He concludes with the words:

“If we are to acquire the political power needed to prevent being race replaced, by the traitors at Westminster, we must concentrate our efforts elsewhere and pursue a non-electoral strategy designed to change  the balance of power by other means. Once we have achieved this, once we have ‘levelled’ the playing field somewhat, we will have the influence needed to pressure the establishment into conducting election fairly, or at least more fairly, and in this way, electioneering may once again become a viable route to power. For now however, electioneering is a futile waste of time and resources, falsely raising hopes among the more naive among us, only so those hopes can be cruelly dashed, and wasting both time and resources that we cannot afford to lose.”

The same argument was advanced by Colin Jordan in his 2013 article in Gothic Ripples entitled Party Time has Ended. His conclusion is similar to Max’s:

“Democracy’s deceit is all the time to proclaim to its spellbound public the prevalence of freedom, while preventing its exercise by a combination of contrivances. In this conspiracy of suppression the current revision of the Public Order Act is intended to turn the screw that much tighter on any Nationalist or National Socialist party as almost to paralyse it. Even a veritable miracle happened, and such a party did gain a majority of votes, can you believe that Democracy’s masters, faced with elimination, would accept the verdict of the ballot box, and meekly hand over control? A naked struggle would still ensue. It is thus not some option for us, but an ultimate necessity in any eventuality.”

No far-right candidate has ever been elected to the Westminster Parliament but elections are not a complete waste of time. Talking to people on the doorstep helps to spread the word and election campaigns attract donations. We should use any legal means at our disposal to resist Third World immigration and unrestrained capitalism. Public meetings are liable to be disrupted but they can be useful. Private meetings are good for boosting comradeship but they are obviously preaching to the converted. The internet is a brilliant means of communication and literature is still important. We should not rely on electioneering but we should not abandon it completely. Putting up candidates in suitable constituencies can be worthwhile but standing large numbers of candidates is likely to end in disappointment.

There are alternatives to elections. In 1922 Benito Mussolini led 30,000 armed Blackshirts in the March on Rome forcing
Liberal prime minister Luigi Facta to hand him power. Action Francaise and the Croix du Feu massed on the Place de la Concorde in Paris in 1934; sixteen of their men were shot dead by the police and hundreds wounded but they brought down the Cartel des Gauches government. General Francisco Franco won the Spanish Civil War in 1936 with a colonial army, a Falangist militia, and German and Italian support. But in 1933 Adolf Hitler put his faith in democracy and was duly elected with a massive majority.

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