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European Outlook # 26, February 2016

Common Sense

Dave Cameron was educated at Eton and Oxford and rose to become prime minister of the UK. He must be an intelligent man to have achieved high office but like many politicians he lacks common sense.

Parliament was packed during the Syrian debate with MPs of all parties. Most of all them went to university and should be able to understand the great issues of the day but they were bamboozled by Dave Cameron's warmongering nonsense and voted to bomb Syria.

Unfortunately, the unelected parties are led by men and women who are just as confused as real politicians. People are not interested in “Marxism” and “The Frankfurt School”; they are concerned with finding a job, buying a house and raising children. The Berlin Wall is just history to the younger generation.

The BNP did well when they concentrated on practical issues like immigration but they lost the plot when they tried their hand at economics. When oil was fetching $120 a barrel Nick Griffin wrote an article on "Peak Oil"; since then the price has dropped to $28 and there is a world glut of oil. 
The Labour Party's report on their general election failure blamed their defeat on their economic performance but the real reason could be that Ed Miliband is so obviously Jewish. Most people would deny being prejudiced but interpreting election results is just a matter of common sense.  

Every Day is a Nightmare
I recently boarded a crowded London Underground train and noticed that one seat was vacant. I took the seat but I soon realized why it had not been taken. The man in the adjoining seat was sitting with his head in his hands. Suddenly he turned to me and said: “every day is a nightmare”. I smiled politely and tried to read my newspaper but he pushed it aside and said: “did you hear me, every day is a nightmare”? I got off at the next station so I never found out what his particular nightmare was. He was smartly dressed and well-spoken but obviously disturbed.

The pressures of modern life are too much for some people. The National Health Service does its best to help them but it cannot cope with family breakdowns, financial troubles and all the other things that drive people to despair. We have made great progress in providing material things, like cars and computers but we sometimes lack compassion. 

A civilized state has a duty to care for its people. People begging in the street for the price of a cup of tea are a disgrace to our society and so are the thousands of tormented souls who have cracked up. Mental Health is yet another problem awaiting good government.   

The Blair Factor

Tony Blair was an outstanding politician who won three general elections in a row and upset the pattern of British politics. He was also a pathological liar who took us to war with his “dodgy dossier” on imaginary weapons of mass destruction. He was a scoundrel who had the gift of communication and the total lack of morality that distinguishes great politicians.

Nick Griffin took over a political party that was going nowhere and soon had two MEPs, a member of the London Assembly and more than fifty councilors. It seemed inevitable that he would get elected to Parliament for the BNP but his luck ran out and he is now back where he started.

He was a popular politician who had something of the "Blair factor" about him. The Electorate loves a rogue and some of the most successful politicians have been ne’er-do-wells. Bill Clinton was probably the most popular American President of all time; he was a proven liar and a serial fornicator but the People loved him. So, instead of looking for a brave and honest leader we should perhaps be looking for a priapic liar with the gift of the gab. 

Party leaders and their wives and children must be good looking. A prime minister such as Clement Atlee with his bald head and grave expression would have no chance today. The successful candidate must have perfect teeth, a wrinkle free face and a permanent smile. He should be in his forties, physically fit and brimming with confidence. He must also be a confidence trickster and a multi millionaire. This is what democracy demands.

National States’ Rights Party

The National States’ Rights Party was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1958 by JB Stoner (1924-2005) an American attorney who championed the constitutional rights of the Southern States and wanted to send the Blacks back to Africa. This was an old idea that was endorsed by the Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey (1889-1940).

The NSRP published "The Thunderbolt" edited by Ed Fields. When it closed down in 1988 it was replaced by "The Truth at Last" which lasted until 2008. Both papers circulated in the UK. The NSRP kept in touch with like minded European movements and attended gatherings in the UK and Belgium in the sixties and seventies.

JB Stoner ran several times for various offices. In the election for Lieutenant Governor of Alabama in 1974 he got 73,000 votes – 10%. He polled 37,000 votes – 5.4% in the 1978 gubernatorial primary. In 1980 he was indicted for the bombing of an empty church in Birmingham Alabama in 1958. He pleaded not guilty and fought a series of appeals but he was imprisoned in 1983 and not released until 1986. Following his imprisonment the party went into decline and was finished by 1987.

A hundred years after the Civil War the federal government was resented in the South and segregation was strictly enforced. Today America has got a mixed-race president and a black middle class but voluntary segregation is still widely practised and voices on both sides of the racial divide are calling for separation. The Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan wants an independent black state on American soil, and the Northwest Front led by Harold Covington wants a separate white homeland. The idea of racial separation therefore remains an option.

The Founding Fathers of the United States tried to devise a system with sufficient checks and balances to prevent a dictatorship. But the conflict between Congress and the President has produced a situation where tub-thumpers like Donald J Trump can win popular support. Almost anything is possible in America.

Francis Parker Yockey – Maury Knutson

To clear up some confusion amongst Legionnaires in Service of the West and Partisans of Francis Parker Yockey, this is a quick summary of what Orthodox Yockeyism is.

Rule of the Culture Distorters, who had taken power in the USA in Roosevelt's New Deal, posed a greater threat to Europe than the Soviet Union which was merely a peasant-barbaric society.

If the Soviet Union conquered Europe, it would be Europeanized in the same way so many barbaric conquerors (e.g. Mongols) had been culturally absorbed in the past by peoples they had conquered.

The USA, on the other hand, had in Europe a stratum of willing traitors, the Churchills, de Gaulles, Adenaurs, et al, who were willing to be flunkies of American domination.

Whether by sparking a European uprising against Soviet domination or by absorbing the Soviet Bloc into a European super-state organised along the lines of Authoritarian Socialism, the Prussian-Ethical Future, Soviet control of Europe was preferable to the ongoing rule of the pro-American stratum of traitors.

Thus: culturally-based rather than biological theory of race; rejection of narrow nationalism conceived along the lines of Carl Schmitt's Grossraumordnung (extra-territorial order). And a pro-Soviet, pro-Third Worldist tilt against US world hegemony. Anti-Universalism: Cultures not interpenetrate. Jews and blacks are not part of the West because they are bearers of other cultures.

Fascism in England

This well-written little book is a concise history of the pre-war fascist movements in the UK. It was published by Final Conflict, the magazine and website produced by Derek Holland. The authors name is withheld but one assumes that it was the same Derek Holland.

Fascism in England first appeared in 1997 but it was written fifteen years earlier, it examines the leadership and policies of the British Union of Fascists, the Imperial Fascist League, and the National Socialist League from 1928 to 1940.

When William Joyce, AK Chesterton and John Becket were sacked from the BUF in 1937 they founded the National Socialist League but only William Joyce stayed with it until the outbreak of war in 1939. Joyce was hanged for treason in 1946 for broadcasting from Nazi Germany, despite being a naturalised German, born in New York of Irish parents. He described his time in the BUF: “For three years, I was Mosley’s propaganda chief. These were marvellous times and I shall never forget them. I used all my influence in the Movement to give the Party a strongly anti-Semitic direction – and I may say that I succeeded in that direction”.

In 1939 the former Labour MP John Beckett founded the British People’s Party with the help of the Duke of Bedford. He was detained during the war under Defence Regulation 18B together with Oswald Mosley and almost a thousand of his followers. After the war he turned down invitations to join AK Chesterton’s League of Empire Loyalists and Colin Jordan’s White Defence League. He made a precarious living as a financial advisor until his death in 1964.

AK Chesterton was a decorated officer from the First World War who rejoined the British Army at the start of World War Two. He founded the League of Empire Loyalists in 1954 which became the National Front in 1967. His essay “The Enigma of William Joyce” is appended to “Fascism in England”. He died in 1973.

Unfortunately, Final Conflict has not been published since 2013 but this book is available from Steven Books:

Free Speech

The UK's reputation for free speech is undeserved. Oswald Mosley and more than a thousand anti-war campaigners were detained without charge during WW2 under Defence Regulation 18B, and hundreds of people have been sent to prison since the war for voicing their opinions. We are supposed to be a democracy but the State uses anti-terrorist legislation to silence its critics.

Blood and Honour is a website and magazine devoted to rock music and politics. It was founded in 1987 by the singer and songwriter Ian Stuart Donaldson who was killed in a motor accident in 1993. It carries regular reviews of records and rock concerts but those of us who prefer Dean Martin and Tony Bennett will still find plenty to read in its pages. Recent articles have included book reviews and interviews of particular interest to Euro-centric readers. B&H defends the rights of white people throughout the world but it does not incite racial hatred and every issue carries the following disclaimer.

“Blood and Honour and is produced to reflect the view of its readership and is not out to harm, dishonour or preach any politics or hatred to any religion or race. Articles and views are not necessarily those of the editor or web masters and should not be interpreted as such. Free speech should be for all”.

Nigel Farage of Ukip wants to scrap the Race Relations Act but if it forces us to moderate our propaganda that can only be a good thing. The general public does not like offensive language.

Joshua Bonehill, a 23 year-old political activist, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for inciting hatred of the Jews. His satirical website is in the worst possible taste. A smiley-faced Hitler invites readers to an "anti-Jewification" demo with the promise that it will be "a gas" but three years is a long time for trying to be funny. Angry young men will
 achieve nothing by going to prison; they should express their opinions within the law.  

Letter from America – Robert E Lyons

Bill, Thanks for the review of John Tyndall's book "The Eleventh Hour" (Louise Brown on Amazon). I don't see any compelling reason for me to read this book. I think I will let it pass. Maybe one day a good biography will be written like the one on Jordan (T'Was a Good Fight by Stephen L Frost). I thought the book on Jordan was excellent because it answered so many questions I had about him and his motivation. It appears he was truly sincere in that respect. I remember I would hear and read reports about Jordan I thought made no sense at the time, this book clarifies much of the mystery. On the other hand I guess in a certain way Colin will always be a mystery to me. Thanks again for the information, it's greatly appreciated.

Today my well worn old Sons of Confederate Veterans tags with the Battle flags were returned and replaced with the plain looking generic plates the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles sent to replace them. Giving up those plates felt like losing old friends because those old Battle flag plates have been my faithful companions for many years. They were placed there to honor the bravery of my Confederate ancestors and the bravery of all Confederate soldiers who fought under the Battle flag. They’ve outlasting several vehicles and travelled probably several hundred thousand miles through many states both north and south. In all that time there was never a single complaint. But now the State of Maryland has recalled them, they said someone, somewhere, was offended, the voice of political correctness has spoken. It’s called political correctness but actually its political oppression. Sadly this is only the beginning of the nightmare; there are those who are determined to rewrite history using today’s standards. 

In August, 2007 we drove to beautiful Highclere Castle in England and took the house tour. There was no problem acquiring tickets in those days. The castle was absolutely lovely and well worth the visit but unfortunately photos inside at the time were prohibited. We were able to see the collection of Egyptian artifacts which we had read about. Who could have guessed that Highclere castle would become famous one day as "Downton Abbey". 

Shrinking the State

The Tory Party is congratulating itself for shrinking the State. This is part of their plan to balance the budget for the first time since 2001. They have brought private enterprise into the prison service, the police force and the National Health Service and some Tory extremists even want to subcontract the armed forces and abolish social housing. The logical conclusion of this policy would be to abolish the police force and make communities hire their own security guards. Some Tories already think that people should pay for their own medical care so why not their security?

These right wingers are practically anarchists. Their heroine was Margaret Thatcher who famously said that society does not exist. They expect people to stand on their own feet and they don't care about those who can't help themselves. It's not surprising that they object to paying benefits to immigrants when they resent paying them to our own people. And it follows that they are opposed to a European super-state when they don't even believe in little states. 

This country is desperately short of affordable housing. This has been made worse by immigration but we had the problem long before the great influx. Harold Macmillan as Minister of Housing in Winston Churchill's post-war government tried to build enough houses but since then most governments have only tinkered with the problem.

Dave Cameron has pledged to build a million new houses by 2020. This is a move in the right direction but we also need a massive program of social housing. A great national initiative that would upset unscrupulous landlords and those Tories who don't believe in the State. 

The Tories will not protect industries threatened by global competition because they consider intervention to be a constraint of trade. They ignore the social consequences of their policies because the fate of redundant workers has got nothing to do with them. Toryism is nothing but dogmatic selfishness masquerading as patriotism. 

In a civilized country it is the duty of the State to take care of its people, The alternative is the law of the jungle where only the fit and strong survive, We have a right to food, shelter, health and education in return for our labour, and the sick and disabled have a right to our protection. Those who argue that such rights do not exist are barbarians and should be treated as such.

We have built a space station that orbits the earth and sent spacecraft to the furthest reaches of our Solar System. We have started to unravel the human genome and are on the threshold of conquering cancer. Of course we can build a fair society capable of housing its people.

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