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European Outlook # 21, September 2015

The Great Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorists believe that the world is run by a gang of Jews who are responsible the destruction of the British Empire, the arrival of millions of nonwhite immigrants, and the control of global capitalism. This idea dates back to “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which was promoted in the UK by Arnold Leese and his followers. One such was John Tyndall, an early member of the National Front who rose to the top of that movement before going on to found the British National Party. JT was convinced that the Jews are the cause of all our troubles. He penned the following lines in “Spearhead” No 2, page 5 in 1964:

“The Jews are a race of unheroic, greasy, shifty-eyed, sickly, moneylenders, rent-racketeers, pornographers and business wide boys. If Britain were to become Jew clean she would have no nigger neighbours to worry about."

Attempts to explain history in terms of economics do not impress JT’s followers. They have made their minds up and they will not listen to arguments that they describe as “Marxist.” They no longer express themselves as frankly as JT did in the sixties. The Race Relations Act has forced them to moderate their language but the paranoia is just the same, and it’s probably why they have made virtually no political progress despite record levels of immigration.

Ukip, on the other hand, are reactionaries of the worst kind but they do not preach conspiracy theories. People are keen to believe that foreigners are taking their jobs and houses but they are put off by fanaticism. Unfortunately, some of those campaigning against immigration are fanatics who consequently have no influence on government policy. If we believed in such nonsense we might even think that they are part of the plot!

Those who believe that the Jews are responsible for mass migration also blame them for the European Union. They do not see the EU as a trading bloc with a potential for federation; they see it as a dictatorship designed to destroy the traditional nations of Europe as a step towards world government. This fantasy prevents them from noticing that the states of Europe are still French, German, Italian and whatever, fifty years after the Treaty of Rome linked them together.

Their rigid policies set them apart from the majority of Britons who value our membership of the single market. There is certainly a noisy minority that would vote for withdrawal but the majority reject their simplistic propaganda. The idea of uniting Britain with the White Dominions might have been credible in the 1950’s but it’s now too late. As for immigration; half of them come from outside the EU and if we quit the EU  we would still attract refugees fleeing war and poverty in Africa and Asia. Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU but they are inundated with refugees.

Insular nationalists do not consider these points because they do not want to. They have become frozen in time like the very Jews that they despise with their traditional black hats and beards. They are stuck in a bygone age; their policies have degenerated into dogma and they have lost their grip on reality.

Imagining the Future

The televised discussion between David Attenborough and President Obama was fascinating. The British naturalist challenged the leader of the "Free World" to make and store electricity from the power of the Sun. Barack Obama said that his scientists were already working on the project and he expected a result within ten years. This was glossed over by the mass media but it is probably the best news we have had for years. Solar energy harnessed and stored on a massive scale would drastically reduce industrial pollution and boost the world economy.

Gifted men like David Attenborough are able to foresee the future but politicians are strictly short-term thinkers who can only react to situations. Throughout history it has been the scientists who have saved the day and the politicians who have taken the credit. Winston Churchill is remembered as the man who won the war for Britain but he couldn’t have done it without the scientists and engineers who gave us modern aircraft, radar and computers capable of decoding enemy messages.

Men of limited vision like Dave Cameron are stuck in the past but our scientists are unravelling the human genome and discovering cures for our ailments. The future will golden so long as we invest in science and dismiss the reactionary ramblings of our politicians.

While the British Government has been debating the expansion of London Airport, the Americans have sent a spacecraft to the outer reaches of the Solar system, the Russians have built rockets for the International Space Station and the European Space Agency has landed a probe on a distant comet, but our dithering politicians are agonising over an additional runway. They are not fit to govern in the modern era. We need men and women with the intelligence and imagination to take us into the Space Age. 

I have been campaigning against plutocracy for a long time. Here are some thoughts from 1974, 1980 and 2005.

Nation - July 1974 - The Time Factor

Many of us have been hearing the urgent cry that “time is running out.” Older comrades tell me that this red herring is over fifty years old. Back in the 1920s when movements of national renaissance began to succeed on the mainland the cry went out that we were being left behind; that “time is running out.”

But our enemies are no stronger now than in the past; indeed, the rise of African, Asian and Arab consciousness is a great threat to the Money Power and the spectre of communism is now confined to the childish arena of the university campus.

The threat to our race from alien migration continues but “integration” has not lived up to its liberal expectations. A massive repatriation of non-Europeans must be organized on a continental basis with the co-operation of the non-European nations that depend upon the capital and technical resources of Europe.

Far from being against us time is on our side. The deterioration of the political and economic structure gives us time to build and perfect our organization.

Action – November 1980 - Conspiracy and Commonsense

Publications of the far-right tend to subscribe to conspiracy theories. They claim that certain minorities are bent on subversion and attempt to prove their argument by quoting from obscure tracts produced by nineteenth century eccentrics such as the Russian Sergei Nilus who believed that “hidden forces” were conspiring to take over the world.

The fact is that there are two real powers in the modern world each openly seeking international control: the Soviet Union which follows the avowed Marxist-Leninist objective of global hegemony, and the United States of America which heads international capitalism and naturally aims to export goods and credit to every nation.

Now a third ideology has emerged, an ever growing body of men and women who reject the excesses of communism and capitalism alike and are striving to create a new order of Europe and the White Dominions, a self-sufficient bloc free of both American-led capitalism and Soviet-dominated communism but hostile to neither.

Only Europe, the mother of both the American and Russian civilizations has the resources, manpower and native genius to correct the mistakes of the past – such as non-European migration – and to lead the world of the next century, which will be divided into geopolitical entities.

Historians of the future will not attribute the political disasters of today to secret cabals meeting in dark alcoves but to elected representatives meeting in open assemblies, motivated not by duplicity but by stupidity. The old parties blame each other, or the French, or the Common Market for our ills. The conspiracy freaks denounce everybody from Buddhists to Baptists. We put the blame where it belongs: on the heads of bumbling politicians who cling to the worn-out thinking of the past and reject the modern, scientific solutions which we advocate.

Nation Revisited - September 2005

According to the British National Party Muslims in the UK are evangelical, intolerant of other faiths, form no-go areas and support terrorism. Certainly some Muslims have supported or even engaged in terrorism but most are here to enjoy the benefits of a Western social economy. As for the no-go areas these are entirely the fault of the police and their political masters. It is the duty of the police to keep the Queen’s peace without fear or favour, instead of wasting their time pontificating about racism and homophobia.

The real threat to our national survival is the suicidal syndrome that makes politicians, pundits and public officials bend over backwards to meet unreasonable immigrant demands. The Madrid and London bombings were the work of fanatics who were refugees or the children of refugees. All criminals, welfare-scroungers, religious fanatics or political agitators from amongst the immigrant population should be deported. Our prisons are swollen with imported felons who are costing millions to keep. We should hand all of these undesirables over to the judicial systems of their own countries. What happens to them back home is not our affair.

Letter from America

                        Robert Lyons

Thanks for "Outlook" number 20; your publication is very informative as always. I admire your patience and tenacity for keeping "Outlook" coming out on a regular basis; I know how tough that can be. 

I guess "pathetic" is the best word to summarize the depths the US election process has fallen into. So much for democracy as you said. Was it Lincoln Rockwell or Matt Koehl who described the US election process as the selection between Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Both words aptly describe the tragedy that is unfolding in this country. 

I totally agree with your assessment of 2004 when you thought that John Kerry was a "robot put together by a mad professor." I can also agree with your statement when you wrote "you were not surprised when they elected the demented war-criminal George W Bush." Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld ran roughshod, fabricating evidence and lying to the people in order to start wars. They flouted the Constitution to suit themselves, all in the name of "making the people feel safer." It seems the American people will accept any violation of their basic rights under the Constitution if it's "to make them feel safer." One day we'll all wake up and have no rights but we'll feel safer.

Your thoughts about our 2008 Republican candidate John McCain being "a geriatric lunatic who would probably have started World War Three" were right on. McCain and his nutty Vice Presidential selection, Sarah Palin, had they been elected, would have turned Washington DC into the world's largest insane asylum, if it isn't already there.

As you said: "In 2012 it was Mitt Romney who has been totally forgotten by everybody." Mitt Romney was a nonentity, a nothing who stood for nothing, a total nonstarter who would leave all decisions of governing up to others. Romney's one claim to fame was being Benjamin Netanyahu's bosom buddy, both having gone to college together. Romney's stated plan of governing was to turn control of America's Middle-East policy over to the greatest insane warmonger of them all, Benjamin Netanyahu. Then Israel truly would be for the whole world to see "the tail that wags the American dog."

You ask what we are to expect next year. You said from the line up of Republican contenders you saw on television it actually made you feel better about the prospect of Hilary Clinton. I would say from my knowledge of the situation you're pretty close to being correct in your observations.

All the Republican candidates are cookie-cutters or clones of each other. Basically they all stand for the same platform with slight variances. The one thing that they all agree on is that they love Israel. They have all pledged their undying fidelity to the renegade Jewish state, promising to protect it with all the force and might of the US. All the candidates turn a blind eye to the illegal occupation and annexation of Palestinian lands by the Israelis. To them Israel can do no wrong.

When Obama beat Romney in the last election, a major question entered my mind. I thought Romney fought a good campaign and should have won. Can a conservative win a presidential election in the US? Do the liberals now outnumber conservatives in the US? Have the tables now been turned? I guess only time will tell, but as you wrote, it appears the Republicans are preparing the way for a win by Hilary Clinton. This does appear to be the case.

You have plenty of problems in the UK so we can wish each other good luck.

All is well. The family is visiting from Hawaii in September, this time we're off to Iceland for a holiday. It should be fun. Cynthia and I have been to Iceland many times and have always enjoyed it there. All my best as always, Bob,

The Lessons of Versailles

The wars in the Middle East and the continuing tension in the Balkans are the results of the First World War. When the Ottoman Empire ruled Syria and Iraq the Kurds were just another ethnic minority together with Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians, Jews and Albanians. The Austro-Hungarian Empire united Germans, Italians, and Slavs, and the Russian Empire stretched from the Baltic to the Pacific. But political stability was abandoned at the Conference of Versailles when the Allies created a patchwork of nation states and imposed crippling sanctions on defeated Germany.

Self-determination was supposed to liberate the subject peoples of the old empires and reparations together with defence limitations were designed to render Germany powerless. A hundred years later it’s difficult to believe that great statesmen pursued these policies. Just twenty years after Versailles the Second World War broke out and the nations of Europe, with their colonial sons and daughters, slaughtered each other with increased hatred and more sophisticated weapons of war.

The lessons of Versailles are that upsetting the balance of power is unwise and that economic warfare leads to actual warfare. John Maynard Keynes warned against the punitive sanctions on Germany, and so did President Wilson, but the French remembered the harsh conditions imposed on them after the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, and the Russians were still smarting from the punishing terms enforced by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1917. The Germans paid the price for committing armed robbery against France and Russia.

The current political map of Europe consists of two blocs; the European Union in the west, with Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, and the Russian Federation and its allies in the east. The border separating the two powers runs through Ukraine. It would be a fatal repetition of history to upset the balance of power by trying to grab the satellite states of the Russian Federation. We should resist American pressure to provoke the Russians. America is still fighting the Cold War but we share our continent with Russia and benefit from her abundant reserves of gas and oil. The trade sanctions being applied against Russia by America and the EU are frighteningly reminiscent of our mistreatment of Germany after WW1.

The United States and China have mutual interests. The money from Chinese exports is used to buy US government bonds and to invest in American companies. This Pacific partnership will eventually steer America away from Europe. Their astronomical defence spending amounted to $664.24 billion in 2011, a great deal of which was spent in Europe. But even the richest country in the world cannot afford that sort of money forever. When America withdraws from Europe we can resume normal relations with the Russians. If we had traded with Germany after WW1 instead of blockading her ports we might have avoided the fratricidal bloodbath of WW2.

The Power of the Press

In Orson Wells’ classic 1941 film “Citizen Kane” his friend and associate Jebediah Leland asks newspaper proprietor Charles Foster Kane “what will your readers think”, he replies, “they will think what I tell them to think”. The film is based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, 1863-1951, the owner of over thirty American newspapers who pushed his country into war with Spain and founded the American Empire. But it could have been about Max Aitken, 1879-1964, aka Lord Beaverbrook, or Alfred Harmsworth, 1865-1922, aka Viscount  Northcliffe, the newspaper magnates who manipulated the British government for much of the twentieth century.

Conrad Black, born 1944, aka Baron Black of Crossharbour, rose to the top of the newspaper business when he bought the London “Daily Telegraph”, the Chicago “Sun Times”, and “The Jerusalem Post”. But he ended up in an American prison for fraud. That was ironic considering that he wrote an article in the “Daily Telegraph” calling for Britain to quit the EU and become the 51st state of the USA.

Rupert Murdoch, born 1931, founded a worldwide media empire spanning the social spectrum in the UK, from the best-selling “Sun” with its naked Page Three girls to “The Times” which is considered to be a paper of record. He also has extensive interests in television and the Internet. But he has never been appointed to high political office and is one of the few newspaper proprietors not to be given a title.

Another exception was Horatio Bottomley, 1860-1933, a convicted fraudster and Member of Parliament who published the magazine “John Bull” and founded the prestigious “Financial Times” to promote his dodgy investments.  He would probably have been given a title if his Victory Bonds racket had not collapsed leading to his disgrace and imprisonment.

                                 Horatio Bottomley

Richard Desmond, born 1951, made a fortune from pornography before talking over the “Daily Express”; a down market tabloid that sells half a million copies. He is currently backing Ukip, a party that strongly agrees with his own “libertarian” views.

None of these loud-mouthed “patriots” ever missed an opportunity to wave the Union Jack and support the latest popular cause. They used an irresistible mixture of jingoism and rhetoric to mislead the public and uphold plutocracy.

The good news is that newspaper circulation is falling all over the world. People are still being brainwashed by radio and TV but the days of the gutter press are numbered.