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European Outlook #22, October 2015

Labour Turns Left

Few of us predicted the result of the UK general election. We thought it would be a hung parliament or a narrow Labour victory but the Tories won and their opponents have chosen Jeremy Corbyn as their new leader.

He intends to hand policy making to the wider Labour Party membership so we can expect a return to the "tax and spend" policies that resulted in every Labour Government ending in economic disaster. His threat to increase corporation tax will drive away business and increase unemployment, and his promise to make the rich pay will beggar the middle class. These are the policies that made Labour unelectable in the past.

Dave Cameron must be celebrating the appointment of a militant who will frighten the punters. But the next general election is five years away and the collapse of the Lib-Dems and the hijacking of Labour have left us with no effective opposition.

We would all like to live in a fair society free of war and poverty but we can’t make it happen overnight and we have to rely on human beings who are far from perfect. The best we can hope for, in this world, is a competent government. Peace must be defended by armed might and prosperity comes from hard work and determination. But it will be interesting to see how the traditionally pro-Zionist Labour Party adapts to a leader who claims to be opposed to the "New World Order".   

Give and Take

World trade is a matter of give and take. We pay our dues to the European Union to gain access to the single market and we belong to NATO in order to trade with the United States. When we sell aircraft and military equipment to the Gulf States bribes are built into the price; and its difficult to believe that George Osborne went empty handed to China.

Of course, we could stand on our dignity and refuse to pay bribes and indemnities to sell our goods overseas. We wouldn’t last very long as a trading nation but it would be a grand gesture. Instead we pay what we have to and pretend that we are “defending freedom.” From time to time some interfering auditor discovers a multi-million pound slush fund and a senior executive is promoted sideways. But these things are soon forgotten and normal service is resumed.

We Brits like to imagine that it’s only foreigners who stoop to bribery and corruption but many local councillors have grown rich granting planning permission, the police regularly sell information to newspapers, and our MPs are not above fiddling their expenses and asking questions for cash. We are not as corrupt as some countries but we are not as honest as we should be.

We are committed to NATO and keep a token naval and air force presence in the Middle East as a gesture of support for the Americans. In return they buy our goods to the value of £32 bn. The United States issues the world’s reserve currency and controls the World Trade Organization. Countries that support the USA diplomatically and militarily are rewarded with trade deals but those who refuse to be intimidated – like Russia and Iran – are blacklisted.

It’s ironic that the right wing of the Tory Party, and their friends in Ukip, are obsessed with national sovereignty when we are under US domination. Our best chance of independence is for Europe to unite as a genuine superstate. With a federal government in Brussels and a national government in Westminster we could regain some of the freedom that we lost when we signed the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944.

National Socialism

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party has revived interest in socialism. A nationalistic version of this system was practised in Germany from 1933 to 1945. The National Socialist regime was guilty of war crimes but so was every belligerent nation and it's unfair to blame contemporary National Socialists for atrocities committed over seventy years ago.

The Labour Party was founded to bring about the public ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange; exactly the same ideas that motivated the Russian Revolution. This policy was abandoned by Tony Blair but they still sing the “Red Flag” at their party conferences. They describe themselves as socialists but we do not blame them for the bloody excesses of the Soviet Union.

The Liberal Democrats subscribe to the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity established by the French Revolution but we do not hold them responsible for Citizen Robespierre who sent thousands of innocent men and women to the guillotine.

The Tories are the direct descendants of the cruel landlords and factory owners that enslaved the working people but we do not hold Dave Cameron and his supporters responsible for the appalling conditions of times past.

Oswald Mosley’s pre-war movement was informally known as British Union but its full title was the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists. They were decent British men and women who were fighting for social justice and trying to prevent another war in Europe. But by opposing the war they made an enemy of Winston Churchill. In 1940 Mosley and a thousand of his followers were locked-up under Defence Regulation 18B.

Winston Churchill was a multi-talented man but he was besotted with the Jews. He wrote in the Illustrated London News in 1920: “Some people like Jews and some do not, but no thoughtful man can doubt that they are beyond question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.”

The world moves on and each generation repeats the mistakes of the past. All revolutions are betrayed and the road to Hell is always paved with good intentions. The French and Russian Revolutions were bloodbaths but liberal democracy has been just as destructive. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Hamburg, and Dresden are some of the cities wiped-out by “democratic” bombs.

The modern incarnation of National Socialism is European Socialism; a worldview that transcends frontiers to encompass the whole of Europe. We stand for socialism and self-sufficiency. We do not persecute people because of their race or religion but we claim the right to defend our culture and identity. The old nationalism ended in total war, Communism collapsed of its own accord, and capitalism is in crisis. Our time has come.

The Spirit of Empire

The opponents of European unity want to strengthen our links to the White Dominions, which they consider to be British, but Canada is 25% French-speaking, White South Africans are mostly Afrikaners and Australia and New Zealand have taken in large numbers of immigrants from all over the world. They are prepared to embrace these “foreigners” in the Commonwealth but not in Europe.

They oppose global capitalism but they extol the British Empire which pioneered globalism with the East India Company and established the Bank of England to promote fractional banking and deficit spending.

They dismiss the European Union as a bankers' racket but the whole world is geared to international capitalism. If we left the EU we would still belong to NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

They predicted that Greece would be thrown out of the EU but the Greek Parliament has accepted a bailout from the European Central Bank and the IMF has called for debt restructuring. They made similar claims about Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus but they are all recovering.

They are confident about winning Dave Cameron's in/out referendum but public opinion is equally divided on the issue and most industrialists are firmly in favour of the EU.

European unity is difficult to achieve but it's easier than trying to revive the British Empire. Nevertheless, I can relate to Colin Todd’s editorial in “Candour” –

He invokes “The Spirit of Empire” - the selfless determination of the settlers and soldiers who built the British Empire as opposed to the bag men and money lenders that followed them. Genuine patriots should not be confused with "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

Your Country Needs You

When I posted on the British Democrats' website that our native population was declining someone replied that it was a good thing too and they looked forward to it sinking to 30 millions so that we could all live in bigger houses. My point was that a falling population will result in a smaller economy, unless we rely on immigration, and if we rely on immigration we should be careful where we get our immigrants from.

The major parties subscribe to the liberal political consensus and the minor parties pursue unaccountable and often contradictory policies. They follow the Robert Mugabe School of economics which relies on money printing. They are pledged to cut taxation and increase public spending.

The Tory Party together with the Communists and the so-called nationalists are touchingly old-fashioned. They mourn the passing of the nation state and cannot grasp the concept of geopolitics. But Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the unaffiliated pro-Europeans accept reality.

Voters tend to reject extreme positions in favour of the centre but as WB Yeats predicted in “The Second Coming”: “things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.” Many Labour Party supporters in the North of England voted Ukip in the UK general election, as did traditionally Tory voters in the Home Counties. But their votes might not have had anything to do with Ukip’s anti-European rhetoric, or even their anti-immigration policy, it’s just that habitual Labour and Tory supporters could not bear to vote for their opponents.

In Scotland the Scottish National Party picked up the protest vote. Their overwhelming victory does not necessarily mean that the Scots have changed their minds since the referendum. It just means that they are registering a protest against the Establishment.

The Tories are in power because they are the best of a bad bunch. The old parties are worn out, useless, stuck in the past and dreaming of ancient glories. A modern party with fresh ideas and a dynamic leader is urgently required. Oswald Mosley was just such a man but his career was derailed by the Second World War. Anyone blessed with the same qualities of leadership, courage, intelligence, charisma and solvency please step forward. Your country needs you.

                              Oswald Mosley

The Refugee Crisis

The tidal wave of refugees from Africa and Asia has revealed a total lack of European solidarity. Every invaded country adopted a different policy and the EU was painfully slow to respond.

This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions but we must not be blinded by compassion. The Syrians are basically Mediterranean whites who are related to Europeans but the flood of migrants includes Africans and South Asians who are not so compatible.

The EU has started to adopt a common immigration policy. In 2014 the UK topped the list for non EU migrants sent back - 48,000 out of an EU total of 192,445 (BBC). This figure is expected to rise as member states share data and fingerprints.The "usual suspects" will scream "racism" but we have every right to chose who we let in.

The death of a little Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach was tragic but by no means unusual. "The child mortality statistics are staggering, in the world's poorest countries over 30,000 children under the age of five die each day from preventable causes related to conditions of extreme poverty" (Susan Hale - Earthtalk).

War and poverty are international problems requiring international action. The European Union, given the right leadership, could mount a great program of resettlement linked to foreign aid and trade agreements. That would require a major shift in EU policy but it could be done. Our task must be to steer Europe towards political and economic union – not to destroy it.

Last Words – The Mosley Broadsheets 1970-1980

Published by Black House Publishing Ltd, available from:  -
reviewed by Jeff Wallder

Oswald Mosley was possibly the most controversial politician of the twentieth century. Many believe he was the greatest thinker of his age; he was certainly the finest orator of his generation.

After service in the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War, he entered parliament determined to ensure good jobs and decent homes for all. He became a Minister in the Labour Government with special responsibility for ending unemployment. When that Government refused to act he resigned forming first the New Party and later the British Union of Fascists. In the latter he devised policies to create full employment through a British Corporate State and more effective government through an Occupational Franchise.

Mosley was almost alone in opposing the Second World War with his policy of ‘Peace with Honour, Empire Intact and British People Safe.’ For speaking against that War, which was to cost 60 million lives, Mosley and over 1000 of his most active followers were imprisoned without charge or trial in 1940. After the War Mosley was back. He formed the Union Movement with a new policy of ‘Britain First in Europe a Nation.’ His concept of a United Europe was light years ahead of contemporary thinking on European unity and his version is still considered by many to be far superior to the European Union of today.

In 1966 Mosley withdrew from party warfare to advance his ideas by other means: numerous interviews and debates on television and radio followed. In the last decade of his life, Mosley produced the series of Broadsheets contained in this book. These were sent to supporters, opinion formers and people of influence across the world. In these remarkable texts he combined intellect with experience as he turned his attention to the problems of recession, irresponsible banking, mass immigration, exploitation of Third World peoples as cheap labour, the global rise in food and energy prices and unrelenting armed conflict throughout the world.

If the problems sound familiar, Mosley’s solutions contained in these Broadsheets most certainly won’t. “Where is the enthusiasm of a great campaign to reveal the real choice between reversal to an isolated, beleaguered island, and a rapid advance to a complete European democracy?”

Michael Woodbridge

Thanks again for the latest “European Outlook”. It always gives an interesting perspective on the most important issues facing us. Even though on this occasion by painting with rather a broad brush you’ve been surprisingly unfair to John Tyndall. Although never one of his closest friends I got to know him quite well during his later years. Whatever might be said by those who never really got to know him he was one of the most courageous, sincere, intelligent and sensitive men one could wish to meet. It’s ironic when so much of your criticism is about those stuck in the past you chose to berate JT for comments he made when he was 30 years old, ignoring the 40 years of political activism and increased maturity which subsequently followed.

Bill Baillie
John Tyndall was certainly a brave and determined man, my point was that he believed in the Jewish Conspiracy Theory. He may not have written the article concerned but as the editor of "Spearhead" he was still responsible. The Jews are undoubtedly powerful but global capitalism was pioneered by the British and is currently dominated by the US and China. Our place in the world is the result of our history and our unfortunate addiction to Liberalism. 

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