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European Outlook # 11 November 2014

Common Sense on Race

Liberals who maintain that race doesn't exist are deceiving themselves but racists are just as deluded. They think that non-whites are incapable of progress and their definition of whiteness is so narrow that few nations qualify. It's therefore refreshing to come across the following statement by Dr William Pierce (1932-2002) the founder of the American National Alliance.

"Who can say that he has no non-Aryan ancestry at all in his family tree? Not I. Most people can say who their parents and grandparents are. Only a few Americans can go back as far as four generations, however. I doubt that as many as one percent of Americans can go back six generations with any degree of certainty."

The word "Aryan" is really a linguistic term, the great philologist Max Mueller wrote in 1888:

"An anthropologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar."

The German philosopher Oswald Spengler (1880-1936) was admired by the Nazis but he took a "non materialist" attitude to race. He wrote:

"People are neither linguistic nor political nor zoological, but spiritual units."

His follower Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960) in his great work Imperium stressed the importance of culture and history. 

"The attempt to interpret History in terms of Race must be abandoned. The 20th century sees it quite otherwise. That attempt was a fad, historically speaking. It had a vogue of a century. It is now quite dead. Its last formulation, and its most radical, attempted even to intervene in the sphere of action. That was the last such attempt. An Empire of a thousand years duration - yes that has been actualized - in India, China, Egypt. But the last nation that laid the foundations of these Empires could not know whether the barbarians would come soon or never. Montezuma's Empire would also have lasted a thousand years - but the Spaniards appeared. 
There is no guarantee of duration, racial or other. Actually it is race that must be interpreted in terms of History, for that is the factual developmental-sequence. This viewpoint is not a fad, an arbitrary abstract picture, but one reflecting the facts of history."

We are right to be proud of our race and nation but there's no point in talking about repatriating non-Europeans. It might have been possible fifty years ago but not now. We should control immigration and deport undesirables but those who work hard and make an effort must be accepted. 

Who do you think you are?

                                       Rotha Lintorn-Orman

The popular BBC television series “Who do you think you are?” traces the ancestry of famous people, often with unexpected results.

Ukip are a democratic party but they come from a long line of patriotic movements dating back to the British Fascists. They were a militant nationalist organisation founded in 1923, long before the horrors of the Second World War. Ukip would not like to be compared to them but they have much in common. The British Fascists – originally the British Fascisti - were founded by Rotha Lintorn-Orman, a brave woman who drove military ambulances during the First World War and fought the Reds on the streets of London. Arnold Leese and Henry Simpson were elected as BF councillors in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1924. The movement grew quickly but it was plagued with spies and troublemakers. Their director of intelligence until 1930 was the MI5 agent Maxwell Knight. Colonel H Rippon-Seymour led a breakaway faction in 1924 called the National Fascisti.  General RBD Blackeney led another breakaway faction in 1926 and Arnold Leese quit in 1928 to form the Imperial Fascist League. He dismissed the BFs as “Tories with knobs on”; a description that could be applied to Ukip. These defections damaged the movement but the most serious split occurred in 1932 when most of their members, including William Joyce and Neil Francis Hawkins, joined Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists.

Rotha Lintorn-Orman reacted badly. She took to drink and died from depression and addiction at Las Palmas in 1935 aged just forty. The movement that she founded did not survive her but her outdated worldview lives on in Ukip. 

British Fascist Opinion – British Lion, Jan 1927

Optimism has been the dominating characteristic of the usual flood of festivities for the New Year. Such cheerfulness is commendable and its apparent sincerity more so, but honest examination of facts restrains us from sharing such views.

Far be it for us willfully to paint a gloomy picture of the future; the realities which much be faced are grim, and no amount of nebulous platitudes will surmount the difficulties which lie ahead. It is a pleasing pastime to build castles in the air, to talk oneself into believing that all is well, and to sit comfortably in cheerful expectation. To wake up and find one’s dreams aborted, and hopes shattered is the penalty of such idle reflection. We know of all too much strife up front to be optimistic.

The class war may have become a trifle less vigorous over the Christmas season, when “Peace on earth, good will towards men” permeated our Christian festivities, but such is the present state of things that the Master’s message passes readily into that oblivion where it is compelled to remain by the seekers after Industrial unrest.

The class war and the complexity of the machinations responsible for its promotion remain with increased bitterness at the commencement of Anno Domini 1927, and for that reason we lack real industrial peace of a duration which will make some compensation for the strife that has almost been the undoing of the nation. We would dearly love to be justifiably lulled into that sense of security which the acceptance of the “Pinks” or moderates so readily attests. Equally we would love to feel that goodwill and co-operation were possible in industry throughout the coming twelve months and that both “Pinks” and “Reds” would learn that the fundamental of our industrial existence is Capital and Labour in harmony. Unfortunately we find England today struggling for her markets with strife between the two component parts of her industries. Both “Reds” and “Pinks” refuse to compromise with very few exceptions. On the other hand, we find a few “Capitalists” animated by a true sense of magnanimity, extending in tangible form the co-operative hand to their employees.


An interesting article by Jeremy Warner in the Daily Telegraph (08-08-14) pointed out that Britain and America depend on immigrant labour to fill a wide range of jobs from minimum wage catering assistants to hospital consultants. He concludes that: “the idea that Britain can regain control of its borders simply by leaving the EU is naive if US experience is anything to go by, and in any case very much at odds with the open, free-market economy that Britain must always aspire to.”

A visit to any British hospital will confirm that the National Health Service is dependent on foreign labour. There is a desperate shortage of nursing staff in the UK that can only be filled by bringing in nurses from abroad. We have 2.08 million people out of work (6.4%), but some of them live in areas where there is simply no work; some are unable to work because of drug or alcohol addiction; some are psychologically incapable of work, and some are so lacking in basic skills that they cannot be trained to do the jobs available.

Unscrupulous bosses prefer foreign workers because they are cheaper and easier to exploit. The same thing is happening in Norway and Switzerland - states that are not in the EU. Norway has an immigrant population of 14.9%, and Switzerland took in four times as many immigrants than the UK in 2013, per head of the population. There is growing opposition to immigration throughout Europe but most states are short of workers and have negative birth rates. At a recent meeting of EU leaders in Ypres Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called for a total ban on non-European immigration and said that EU countries should help to make the immigrants’ home countries better to live in, and focus on increasing the birth rate in Europe.

                                            Viktor Orban

The skills shortage can be put right by training and education and the birth rate can be boosted by tax incentives, but while we are waiting for the next generation to grow up we can chose where we get our workers from. They can either come from Europe or from the rest of the world. It’s a choice between Norwegians or Nigerians, Poles or Pakistanis, Swedes or Somalis. If it’s against the law to prefer Europeans then many of us are guilty. We do not hate anybody but we think that our near neighbours are more easily assimilated than people from vastly different cultures.

Visions of Europe

The pioneers of the European Union had to deal with a continent broken and hungry after six years of war. French Prime Minister Robert Schuman proposed the European Coal and Steel Community in 1948. This made war between Germany and France impossible because the means of production was jointly controlled. This was the beginning of the European Union. Robert Schuman was a Luxembourger by birth with ties to both France and Germany. He was inspired by Charlemagne the eighth century Frankish King who united Europe from the Pyrenees to the Danube. Speaking in Strasbourg in May 1949 he said:

“The European spirit is conscious of belonging to a cultural family and to have a willingness to serve that community in the spirit of total mutuality, without any hidden motives of hegemony or the selfish exploitation of others. The 19th century saw feudal ideas being opposed and with the rise on national spirit, nationalities asserted themselves. Our century, that has witnessed the catastrophes resulting in the unending clash of nationalities and nationalisms, must attempt and succeed in reconciling nations in a supranational association. This would safeguard the diversities and aspirations of our nations while coordinating them in the same manner as the regions are coordinated within the unity of the nation.”

In Britain Oswald Mosley published The Alternative; his manifesto for “Europe a Nation”. And in Ireland Francis Parker Yockey wrote his remarkable book Imperium predicting a European empire arising from the wreckage of WW2. They didn’t know that the Soviet Union would collapse within fifty years, and they used Cold War terminology, much of it borrowed from the Nazis. Mosley proposed the union of Western Europe with the White Dominions, and Yockey specified an empire stretching “from Gibraltar to the North Cape and from the rocky promontories of Galway to the Urals."

                                      Jean-Francois Thiriart

It was the Belgian Jean-Francois Thiriart in his newspaper Jeune Europe who first included Russia east of the Urals; an idea promoted by Robert Edwards in European Socialist Action: 

The EU is not much more than a trading bloc but Ukip is seducing voters with empty promises of independence and immigration control. The old nationalist parties have been overtaken by events. Some of them are slowly moving towards a federation of nation states but most of them remain resolutely anti-European.
Reich Minister of Information Joseph Goebbels had no such reservations. In a speech to Czech journalists in Berlin in 1940 he forecast the future:

“I am convinced that, just as we look back with some amusement on the narrow-minded conflicts between the German provinces in the 1840s and 1850s, our posterity in fifty years will look back with similar amusement on what is going on today in Europe. The will see the “dramatic battles between nations” of small European states as family squabbles. I am convinced that in fifty years we will no longer in terms of nations, but of continents, and that entirely different, and perhaps much larger problems will concern Europe."

The grand visions of Europe are Robert Schuman's "ever closer union," Oswald Mosley's "Europe a Nation," and Jean-Francois Thiriart's "Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok." But all we have at present is a customs union of 28 sovereign states.

From Nation March 1974

The title of this article “Not so odd of God” paraphrases William Ewer, a Daily Herald journalist and a Soviet agent who wrote “How odd of God to chose the Jews”. It first appeared forty years ago in my duplicated newsletter Nation, the forerunner of Nation Revisited and European Outlook. When I wrote it I knew nothing about the British Israelites but I now know that they are an established cult on both sides of the Atlantic. The Rev Charles McKelvey (1895-1976) founded the British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship (BIBTF) which is still going. 

Not so odd of God

Behind the net curtains of a middle class terraced house in Woodford Green lies the headquarters of a little-known nationalist movement – BRITH. It is under the divine guidance of the Rev Charles McKelvey, a 79 year-old biblical scholar who claims to be one of only six people in the world who really understand the Bible.

According to the Rev McKelvey’s interpretation of the Good Book it is the British who are the true Jews - the Chosen Race. It seems that the Jewish Jews are not Jews at all. He goes on to predict that the world will be enslaved under communism by the Soviet Union (Ezekiel 38 & 39), all except for Britain and the White Dominions who will enjoy the undoubted benefit of a New Jerusalem.

BRITH is a Hebrew word meaning covenant – the bond between God and Israel. The Rev McKelvey has told us that there are charts in Windsor Castle proving a direct line of descent from our Royal Family to the House of David.

He claims that George V and George VI believed in the BRITH teaching and that Queen Victoria often said that she wished she could be alive when Christ came so that she could hand her crown over to him personally.
Those wishing to be enrolled as True Jews - they are said to number 1,000 - should contact the Rev Charles Mckelvey at St Barnabas Rd, Woodford Green, Essex.

Why am I an Ethnic Euro-Nationalist by Montag Spice

The reason for my support for ethnic Euro-Nationalism is based mainly on the fact that I love Europe, its people and its culture. Europeans have literally constructed the modern world and I believe them to be the most perfect civilization on earth.

Also I believe that my Nation is basically my race, and therefore, being a white European from Portugal, I naturally believe that ALL Europeans should unite under one flag and in one single common nation. Political union amongst Europeans is THE ONLY solution for the problems of Europe.

The European people is being governed by corrupt leaders that have betrayed our beautiful motherland, what Europe is going through today is nothing more than part of a scheme by the ruling economical elite to dominate the world, first of course, they must destroy one of their most powerful adversaries which is Europe and they are trying to do it by insidiously brainwashing the European people into believing that they are inferior, the "white guilt" syndrome has perversely been implemented into the minds of many Europeans. The objective of these sick traitors is to make Europeans hate themselves, their race and their culture. They want us to hate who we are so that they can break our spirit; they want to cripple Europe by first crippling the European Spirit. But they shall not succeed, the mass immigration policies are bringing into Europe the seeds of a very powerful storm to come, possibly we can even speculate that a civil war could break out in Europe in a couple of decades or even less time than we expect if nothing is done to invert the current situation.

Of course, the United States would be delighted if some type of civil war started in our motherland. They would then have the perfect excuse to once more come and bomb Europe, destroy our cities, invade our lands and then, when the chaos is over, they would come with their contracts and big businesses to take over what would be left of us. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

Fascism died in 1945, Communism died in 1989, and Liberalism shall be the next of these outdated ideologies to face mass defeat. Pan-European Ethnic Nationalism is inevitable in the future and the Liberals of today shall be the traitors and criminals of tomorrow. They shall be put on trial in a European Peoples Court and they shall be condemned for what they have done to Mother Europe.

The selfish capitalist pigs that are sucking the blood of the European people shall have Europe's prisons as their next luxury hotels. Europeans must rise up and smash the hypocrites that are attempting to destroy us. Mother Europe needs our help, and it is our obligation as Europeans to protect, love and care for her.

Atlantic Union

The British economy was so bad in the sixties that desperate measures were called for. When Charles de Gaulle vetoed British membership of the Common Market in 1967 Harold Wilson began talks with America about Britain becoming the fifty-first State of the Union. Charles de Gaulle died in 1970 and Prime Minister Ted Heath got us into the Common Market in 1973. This was endorsed by referendum in 1975. Ukip should remember how bad things were before we joined Europe. We couldn’t go-it-alone then and we can’t do it now. The alternative to the EU would be the same today – to join the United States.

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