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European Outlook # 10, October 2014

Scotland votes No

After a protracted referendum campaign the Scots have rejected separatism and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has stood down. Oswald Mosley discussed representative government in Mosley Right or Wrong in 1961 - available from Amazon.

Question: Will not this complete union of Europe mean that we will lose our national character?

Answer: No, certainly not. Did we cease to be Englishmen when we joined with the Scots to make Great Britain? And did the Scots become less Scottish because they joined with us English? Of course not. Having the same economic policy, defence system, foreign policy etc., does not make Englishmen want to wear kilts or eat haggis.

Other nations, too, have been formed from very different peoples, who have not lost their national character. A Norman and a Marseillais are both Frenchmen, but they are very different in character. A Prussian and a Bavarian are both Germans, a Lombard and a Sicilian are both Italians, a Castillian and a Catalan are both Spaniards; all are people with different characteristics, yet they belong to the same nations.

There is even less chance of us losing our national character when we join Europe. At first we shall feel more British than ever when we have to keep our end up at the council table. But before long we shall begin to look at things from the European standpoint, just as today we look at things from a British standpoint and not just from a narrow, English point of view. Then Europe will be made, and our wise, age-old European civilization will hold the balance of the world.

The Open Eye of Paul Collins

This article was published in Action No 81 of October 1992, 60 years after the founding of the BUF. In 1992 the economy was in trouble, the Conservative Party was divided over Europe, and John Major became the last Tory to win a general election. House prices in the UK averaged £68,000, the inflation rate was 3.7% and the interest rate was 6.8%.  Bill Clinton was elected president of the United States and Queen Elizabeth described her year as an “annus horribilis”. This was the penultimate issue of Action published by Action Society..

This is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Mosley Movement. For all but sixteen of those years – eight if one excludes the war years and their immediate aftermath - its policies have been built around the political union of Europe.

Mosley was the first British leader of prominence to beckon his countrymen towards their European inheritance, a corollary of having been the first to have concluded that the war had destroyed the British Empire and with it any chance of an independent Britain.

If it is the drama, emotion, pageantry and mass appeal of British Union which commands the most attention, the courage, tenacity and vision of all those who fought in the post-war cause of Union Movement deserves a special place in our esteem.

For while British Union was a mass movement of the “Now”, Union Movement was a mass movement in embryo, advancing imperceptibly across a complacent, inhospitable terrain, broken here and there by sudden rushes. It was a long hard slog performed against an unpromising backcloth of full employment, frustrated by the legacy of wartime propaganda, and an almost total Establishment smother on meetings and marches. Perhaps never was that quality so admired by Mosley, the power to endure, more tested or more proven.

The great policies for which Union Movement stood – British leadership in the union of Europe a Nation, a massive rehousing programme, government partnership with industry, worker participation, no coloured immigration, and the encouragement of separate white and black nations in Africa south of the Sahara – stand in starkest possible contrast with what has come to pass at the hands of the old parties. As for the awakening of the great national spirit of brotherhood and endeavour for which Union Movement, like British Union, stood for and for which they were a microcosm, the reality of contemporary Britain provides a counterpoint of degradation and shame.

I do not believe this decline is limitless or irreversible. The spirit lives, the rest will follow.

White Homelands

                                    Harold Covington

One response to the relentless expansion of the Third World is to form a white homeland. Veteran National Socialist Harold Covington runs the Northwest Front, a movement dedicated to founding a sovereign republic in the Pacific Northwest. The idea is for white separatists to emigrate to the Northwest in sufficient numbers to enable them to break away from the United States. Despite the magnitude of the task HC has gathered a body of supporters and published several novels setting out his vision of the future. He posts a weekly podcast on: www.northwestfront.org

Another scheme is taking shape in South Africa. Professor Carel Boshoff established the embryonic state of Oriana on the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape Province in 1990. His idea is to build an Afrikaner Volkstaat for five million white South Africans. The story of Oriana is told in Arthur Kemp’s book Nova Europa which advocates a white homeland and takes Israel as its model for a racially exclusive state.  Nova Europa is available from: www.ostarapublications.com

And something similar is proposed by Max Musson’s Western Spring group who are trying to build white community projects within the UK. Their blog is posted on: www.westernspring.co.uk

Sir Thomas Moore conceived the idea of Utopia in the sixteenth century. He visualised a society free of war and poverty but white separatists dream of a country without blacks. They believe in the “Blood and Soil” concept of states with recognized frontiers like France between the Pyrenees and the Alps, Germany between the Rhine and the Oder, or Britain between the Atlantic and the North Sea. They reject the Francis Parker Yockey concept of race and nation where culture prevails and borders are redundant.

Ian Smith defied Britain and America from his unilateral declaration of independence in 1965 to the end of white rule in 1979. The Rhodesians survived fourteen years of sanctions and fought a guerrilla war at the same time. But there were only 270,000 whites in a population of 5 millions. They fought bravely but the collapse of Portugal in 1974 cut them off from the port of Beira in Mozambique, and South Africa’s agreement with the US in 1976 sealed their fate. Ian Smith’s regime was brought down by a combination of sanctions and terrorism that would undoubtedly be used against any white homeland. The liberal consensus would not permit a white-run state anywhere in the world. They only make an exception for Israel because of the massive financial power of world Jewry.

                                       Ian Smith

Demography is daunting but European cultural hegemony persists. Brazil is a growing world power with a population that is only half white. And South Africa functions as a modern state with a white population of less than 10%. We will survive the incursion of the Third World just as we did against the Moors and the Turks. The European Space Agency sent the Rosetta spacecraft on a ten year, 400 million km journey into outer space to orbit comet 67P.  It performed perfectly and is sending back pictures and data never seen before. A race that can challenge space and time will not be wiped out.

Email Hoaxes 

Apart from emails promising to put four inches on your penis, or put millions of pounds in your bank account from the Nigerian Lottery, there are hundreds pretending to be news items. One claims that Japan does not have diplomatic relations with any Muslim country. In fact they have got embassies in ever Muslim country as well as the PLO. Another showed an Arab boy having his arm run over by a car. This turned out to be a circus act that travels throughout the Middle East. The boy is unhurt and jumps up to collect small change from an appreciative audience. The latest one is about a church in Wiltshire that is to be converted into a mosque and all the Christian bodies in the graveyard are to be dug up. This featured a picture of the church but the story was totally false. Perhaps the wickedest one falsely claimed that permission has been granted by Muslim authorities for men to have sex with their dead wives. Most of these anti-Muslim emails originate in Israel and are intended for American consumption.

Another theme is about black people living on social security. A doctor reports a black woman getting thousands of dollars a month for her multiple offspring. In fact most welfare payments in America are made with food stamps and benefits are capped per family. This one also circulates in Australia and Britain. The doctor named in the email denies any part in the hoax but he gets congratulatory messages from all over the world.

There are plenty of genuine news reports that can be used as propaganda without inventing them. Most of these dodgy emails are easy to spot and they can be checked out on the Internet. The next time you get a mendacious message delete it. Spreading misinformation will do nothing to stop immigration or welfare abuse.

The times they are a-changin

Bob Dylan was right in the sixties when he sang "the times they are a-changin". Parts of the country have been settled by so many Afro-Asian immigrants with their own habits and customs that assimilation is almost impossible. Immigrants who want to fit in will disappear within a generation but people who cling to their own cultures and refuse to integrate will form alien ghettos.
In the 1930s there was a cinema in every town and several in the big cities. They could not build cinemas fast enough to satisfy the demand but within thirty years most of them had closed. They could not compete with television so they were converted, first into bowling alleys, then into bingo halls, and now into flats.

There used to be competing banks in every high street handling vast amounts of cash from local traders. But now most of them have been closed or amalgamated and shoppers pay with credit or debit cards. And instead of getting cash from a friendly bank clerk we queue in the rain at a cash point.

Hats were universal – flat caps for the working class and bowler hats for the middle class. Trilby hats were reserved for black marketers and aspiring actors. Women wore headscarves, schoolboys had their school caps and girl wore berets. Have a look at a picture of a cup final crowd from the fifties and you won’t see a bare head.

Accents are changing all the time. The Dick van Dyke Cockney accent has almost died out. Television and radio have ironed out regional accents and the upper class accent that used to dominate the BBC is seldom heard. Even the Queen has modified her speaking voice and her grandsons sound just like the rest of us.

A generation ago most people smoked but today only a minority are still puffing. Education and taxation have changed our habits. The popular press like to report outbreaks of binge drinking by teenagers but the statistics show that people are drinking less. The Office of National Statistics reports a decline in drinking and smoking throughout society except for the lower socio-economic groups. These are the people most likely to vote for Ukip or the BNP so it is not surprising that they are the only parties still campaigning for smoking to be allowed in pubs. A 2006 social study by the University of Essex found that: “it is the lower middle class, C1s and C2s, who vote for the far right”. C1s and C2s are defined as lower middle class and skilled working class.

Ukip are fixated with drinking and smoking. Almost every photo of their leader Nigel Farage shows him with a cigarette in one hand and a pint of beer in the other. This is an important part of their image. They are stuck in the past and cling to the habits and pastimes of days gone by. They still wear overcoats with velvet collars and think that we have got an empire on which the sun never sets. They blame the smoking restrictions on the EU but smoking in bars and restaurants has been outlawed all over the world as a result of conclusive evidence of health risks.

We all know that smoking will never be allowed in public places; the UK will not go-it-alone, and millions of immigrants will not be rounded up and deported. These ideas are fantasies cherished by angry old men. The C1s and C2s have suffered the most from immigration. They have every right to protest but supporting parties run by daydreamers and charlatans will not help their cause; and nor will poisoning themselves with alcohol and tobacco.
Pubs are closing down all over the country but this has been happening for a long time. They must compete in the marketplace just like any other business. Drinkers are afraid that their pubs are dying out but new ones are opening all the time - often in former bank premises.

It is natural to be conservative. We all get used to the way we do things but change is inevitable and our survival depends on our ability to adopt and adapt. We should reject the negative and welcome the positive – the trick is knowing the difference.

Imperium: Francis Parker Yockey

Francis P Yockey was born in Chicago in 1917. He graduated in law from Notre Dame University in 1941. He joined the US War Department as a war-crimes prosecutor in 1946. He wrote Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics in Brittas Bay, Ireland in 1947, under the pen name Ulick Varange. After a brief collaboration with Oswald Mosley he founded the European Liberation Front. He worked for a time for Colonel Nasser in Egypt. When he returned to the US in 1960 he was interrogated by the FBI and sent to prison in San Francisco charged with passport fraud. He was found dead in his cell and a suicide note was found.

                                            Francis Parker Yockey

I first read Imperium fifty years ago. It convinced me that Liberalism was the root of all evil and that Europe was the font of civilization. As a twenty year old a lot of it went over my head but enough of it stuck to influence the rest of my life.

I have just re-read it to see if it had stood the test of time. Yockey’s bitter denunciation of both Russia and America certainly has a Cold War touch about it but in some ways it is timeless. His vast knowledge of world history and his deconstruction of liberal democracy are still impressive.

He rejected the pseudo-scientific racism of the Nazis in favour of assimilation and stressed the importance of culture but he nevertheless dismissed the Slavs as barbarians and the Jews as rootless cosmopolitans.

He divided history into periods marked by the great advances in science, philosophy and economics, and he warned that there is no escape from destiny. In that respect his message is hopeful; despite the “Culture Distortion” of American materialism our future is assured. 

Younger readers might not be aware of the terrible conditions in post-war Europe. The conquering armies of America and the Soviet Union divided a starving continent between them. It took us twenty years to rebuild our cities, our factories and our railways. And seventy years later we are still divided.

According to Yockey Mankind has survived seven previous High Cultures and we are now entering the Age of Absolute Politics – the coming of the Imperium. He ends his epic on a positive note:

“The West has two centuries and tens of millions of lives of the coming generations to give to the war against the Barbarian and the distorter. It has a will which is not only emerged unbroken from the Second World War, but is now more articulate all over Europe, and is gaining in strength with every year, every decade. Merely material superiority will do them little good in a war whose duration will be measured, if necessary, in centuries. Napoleon knew, and the West still knows, the primacy of the spiritual in warfare. The soil of Europe, rendered sacred by the streams of blood which have made it spiritually fertile for a millennium, will once again stream with blood until the barbarians and distorters have been driven out and the Western banner waves on its home soil from Gibraltar to North Cape, and from the rocky promontories of Galway to the Urals.

This is promised, not by human resolves merely, but by a higher Destiny, which cares little whether it is 1950, 2000, or 2050. This Destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service”.

Imperium should be read by every serious student of politics, it is available from Amazon in paperback for £12.14.

Free Speech

At some time in the future we may establish a regime that guarantees freedom of speech, protects individual liberty, and respects privacy. But at present there is no such system. What you are allowed to say is limited by “political correctness” and restrained by law.

Simon Sheppard is an independent writer and researcher who has served four terms of imprisonment for publishing offences. In 2009 he flew to Los Angeles with Steve Whittle (Luke O’Farrell) seeking asylum. They were charged with breaking the UK’s race-relations laws. But the Americans sent them back. Sheppard is currently detained for using the Internet against the terms of his parole; a provision that appears to contravene Article 8 of the European Declaration of Human Rights which provides a right to respect for one’s “private and family life, his home and his correspondence”.

                                                   Simon Sheppard

Julian Assange, editor in chief of Wikileaks, has been sheltering in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over two years charged with the rape and sexual assault of two women in Sweden. The Swedes would undoubtedly hand him over to the Americans who want him for publishing diplomatic documents leaked by Chelsea Manning; a psychologically disturbed individual originally named Bradley Manning. In America Julian Assange would face life imprisonment in a maximum security prison under conditions outlawed in Europe. He has committed no crime in the UK.

                                                Julian Assange

Voltaire’s famous statement about defending the right of free speech is seldom heard nowadays. The mass media always defends the Establishment. Noisy minorities are allowed to scream abuse against Britain but any Briton criticizing the liberal agenda could find himself behind bars.

This situation is complicated by government stupidity. Our elected lords and masters have no understanding of world affairs. They simply follow America – a country that believes its own propaganda and changes direction without warning. A year ago Dave Cameron supported the insurgents fighting the regime of Bashir al-Assad of Syria but now he has changed sides.

                                     George Galloway

George Galloway MP has been interviewed by the police and his file has been forwarded to the DPP for possible prosecution. His alleged crime was to criticise Israel for its mass murder in Gaza. He was recently attacked by an “anti-fascist” thug who objected to his comments.

Simon Sheppard, Julian Assange, and George Galloway are three very different men but they have all fallen foul of the Establishment. The British government have always restricted free speech but recent anti-terrorist legislation has given them even greater powers. They can detain anyone without charge under cover of national security – just as they did in 1940 when they locked up Oswald Mosley and a thousand of his supporters for opposing an unnecessary war. This is the negation of democracy by a regime founded on deceit and maintained by intimidation.
The Tories are totally mendacious. They import blacks and Asians as cheap labour and pretend that we are enriched by diversity. They waste billions of pounds on American aircraft and missiles while cutting the armed forces as a cost saving. They go along with America’s hostility to Russia while maintaining the best of relations with the blood-soaked butchers of Israel and Saudi Arabia. And they talk about national independence as they bow down to the almighty dollar.

Writing or speaking against tyranny cannot be classed as treason. Before Dave Cameron and Barack Obama lecture other countries on human rights they should release their own political prisoners. Simon Sheppard, Julian Assange and George Galloway are entitled to their opinions and Chelsea Manning needs treatment instead of punishment.

News from Atlantis - Uniting the Resistance

As the global enemy advance, more and more people are waking up to the diabolical game being played out, with us as the victims and in too many cases as the pawns. The awakening of the people should be something to rejoice in. However, the Establishment has very little to worry about, as far from being a united force to reckon with, the resistance is fragmented to the point of absurdity and not only this, it is wracked with in-fighting and ego-centrism which negates any chance of overthrowing our mortal foes.

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