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European Outlook # 40 April 2017

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The European Social Model

The combined might of Britain and Prussia defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 but by the end of the century the social reforms unleashed by the French Revolution had triumphed. Britain introduced the Great Reform Act in 1867, and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck pioneered National Insurance and Old Age Pensions in the 1880s.

We like to think that the Welfare State was a British invention but it followed reforms that had been sweeping Europe for a hundred years. Today, all of the European states have social services, health care, education, housing and decent working conditions. One of the most progressive European states is Switzerland. The Swiss speak four languages; German, French, Italian and Romansh. They are divided into 26 self-governing Cantons, but they have one federal
government, one currency, one flag, and one defence force.

The European Union should be restructured along similar lines, with a central government for defence and the economy and national governments for everything else. The EU will not be brought down by the defection of a country that never understood the European concept. We never used the euro or signed up to the Schengen Agreement, and we negotiated so many exclusions and opt-outs that we were hardly a member at all. 

Theresa May has condemned us to economic and constitutional uncertainty by signing Article 50, but perhaps the biggest risk is that her government will use Brexit to tear up the social legislation that we rely on. A virtually unopposed Tory government cannot be trusted with the National Health Service.

The Isle of Cloves and Palaces
The pre-war 'Action' ran from 1936 to 1940. Its pages were dominated by unemployment and the threat of war. But the paper also had its lighter side. The following article by 'FC' appeared in issue No 1, describing life in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is not often in the news. The population usually is peacefully picking and drying cloves, of which trade they possess almost a monopoly. Only in Zanzibar and the nearby dependent Pemba Island will the clove tree grow to perfection. The tree is a species of myrtle and the clove is the flower. Copra, which is made from the coconut, is also an important industry. The recent riots were a protest against the new law to prevent the adulteration of copra.

The island is governed by a Sultan and the British Resident, assisted by a Legislative Council. For generations every Sultan on his accession has built himself a palace; so along the coast and inland there are many palaces, in beautiful settings now abandoned and falling into slow decay.

The majority of the population are Arabs and Swahilis, who belong to the Mohammedan faith, and consequently practice entire abstinence from intoxicating liquors. The Government makes sure that the Faithful keep this abstinence by issuing drink licenses, price two rupees each, to Christians and other infidels. There is no drinking test before the application for a license is granted. It is the same size as a driving license, and to avoid disappointment on a hot day it should not be left at home! The licence exempts the holder from the obligation of teetotalism, and if he abuses the exemption the licence may be withdrawn for six months or longer, at the discretion of the British Resident.

The Mohammedans ask Christians to their festivals. It is an exhilarating experience to be at night one of the few Europeans in the midst of some twenty thousand men who are intoning responses to the Imam. Together with another Englishman the writer received an invitation to a wedding. The bride might have been in Timbukto; anyhow, she was not seen. The bridegroom evidently had thought hard on the best method of entertaining two Englishmen. In a conspicuous position were placed two chairs, the rest of the guests being seated on carpets; between the two chairs was placed a small table, and on the table were two glasses, a siphon of soda-water, and a bottle of whisky.

The Arabs, who form the upper classes and farmers are docile and trusted: they habitually by right carry swords, which often are sheathed in chased silver scabbards. What has made them even think of rioting in an island where the prestige of the white man is so high? Perhaps the supposed successful resistance of the Abysinians to a white race has changed their ideas. News travels swiftly in Africa and becomes distorted. It may be that from drum to drum, and by word of mouth, the rumour is spreading that the white man after all is not invincible. There are ominous signs elsewhere of grave unrest.

Predicting the Future

In 1900 London had 50,000 horse drawn cabs, buses, carts and wagons. Each horse produced about twelve kilos of manure a day, plus two litres of urine. It was predicted that within fifty years London would disappear under three metres of manure. This terrible fate never happened because of the invention of motor transport which replaced horses and saved us from being buried.

Current demographic predictions are just as alarming. The white nations are not having enough babies to sustain themselves. A hundred years ago it was usual to have seven or eight children to a family, or even more. By the Second World War couples were having four or five kids; in Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union large families were rewarded by the State, but today two children per family is normal, and lots of people stay single.

At this rate the native British people will die out but the internal combustion engine got us out of the shit in the early twentieth century and who knows what might save us this time. The future is unpredictable because unexpected things happen.

We have gone from imperialism to liberalism in a couple of generations. From one extreme to the other. We have lost the will to conquer but times change and attitudes change with them. President Donald Trump has announced new restrictions on immigration that will establish a precedent for other nations to follow.

Nations are influenced by each other and people respond
to propaganda. In 1979 forty-five percent of the UK population smoked tobacco but that figure is now down to nineteen percent. This reduction has been achieved by education and legislation, and it goes to show what governments can do when they try.

Human behaviour can be changed and a campaign to increase the British birth rate, backed by tax incentives and help with child care and housing, might be just what we need. The 'usual suspects' will react with horror at the idea of preserving the white race but genocide is still a crime even if it's unintentional. The non-white races do not need any encouragement to reproduce but we do.

Reclaiming the Border

Moves by the UK and the USA to control their borders recall the Dominican Parsley War of 1937. The Dominican dictator Leonidas Trujillo (1891-1961) accused Haitian immigrants of stealing jobs from the Dominican people. This was a popular campaign that resulted in a round-up of Haitians living in the border areas. The Haitians are French-speaking Africans but the Dominicans are Latinos. In order to tell the difference between them Trujillo's troops made their captives say the Spanish word for Parsley. If they pronounced it with a French accent they were shot. Some 10,000 people were murdered in this way.

Trujillo, who had a Spanish father and a Dominican mother, was a white supremacist who tried to turn his country white. He encouraged the settlement of refugees from Europe and welcomed Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany. His anti-communist regime was backed by the US but when he was assassinated in 1961 it was widely believed that the CIA was involved. 

Donald Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration. The booming economy of the United States acts like a magnet to Latin America just as Europe does to the teeming masses of Africa and Asia. Population movements can be resolved by international dialogue. The flood or Syrian refugees into Europe was stopped by agreement with the Turks, and the sea-born African invasion is being stopped by largely unreported diplomatic activities. The EU is training and equipping Libyan forces to intercept sub-Saharan migrants and plane loads of Eritreans and South Sudanese are being quietly repatriated.

The UK has experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. Nationalists maintain that we managed quite well before we had immigrants, but they are ignoring the skills shortages reported throughout industry. To  dispense with immigration we must first encourage the native birth rate and improve education and training.  

Strange Ideas

A dear old friend of mine denies being a conspiracy theorists but he believes in the following bizarre ideas:

President FD Roosevelt had prior warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but he allowed it to happen to get into the Second World War.

General Patton was killed by the CIA to stop him from attacking the Soviet Union or standing for President.

The British Nationality Act of 1948 was passed by the Labour Government of Clement Attlee to turn Britain into a mixed race country.

The Suez fiasco was engineered by the Americans to humiliate Britain and France.

Hugh Gaitskell was killed by the Labour Party to promote Harold Wilson as leader.

President JF Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald but by Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service.

Prime Minister Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent.

Trade union leader Arthur Scargill was a Soviet agent.

Prime Minister Ted Heath was a pervert who was blackmailed into taking us into the Common Market.

Louis Mountbatten was killed by the IRA not because he was related to the Royal Family but because he was involved in an Irish paedophile ring.

Princess Diana was killed by the Royal Family to shut her up.

John Smith was killed by the Labour Party to promote Neil Kinnock as leader.

The 9/11 attack was the work of the Israelis, not a gang of Arab terrorists.

The Dunblane and Hungerford massacres were set-up by the British Secret Service to disarm the population and prevent a revolution.

Arms expert Dr Kelly was killed by the British Secret Service to shut him up.

The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry are poisoning us for profit.

These ideas are weird enough but some people believe in even stranger theories. One leading nationalist recently described the European Union as "a genocidal tyranny." Images of barbed wire and smoking chimneys spring to mind but he was talking about a union of 28 sovereign states with elected governments. Other conspiracy theorists, including the writer and broadcaster David Icke, believe that the world has been taken over by a race of giant lizards disguised as human beings. These delusions are supported by numerous books and websites. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions, and things are not always what they seem, but there is no great conspiracy. Migration is driven by supply and demand and the world is run by politicians of every race, creed and colour.  

Lothrop Stoddard - The Rising Tide of Colour

Available from Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle.

The American historian Lothrop Stoddard (1883-1950) wrote his warning of demographic disaster almost one hundred years ago. He was undoubtedly a racist but he was not an imperialist and The Rising Tide of Colour is about history and economics as well as anthropology. On the subject of immigration he wrote:
"Rigorous exclusion of coloured immigration is thus vitally necessary for the white peoples. Unfortunately, this exclusion policy will not be easily maintained. Coloured population-pressure is insistent and increasing, while the matter is still further complicated by the fact that, while no white community can gain by coloured immigration, white individuals - employers of labour - may be great gainers and hence often tend to put private interest above racial duty. Barring a handful of sincere but misguided cosmopolitan enthusiasts, it is unscrupulous business interests which are behind every white proposal to relax the exclusion laws protecting white areas." 
The introduction to the 1928 edition is written by Madison Grant who was another racial supremacist. But such views
were common at the time. Woodrow Wilson said during his presidential campaign in 1912:

"In the matter of Chinese and Japanese coolie immigration, I stand for the national policy of exclusion. We cannot make a homogeneous population of a people who do not blend with the Caucasian race."

It must be remembered that they knew nothing about DNA, and they believed in Max Muller's 
Aryan invasion theory which was seized upon by the British authorities to justify their occupation of India.

Max Muller (1823-1900) was a German philologist who studied Indo-European languages. He inspired racial theorists, including the Nazis, but he never used the term 'Aryan' to denote a race. He wrote:

"An ethnologist who speaks of Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar."

Race is one of the basic components of humanity but other factors are important. Cultural contact between the races has spread technology around the world and races have leapfrogged evolution through education. The Chinese invented gunpowder but it wasn't long before Europeans were blasting each other with muskets. The British invented the train but the Japanese perfected it. An Englishman, Charles Babbage, made the world's first computer and a Frenchman, Joseph Marie Jacquard, invented programming, but most computers are made in East Asia and most of the helplines are based in India.

Lothrop Stoddard would hardly recognise the world today, where Africans and Asians are studying and teaching at the world's great universities. But many of his predictions have been realised.

He placed great importance on the Russo-Japanese War of 1904. Russia, a great European power, was defeated by Japan and the peoples of Asia celebrated their triumph over the white man. He rightly castigates Britain for being allied with the Japanese against the Russians, Germany for her alliance with the Ottoman Empire, and France for her use of Senegalese troops in Europe. He believed in white solidarity and warned us that we abandon it at our peril. He wrote:

"White race-consciousness has been of course perturbed by numberless internal frictions, which have at times produced partial inhibitions of unitary feeling. Nevertheless, when really faced by non-white opposition, white men have in the past instinctively tended to close their ranks against the common foe. One of the Great War's most deplorable results has been an unprecedented weakening of white solidarity which, if not repaired, may produce the most disastrous consequences."

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