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European Outlook # 8, August 2014

The Siege of Gaza

Israel’s latest invasion of Gaza killed over 1,400 Palestinians and 58 Israelis before US Secretary of State John Kerry (Kohn) brokered a ceasefire. Israel has blockaded Gaza for seven years. Food, water, fuel and medicine are all controlled by the Israeli Defence Force. The situation looks hopeless but history shows that invasions and occupations do not last forever. One day Israel/Palestine will be one country with a democratically elected government of all the people. The Zionists and their supporters are only delaying the inevitable. Thirty years ago few people predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union or the Apartheid regime in South Africa; but both states have gone forever. The state of Israel was founded on the ridiculous idea that the Jews are God’s chosen people. It is kept going with American taxpayer’s money but it’s only a matter of time before it collapses and the Palestinians are liberated.

Immigration Policy

Ukip won 163 council seats and returned 24 members of the European Parliament in May with their twin policies of quitting the EU and restricting immigration. They have convinced their followers that immigration is a result of our EU membership but the fact is that most low-skilled immigrants in Britain come from outside the EU. Dave Cameron visited India earlier this year and promised to make it easier for Indian students and workers to come to the UK. 

The BNP planned to spend billions of pounds rounding up and deporting immigrants, increasing pensions, providing better schools and hospitals, expanding the police force, strengthening the armed forces, updating our nuclear deterrent, and reducing taxation. Even Gordon Brown would have seen the weak point in their plan. But Nick Griffin believed that the banks make money out of nothing and he wanted to do the same. Unfortunately he has been made bankrupt and replaced as leader.

Ukip have replaced the BNP as the party against immigration and the Liberal Democrats as the party of protest but most people vote for the centre parties; Labour and Conservative. They have detailed policies but Ukip make it up as they go along. Their immigration policy is based on “one in one out”. For every person that leaves the UK they would allow one immigrant to enter. As most of those leaving are white Brits and most of those entering are Africans or Asians that would amount to racial replacement.

The problems of non-European immigration are not being addressed. The popular press agitates against Poles and other Europeans but the never-ending influx of Afro- Asians is hardly mentioned. The liberal consensus is that immigration is a good thing but the social services required by immigrants have to be paid for. We are told that we need newcomers to support our welfare system as the native population grows old and infirm. But immigrants also get old and sick and we can’t import more people to look after the ones already here.

Home Office chart showing that the top ten former nationalities granted citizenship of the UK in 2013 were all non-European except Poland..
Immigration is not the answer to our skills shortage. After World War Two we scoured the world for cheap labour instead of investing in training and education. The Japanese went for automation and we went for immigration.. The Trade Unions should have fought against immigration because it drives down wages and conditions; but apart from Bill Whitbread with his Tru Aim movement they were too frightened of being labelled “racist”.

White Solidarity

Nigel Farage advocates managed migration but he is not a racist. He is worried that 505 million citizens of the EU have the right to come to the UK but he welcomes the 2.24 billion population of the Commonwealth. He quotes crime figures on pickpockets from Romania but ignores similar data on black criminal gangs. He relates to West Indians who speak English, drink beer and play cricket but although he is married to a German woman he feels uncomfortable if people speak foreign languages and he would not like Romanians living next door to him.

This type of linguistic nationalism led to the collapse of white rule in South Africa. The blacks united under the African National Congress: not the Zulu National Congress, the Xhosa National Congress, or the Ndebele National Congress, but the African National Congress. But the whites were divided; the Brits thought that the old country would stand by them; the Afrikaners were only interested in preserving their language and status, and the Portuguese hoped that their ancient civilization would protect them.

Europeans at home and abroad are blessed with the spark of genius that propelled mankind from the Stone Age to the Space Age. We are programmed to reach for the stars but we have wasted too much time and energy fighting among ourselves. It’s possible that the first stirrings of renaissance are detectable in Russia. But we must resist the strident propaganda of the American military-industrial complex that seeks “perpetual war for perpetual peace”. The Russians are fellow Europeans and our natural allies; any territorial issues between us must be settled by negotiation.

While Europeans kill each other in Ukraine the teeming masses of Africa and Asia are invading our homelands. The petty nationalists of Ukip and the Front National are a distraction in the struggle for survival. When the Romans conquered Britain and France we were part of a Druid culture that had existed for hundreds of years. But today the only remnant of the old religion is the custom of kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas, and the ancient Celtic languages are confined to the the periphery. Language and nationality are transient and even great empires come and go but DNA is eternal. We will not survive by waving flags and dreaming of Empire. Our only hope lies in the collective security of white solidarity.

Honours and Titles

Jimmy Saville had a long and successful career as an entertainer but did he deserve a knighthood?  Such awards have nothing to do with service to the country. Rolfe Harris was knighted for painting pictures and Stuart Hall for presenting "It's a Knockout". It is time to dump the whole business. Military decorations are fair enough but giving awards to entertainers of dubious provenance is a nonsensical gesture in the modern age.

They are given to show the public how familiar the Establishment is with popular culture. But some titles, including life peerages, are literally bought for cash. David Lloyd George is remembered as the prime minister who won the First World War. He is less remembered for the disastrous Allied invasion of Turkey that resulted in the destruction of the Greek expeditionary force. And he is even less remembered as the man who openly sold titles to rich men seeking the trappings of nobility.

Harold Wilson was almost as brazen as David Lloyd George in dishing out titles to his cronies. Some of them were criminals, like Joseph Kagan who was sent to prison for tax evasion. He was ultimately stripped of his knighthood but he remained Baron Kagan of Elland and continued to grace the benches of the House of Lords. Harold Wilson was never prosecuted.

This tradition of “quid pro quo” was continued by Margaret Thatcher; a shopkeeper’s daughter who knew the price of everything. One of her first acts as prime minister in 1979 was to introduce awards for services to political parties; a tacit acceptance of corruption that was supported by Labour leader Jim Callaghan and Liberal leader David Steel.

We know about David Lloyd George and Harold Wilson but ever prime minister has dispensed titles.  How many of them were taking bribes?

It is not known what a knighthood costs, but with a central London house costing a million pounds, that figure seems reasonable. The disgraced Tory MP Patrick Mercer charged a thousand pounds a day just for asking questions in the House of Commons. He was found out but plenty of other MPs are eager to prostitute themselves. We are ruled by plutocracy and the love of money is the root of all evil.

The long-running expenses scandal and a spate of criminal cases involving MPs has further eroded the public’s respect for Parliament. In an effort to control the situation the government has set up an independent remuneration committee and promised greater scrutiny of MP’s conduct. But we will not clean up Parliament until we abolish the honours system. It is the ultimate recognition of bribery and corruption, and a seal of approval on criminal insanity.

Derek Holland: The Political Soldier

In 1983 the National Front split from top to bottom. Remarkably. most of the survivors of this conflict are still politically active over thirty years later. They represent various nationalist groups and contribute to their websites and publications. One of them is Derek Holland who runs the International Third Position and produces the magazine Final Conflict.

In 1984 he wrote a pamphlet entitled The Political Soldier setting out a Third Position between capitalism and communism.  Quoting from Oswald Spengler’s The Decline of the West he calls for the creation of a New Man, a Political Soldier dedicated to the spiritual revival of Europe. He salutes the courage of the 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas who perished fighting 100,000 Persians under King Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae. And he calls for the military efficiency of the Roman Legions and the devotion of the Crusader knights.

                                                            Derek Holland

He embraces the social and economic theories of the distributist writers GK Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc.  He reveres the memory of Cornelio Codreanu the Captain of the Romanian Legion of the Archangel Michael that fought for General Franco in the Spanish Civil War. He frankly admires the Iranian Revolution and the bravery and tenacity of the Palestinians. He rejects fanaticism, upholds democracy, accepts racial and cultural diversity, and recommends a sober lifestyle based on self-discipline.

His austere image of the Political Soldier contrasts sharply with the hard drinking culture and petty nationalism of Ukip. They would never understand the breadth of vision of a “bloody foreigner” like Cornelio Codreanu. This conflict of ideas is summed up by Derek Holland’s ultimate line:

Parochialism in an age when the One World Ideology is striding to total victory is a complete negation of everything we profess, and thus is vigorously rejected by the Third Position.

The Political Soldier is posted

Jimmy’s Secret Army

The brilliant 1970s BBC TV series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin by David Nobbs featured an episode called Jimmy’s Secret Army in which Reggie’s brother-in-law, Jimmy Anderson, revealed his plan to save Britain from; “forces of anarchy, wreckers of law and order, communists, Maoists, Marxists, Trotskyists, neo-Trotskyists, crypto-Trotskyists, union leaders, communists union leaders, atheists, agnostics, long haired weirdoes, short haired weirdoes, vandals, hooligans, football supporters, namby-pamby social workers, rapists, papists, rapist papists, foreign surgeons, head-shrinkers who ought to be locked up, Wedgewood Benn, keg bitter, punk rockers, glue sniffers, Play for Today, squatters, Clive Jenkins, Roy Jenkins, up Jenkins, up everybody, Chinese restaurants – why do you think Windsor castle is ringed with Chinese restaurants?”

Reggie replies that his movement is bound to attract; “thugs, bully boys, psychopaths, sacked policemen, security guards, sacked security guards, racialists, Paki bashers, queer bashers, anybody bashers, rear admirals, queer admirals, vice admirals, fascists, neo-fascists, crypto-fascists,  loyalists, neo-loyalists, crypto-loyalists.”

Jimmy says: “Do you really think so – I thought recruitment might be difficult.”

In the seventies a coup against Prime Minister Harold Wilson was expected. War hero Colonel David Stirling, the founder of the SAS, organised a volunteer force funded by Jimmy Goldsmith, and old soldiers all over the country waited to be mobilised. At that time Britain was plagued by industrial unrest and the press accused the Soviet Union of being behind it. In fact, most of our troubles were due to managerial incompetence. It seems that preparations were actually made for a coup but the Intelligence Services were alerted and it never happened.

Today Reggie’s brother-in-law would belong to Ukip and his paranoid fantasies would focus on Europe. The lunatic fringe of the Tory Party has always spawned “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” from the Monday Club to the Bruges Group. But they were all damned by their total obedience to authority. It’s ironic that people are voting Ukip as a protest against the Establishment when they are part and parcel of it.

Colonel David Stirling and Jimmy Goldsmith are long departed and Nigel Farage is puffing cigarettes and sinking pints in an effort to join them. We have seen a succession of right wing populists movements come and go. Some of them are even supported by the popular press until they become too much of a nuisance. Then they are quickly dumped by the same media that created them.  We will survive the petty-minded nastiness of Ukip but the Tory Party might not. Dave Cameron has just reshuffled his cabinet to appease the Tory headbangers but his lurch to the Right will only alienate the electorate.

Andrew Fountaine: Speech to the NF Constitutional Movement 1980

Man has five senses physiologically, yet there is a sixth sense, ostensibly in rather short-supply; it is called common sense. By the year 1951 common sense was in decline which allowed the many arising problems to go unchallenged. The decline of Englishness, the degradation of every standard, and the decay of Authority itself (from Buckingham Palace to the Bottle washers’ Union) – everything was being corrupted by the rottenness that is Britain today. By 1951 the philosophy of the Farewell State - “All men shall be paid for their existence and none shall pay for their sins” – that destructive combination of Marxist politic and Freudian morality had undermined the fortitude of the populace; the great nation of shopkeepers had become the nation of shoplifters; the plunderer will having supplanted the warrior will; social security had eclipsed National security; and freedom had become a catchword for every form of licence to do as one will.

On Friday, February 8th, of Coronation year 1952, the National Front was created and the first British National Party formed. It had one cardinal and basic aim to which all other aims, policies, purposes and ambitions were subordinate. It was and still is: To resurrect promote and canalise the spirit of Resurgence within every range of the national spectrum, and to combat the onslaught of conditioned decadence. It is worth recalling that by 1952 the most prominent phenomena of the welfare society were the pacifist, the psychiatrist and the probation officer.
Yet in all terrible events, their causes and effects which have reduced Britain from its Imperial Splendour of 1940 to the domestic impotence of 1980, reason would be hard to isolate the work of the Hidden Hand: Yet, it was no Zionist plot which ultimately destroyed the economic basis of British Imperium; it was the polyglot Englishman Winston Churchill who did this at Yalta and Bretton Woods.

It was no bankers' ramp which destroyed the British Raj in India or surrendered our strategic oil supplies in Abadan; it was the Englishmen Clement Atlee and Louis Mountbatten who did that.

It was no Bilderberger Chief who proclaimed Britain a Multi-Racial Society and imported two million fast-breeding Negroes to make it stick; it was the renegade Scot, Harold Macmillan.

It was no International Conspiracy outside Parliament which annihilated Britain's aircraft industry and the employment of sixty thousand British workers; it was the English traitor Harold Wilson who did this and more by scrapping the TSR2. Wilson was the first instigator of mass-unemployment in the UK.

It was no Hidden Hand which betrayed the last remnant of our democratic sovereignty of the Crown, Parliament and people to the Common Market (now EU); it was the English triple traitor Edward Heath, the thing that walks like a man, who did this.

It was not Henry Kissinger who betrayed a quarter of a million of our kith and kin to a black Marxist fate in Rhodesia; it was Heath's counterpart, the English political harridan Margaret Thatcher and her degenerate sidekicks, Carrington and Soames, who performed this act of sickening racial treachery - with royal approval.
Nevertheless a Plan for World Domination does exist in tangible reality; an on-going execution of design which is already half way to completion; secret only in tactic, Clauswitzean in strategy, and as consistent as the Pole Star. It was announced by Lenin sixty years ago at the 3rd International of the Commintern when he projected the defeat of the West and the annihilation of its civilisation by non-military means. He said:

 “With our right hand we will stretch out and spread subversion, pacifism and civil war among the nations of the West. With our left hand we will shake the sleeping senility of the East, arouse them to resurgent nationalism to overwhelm the West. “Stupid and decadent, the democratic leaders of the West will rejoice to co-operate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down we will smash them with our clenched fist."

That threat should be nailed to the bed of every student, reporter and British Parliamentarian in the land.
This then is a declaration, the strategy and the major tactics of the New War by proxy; a war in which the Soviets have scarce fired an aggressive bullet, yet none the less have accomplished to date the slaughter of one hundred million non-communist persons without the loss of a single Soviet soldier. (Excluding World War 2).
Because this war is a contest of ideas and beliefs rather than bombs and bullets, both the initiative and the master weapon is in the hands of the Soviets, for in this type of psychological and religious warfare the success or failure of the Soviet enterprise depends absolutely upon their ability to change the minds of their opponents' governments and heads of state. The master weapon at this moment in time can be seen having its most destructive effects, in the pacifism, cowardice and surrender tactics employed by Conservative administrations in Britain. An effect which has seen all governments during the past 20 years, not only unwilling to seal this country’s borders - but to actually embrace every nation-wrecking idea that Communist put forward.

Detente then is Soviet Russia's secret weapon - the deadly nerve-gas of self-induced surrender in the West. Every conference is a battlefield of Communist strategic determination at all levels -- an inevitable Soviet-devised tactical victory.

The Commander of a besieged garrison who will not capitulate, yet who will not allow his troops to open fire on the besiegers, has surely found the most hideous means of suicide. It is precisely this siege situation which Britain finds itself in today. Her Commander is currently the surrendercrat Peter Carrington, and NATO the supposed military shield of the West, which is in reality no more than a wilting bamboo fence manured with dollars.

Britain's real enemies are of British origin -- the cowards, fools and traitors at the top. They are the Soviets and other Communists secret weapon.

                                                         Andrew Fountaine
The Meaning of an Enemy

Andrew Fountaine (1918-1997) was a staunch defender of Britain and Europe. He fought for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War and served as a naval Lieutenant Commander in the Pacific during WW2. He was president of the original BNP and formed the short-lived NF Constitutional Movement. His masterly denunciation of Winston Churchill ‘The Meaning of an Enemy’ was serialized in Combat magazine from 1960 to 1965. It is now available from Ostara Publications at £7.45 plus p&p.