Friday, 28 February 2014

European Outlook #3, March 2014

None of them are worth voting for

At the next election you can chose from a range of parties across the political spectrum but if you value European solidarity and economic survival you would do better to boycott them.

Ukip are not as conspiratorial as the BNP and the National Front but their blind hatred of 
Europe and their simple-minded policies are very similar. If you are tempted to vote for them remember that their immigration policy amounts to racial replacement - they would admit one black or Asian for every Briton that emigrated.

The Conservative Party has updated itself but its soul still belongs to the landed aristocracy and its leaders to the playing fields of Eton. For the last forty years the Tories have been undermined by their right wing. They brought down the government of Ted Heath in 1974 when Enoch Powell advised us to vote Labour. The "Bastard Faction" destroyed the government of John Major in 1997 and they are threatening to do the same for Dave Cameron in 2015. They are trying to trump Ukip and they don't care how much damage they do in the process. They like waving Union Jacks and singing the National Anthem but their insular policies would reduce us to the level of North Korea - a bankrupt dictatorship with a powerful army and an "independent" nuclear arsenal.

The Labour Party has moved to the centre and now looks like the natural party of government. Ed Miliband and his chancellor Ed Balls have hopefully learned from the disastrous financial mismanagement of Gordon Brown; a prize winning economist who spent money like a drunken sailor. Those of us who have seen every post-war Labour government end in financial collapse are not keen to have them back in power; but it now seems inevitable.

The Liberal democrats are the most honest party at Westminster but they will be punished for propping up the Tories. Britain has now adopted the European practice of coalition government so we will see smaller parties like the Lib-Dems and the Greens exerting an influence greater than their actual numbers. 

On the far left there's a bewildering array of little parties that are as inconsequential as their counterparts on the far right; a collection of paranoid cranks and manic-depressive conspiracy theorists living in a world of fantasy. Bob Crow the trade union leader is standing in the Euro election for a party called No2EU - a left wing version of Ukip. 

All of the established parties support the "politically correct" policies of American hegemony, multi-racialism and "free trade". When immigration was a predominately black and Asian thing they never mentioned it, but since the Polish influx they have run a spiteful campaign against east Europeans. If you blindly support every American military adventure and hate all things European you can take your pick of the parties. But if you believe in world peace, social justice and European solidarity none of them are worth voting for.

Comment from Robert Edwards of European Socialist Action

I always read your blogs with utter fascination. Your recent entry is well up to standard. I particularly appreciated the quotes from the Hitler/Strasser dialogue from 1930. It reminds me of my exchanges with Michael Woodbridge at the present time. This obsession with the superiority of races is utter nonsense. We never had it in Union Movement. Hitler was an evil man, without any doubt. That he put the word socialist in his party's title is a mark of the man's total dishonesty. Those who want to adopt socialism should remember that it is an economic idea... that the people should own the means of production, etc. It supports the working class, of which I count myself as one.

Then we come to your old mucker, John Bean, again. I sent you a facsimile copy of the old BNP pamphlet of 1960, their first year. Bean should stop being a humbug and a fraud when he proposes a confederation of Europe. He makes out that he always stood for this policy . On page six of this pamphlet, published from Arnold Leese House in Princedale Road, he wrote: "The major part of BNP activity is directed towards ending coloured immigration and Jewish domination of Britain and campaigning for Unity of the White Dominions within a Confederation of the Northern European PeoplesNevertheless, as racial nationalists we are deeply concerned with the preservation of the culture of our North European folk. Within our ranks there are many with a profound interest in music and the arts." This is pure racial Nordicism.

John Bean as editor of Combat round that time, published an article by John Tyndall going on about the Jew being a maggot in the body politic or similar words. I find it amazing that he is now trying to re-invent himself as something quite different from the "English Dr Goebbels" of years ago. He did not believe in a confederation of Europe, at all. He was a Nordicist who regarded Southern Europeans as a lesser breed. The British Democratic Party, which he supports, has as its figurehead a man who was a member of Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement and who attended the nuptials of Jordan and Francoise Dior in the early 1960s. Do these people expect us to believe they are presenting something "new" for the British people?

My reply

John Bean was closely associated with Colin Jordan from 1960 to 1962 but he fought the 1964 election campaign in Southall on local issues and in 1966 the following editorial appeared in Combat No 38:

 Let's Keep Nordicism in Perspective

"Last month we were invited to address a meeting of the Ealing Young Mothers' Association on the policy of the BNP. When it came to question time we could not help noting that our three most hostile questioners, spouting New Statesman jargon on the "evils of racial distinction," were all blue-eyed, fair-haired, long-headed examples of Nordic womanhood. Equally we could not help noticing that the two ladies who leapt to our defence - literally - in supporting the view that there are inherent differences between the European and the Negro, were far removed from the accepted definition of an "English Rose". In fact it turned out that one young woman was Spanish and the other although an Australian was obviously of Italian or Greek descent by their complexion and colouring.

And what does this prove exactly? Perhaps nothing, but to the writer - who, incidentally would pass as nothing else but Nordic - it was just another personal example of the futility of the line of thought held by many good racial nationalists that we can afford to differentiate between Europeans of the North and Europeans of the South".


Andrew Brons blames his involvement with the National Socialist Movement on his youth. He was born in 1947 so he was only sixteen at the time of Colin Jordan's wedding to Francoise Dior. The following report from the National Socialist of 1963 is even funnier now than when it was written. 

Colin Jordan Weds

Colin Jordan, Leader of the NSM, married Francoise Dior at a National Socialist wedding ceremony at NSM Headquarters in London on Sunday , October 6th, 1963, after register office formalities at Coventry the previous day.

Francoise Dior comes from Nordic stock in the French province of Normandy, settled by the Vikings. She has been a devoted National Socialist for many years, and in recent months, as WUNS (World Union of National Socialists) representative in France has been responsible for gathering together the support which has now enabled the establishment of a thriving young National Socialist movement there.

The ceremony took place in the presence of a private gathering of London members. The couple took their places behind a table draped with a swastika flag and flanked by lighted candles. Each in turn, with hand outstretched over the open blade of a dagger in the manner of our forefathers, made a pledge to the other as follows:

'I, Francoise Dior, declaring myself to be of Aryan descent and free from hereditary defect, do pledge myself in loyalty of body and mind as wife to you, Colin Jordan.'

'I, Colin Jordan, declaring myself to be of Aryan descent and free from hereditary defect, do pledge myself in loyalty of body and mind to you, Francoise Dior.'

Next, each in turn made a small incision in the upper part of the ring finger, and the two fingers were held together for a moment to symbolise the union of the blood. A drop of the blood so-mixed was the allowed to fall on the blank fore-page of a copy of Mein Kampf belonging to the couple. The couple joined hands and Colin Jordan announced 'This marriage we declare enacted.'

The gathering gave the NS salute, and the NS anthem 'The Horst Wessel Song' was played. The wedded couple were toasted in Mead, the ancient drink of the Nordic peoples.

In a brief speech in response, Colin Jordan spoke of the NSM's meeting in Trafalgar Square in July 1962, as bringing him on the one hand a month's imprisonment for his speech opposing the Jewish control and coloured invasion of Britain, and on the other hand a partner in his struggle against these evils and for the establishment of a National Socialist Britain, for the British. It was a result of the reports of this meeting in the French press that Francoise Dior came to know of the Movement and came to meet him. He went on to disclose that they became engaged at a height of 14,000 feet over mid-Channel - and thus between their respective countries - during a flight to Paris on the night of September 11th 1963. The manner of their engagement symbolised the spirit and purpose of the World Union of National Socialists, of which the NSM is the British section, fighting to create the National Socialist World Order of the Whiteman, the only alternative to national decline, racial ruination, and Communism.

Fighting on Two Fronts

The National Front leadership is currently disputed between Ian Edward and Kevin Bryan. They both have exactly the same policies - stop immigration, start repatriation, and get Britain out of the EU - policies that were set in stone when the party was founded in 1967.

                                                      Ian Edward 

                                                        Kevin Bryan

The NF is pledged to repatriate millions of Third World immigrants but an isolated Britain would lack the economic, logistic and military resources for such a massive program of resettlement. The demographic could only be redrawn by the combined might of United Europe.

This is not the first time that the NF has been divided. In the 1987 Vauxhall by-election Kate Hoey was returned for the Labour Party with 15,191 votes (52.8%). Pat Harrington of the Political Soldier wing of the NF attracted 127 votes (0.4%) and Ted Budden of the Flag Group got 83 votes (0.3%).

Recent election results show that Ukip has hijacked the nationalist vote. In 2006 Sharon Ebanks of the BNP won a seat on the Kingstanding ward of Birmingham Council with 2,310 votes. The result was overturned by the High Court following some nefarious business at the count but it showed the strength of her support. Now, eight years later, Terry Williams of the National Front only managed 33 votes (0.99%) in the same seat. And in the Manchester Wythenshawe and Sale East parliamentary by-election the BNP candidate Eddy O'Sullivan got a disappointing 708 votes (3.00%). 

                                                                Sharon Ebanks

Better Off Together

According to prime minister Dave Cameron the arguments for Scotland staying in the UK are: "moral, economic and geopolitical." He is right but exactly the same can be said for the UK staying in the EU. Scotland is tied to the rest of the UK by historical connections and bonds of trade and industry; just as we are tied to Europe.

It is ironic to hear Tories praising unity between England and Scotland when the same voices have been calling for the UK to quit the EU. The Scottish Nationalists who blame all their troubles on the English have much in common with the little Englanders of Ukip who blame everything on the EU. They have a distorted view of history based on jealousy and resentment.

They are not only fighting historical inevitability but also common sense. Do they really believe that the people of Carlisle are fundamentally different from the people of Lockerbie, or that the citizens of Berwick-on-Tweed form an alien enclave within Scotland?  The people of the British Isles have been amalgamated and scrambled by generations of contact. Many a dedicated Scottish Nationalist has Anglo-Saxon blood coursing through his veins - except for Alex Salmond who is "pure" Scottish.

The coming together of the British nations to form the United Kingdom in 1706 was a natural consequence of our history and geography. So was the unification of the Italian states to form the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. And the proclamation of the German Empire in 1871. The little states of Europe united to form larger states and they eventually created the European Union.

The EU is a work in progress. It has succeeded in keeping the peace and building the framework of a European superpower. But it has been obstructed and delayed at every turn by the dead hand of insular nationalism. Margaret Thatcher completely misunderstood the project. She thought that the EU was a commercial venture designed to support America. And her faithful follower Dave Cameron is pleading with the Scots to stay in the UK while threatening to quit the EU.

In Ukraine a violent uprising, with suspected American backing, has brought down the corrupt regime of President Viktor Yanukovych. The country is divided between the Russian speaking east and the Ukrainian speaking west, but It is not in the interests of Russia or the European Union to dismember the country. Russia's Black Sea Fleet is based in Crimea and President Putin has made it clear that he will defend Russian interests. 

The devaluation junkies at The Daily Telegraph are baffled by the collapse of the Ukrainian economy. They had their own sovereign, independent currency, they set their own interest rates and decided their own fiscal policies; but they still went bankrupt.

The fact is that self determination is an unattainable fantasy in the modern world. Nation states can only survive within political and economic unions such as the North American Free Trade Area, the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the emerging East Asian Common Market. The days of brave nations standing alone against the world are long gone.

The New Unhappy Lords

In his Heritage and Destiny review of AK Chesterton's recently republished book The New Unhappy Lords, Ian Freeman quotes the following passage:

"It would be no great exaggeration to say that the values and nature of society have almost totally reversed in three generations. Today's society would have been seen by almost everybody in 1913, from Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Asquith and the Kaiser to the fledgling Labour Party, and even, apart from the end of the colonial Empires, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Bronstein/Trotsky, as utterly alien and repellent in almost every detail. They would conclude that the civilisation they saw at its Zenith was now decadent, doomed and in the latter stages of collapse - in which they would undoubtedly be right. And they would be amazed that a process that took Rome centuries had occurred in a single human lifetime. Even more amazed to discover that it had happened without most of the population apparently even noticing as their world changed - or was changed - around them."

In 1913 the British Empire had the world's biggest navy and the landed aristocracy was intact. But living conditions for the working people of Britain could hardly have been worse. 25% of the population lived in poverty. 15% were at subsistence level and 10% were below subsistence level. 4 million working men earned less than 30 shillings a week, which was the minimum to keep a wife and three kids. The 4 million women wage earners were far worse off: probably nine tenths earned less than a pound a week. The average working man lived 50 years and the average working woman 54 years. This was the "Zenith" of Civilisation that was destroyed by the First World War and the subsequent demise of the British Empire

                                                        A.K. Chesterton

In 1933 AK Chesterton joined the British Union of Fascists to fight against social deprivation. He edited the movement's newspapers and became a leading propagandist but he parted company with Oswald Mosley in 1938. He identified many of the individuals behind the Money Power and exposed the connection between international finance and communism. 

The British Empire started to crumble when we fought the South African War on behalf of the gold and diamond mining cartels. It was seriously compromised when we accepted American military assistance in 1917. It was fatally undermined by the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and finally ended in in 1944 when we tied the pound to the dollar at Bretton Woods and placed our armed forces under American command.

No doubt individual financiers played an important part but the British Empire was destroyed by two world wars fought on borrowed money. The First World War was a disaster but Britain was committed to the defence of Belgium by the 1839 Treaty of London. The German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg did not believe that we would go to war over " a mere scrap of paper". But we seized the chance to check German imperialism in Europe, steal their colonies in Africa and grab the Turkish oilfields in Iraq. We are still paying for the bloodbath of 1914 but at least we are not shelling and bombing our fellow Europeans.

Old Soldiers Never Die

In 1964 the West German Embassy in Dar es Salaam discovered that there were still 350 Askaris entitled to military pensions from the First World War. Few of the old soldiers had their pay books or uniforms but all of them remembered their rifle drill and thereby qualified.

In the Second World War black Sudanese were recruited by the Germans in Tunisia and fought with the Free Arabia Legion in Yugoslavia and the Russian North Caucasus. The Germans also recruited 3,000 Indian prisoners of war into Subhas Chandra Bose's Free India Legion. At the start of the war only Dutch and Scandinavian volunteers were accepted into the Viking Legion but by the end of the war the SS was predominately non-German and included thousands of Russians, Azeris and Armenians. Germany's ally Italy had entire divisions of Libyans, Eritreans and Somalis fighting for them in north and east Africa.

Climate Change

The English county of Somerset got as much rain in January as it usually gets in an entire winter. Such unprecedented rainfall looks like climate change but we don't know if it's natural or man-made. Our climate has always been changing. The Ice Age had nothing to do with human activity but the chocking London fogs of the fifties were caused by emissions from coal fires and factory chimneys that were swiftly eliminated by the Clean Air Act. 

It is obviously wasteful and foolish to pollute our environment but we would still have floods and natural disasters even if we abandoned modern technology and went back to windmills and horses.

The Somerset Levels could be drained. It would cost millions of pounds and take years to achieve but it could be done. The same is true for the east coast sea defences. They could be improved if the government came up with the money. Coastal dwellers who watch helplessly as their fields and farms fall into the North Sea are in no doubt that the money should be spent. And the bedraggled natives of Somerset and the Thames Valley are equally convinced that their homes are worth saving. The government is trying to cut spending but it might be cheaper  to fund land management schemes rather than to compensate ruined farmers, landowners and service providers.  Rebuilding the mainline railway to Cornwall will be a major construction project.

Public works were used to employ workers during the Great Depression. Benito Mussolini drained the Pontine Marshes and wiped out malaria in the process. Adolf Hitler recruited unemployed Germans into the National Labour Service to dig ditches, plant trees and build the Autobahn. And in the United States Franklyn D Roosevelt set up the Public Works Administration to build government offices, bridges, dams, airports, post offices, courthouses and thousands of miles of roads.

With labour available and lending rates at rock bottom there has never been a better time to invest in the future. We have fought wars in defence of British territory - some of it of doubtful value - but we allow Mother Nature to nibble away at our coastline and flood our farmland. While the scientist investigate climate change we should use existing technology to reclaim and preserve our island. It can and must be done.