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European Outlook # 99 June 2024

 Long Live the Union - 'Old Guard' 


For decades the poisonous agenda of the Westminster elite had been a divisive regime in hoc to the global EU and a plaything of international finance. The UK is in danger of decline and dissolution, the inevitable conclusion of years of political planning.

The economic, class and racial divisions deliberately fostered and encouraged  by Westminster have in effect driven a wedge between the native Britons who inhabit these islands. It's poverty for the people whilst globalist bankers and their political playmates grow ever richer on the economic misery inflicted on our folk.

That the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish now look to divorce themselves from the union is no surprise, separate nations are even easier to milk and manipulate.

Real nationalists are 'beyond the pale' but pseudo-nationalists parties such as Ukip and Reform UK, ,are feted by a political system owned by the Money Power..

Until the 1950s the Scots, Northern Irish, Welsh and English were proudly British with a common loyalty of blood and identity that was corrupted by. multiculturalism. There is no kinship between the British and Afro- Asians. who have been granted entry visas by the traitors and charlatans of Westminster...

Mass immigration since the British Nationality Act of1948 has transformed the character of the United Kingdom and undermined democracy.. People who have been betrayed by the Old Gang parties are starting to put their faith in  a resurgent Fascism. But the task of restoration will not be easy. We must build a new British Union based on the traditions and values of our people.

Count Binface: the man to beat

Former BNP organiser Paul Golding is used to disappointments. His anti-Muslim Britain First party attracted 967 votes in the London Mayoral Election, soundly beaten by Count Binface with 1,889. Sadiq Khan was duly elected Mayor for the third time with 44,725 votes. Golding's tactic of aggressive Mosque invasions clearly does not appeal to .London voters.

In the old days far-right parties aimed to beat the Communist Party candidate in local elections, but now their target is Count Binface.

It was a monumental mistake to import  millions of incompatible aliens into the UK.. Smaller numbers of immigrants might have been more easily assimilated, but we are where we are, millions of established settlers will not go home because Britain First shouts abuse at them.

It's not fair to blame the immigrants for being here. They were imported after the war as cheap labour, France took in North Africans, Germany accepted three million Turks, ad we welcomed 'people of colour' from the Commonwealth. 

Britain First have every right to call for immigration control, but they should not intimidate those already here. It's ironic that most Muslims are social conservatives who cherish family values and the rule of law, the very principles paraded by Britain First.

Jeremy Corbyn: Victim of Zionism


When immigrants started arriving in the UK from Asia and Africa the Labour Party was delighted. These people were poor and bound to be Labour Party supporters. Some hostility from the native British population was expected, but nothing that could not be 'managed'. As the immigrants settled in the big cities their numbers ensured a Labour victory. What could possibly go wrong?

The first surprise was that they were not all poor, especially the Asians from East Africa. They were shopkeepers, administrators, dentists, doctors, opticians, and pharmacists, middle class people who were used to a high standard of living,

Prime Minister Ted Heath was initially reluctant to admit the refugees fleeing from Idi Amin's dictatorship until it was pointed out to him that they were all professionals that were desperately needed by the UK.

Much poorer Asians from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh formed ghettos in the Midlands and the North of England, but the middle class ones became the Tory leaders of today,

The second surprise was that  the various immigrant groups were not always compatible. It soon became evident that the Jews and the Muslims detested each other.

Jews had always been prominent in the Labour Party but they led the campaign to get rid of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who they wrongly accused of 'antisemitism'. He was not guilty but he supported the Palestinians and that was unforgivable to the Jews.

So they ousted Jeremy and replaced him with Keir Starmer, a self-confessed Zionist with a Jewish wife and two Jewish children. Unsurprisingly, Keir refused to condemn the brutal Israeli destruction of Gaza and thereby alienated the Muslims.

When the starry-eyed dreamers of the lunatic left conceived the idea of multiracialism they forgot the bonds of tribe and family that define us. We are the product of race and culture, modified by history and geography, and guided by destiny.

In the make belief world of liberalism our leaders are men of intellect and principle, but in the real world they are subject to prejudices and hatreds.

Jews and Arabs

The British Mandate over Palestine lasted from 1919 to 1948. After trying unsuccessfully  to keep the peace between Arabs and Jews for 29 years  we pulled out in 1948 and left them to it. 76 years later they are still fighting..

When Hamas guerrillas attacked Israel last October public opinion throughout the West was solidly on the side of the Jews. People remembered the Holocaust and sympathised with Israel, but all that has changed when Israel responded by bombarding Gaza, including Mosques, Churches, schools and hospitals. They also cut off food, water, electricity and the Internet.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry nearly 40,000 civilians have been killed. And if Netanyahu goes ahead with his intention to destroy the city of Raffa, thousand more will be killed. 

British prime minister in waiting Kier Starmer flatly refused to call for a ceasefire and in the US president to be Donald Trump called upon Israel to "finish the job."

Our leaders are supposed to be untainted by prejudice, but both Donald Trump and Kier Starmer have Jewish wives and children, and Rishi Sunak is a devout Hindu and therefore a sworn enemy of Islam.

The older generation supported Israel but the younger generation protested on the streets and the campuses in favour of Palestine.

It looks like Israel will win this round of the ongoing conflict. The powerful Jewish lobby in the United States together with the evangelical Christians will make sure that "God's Chosen People" are victorious. They claim to be God;s chosen people because it says so in the Bible, which was written by the Jews. They are therefore the Self Chosen.

The only power that could upset the Zionist plan is Iran. Western media delighted in reporting that Iran's recent blitz on Israel was thwarted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system and American and allied aircraft. What they didn't tell us is that most of the Iranian cruise missiles were  shot down but their super missiles got through. Israel is now running of  P defensive missiles, and the whole operation cost Israel at leas two billion dollars.

Israel is quick to point out that they are a nuclear power, but in the event of a nuclear conflict in the Middle East, Pakistan might be tempted to share her 'Islamic' bomb with her neighbour Iran.

Punching Above Our Weight

A retired general speaking on national radio recently lamented the decline of our armed forces. He said that Britain would find it hard to take on Russia, or China, and definitely not both at the same time. He should have included Iran in his nightmare scenario. The general no-doubt relied on our 70,000 soldiers 'fighting above their weight', a dangerous assumption in a world of suicide drones and hyper sonic missiles.

Our armed forces are designed to work within NATO. That may change in the future, but the days of Britain intervening in every quarrel are long gone. Increases defence spending cannot be justified  when our public services are all short of money.

Warmongers like Dave Cameron are mentally stuck in  the days of Empire. In those days we had the resources and the military manpower. to challenge all comers That ended with World War Two. Today, we are a European power with armed forces comparable to France and Germany. There is no reason why we should be in dispute  with Russia, China or Iran. Russia is a self-contained power with no interest in territorial expansion beyond the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine. China is devoted to capitalism and seeks trade not war, and Iran is an oil-rich regional power countered by Saudi Arabia.

NATO is an instrument of American foreign policy. As long as we belong to NATO  we will be involved in wars that have nothing to do with us. We fought the Napoleonic War as part of a pan-European coalition, we fought the Crimean war alongside France and Turkey, we fought the First World War and the Second World war in alliance with Russia and America, and we fought the Korean War as part of the United Nations. We have always been part of a military alliance and it's logical that we should be so engaged in the future, but not as part of NATO.

The UK General Election

Rishi Sunak Britain's outgoing Tory prime minister

The news that we are to have a general election on 4th July comes as a great relief to all of us who are sick and tired of the Tory government.. The last 14 years have been like sailing on a great ocean liner on a world voyage. No matter how good the food is, within a week you have sampled everything they have to offer, and the rest of the trip is monotonous.

The Tories tried to liven things up by providing an entertaining variety of prime ministers and their deputies. A ridiculous parade of clowns that came and went without warning; Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Theresa May, Dave Cameron, Rishi Sunak, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Matt Hancock, and others too trivial to mention.

The last serious prime minister we had was Gordon Brown. But now our prayers have been answered and soon the Tory parade of misfits will be no more.

Some old myths have attached themselves to the Tory Party without justification; that they are the natural party of government, that they are the party of business, and that they can be trusted with the economy.

I would like to think that after the last 14 years the Tories were finished, but people have got short memories and, as Harold Wilson said: "a week is a long time in politics."

Nation Revisited

European Outlook

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."


Tuesday 30 April 2024

European Outlook # 98, May 2014

Old Comrades by Stephen Swinfen

I had regular contact with Bernard Franklin for some years. I left the National Front in the autumn of 2008 when he and Tom Holmes were removed as Vice and Chairman of the Party one week before the annual conference after a lifetime of service to the cause. It was a disappointing affair, they could have been replaced respectfully at the AGM the following week, if indeed the membership had asked. They were founding NF members, Tom Holmes had been a member of Colin Jordan's White Defence League in the 1950s and other nationalist organisations throughout his life

I tried my best to keep contact with Tom Holmes, he had no children and he lived at Caister which was a 250 mile round trip. I went quite a few times, his wife Iris eventually got poorly with dementia. Tom cared for her at home for I don't know how long, eventually she would go into a home for two weeks at a time to give him a break. It took its toll and Tom seemed to be going the same way. Each time I visited him I offered to tidy up the garden but he wouldn't let me. When Tom dispensed with his mobile phone  I was dependent on his landline to keep in touch.

I remember a time when one of Tom's carers answering his landline at Caister, said he was in a care home or hospital, anyway not at home. She said he had a nephew, which was untrue. He did have a sister in Gloucester way he said, if I recall correctly. I think they were trying to put me off ringing

I found him in a care home or it could have been a hospital in Lowestoft, he came to reception in only one slipper, I asked where the other one was but he didn't know or care where the other one was was. Once I took him out to lunch to his chosen restaurant near Caister, he made a big fuss about making sure they didn't give him peas. In the end his landline was never answered and I didn't know what happened to him. It played on my mind for a long time, several years, what could I do to track him down. To this day I still don't know what I could have done and it's a big regret that he died without me finding him. So sad how such a great patriotic stalwart's life was ended seemingly in obscurity and I couldn't show respect at his funeral that must have taken place sometime and somewhere.

After the shame of what was done to them in 2008 neither Tom or Bernard renewed their membership of the NF and nor did I in support. The guy behind their removal was one Ian Edward, a London fella who wanted to take over the NF, no idea what happened to him after he did. All I know about the NF nowadays is that Tony Martin is doing his best to keep it going. 

Derek Godfrey was an old timer from Dunstable who was in his early nineties, I remember him from the 70's. He was a long-time friend of Bernard's, he was at Bernard's funeral, the brothers George and Wesley Lay were there, and myself, that was all that came from the nationalist scene.

I used to visit Bernard at his Hemel Hempstead home every few months, he lived alone after his wife passed. He was a devout Christian and that was often larded into his many articles and letters. He edited The Flame, the National Front newspaper that began after Ian Anderson took the previous title The Flag with him when he left the NF. The Flame ran to 33 issues. Bernard also kept online with The Flame website, frustratingly the guy that did it for him died and no password was left for Bernard, so he couldn't update it. 

In the end Bernard's daughter, who lived at Irchester in Northants coincidentally not far from me hadn't heard from him and asked that the neighbour go and check, he was dead in his bath and had been there for a few days. I had been there a few days previously, met his visiting step-son Mark and left not knowing I would not see Bernard again.

I think we should consider old folk more than we do in general. I'm lucky my son is a caring lad and his partner is a nurse.

UK General Election

The UK faces a general election that's a choice between two similar parties. The Tories have been in power for 14 years during which time everything has got worse. Despite their bold plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, incomers of all types; refugees, students, family dependents, essential workers, and overstaying tourists, numbered over a million last year. 

Attention is focussed on the 40,000 asylum seekers who cross the Channel on small boats, but the 1,000,000 who come on scheduled airlines, clutching entry visas, go unnoticed.

We know all the arguments about the need for some immigration, but make no mistake, at this level it will destroy this country. Yes we need foreign doctors and nurses for our health service, but don't forget that immigrants also get sick and need hospital treatment, particularly maternity services.

We've got a national debt of £2.5 trillion, a flatlining economy, a housing crisis that's getting worse, a crumbling health service, a failing educational system, an underperforming police force and a railway network desperately in need of upgrading.

This level of chaos will not be turned around by electing a Labour Party that shares all the failed Tory policies from Asylum to Zionism. 

Over forty years ago Oswald Mosley proposed a Government of National Unity drawn not just from the elected parties but from trade and industry, the universities, the military, and the trade unions. Such a government, elected for a fixed period, with the power to act, might rescue the situation, but simply swapping Tory for Labour will only prolong the agony.

The Reform Party is the latest in a long line of populist parties; National Front, British National Party, UKIP, and Reform, that offer simplistic solutions to complex problems. They tend to peak at about 10% before dissolving in acrimony. They preach a narrow nationalistic policy of self-sufficiency and withdrawal from international representation that would turn our poor country into North Korea. Lee Anderson the rebellious MP for Ashfield has defected from the Tory Party to join Reform.

But there are no easy answers. To sort out our national problems we need a comprehensive plan and a commitment to hard work, fiscal discipline, fair play, and leadership. None of the established parties can be trusted to do any of these things, so ignore the pointless pantomime of a general election. If you must put your illiterate cross on a ballot paper, go for one of the smaller parties that supports proportional representation.


If you are a typical middle-class person who works hard, pays his taxes, reads the Daily Mail and votes for one of the Old Gang parties, you might think that you are safe. But if you are disgusted by the slaughter of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis you better keep your mouth shut. Hamas has been declared a terrorist organisation by the British government and any sympathy for the Palestinians is likely to be seen as support for Hamas which will get you banged up in Belmarsh high security prison with some real terrorists.

The Tory government conflates 'extreme' opinions with terrorism. They have locked up Patriotic Alternative campaigner Sam Melia (pictured) for two years for distributing stickers calling for immigration control, but that is not terrorism; terrorism is using bombs and guns to kill and maim. Tory donor Frank Hester incited murder by calling for MP Diane Abbot to be shot, but he is unlikely to get two years in prison.

The Hamas raid into Israel last October was undoubtedly a terrorist act, but so is the bombardment of hospitals, schools, Mosques and Churches in Gaza by the IDF. The only difference is that you are allowed to support Israel, but you are not allowed to support Palestine.

Rishi Sunak's government has spun such a web of lies that most ordinary citizens are frightened of having an opinion. We are told that central London is a 'No Go' area for Jews when the peace marchers are in town. In fact, there are plenty of individual Jews on these marches as well as organised groups of anti-Zionist Jews.

We are told that "From the River to the Sea" is an anti-Semitic slogan, despite the fact that it's used by Likud the far-right Israeli governing party.

Israel was founded on terrorism. Jewish terrorists dynamited the King David Hotel and drove out the Palestinians with maximum violence. Most of the Israeli leaders were terrorists financed by Zionists around the world who supported a national home for the Jews.

Donald Trump takes a practical line on the Ukraine conflict but when it comes to Israel he wants them to "finish the job".  And, of course, Britain, France and the rest of Europe are solidly behind him.

The key to peace in the Middle East is the United States. So long as the American taxpayer props up the Zionist state, it will continue to occupy the West Bank and Gaza. And as long as the occupation lasts the Palestinians will resist.

We have the ridiculous spectacle of the West providing emergency food aid to the starving Palestinians while, at the same time, they are arming the IDF with the latest weapons.

Eventually, there will be one state from the River to the Sea, a secular democratic state for Jews, Christians and Muslims.  Such a prospect might seem remote, but the demographic of Israel is changing. Migration from Russia has slowed to a trickle as Russia's economy continues to boom. Palestinians inside Israel are already 20% of the population and they boast a much higher birth rate than the Israelis. It's true that the mostly American West Bank settlers have very large families but they can't keep up with the Palestinians.

If Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were combined under a single authority its Arab population would predominate. America and Europe would ensure that the Jews were protected, and the Gulf States would provide the money to rebuild Gaza. This might seem an impossible scenario but peace came to embattled South Africa and Northern Ireland when everyone thought it impossible.


Do we need defence? Yes, we need defence to go round the garden - The Marx Brothers.

The public have little interest in defence. They are worried about the cost of living, public services and immigration. Usually it's only retired generals and paranoid journalists that despair at the size of our armed forces, but all of a sudden Rishi Sunak our unelected prime minister together with Dave Cameron our unelected foreign minister are flying around the world boasting of our increased defence spending.

During the Brexit campaign 'unelected' was a taboo word but it seems to have lost its power. 

President Emmanuel Macron of France has gone even further by threatening to send French troops to join the war in the East. He should remember the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte's Grande Armee who lie dead in the fertile soil of Ukraine

The Russian 'threat' is grossly overstated. President Putin has repossessed the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine but he has no further territorial ambitions.

Billions of dollars thrown at the corrupt Zelensky regime by the US and her obedient allies might replace some of his depleted weapons but  half a million slaughtered soldiers cannot be replaced. Zelensky has simply run out of men.

Former Defence Minister Penny Morduant is typical of Britain's warmongers, well-educated but lacking in political understanding. She is a Royal Navy Reserve officer with a nautical sense of humour who once repeated the word 'cpck' several times during a parliamentary debate. 

The Industrial-Military-Complex knows that the game is up for Zelensky but they are determined to keep the war going for as long as possible; until they have drained the last cent out of the American taxpayer.

The Defence Scam works the same way as the Israel Lobby. Congressmen vote for massive handouts to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan in return for lucrative kickbacks. And it's all in the name of 'freedom and democracy'.

Things are not as bad in the UK because we are slightly less corrupt than our American cousins. Nevertheless our greedy politicians rush to vote for increased defence spending, they argue about pennies on health and education but but when it comes to defence they are warmongers to a man.

Of course Britain needs adequate defence forces to protect our islands, but we don't need giant aircraft carriers or Trident missile submarines. We need smaller vessels to patrol home waters backed up by well trained armed forces. What happens in  the Middle East, the China Sea, or Ukraine is none of our business.

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."


Sunday 31 March 2024

European Outlook # 97, April 2024

Stop Murderers, Rapists and Paedophiles Reoffending, Hang Them the First Time they are Convicted - Pete Williamson

Over the years it has been proven that people who are found guilty of serious crimes are extremely likely to reoffend once they are released back into society. Paedophiles are certain to continue harming children by their very nature, and the same can be said of rapists and murderers. 

So why are they ever released, why are they given the opportunity to commit their terrible crimes again?

According to the liberal elite, anybody can be rehabilitated. This as we all know is complete rubbish. Once a killer, paedophile, rapist, always a killer, paedophile, rapist, it's a proven fact.

The only way we can seriously stop these disgusting creatures from reoffending is to bring back capital punishment for all the most serious crimes.

Here is an old newspaper report from 2011.

"More killers and rapists are committing another serious crime after they are let out of jail than official figures suggest, the head of the Parole Board has said.

Sir David Latham said he was concerned government statistics underplay the extent of reoffending by life sentence prisoners who are released from prison.

Prison rules allow murderers, paedophiles, and other serious offenders given life sentences to be released once they have served the minimum term set by the court.

The Parole Board rules on whether each individual is safe to be let out on licence. But to make its decisions the board relies on official data showing how likely previous similar criminals were to return to crime.

Sir David said existing statistics were not 'robust', meaning it was hard to know if the board was making the right decisions.

The revelations will fuel concern that too many dangerous offenders are walking the streets when the should be behind bars."

Proportional Representation

Our first-past-the-post electoral system is profoundly undemocratic. In a typical UK general election the winning party, say the Tories, would get 40% of the poll. The second party, say Labour, would get about 30%. The third party, the Liberal Democrats, might get 20%, and the forth party, say the British Democrats, would get the remaining 10%. Under a PR system with a House of Commons of 600 MP's this would translate as 240 seats for the Tories, 180 seats for Labour, 120 seats for the Liberal Democrats, and 60 seats for the British Democrats.

This would result in a coalition government, probably of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The British Democrats average about five percent in local elections, if this was repeated in a general election under PR they would probably have 30 seats in Parliament and be able to influence government policy.

The rise of populist parties throughout Europe depends on PR. Our only chance of political success would be under a reformed electoral system, but, incredibly, the far-right parties campaigned against PR in the 2011 referendum on alternative voting,

There are various PR systems in use around the world. Some of them involve constituencies and some do not. Most have thresholds of 10%. In Israel this as low as 3,5% which has resulted in a governing coalition of seven parties. PR encourages minor parties but it's fairer than our system which favours the big parties.

I usually advise my readers not to bother voting because there's so little difference between the parties. But in the coming general election I advise them to vote for the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party or Reform UK simply because they support PR.

Our 'Black' Ancestry - John Bean

John Bean with Andrew Fountaine at the BNP Camp in 1961

Without exception the UK daily press and all the main TV channels have welcomed research at the Natural History Museum which, they said, shows our ancient ancestry was black. It is the media's interpretation of a facial reconstruction on the skull of Britain's oldest skeleton, the 10,000-year-old Cheddar Gorge Man.

A typical press report on the findings began: "The earliest Britons were black-skinned with dark curly hair and possibly blue eyes." This came from a Henry Bodkin of the Daily Telegraph, a so-called serious Tory paper. The photo produced everywhere shows that the face was a dark bronze and the hair was straight down to mouth level and then became wavy. Perhaps our MR Bodkin wanted it to appear more African with complete curly hair. As for the definitely blue eyes, well you can't have that with an ancient African, hence it was "possible" blue eyes.

I make no criticism of the pioneering work of the archaeologists who found scraps of DNA in the ear the Mesolithic 'Cheddar Man'. They then cross-referenced the genomes of modern inhabitants with known origins of living near the area of the Gorge. Their DNA now comprises roughly 10 per cent of the genetic make-up of most white people living in the UK. But the maximum figure of 10 per cent is not good enough for the heading of Mr Bodkin's report. This says: "The first Britons were black - and their DNA lives on in most of us."

That was also the view of a dusky lady on the BBC who went even further by suggesting that the overwhelming majority of Brits throughout the UK were black in origin. Ignore the fact that 90 per cent of our ancestors were Celts, Saxons, or Vikings (the Normans were cross-breeds of French and Viking). Furthermore archaeologists in mainland Europe have recorded ample evidence in DNA testing that their 'whiteness' goes back at least ten millennia.

Euopean Outlook: Veteran nationalist John Bean died in 2021 aged 94. He never claimed to be an expert in genetics but he was a trained industrial chemist with an interest in history and ethnology. The BBC and the academic establishment continue to pretend that Race is an artificial construct, but we prefer to believe the evidence of our our own eyes.

The Great Pretender

Rishi Sunak is not only pretending to be an Englishman, he is also pretending to be the leader of a great world power. He dishes out arms and money to Ukraine and Israel despite the facts that our armed forces are undermanned and underfunded, and we have a staggering national debt of £2.5 trillion.

We cannot afford to pay our doctors and nurses decent salaries but we send money to Ukraine where it is pocketed by corrupt Ukrainian generals.

The UK claims to be the 5th or 6th richest country in the world but the wealth is restricted to Tory landowners and asset strippers. In reality, people are living on the streets and children are going hungry.

The current act of madness is Britain's support for Israel in their latest war. The Royal Air Force is bombing Yemen from our base in Cyprus. Rishi Sunak's excuse is that we are protecting shipping in the Red Sea, but the real reason is that Houthi rebels in Yemen are firing missiles at ships bound for.  Israel in support of their kinsmen in Gaza. 

Our Typhoons need to be refuelled in flight to reach Yemen. This is an expensive operation undertaken by a depleted air force. We built two giant aircraft carriers for just such a mission, but they are both plagued by mechanical failures and lack of suitable aircraft. Nobody knows how much this adventure is costing but our hospitals and schools would be glad of the money.

The UK is a European state with armed forces and economic resources comparable to our neighbours France and Germany. We are not a great world power with a navy that rules the waves and an empire on which the sun never sets. We have nuclear weapons and a seat on the UN Security Council but Rishi Sunak and his deluded followers should realise that the Empire is dead and gone, and they should stop spending money like a drunken sailor.

There will always be wars and oppressive regimes. Throughout history big nations have dominated small nations and bloodthirsty tyrants have enslaved whole populations. But we are not the world's policeman and it's not up to us to interfere in foreign conflicts. When we had the Empire we could afford to kill Boers and Irishmen who resisted our 'benign' rule, but today things are altogether different.

In 1939 Oswald Mosley recommended that we should mind our own business. He was right then and his advice is still good. 

Populist Policies

At a recent gathering of veteran nationalists in London I was given a copy of a British Democrats leaflet. It was printed in red, white and blue, on glossy paper, just like the leaflets produced by the British National Party before its terminal decline. And just like the BNP it advocated populist policies that are easier said than done.

It covered seven policies:

Scrap Foreign Aid

"The British Democrats will abolish the £12 billion per year spent on overseas aid and spend it here at home to help the British people through the cost of living crisis. It is madness for the government to borrow money and then give it away to other countries. China and India receive British foreign aid even though they are two of the fastest growing economies in the world, and both have multi-£billion space programmes. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!"

EO: Some of our foreign aid goes into the pockets of corrupt Third World dictators but most of it is tied up in trade agreements and credit facilities that benefit our economy. Far from scrapping foreign aid we should use it to repatriate undesirables back to their countries of origin.

Self Sufficiency

"We will ensure the UK is as self-sufficient as possible in energy and food supplies. Maintaining and increasing our agricultural sector is more important than any other. Our very survival might depend, in emergencies, on the ability to feed ourselves."

EO: Agree 100%.

Save our Green Spaces

"We will protect our greenbelt from overdevelopment. We will preserve rural and suburban Britain by maximising the use of brownfield sites for future housing. The Conservatives continue to conserve nothing. They have failed to protect not only our precious countryside but also our borders."

EO: Agree 100%.

British Jobs for British Workers - No to Globalism

EO: The British Democrats are right in principle but the demographic crisis cannot be ignored. Our birth rate of 1.8 babies per couple is below replacement level; we simply do not have enough able-bodied workers to maintain our economy. We need to import labour but we should be selective where we get it from. We can chose fellow Europeans who share our race and culture, or we can chose Africans and Asians that do not.

Remembering Our War Heroes - Don't Let Their Sacrifices be in Vain.

"Our war heroes did not fight for Britain to become an unrecognisable third-world country. They fought and died for a traditional British future for their children and grandchildren."

EO: Agree 100%.

Support Free Speech - Say No to Political Correctness/Wokeness.

"Britain has a glorious history and cultural heritage, BUT IT'S UNDER THREAT. The British Democrats will defend our statues, street names, our history, culture and British Way of Life."

EO: Agree 100%.

We Want a Full and Complete Brexit.

"Unilaterally withdraw from the Northern Ireland Protocol/Windsor Framework Agreement, completely removing all EU law & and trade restrictions between NI and GB. Restore total sovereignty to Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom.

We voted for the entire United Kingdom to leave the EU, but the Conservatives have betrayed the people of Northern Ireland and the Labour Party would be no different.

Restore complete control of our fishing waters as early as possible - this is what we voted for at the 2016 referendum."

EO: This policy statement needs revision following the Stormont Agreement of January 2024.  A hard border with the Republic of Ireland would contravene the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 which ended over seventy years of conflict. The logical solution is for the UK to re-join the EU. The latest opinion polls now show a majority for re-joining.

As for fishing; the real trouble is that we do not eat enough fish. If we consumed as much fish as the Spanish people we would have a thriving fishing industry.

The British Democrats are mostly right but like all nationalists they let their hearts rule their heads. Like it or not we are part of a global economy dominated by the USA and China. In the real world "splendid isolation" is unobtainable and compromise is unavoidable.

Faces From The Past

I have many photos of nationalists dating back to the pre-war era. With the aid of my memory and the help of historians and researchers I have been able to identify nearly all of them. But two men are unknown to me. One is holding a White Defence League placard and the other is seen speaking for the National Labour Party, both circa 1960. I would be grateful if anyone remembers these comrades, and if they are still alive please get in touch.

Nation Revisited

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All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. The editor reserves the right to shorten or otherwise amend articles submitted for publication. We seek reform by lawful means according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."



Thursday 29 February 2024

European Outlook # 96, March 2024

Mahatma Gandhi by James Schneider -

The following quotes by Mahatma Gandhi reveal a seldom seen aspect of this great man. I am not trying to denigrate him; I actually gained more respect for him after reading it. Rather than covering up to make Gandhi fit into today’s warped, politically correct world, we should change our way of thinking.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in India, studied to become an attorney in England, spent many years "organizing passive resistance" in South Africa, and then returned to India to lead the passive resistance movement against British rule. He was finally assassinated by one of his own people. This collection of quotes is from his time in South Africa. The terms native and Kaffir refer to the indigenous people of South Africa.

The Indian Opinion published an editorial on September 9 1905 under the heading, "The relative Value of the Natives and the Indians in Natal". In it, Gandhi referred to a speech made by Rev. Dube, an early African nationalist, who said that an African had the capacity for improvement, if only the Whites would give them the opportunity. In his response, Gandhi suggested that:

"A little judicious extra taxation would do no harm; in the majority of cases it compels the native to work for at least a few days a year."

Then he added:

"Now let us turn our attention to another and entirely unrepresented community - the Indian. He is in striking contrast with the native. While the native has been of little benefit to the State, it owes its prosperity largely to the Indians. While native loafers abound on every side, that species of humanity is almost unknown among Indians here." 

"The Natives in our hands proved to be most unreliable and obstinate. Without constant attention, they would as soon have dropped the wounded man as not, and they seemed to bestow no care on their suffering countryman." MK Gandhi, "Memoirs of the Indian Stretcher Bearer Corps," as published in Indian Opinion, 28-7-1906


Gandhi was, despite modern propaganda, acutely aware of the differences between races, as this letter to W.T. Stead, an English friend of his in London, written in 1906, clearly shows:

"As you were good enough to show very great sympathy with the cause of British Indians in the Transvaal, may I suggest your using your influence with the Boer leaders in the Transvaal? I feel certain that they did not share the same prejudice against British Indians as against the Kaffir races but as the prejudice against Kaffir races in a strong form was in existence in the Transvaal at the time when the British Indians immigrated there, the latter were immediately lumped together with the Kaffir races and described under the generic term "Coloured people". Gradually the Boer mind was habituated to this qualification and it refused to recognize the evident and sharp distinctions that undoubtedly exist between British Indians and the Kaffir races in South Africa."

Writing about a law which was designed to restrict Indian movement in the British Cape Colony, Gandhi objected on the basis that it dragged Indians "down with the Kaffir(s)." He wrote: The bye-law has its origin in the alleged or real, impudent and, in some cases, indecent behaviour of the Kaffirs. But, whatever the charges are against the British Indians, no one has ever whispered that the Indians behave otherwise than as decent men. But, as it is the wont in this part of the world, they have been dragged down with the Kaffir without the slightest justification." MK Gandhi, The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume III, page 285

In the Government Gazette of Natal for Feb. 28 1905, a Bill was published regulating the use of fire-arms by Blacks and Indians. Commenting on the Bill, Gandhi wrote in his newspaper, the Indian Opinion on March 25 1905: 

"In this instance of the fire-arms, the Asiatic has been most improperly bracketed with the natives. The British Indian does not need any such restrictions as are imposed by the Bill on the natives regarding the carrying of fire-arms. The prominent race can remain so by preventing the native from arming himself. Is there a slightest vestige of justification for so preventing the British Indian?"

Gandhi, like many caste conscious Indians (he was born to a fairly high shop owner caste) was all in favor of segregation from the Blacks. His reaction to a 1906 petition launched by non-Whites in South Africa to the British King, demanding voting rights, reveals this attitude clearly (from MK Gandhi, Indian Opinion, 24 March 1906):"It seems that the petition is being widely circulated, and signatures are being taken of all colored people in the three colonies named. The petition is non-Indian in character, although British Indians, being colored people, are very largely affected by it. We consider that it was a wise policy on the part of the British Indians throughout South Africa, to have kept themselves apart and distinct from the other colored communities in this country."


In the Hollywood film made about Gandhi, much emphasis was placed on a scene where he was arrested for riding in a South African train coach reserved for Whites. This incident did indeed occur, but for very different reasons than
those the film portrayed!

For the liberal myth is that Gandhi was protesting at the exclusion of non-Whites from the train coach: in fact, he was trying to persuade the authorities to let ONLY upper caste Indians ride with the Whites. It was NEVER Gandhi's intention to let Blacks, or even lower Caste Indians, to share the White compartment!

Here, in Gandhi's own words, are his comments on this famous incident, complete with reference to upper caste Indians, who he differentiated from lower caste Indians by calling the former "clean":

"You say that the magistrate's decision is unsatisfactory because it would enable a person, however unclean, to travel by a tram, and that even the Kaffirs would be able to do so. But the magistrate's decision is quite different. The Court declared that the Kaffirs have no legal right to travel by tram. And according to tram regulations, those in an unclean dress or in a drunken state are prohibited from boarding a tram. Thanks to the Court's decision, only clean Indians or colored people other than Kaffirs, can now travel in the trams."


It is also a myth to presume that Gandhi was opposed to racial segregation. Witness this piece of his writing, published in his newspaper, Indian Opinion, of 15 February 1905. It was a letter to the White Johannesburg Medical Officer of Health, a Dr. Porter, concerning the fact that Blacks had been allowed to
settle in an Indian residential area: 

"Why, of all places in Johannesburg, the Indian location should be chosen for dumping down all Kaffirs of the town, passes my comprehension. Of course, under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population, and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen."


In response to the rise of White nationalist politics, which stressed racial separation, Gandhi wrote in his Indian Opinion of 24 September 1903:

"We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone. We believe also that the white race of South Africa should be the predominating race."


Click on the link below for an article by independent researcher Alexander Baron exposing the censorship practised by Croydon Library.

I first heard of library censorship when 95-year-old disabled war veteran Frank Walsh was dragged out of Putney Library by the police and barred for life for distributing leaflets.

Now, Mark Taha has told me he could not log on to my blogs from Islington Library. When I emailed Caroline Dinenage MP who is the minister responsible for libraries to register my complaint I received an immediate reply from 'The Full Fact Team':

Dear John William Baillie

We read everything that is sent to us but unfortunately we cannot reply to them all individually. You may find the following information helpful:

There followed a list of suggestions including a request for donations.

Library censorship is just another feature of state control. Our publications are banned throughout the library system but we still have our magazines and websites. I published a duplicated newsletter in the 1970s called 'Nation'. This was a naïve attempt to unite National Front and Union Movement supporters. It had a limited circulation but it came to the attention of Jeffrey Hamm who invited me to write for the Union Movement paper 'Action'.

With the advent of the Internet I revived 'Nation' as an e-mail newsletter called 'Nation Revisited'. This subsequently became a monthly Internet blog, and was joined by' European Outlook'.

Many patriots have letters published in the local and national press. I have never managed to get a letter printed in a mainstream publication but I have had articles published in ComradeBlackshirt, Identity, Candour, Heritage and Destiny, League Sentinel, and the National Front website.

The present UK government is determined to suppress free speech, but by supporting our publications and websites we can still get our message across.


I have been accused of being a Freemason on the grounds that I never attack them. As a matter of editorial policy I never attack vegetarians but that doesn't make me one of them. I do not attack Freemasons because I know little or nothing about them.

Benito Mussolini took a dim view of Freemasonry and so did Arnold Leese. The Masons are a secret society that dates back to the building of the Jerusalem Temple. Freemasons are accused of helping each other at the expense of non-masons, and their arcane rituals are compared to black magic.

I have known a few Masons over the years. They are supposed to keep their membership secret but the ones I knew boasted about it. Ken, a builder from Hertfordshire, was an active member of the old BNP.  Mike from Lancashire, raised lots of money for charity, and Charles, from Essex, lived for his lodge meetings. One night, driving home from a Masonic dinner he was stopped by the police. The cop asked him if he had been drinking. "Oh yes" replied Charles enthusiastically, "we had a few beers at the bar, lots of wine with the meal, and brandy afterwards." When the cop ordered him to take the breathalyser test Charles protested: "why, don't you believe me?" He was fined and lost his license. Being a Mason didn't protect him from the police and the courts that are supposed to be riddled with Freemasonry.

Nesta Webster (no relation to Martin as far as I know), accused the Masons of starting the French Revolution which she saw as the downfall of civilisation. She linked Freemasonry to the Jews and the Illuminati (a defunct German religious order) and accused them of all the brutal excesses of the French and Russian Revolutions. 

Her conspiracy theories took no account of the grinding poverty that provoked both uprisings. France was bankrupt in 1789 as the result of the war with Austria and her support for the rebels in the American War of Independence. And a similar situation prevailed in Russia during WW1. It was economic factors that led to revolution, not the activities of German economists, thirsty freemasons or deluded Satanists.

Conspiracy theories are comforting because they attempt to explain the inner workings of the world, but those of us familiar with Occam's Razor know that the obvious answer is usually the right one.

Union Movement

This leaflet from the 1940s clearly states Union Movement's aims and objectives. Note that there is no mention of Jews or coloured immigration. UM policies were aimed at reforming the political and economic system. The only mention of Race is in item 6.

"To abolish poverty through the power of modern science, to develop the great resources of Europe-Africa for the benefit of all; ample room and wealth exist in Africa to provide a good life for all who live there irrespective of race, colour or creed, in national homes which each help the other to build."

Mosley's wanted to unite Europe with South Africa and Rhodesia. Instead, the British government hounded South Africa out of the Commonwealth and condemned Rhodesia to the brutal dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. It could all have been so different.

British People's League

The link we gave for the BPL is broken. To access John Beattie's website go to and use their link to the BPL.

Nation Revisited

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